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Le sigh…


The pic begs the question: is he an honest fan or is this savvy placement by a Hollywood stylist? Weigh in with a comment below!

Hat tip: BuzzFeed

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retro star trek t-shirts

These have been out for a while but I’m just seeing them now, but I guess that with them being based on retro poster art, and the original iteration of Star Trek that being a few weeks late posting about them isn’t too big of a deal. Really nice designs from Juan Ortiz, I love this retro style that is so popular at the moment. Shirts are $25 a piece and available now.


Cyclops’ Cat

by Travis on January 25, 2013

And this is why Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters prohibits pets on campus. Let’s hope that it was a Danger Room simulation gone awry…


Illustrated by Phil Jones. Prints available at Society 6.

Via: BuzzFeed

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Pepe Jones Born Out of Failed Ideas

by Umang on December 15, 2012

When Pepe Jones reached out to HYA, I was pretty excited to do a review for them. I see a lot of t-shirts and can become jaded by repetition and lack of thoughtfulness, something that Pepe Jones does not fall into. The irony is that Pepe Jones states,  “Pepe Jones is the new modern/vintage t-shirt brand that was born out of the failed ideas and dreams of the notoriously elusive.” Making a mission statement like that could be a set up for failure. I found the contrary and feel that these guys are on to something interesting and thoughtful. I have written about the lack of creativeness in politically charged t-shirts that flooded the market during this past US Presidential election. Politicians are using social media to get some fresh voters, why not tap into timeless designs like Pepe Jones?  Lincoln & Johnson won their election 148 years ago but this shirt is sure to get some looks from envious hipsters and political buffs. I assume the “failure” of the Lincoln & Johnson win, was that Lincoln was eventually assassinated by John Wilkes Booth 158 days later.

Enough history, lets get back to the actual t-shirt. The t-shirts are super soft and appear to be ring spun cotton. Pepe Jones, sourced some quality t-shirts so don’t worry that you will get a Hanes Beefy-T. The print quality is crisp. I also received a hand written note, sticker and a business card. The funny thing is that Pepe Jone’s image reminded me of one of my teachers from High School, named Mr. Fine, not that it should matter to you.

Get some Pepe Jones folks and to smooth the deal over, they have offered HYA readers a 20% discount. Use the code HideYourPepe20 at check out.

Lincoln – Johnson 1864 Presidential Campaign Shirt – Monetary Damage with the 20% discount $16.00

In 1864 this t-shirt would have cost you $0.91 but you are getting a great deal at $16.00 a pop.


Doc Brown’s Flux Capacitor

by Travis on December 3, 2012

AFT’s design of the day is a bit of faux branding packaged around a Back To The Future reference (no complaints there) and distressed for effect.

Here’s a closer look at the design thumb:


On a related note, here’s a fully-functional DeLorean, complete with its very own flux cap and refashioned as a NYC taxi cab! Can this thing get up to 88 MPH on the streets of Manhattan?

More pics at BuzzFeed.

Cap tip: Shirtoid

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10 James Bond T-Shirts

by Travis on November 6, 2012

Looking for James Bond-themed t-shirts? Our friends at It Goes To 11 have collected 10 of their favorites, including the spoof pictured below, for a new post.

See the whole list here.

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Post image for Fidel Castro leaves New York City… with a fake “I [heart] NY” t-shirt

I spotted this photo on the fantastic Retronaut and couldn’t help but notice that Fidel Castro was being given what appears to be a fake ‘I [heart] NY’ shirt.


Snake Plissken Zipper Tank Top

by Travis on October 25, 2012

The retro reproductionists at Found Item Clothing are at it again. The target of their screen lust this time: Snake Plissken’s tank top from Escape From New York, which features no print and is accented only with a pair of aluminum zippers that run across the clavicle, making it, without doubt, one of cinema’s most curious garments.

What function do the zippers serve? One can only marvel at the possibilities…

On a related note, FIC has also developed a head-to-toe costume tutorial for said character. It’s pretty boss and you can peep it here or by clicking on the image below.

Compare with a couple of screengrabs from the film, embedded below for easy reference.

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8-Bit Eyepatch & Donkey Hoth

by Travis on October 25, 2012

The pixelated art trend continues unabated with a pair of new designs developed by Julien Bazinet and yours truly.

The first, 8-Bit Eyepatch, reimagines Snake Plissken’s hero pose from Escape From New York as the title screen for a throwback video game.

$24.54 at RedBubble

The second design, Donkey Hoth, channels elements from The Empire Strikes Back through the Donkey Kong template, complete with Han Solo mounted on a tauntaun as the one-armed wampa above contemplates the virtues of a diet rich in Jedi nutrients.

$24.54 at Redbubble

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Post image for Hands-on Reviews: Masked Hero Clothing Unmasked!

I’m going to start off by saying I really like Masked Hero Clothing, it’s a really strong start with a few flaws but overall I really enjoyed everything that I received. First off, 3 shirts, that’s awesome amount for a review but I can’t just give him credit for sending me a lot of stuff – that’s not how we roll around here! The whole concept of Masked Hero Clothing is interesting in that it’s t-shirts you’d find in the superhero universe, your average Joe might not quite understand these shirts (which I didn’t to be fair) but it certainly will appeal to a market, I mean I buy shirts of less known things so there’s got to be a big market for superhero clothing especially with the recent Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises for instance.

The packaging was really cool that it came in, a customized box with t-shirt and goodies slotted in. Badges, comic books, calling cards for the company. Pretty sweet deal in my book. What really struck me was that a lot of thought and care had gone into the packaging and the whole experience of getting your t-shirt, and that’s what a lot of guys are missing even in the more established brands.

This one more people are likely to understand given the recent Dark Knight Rises film, it’s a design based around the Gotham Rogues football team which are featured within the film. I wouldn’t actually know because I never got round to seeing the film – woops. A 2 colour presumably screen printed design, the print is decent not showing any visible signs of cracking when stretched. The tee (all of the tees in fact) also washed well and didn’t degrade or shrink. I think what might have been nice was the inclusion of the football team name either on the front or the back, but at face value of what it is you’re going to probably love this t-shirt if you’re a big fan. While the designs are good, not particularly massively strong with some designs you can find out there, what really brings the whole t-shirt together is the inclusion of an inside custom label and a sleeve tag, which look really nice.


The Spiderman – Hudson University t-shirt much like the Rogues t-shirt is a single colour print and again includes all the additional charms of the inside custom tag and sleeve tag. No visible signs of cracking, the design is a bit more subtle compared to the rogues one so I believe you’d have to know a fair bit of superhero lore to really enjoy this t-shirt. That’s not to say that it is a bad thing because there are markets for t-shirts like this out there, and I hope that Masked Hero Clothing does reach their audience because it’s well executed. I think what could be interesting as an addition to this design could be a list on the back of graduates from the university, to give it a more authentic feel.


The final tee, The Superman – Strykers Island Penitentiary is my favourite because of the dark grey on black design which to me feels quite classy, it’s a cracked design and the print is a little bit loose, I think this is due to the process in which they make the design cracked. Someone feel free to educate me on this because I believe it is to do the curing process? I did notice you could pick off little bits of the design but really it doesn’t make a difference as it is a purposely cracked design.


Overall these 3 designs are pretty cool, and if you’re a fan of the specific superhero I’m sure you’d love to express your passion with these t-shirts produced by an equally passionate guy. One thing to note though was that the 3 t-shirts all seemed to have a slight different feel in size/shape to them. I noticed it less after the wash but when I first tried them on it was quite obvious that they weren’t all one size. This however isn’t a fault of his own and you can’t expect him to try on every t-shirt he has made, so don’t let that put you off buying the t-shirts as after the wash it did feel better.

It might sound like I’ve nitpicked a lot at this brand, and I really only have done this because I want him to succeed. The designs are strong on their own but I think they could benefit from being a bit more to edge in front of similar tee designs like this, saying that though the whole experience of getting your t-shirt is fantastic the inclusion of such interesting and fun goodies is awesome. Reading the old comic books is really interesting too and it’s nice that they didn’t repeat with each order I received. I truly wish him the best of luck because he clearly is passionate about what he does as you can tell from his website and blog where he discusses lots of upcoming superhero based news such as the recent release of The Arrow TV show.

I’d also like to publicly apologise for my appalling photos of myself wearing the t-shirts. I don’t photo well.


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8-Bit Zombie Restock + New Lunchbox

by Ben_P on October 20, 2012

Post image for 8-Bit Zombie Restock + New Lunchbox

Alright guys, everything is available. The lunchboxes are here! There are also new shades and re-stocked old shades. Beetlejuice and Loners & Rebels have been re-stocked! And Loners & Rebels is now available as a sleeveless hoodie! Oh and the Bounty Hunter hats are now is stock as well! GET 8-BIT!!!!

8-Bit Zombie has restocked and added a new lunchbox to the kids club. Which looks pretty swish. My personal favourite has got to be the pixel sunglasses though. If you want the lunchbox I’d advise getting in quick, last time round they sold out fast.






8-Bit Zombie Summer Release

by Ben_P on August 20, 2012

Post image for 8-Bit Zombie Summer Release

Here in the UK you’d be hard pushed to believe that it is the summer, but the release of 8-Bit Zombie’s new line is enough to bring the sun, at least in the tasty form of a tee or hat. What perfect time also to purchase a new hat, at least for countries getting any form of sun. Everyone at HYA probably already knows my love for 8BZ and if you don’t perhaps you should check out my review of some of his merchandise, I positively love this brand because of the passion that goes into his designs and his continued dedication to his fans. It is surprising that he even has any resemblance of a life because of his constant updating on Facebook and his blog and the sheer amount of work that he ploughs into creating his brand. I truly mean it when I say I love this brand because right at the core is just the essence of the 80’s which is perfectly captured through the superb quality garments he creates.

I could probably keep on writing for a long time about this brand but in all honesty looking at his summer line will say more than words ever could. Definitely make sure to check out the 8-Bit Zombie Kids Club bundle which is the front runner of this release and helps even further to bring the 80’s back from the dead.

Sadly this sold out incredibly fast, but will be updated when possible. He posted a lengthy post about his struggle to get plastic lunchbox’s

My personal favourite, I wish it was available as a tee.

For all you Goonies fans out there. I can’t say I’ve actually watched it and now if I did watch it now I think it would be somewhat lost on me, as I assume a lot of the praise about it is due to the nostalgia of having watched it when a kid.

Just a fantastic example of the quality that I have come to expect of 8BZ.

I don’t really need to say anything about this one – MEGA MAN!

Definitely check out the new line, there will be something you will all like there I am sure. This is a brand that I certainly can imagine will be around for years to come and will just grow and grow until it’s an unstoppable (8-bit) zombie apocalypse. Just surrender now and give in.


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Another week, another batch of tees in the news…

>Cause célèbre. [Buzzfeed]

>Apostrophe fail. [Buzzfeed]

>Cracking the code of cool. [Kneadle via Laughing Squid]

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Real Genius Poster Contest

by Travis on August 8, 2012

The retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing have announced a fan made poster contest themed around a nerd classic, 1985’s Real Genius (Val Kilmer’s breakout role). Prizes include cash, tee shirts, fuzzy bunny slippers, and a small measure of “Internet notoriety” (make of that last bit what you will).

Click here or on the image below to link through to the official contest page.

''Would you qualify that as a launch problem or a design problem?''

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


Post image for “Doc’s Delorean” Back to the Future t-shirt by Sneaky Studios

I remember thinking as a kid when I watched Back To The Future for the first time that going 88mph was really impressive and fast, but looking at it now it’s not really that fast, hell, I’ve driven vans nearly that fast on the autoroutes of France and still been on the right side of the law. Cool shirt though!

Costiness=$40 Buy it at Sneaky Studios


Twelve Famous Sweaters

by Travis on July 18, 2012

New from the retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing: a nine-screen print yoked around famous sweaters from film, tv, music and points beyond. How many can you identify?

12 Sweaters, 12 Stories

$24 here.

Watch: video of the screen printing process!

Got a tip? Shoot us a message.

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>Is a bikini-print onesie appropriate for an 18-month old toddler? Oh, the horror. Won’t someone, anyone, think of the children? [Huff Post]

''It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow red polka-dot bikini...''

>One of three tees created for a German PSA to recruit would-be plumbers to the trade. The copy translates thusly: “More attractive than you think.” [Buzzfeed]

Pipe dreams are made of these

>Justin Bieber is a total pussy. [Shopgoodie via Buzzfeed]


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Post image for Mechanic Industries combines magic and gambling

Most people I know have a sideline these days. It might be that they clean cars on weekends from their day job; others might enjoy going to horse tracks and becoming a part-time professional gambler. So it’s encouraging to see a t-shirt designer who has a sideline too. We got an email from Jimmy K at Mechanic Industries explaining how his day job parlayed into a sideline (which then transformed into a tee brand. Stick with me!):

A Mechanic is a card cheat that utilizes advanced sleight-of-hand techniques to gain advantage over their opponents. Mechanic Industries give magicians the competitive edge with an arsenal of premium products. This advanced product line taps into the very essence of what Magic & Gambling is all about – advantage.
Appearing in June of 2012, Mechanic Industries Ltd is based in the UK and specializes in the design and production of the highest quality gaming & gambling products for use by magicians, flourishers, poker enthusiasts and avid gambling fans alike. We are fanatical card magicians, poker players and leading designers. It is our aim to become the premium retailer for all things magic and gaming. 
So of course it makes perfect sense for them to start designing t-shirts too. There’s only the one design at the minute (‘Work Wear’, £24.99) but I like it, and it comes in three different colours. These guys might be a brand to watch in the future.


Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

by Chris_S on June 28, 2012

Post image for Regan Smith Clarke’s shirts are awesome

It’s been a busy few days here at HYA – which is why though Regan Smith Clarke’s summer collection has been around for a little while, we’re only getting to it now. But what a doozy it is: well worth the wait. Regan designs shirts with a vintage art twist, with eye-popping designs which seem to have leapt from a 1940s newspaper comic strip. Coincidentally, that’s exactly the sort of thing that I love, so I’m craving these shirts very badly.

Trailblazer (above, $25) is a shirt which looks like it could well be at home on a wartime propaganda poster for kids, and would undoubtedly draw some looks for its big design and bright colours. Personally, it’s my favourite of the bunch.

But then you’ve got Lone Wolf ($25) – which comes in black and yellow – that manages to take the weird anthropomorphic animal thing that you see in all cartoons (Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny say hi) and create a new character. As you might tell from the two shirt names, Regan Smith Clarke’s all about giving the wearers of his t-shirts an identity and an ego boost.

Keeping the wartime propaganda look (and almost making me willing to buy a three-quarter length baseball tee) is the Stand and Deliver 3/4 length ($28). I personally think that wearing 3/4 length clothing on your top half is almost as dangerous as wearing 3/4 length shorts (it runs the risk of making you look like a baby) but the design on this is so beautiful that I’m almost willing to overlook it. Almost. Regan, if you’re reading this: put it on a normal tee. I’ll buy it in an instant.

Costliness = $25-28


Blue Butter T-Shirt Review

by Ben_P on June 25, 2012

Post image for Blue Butter T-Shirt Review

If I were alive in the glory days of arcades this shirt would totally be the one I’d rock down there! A quirky take on the iconic Pac man and his mortal enemies the ghosts makes for a delicious ice cream treat. A clever design that I don’t think I would have thought of if it wasn’t for Blue Butter, and the cherry on top… well is the cherry on top of the design. Made using the latest DTG technologies the quality of this design is quite remarkable, the image is going no where and having had one of his shirts before I know it washes well!

The process itself leaves a slight faded look but gives the design a vintage feel. It’s a bonus too that you can pick your garment colour but I feel not all tee colours are suitable for this design. Perhaps limiting the choice to certain colours that suit it is better, but more choice is never a bad thing. It’s certainly something you’d struggle to have with screen printed shirts given the cost of producing them, as these are printed to order.

Which leads me nicely on to the turn around time, considering he has to process the order and get it printed and shipped it was a surprisingly quick process taking less than 2 weeks! I’d say that’s pretty good for the amount of steps it has to take and the fact it came to the UK from the USA. The packaging that it arrived in was nothing special but that doesn’t really bother me because a garment that’s great speaks for itself. I wish Blue Butter all the luck in the world because I love the majority of his designs and I think they’re fantastic.

I think the fact that he uses DTG is great because it allows him to get new designs out quickly, I love these designs but not all of them appeal to me as T-Shirts, however I’m very excited to see what he brings out in the future. Just as a note I own his Breaking Bad T-Shirt which is amazing (mainly because I love Breaking Bad!) At $24 I think it’s good value considering everything that has to happen for this shirt to see the day of light and the choice of garment colour too.

One very last final note I love the fact that you can purchase the designs in mens, women’s, babies and kids! I’ll certainly consider getting my nephew a kick ass design from his shop at some point soon.


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