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008 480x640 Yuppie Girl Hunting and Fishing Ts for gals [Submitted]
157 480x622 Yuppie Girl Hunting and Fishing Ts for gals [Submitted]
deer back brown 480x538 Yuppie Girl Hunting and Fishing Ts for gals [Submitted]

Yuppie Girl Apparel was established in 2013 to fill a market void for girls as it relates to hunting and fishing apparel. We were no longer satisfied with the selection of mens cut shirts sold as ladies. From the original design to the cut and feel of the fabric, our goal was to create an expression that was as unique as the wearer, right down to the rhinestone embellishments.

Andy: They make a good point, I’ve never seen a company dedicated to female hunters and fishers, and to fill that void is a pretty good idea. Personally, I’d rather see the main image here being printed on the front and do away with the smaller print, but that’s just my preference, I guess when you’re hunting/fishing people are more likely to see your back anyway!


NRG 0272 480x722 MKNK Clothing Review :

Last week I was lucky enough to review a sample from MKNK Clothing! The tee arrived a pretty funky pizza box style packaging with some lovely cute freebies.

When I was first told about this site I hopped on their site to see what they were about.  I enjoyed the site, it’s clean, crisp and bold and all their designs have a flow as if they are part of a cohesive collection.

The designs are all pretty cool, with gaming, music and they are all on white tees. I think it works because it makes the designs pop.  The hoodies are on black and grey and they look awesome too. All the tees are guy fit but I’ve started just throwing them on with leggings, dead comfy! I particularly like this design called Bolt Dismay! All the designs are original, you won’t find anything like these anywhere else.

boltdismay 480x480 MKNK Clothing Review :

The quality of the tee I received was first class! It was an absolute joy to wear and I’m totally looking forward to wearing it in the summer with my bright yellow shorts! It also washed super well the print is still as perfect as it was pre wash.

MKNK have also have had some product shots done on models and they are very current and in touch with the young un’s of today. I would definitely be inclined to buy one of these tees or hoodies for my 16 year old brother and I know for a fact he would be happy to wear them.

Drop by their FB page and also they have a $5 discount code on the go until 30th of April : BUNNYHOP

You also get a cute paper toy to make up! Amazing idea! Haven’t made mine up yet but I am gonna!

new one  480x186 MKNK Clothing Review :


Princess Leia Costume Hoodie

by Andy on March 21, 2013

Princess Leia Costume Hoodie by Her Universe 480x1052 Princess Leia Costume Hoodie
Could anyone really be a big enough Star Wars fan to wear this hoodie from 80sTees when they weren’t at a convention?

I’m fairly sure that this is meant to be a women’s hoodie, but since the sizes go up to 4XL I think that it could fit guys too, if you want to look like Princess Leia.

Costiness=$50 Buy it at 80sTees


These Folk

by Ash Jones on March 20, 2013

Clothing brand “These Folk” claim to be inspired by various things beginning with the letter ‘F’ – Fashion, folklore, felines and facial hair.

I don’t know why it works, but in my opinion it does.   I love the unique designs, it’s refreshing to see something that’s different to other brands, and also funny.

Still a relatively small independent label, with some items still hand painted, and others using digitalised printing techniques you can be sure that “These Folk” tees will be conversation starters.


I like beards and apparently so do cats…

pussy These Folk


If you have an awesome beard and are troubled by ladies staring at your impressive facial fluff then this is the tee for you!:

Beard Eyes Better 480x987 These Folkeyesy new These Folk


I’m a big mean girls fan, so will be getting myself this movie quote tee soon:

You Go Glen CoCo These Folk

Check out what else “These Folk” have to offer :

Twitter: @Thesefolk       Facebook:  /TheseFolk


Ash runs Rudi Clothing selling clothing from top indie brands, check out the store now

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Weird Karl Pilkington all over print t-shirt!

by Ash Jones on March 16, 2013

This is probably one of the weirdest concepts for a t-shirt design I have seen, However the site claims that they are selling fast.  So If you should happen to be a slightly obsessive Karl Pilkington fan you can get yours at the appropriately named ‘Fashion Victim’ for £22 …

t shirt karl 480x719 Weird Karl Pilkington all over print t shirt!


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2784887 lb 480x401 Galaxy Print Vest restocked at Your Eyes Lie
yel19 1 480x480 Galaxy Print Vest restocked at Your Eyes Lie
I don’t usually post about reprints, but this is the first time I’m seeing this vest print from Your Eyes Lie and even though it’s for women and I don’t wear vests I do really like it.

Costiness=£28 Buy it at Your Eyes Lie


Front magazine and Sin star t-shirt collaboration

by Ash Jones on March 11, 2013

The funniest, sexiest magazine on earth – Front have teamed up with those creative people at Sin Star clothing to bring about a range of collaborative t-shirts.  The tees are unisex and I think they look pretty cool with their eye-catching all-over prints sporting some of the hottest girls in the UK right now, the designs are bold and can easily be worn by men or women.

This range is limited edition and I have a feeling that they won’t be around for long so as soon as payday comes I will be grabbing myself one of these! My favourite two from the range are ‘Stars and stripes’ and ‘Wet paint’ both priced at £35 they can be purchased from

stars Front magazine and Sin star t shirt collaborationwet paint Front magazine and Sin star t shirt collaboration



Ash runs Rudi Clothing selling clothing from top indie brands, check out the store now

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Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

by DeeHYA on March 4, 2013

0403 480x339 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

Ooh Threadless your website still freaks me out, I much preferred it before all of the changes, I simply do not like change! Some pretty cool newbie and reprinted tees on the site though, I’m also particularly loving their Toy Story Collection.

Speaking of Toy Story one of my fave parts of the move is the bits involving the aliens.  Teealiens by Sinan Ozdemir is very simple but sums up the move really well in one tee, I reckon about 90% of people will get the movie from this. Absolutely delighted they are doing this in baby and toddler sizes, not sure why they’ve missed out kids though.

teealien 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

Another green tee for you in this blogette! Mixing together Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Doctor Who, I think I just had a Threadless-gasm! There is nothing I don’t like about this tee, it’s super original and Adventure Awaits by Karen Hallion is sure to be one of those tees that is reprinted again and again.

adventure 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

On now for something a bit darker in colour, I Met A Robot by Danny Burgess looks expensive, I think it is because of the combo of Brown with a Goldy colour print. Sadly this hasn’t been reprinted for girls, looks pretty cool on the hoody too.

imet 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

Feel like it’s cheating blogging this tee, it’s an oldie but a goodie though. I really want it, my Xbox avatar has it for cryin’ out loud! Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering is a Threadless fave, it’s an explosion of colour and kitty with hex vision joy. There is nothing not to love about this tee

407281 10150666906865519 1624704290 n 480x722 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

Charity Tee Alert! Invasion by Jose Pablo Ingles Casao is a lovely monotone City Scape with Space Invaders all over it. 25% of sales from each of these tees go to support The Leapyear Project. I’m somewhat confused about what the charity does from the site but I think it’s helping people achieve their aims.

invader 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)

Lastly, ha! I got to type Threadless into Threadless. I got sent one of these awesome quality tees. I can’t get over how much I love it, I love having ‘Threadless’ emblazoned on my wabs! It’s amazing and all Threadless fans need one. Word. This is Threadless Tee by Threadless! OOoooh loads of Threadless in that paragraph.

NRG 9380 480x722 Threadless : New and Reprinted (04.03.13)


Tee Busters Review :

by DeeHYA on March 3, 2013

NRG 9315 480x722 Tee Busters Review :

Ok so I’ll hold my hands up, I’ve had this tee for a while, I wore it for a shoot a while ago but I didn’t get any decent pics of the design, I made sure I shot it in the studio today. This skull emblazoned baby was from Tee Busters, I have review a website like this before.

They basically release tees for a limited period of time, so if you see it and decide you want it you need to get in quickly before they release the next design. I’m not sure whether if you specifically wanted one, such as the one I’m wearing in the pic, you’d be able to email them and see if they have any stock? I mean they might hold some old stock.

From the looks of their Facebook Page they seem to run pretty awesome offers (3 tees for 15 Euros) and competitions really regularly. I love when companies get their fans involved, I find it to be really good way of creating a loyal fan base.

I quite like their website, it’s loud and simple to use. You can looks at their previous designs in their Hall of Fame, there are a huge amount of geeky tees on there which bodes well from my point of view. I’ve seen Ninja Turtles, Batman, Spiderman, Misfits, Star Wars, Harry Potter and I could go on for ages! The sample tee I got is called ‘Chemistry is Fun’ and I love it, when I’ve had it on it’s been commented one, I’ve washed it 3 times and it’s in as spectacular condition as it was when the postie put it through my letterbox. Mine is on a navy tee which I think works nicer than the black one here.

58132966d8da37e8b8db189842a95754Heisenberg TB 480x271 Tee Busters Review :

The current tee on the website is a ‘Skyfall’ one and I know there’s a whole bunch of Bond fans ready to lap it up!

To sum up, I love my tee from this company, it’s comfortable and I’d say sizing is standard. The print quality is fabulous as is the tee quality. The website is simple to use and they interact with Joe Public. All in all a massive ‘Thumbs Up’ for Tee Busters!

GrimeandGlamour DEE STREET 7731 480x720 Tee Busters Review :

(First Image of me by Nicholas Gray, second image of me by Grime and Glamour)


Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2013

Dr Popcorn Apparel

There are certain styles of illustration that set my pulse racing and ignite my dark imagination. The guys at Doctor Popcorn Apparel are doing just that. Andy and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Courtney, the guys behind DPA, at the recent Margin Trade Show. The driving force behind their brand is their t-shirt illustrations which are dark not only in colour but in theme. The majority of the illustrations are a combination of drawing, digital with a dash of vintage photography.

Doctor Popcorn Apparel 2 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports] Doctor Popcorn Apparel 1 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports] Doctor Popcorn Apparel 5 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports] Doctor Popcorn Apparel 7 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

DPA currently sell their -shirts as ‘On Demand’ meaning they are DTG. I can tell you know that they are great looking t-shirts. They are in the process of testing some of their designs out as screen-prints which have their own attractive qualities so we are keen to see how that works out.

Doctor Popcorn Apparel 8 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports] Doctor Popcorn Apparel 6 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

DPA had great product presentation with a good looking catalogue and nice hangar tags making the whole presentation feel quite professional. It also helps that chatting to these guys was as easy as liking their t-shirts. There is no ‘biggin up’ by DPA, their ethos is honest and gritty.

Doctor Popcorn Apparel 41 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]Doctor Popcorn Apparel 9 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]Doctor Popcorn Apparel 10 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports] Doctor Popcorn Apparel 11 Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

All their t-shirts are available from their online store at Dr Popcorn Apparel for £25 a pop (on sale). They have designs for both men and women with some great looking packaging. Another curious thing about DPA is that all their designs have actual names like James, Harold and Elizabeth. Be sure to check them out.


netty ratti apparel embroidered t-shirts

Netty Ratti 4 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
Netty Ratti 3 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
Netty Ratti 2 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
Careful everyone, I’m about to delve into an area that I know even less about than screen printing, embroidery (and it’s a women’s line too, I’ve got no chance)!

The amount of embroidered stuff on HYA is pretty low as a percentage, not because I have anything against it, it’s just not an art form that we see much in the indie tee world, so when Doug and I spotted Netty Ratti of Ratti Apparel when we were doing the rounds at Margin we were pretty intrigued.
purple dog in bon 480x640 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
The idea of taking embroidery and giving it a fresh and modern update is really interesting, using what I’m guessing is cross-stitch to create a tattoo-inspired design is really fun, it challenges what you’d expect to see from this style of stitching and I like that. Before striking out on her own and creating her own label Netty had spent a decade in the industry helping create design for Ted Baker, DKNY, and Kate Moss for Topshop amongst others, and that wealth of experience and knowledge showed through during our chat as she patiently answered my questions about the design and creation process (seriously, I needed it explaining to me as if I were a 5 year-old).
tattoo birds oversized tee close up 480x640 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
We all know that I’m not in a position to really give solid critiques on womenswear lines, but everything about this looked good to me, there were lots of lovely colourways and the designs were all appealing and wearable. The fabrics come from ethical suppliers and the garments are produced and finished up in the North of England around the Manchester area (where Netty is now based). As you’d expect, I love that it’s done in the UK, and up North too, it’s rare to hear about clothing being produced locally and it’s great to see that Netty has chosen to go down that route.
green 3 bird 480x640 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
Currently, Netty isn’t selling online but is available through a variety of hand-picked boutique stockists across England.
self made 480x640 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]
blue 3bird full 480x640 Ratti Apparel and their cool embroidered t shirts [Margin Reports]


universal poison women's t-shirts

universal poison candy lips 1 480x719 Universal Poison have cool tees for women and very strange product shots
universal poison slime face 1 480x720 Universal Poison have cool tees for women and very strange product shots
UP 376 480x320 Universal Poison have cool tees for women and very strange product shots
Universal Poison left a post on the HYA Facebook page and as you would imagine their product shots certainly did have me intrigued, because they really are rather creepy, more like something you’d expect from an art project than a t-shirt company, but then they got me interested so they must be doing something right.

At €39 and €49 a piece it’s fair to say that we are dealing with a premium product here, it’s impossible for me to sit here and look at something and decide if it’s worth spending that much on when you can get cheaper shirts elsewhere, sometimes I think we’ve been spoiled into expecting a t-shirt to be cheap and forget that the cut and quality can make so much difference, a difference that it’s very hard to see in pictures but would be very apparent in a physical shop.

I do really like their designs though, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on here and I’d wear just about everything in their catalogue, well, if they sold them on men’s cut tees.


Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

by DeeHYA on February 12, 2013

spiderman 480x348 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)


Well my husband’s Threadless wishlist has just increased by an actual tonne. He absolutely adores Mr Spiderman and these tees are possibly the best results of a design challenge that I have ever seen. Even if you’re not a massive comic fan you can’t help by love at least one of these.

First tee on my Spidey blog is Rock! Paper! Scissors! Web? by Robert Thomas Campbell looks like the front of a retro comic with Spidey totally kicking bottom at Rock Paper Scissors. Absolutely nothing I don’t like about this tee even though there isn’t much colour to it it works perfectly.

rock 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)


If a bit of colour is what you’re after Entanglement Theory by Dean Kotz has an explosion of colour with Spidey foiling some of his biggest enemies. I am particularly enjoying Venom in this. I don’t think Asphalt was the best choice of colour of tee, the Navy kids one looks good though.

entangle 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

It’s really hard to choose a favourite but this one would be in my top 3 favourites. Spider Fighter 8-bit by Tom Burns is an amazing tee with a beat ‘em up feel featuring some of Spideys biggest enemies. It’s nice to see some new designers names! Amazing how one specific topic can bring so much talent out of the woodwork.

8bit 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

Sometimes basic is best. Why beat about the bush when it comes to purchasing a Spiderman tee! Spider Web by Alex Solis is your run of the mill, standard Spidey tee. I don’t see any originality but maybe if you were choosing a tee for a friend average is best.

spiderweb 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)


I like the colour red as much as the next dude however I think Spider-Man Wins by Daniel Castell Muiz has probably over done it slightly, it’s quite hard to work out what goes wear however as the name of the tee is Spider-Man Wins and you can make out that the man himself is standing on a pile of busted villains, this is deffo a tee of win!

spidermanwins 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

This last one in my blog is my fella’s faves, I may be manipulated to use my few Threadbucks! Inertia by Alan Bao shows a moonlit battle between Spiderman and Venom. I really like it too, it’s powerful and everything about it works for me!

inertia 480x347 Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

I have got really excited about these tees, I hope to see more Superhero shenanigans in the future! Thank you Threadless!



T-Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

by Ben_P on February 10, 2013

Wow first post of the New Year! (Sorry it has taken forever) Hope everyone’s year so far has been fantastic. I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to the 83MM guys who have been unbelievably patient with my review. I’ve been very swamped with a new job and training and in general the whole holiday seasons. Enough of that and onto the review of an awesome T-Shirt!

Just a bit about 83MM, the name comes from the birthday of the designer coupled with the MM that is used for measuring film reels. These guys are trying to capture some of the most iconic scenes and characters in film history, from Batman to The Evil Dead. Luckily I received the latter which is a favourite film of mine! For all you film aficionados out there I need not say more about The Evil Dead and it’s cult status, it’s an all around hilarious and awesome film. Some of you lesser film buffs may recognise it as an upcoming film which is a remake of the 1981 original. Which you MUST watch, I cannot stress that enough. Ultimate B-Movie Cheese!

IMG 20130210 143853 480x640 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

IMG 0544 480x360 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

When I received the tee from 83MM I was blown away by how awesome their packaging and in general just the little things they’ve done for the whole experience of receiving it. For starters it came in a custom VHS box with information about the brand on there, and with it’s own rating which I thought was an awesome touch. This especially was a cool touch because The Evil Dead was first released on VHS so it really did fit in with the general tone of the product. Inside the VHS box was a lovely tissue wrapped tee. One of the first things I noticed about the tee was it’s fantastic tag that came with it that was shaped in the style of a VHS tape. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo of it (Thankfully they sent me a photo of it to show you guys) but needles to say I was impressed, it’s the little things that really make up my personal experience of tee’s.

photo 480x360 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

IMG 20130210 143740 480x640 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

Onto the actual tee itself, it’s an 8 colour. Yes you read that right 8 colour! Print of one of the characters from The Evil Dead, I shan’t say who as I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone who may go and watch it now! Needless to say the quality of this is fantastic and the colours are vibrant, when asked why they didn’t use CMYK printing for a cheaper cost they couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice the quality of the design, this alongside the fact they’ve used climate neutral tee from Continental Clothing shows they really had quality at the heart of their design.

IMG 20130210 143755 480x360 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

IMG 20130210 143808 480x640 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review

The print shows mostly no visible signs of cracking and having been washed a fair few times already does appear to be very durable. There is only very slight cracks on the thin prints of the hair but that is to be expected of such a small area. The tee itself is very nice on the skin, nothing really to fault it and is a lot nicer than most generic tees, perhaps in the future they could use a bamboo tee for the ultimate in comfort but I don’t think it is really necessary. The use of the 8 screens really does make the design pop, and you start to appreciate the detail of the design as well. I’m very glad they chose to use 8 screens because at the price of £30.00 you really feel like you get your moneys worth, but in all fairness to them £30 is not that expensive compared to some tees you can get out there. This tee is also at a limited run of 200, which is also noted at the bottom of the tee itself in the form of a tag. I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for tags and it blends in nicely with the tee.

IMG 20130210 143820 480x360 T Shirts You Can Take To The Grave! 83 MM Review


If The Evil Dead isn’t your cup of team they have tees from the films Seven, Batman, Drive, Total Recall, The Shining and Dawn Of The Dead. I take my hat off to 83MM and wish them all the best in the world with their designs, as a fan of films I can really appreciate the thought and effort that’s been put into bringing some of cinemas greatest moments to a fashionable tee for both men and women. The guys over at 83MM have also informed me that they have two new designs in the pipeline one from Silence of the Lambs and the other from The Thing. Colour me intrigued!

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Margin London Preview

by Margin London on February 4, 2013

Regular Hide Your Arms readers will have spotted our recent posts highlighting a few of the brands exhibiting at Margin London on the 10th & 11th February.

With just six days to go until the show opens to buyers and press, here’s a preview of some more of the labels making their tradeshow debut at the exhibition.

We thought we’d better not post any more in-depth profiles otherwise the Hide Your Arms crew wouldn’t have any exclusives to report on when they visit the show!

Here are some images to whet the appetite and look forward to the Hide Your Arms reports after the show.

For information about exhibiting at or visiting Margin, get in touch via the website.


LATIN LOVER, a new t-shirt label from Columbia for men & women, with great illustrations & graphics:

latin lover at margin london1 480x367 Margin London Preview

latin lover at margin london 480x744 Margin London Preview


EVIL, the first-season from this new menswear range will be debuted at Margin. The collection features a whole range of clothing (shirting, trousers, chinos, denim) and printed tees & sweatshirts:

evil at margin london1 480x603 Margin London Preview evil at margin london2 480x720 Margin London Preview evil at margin london3 480x720 Margin London Preview


SLANG, a new men’s and women’s t-shirt brand from Portugal, drawing influences from art, music, and skate, and making their debut at Margin:

slang at margin london3 480x309 Margin London Preview slang at margin london2 480x309 Margin London Preview slang at margin london1 480x309 Margin London Preview


NETTY RATTI, adorable cross-stitched designs in this range of ethical women’s tops and tees:

netty ratti at margin london2 480x362 Margin London Preview netty ratti at margin london 480x369 Margin London Preview netty ratti at margin london1 480x723 Margin London Preview


OUT OF PRINT first made their debut at Margin in August 2011 and have exhibited at every edition since. They’re back again in February 2013 to unveil their latest tees featuring artwork from classic books:

out of print at margin london2 480x309 Margin London Preview out of print at margin london1 480x309 Margin London Preview


Four new designs from Vespertine Machine

by Andy on January 31, 2013

Post image for Four new designs from Vespertine Machine

IMG 8852 1024x1024 480x719 Four new designs from Vespertine Machine
IMG 8860 1024x1024 480x719 Four new designs from Vespertine Machine
IMG 8862 1024x1024 480x719 Four new designs from Vespertine Machine
Good stuff from Vespertine Machine, you’re looking at $24 across the board for each item, with the items modeled by the guy being on pre-order (but out soon, I think) and the cropped tee is available right now.


The Illustrated Mind at Margin London

by Margin London on January 23, 2013

the illustrated mind at margin london The Illustrated Mind at Margin London
There are many t-shirt brands out there, with new ones launching every week it seems, but not all can say they have their own focus group and testing ground. Boy Parker, the independent store in Brighton on the Sussex coast, can claim just that, as they’re able to get an instant reaction to any new design from the stream of on-trend students that frequent the seaside town.

Having perfectly honed their season’s collection, Boy Parker then unleash their brand The Illustrated Mind, which brings together the work of artists from diverse backgrounds, and offer it to other stores to carry safe in the knowledge the range contains the best selling designs.

Their quirky prints and unique illustrations add a well-received surrealism to their range and distinguishes The Illustrated Mind from many other brands.

The Illustrated Mind started in 2011 and has steadily built their range, their group of collaborating artists, and their stockists ever since.

the illustrated mind at margin london1 The Illustrated Mind at Margin London

The new season’s range will be on display to buyers and press exclusively at Margin, the London trade exhibition in February 2013. The Illustrated Mind first debuted their range at Margin back in February 2011 and are returning in February 2013 to unveil their latest designs.

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002.

Boy Parker is an independent store in Brighton, Sussex, that specialises in tees from brands including Lazy Oaf, Threadless, Brandt, My Yard, Paper Root, DeadBuryDead, and many others.

For more info and a look around the store, watch the Boy Parker Shop Tour Video created by Margin.

The Illustrated Mind will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find Boy Parker who distribute the range on Facebook here.


75001 10151399934690519 1940948348 n 480x319 Naked Sunday Review : http://www.naked


So late last week the postie brought me a jiffy bag of joy in the form of a t-shirt from London company  ’Naked Sunday‘ so I shot in the t-shirt with local photographer Penny Edwards in the studio and I got my fiance Nicholas to brave the cold in the tee too.

Firstly, Naked Sunday has a lovely crisp, clean and easy to use website, you get a feel for their designs even via something as basic as the font of their logo. The tees are mostly black, white and red which little accents of other colours for particular designs. There are currently only 6 designs, I hope they come up with more as popularity grows.

As I was allowed to pick I opted for ‘X Marks the Spot’ which is a design centred around an old style map. My favourite design on the site is probably ‘Femme Fatale‘ but I thought that my fiance would prefer wearing the one we received.

At £30 these aren’t your basic, budget tees. Both the quality of the shirt and the print is super high and if you’re looking for a tee for a night out I’d recommend these big style. I even enjoyed the fit of the tee on me and sometimes I have problems with bloke fit tees. The shirt is flexible without feeling flimsy and the print is vibrant without being stiff.

424198 517416964964997 492272623 n 480x700 Naked Sunday Review : http://www.naked

I’m very excited about Naked Sunday and I am looking forward to more genius original designs on super quality tees!


Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

by DeeHYA on January 20, 2013

2001 480x330 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

Yay! Finally some awesome desirable new designs on Threadless, it’s been a while since I have been on Threadless and been like want, want, want, need! Kitties, fishies, peas, pandas, oh my yay! There are still plenty of sale bargains to be had too!

Lots of Threadless fans are people who are super Panda-lovers and this would be an awesome and slightly sinister addition to their collection. Agent Panda by Jerry Maninang shows a super cool panda in his suit and shades. I’m intimidated by the model shots. Let me hide behind this pillow!

agent 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

Another animals peoples go crazy for is UNICORNS! Me and my daughter always search for unicorn tees when clothes shopping! Nothing is going to beat the Star Wars Threadless one as far as I’m concerned though! Where Happiness Comes From by Luis Diaz isn’t as colourful as you’d expect a unicorn to be, but it is one that entices you to read it.

where 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

Every now and again Threadless brings us an epic all over print that makes me squeal! Can’t get over the originality of Dance With Wolves by Peter Kramar it features little characters doing different dances with wolves, I want it! icon smile Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

dances 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

There are so many cat t-shirts that I want on Threadless that it’s not even funny! Here is a brand spanking new one on the scene. If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me To It by Hana Bacasno and Janice Golosino has a very ‘Celestial Cat’ feel so it. It’s amazing, especially in the boat neck fit which I’d highly recommend to girlys who haven’t experienced them yet.

Rocket 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

My aperture obsessed boyfriend would be all over this! You’re Dead by Kim Asuncion is an epic Aperture / Ninja crossover, I’m not one for black and white tees but I would absolutely wear this one!

youredead 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

Lastly but not leastly for this blog is Goldfish by Andy Gonsalves. I love the orange/red print against the black tee, the wee fishy looks like he has bags of character and has a bit of a retro feel. He reminds me a bit of the fish called Cleo from Disney’s Pinocchio.

goldfish 480x347 Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012





Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

by Sleepy Dan on January 16, 2013

Been a while since I shared a Behind The Design posting! So I’m excited to share this collaboration design I did with Dustin Cavazos for his In And Out Of Sleep album release party just before Christmas at Trees Dallas.

8382974326 467c664172 Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

I love working with typography so this layout started as a pencil sketch, then I played a little in Photoshop to get the details clean and contrasted. Then I vectored the layers and added some smaller shadow details…

8381891955 531c9aceff Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

I wanted to keep this design as a single color print, so instead of using a solid color background for the type, I created a thin line underlay to create more detail depth to the type. With this level of detail, you need to use an amazing printer like Printed Threads!

8382974254 a3c1914686 Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

Petey and the team helped print the details perfectly. The team also loves to create silly videos for the product they love to print… Check It Out!

8382974222 58d21e15ba Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

Petey printed this design with a single color discharge gray, so the print is super soft and you can barely feel the print…

8381891855 709f71c17a Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

The tonal black print is nice…

8381891783 c01ac27a68 Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

I only printed 52 designs so when they are sold out they are gone forever!

8382974096 1c2f6a23ec Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

All the shirts have custom sewn labels from the Sleepy Dan studio.

8382974058 3d034a63b1 Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

All the shirts were printed at the back neck with a collaboration design.

8382974036 372be4115e Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

Fans at the event loved them and I love working on collab designs! Keep in touch if you have a favorite collaboration shirt you wanna share…



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