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For those of us that don’t want figure out a costume for Halloween this year, but instead would prefer the simplicity of a t-shirt. Kurt Marks of Crypticus Apparel who recently joined Babbletees has produced some really fun designs that should help you avoid being shamed for not wearing a costume at parties this year.

Use coupon codehideyourarms‘ for 50% off your entire order!

Andy: 50% off? Damn!


I may be dead, but I’m still pretty.

Sharon Slub Crew Neck Ladies Tee

100% Ringspun Slub Cotton

140 gsm.

Andy: This tee is made by a company called Massive Arms, not sure how I’m meant to feel about that…


This October, we’re doing an homage to some of our favorite classic horrors. 20% of the proceeds will go to supporting cancer research.

Andy: Ahhhh, Halloween tees that you can wear the rest of the year, that’s what I like to see!


DANYEYI® Collection

by Andy on October 5, 2015

DANYEYI® is an independent clothing label set out to create a unique and distinctive t-shirt collection aimed towards a concept of wearable art.

The collection is a direct collaboration with some of the best digital and traditional artists from around the world and we give each artist the credit they deserve along with a paragraph about their artistic style on the t-shirt page.

We are constantly on the look out for new artists for the collection and our aim is to release new designs on a monthly basis.

All DANYEYI® designs are printed on both a deep v or crew neck style and our t-shirts are 100% certified organic jersey cotton – all hand made to order in the UK by a select team of like minded creative individuals.

We ship worldwide and if you live in the UK then shipping is totally FREE!

As a small thanks we are offering a 15% discount on our ‘collection’ t-shirts to all fans. You can apply the discount by entering discount code HIDEYOURARMS15 on checkout at

All of our collections t-shirts are priced at £19.95 and you can check out our full range at *don’t forget to use the discount code above!

Andy: These are cool, really likeable and wearable style. I wouldn’t mind seeing some non-white tees but that’s just my personal style.


RESPECT is still a revolutionary idea

by Andy on October 2, 2015

RESPECT – by Psychological Industries

We at Psychological Industries strive to make the public more aware of social struggles and citizens rights by any memes necessary. In the case of the RESPECT campaign we have adapted the iconography of a long dead freedom fighter for our age and in response to the War on Women here in America. We also hope the imagery is picked up by international women’s struggles and spread far and wide.

Stencils are also available for free download at

Andy: Interesting idea making stencils of the design available.


Hot New Custom T-shirt and Jersey Line!

by Andy on October 2, 2015


Join the 1COR team and represent more than a brand but a movement. Our designs reflect a LA 90s Urban style with handmade details that will set you apart. I created this t-shirt/jersey line to stand for faith, family, and football. All of our products are high quality shirts with handmade details that you can customize for added uniqueness. We also seek to grow our brand in the community through charitable acts, giving, and partnerships.

Andy: Not really my style, but I do like it and I can see people far cooler than me wearing it!


Drink Coffee Worship Satan!

by Andy on September 22, 2015

So as the cold is starting to kick in, here at HNH we have your back.
What about a nice vessel to hold your warm drink, I hear you ask?
Yes we have that, and yes it clearly has our dark sense of humour to go with it. People of the world I give you ‘Drink Coffee Worship Satan’. It’s also worth remembering that it is just a cup, as much as I’d love it to summon demons, I can’t guarantee that will happen for you. Oh, on a second note it’s also worth remembering you can also use the mug for Tea (multiple flavours/varieties), Hot Chocolate, Soup and maybe even Horlicks?
As it’s HNH the mug is priced at £6.66, with free UK shipping.

If you are going to grab one, you can bundle with any of our tees and the tee will be just £12. Go save yourself some money, add the mug and any tee to your basket, then just use the code ‘cain‘ at the checkout.

Andy: I’m not sure if we’ve ever had a mug on the site before, I’m sure it would make me smile every morning if I had this on my desk in the office.


Rocco Malatesta is a new independent apparel brand. The first t-shirt “Hanging with friends” is on sale now.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 3XL – Shipping worldwide.

Andy: Back prints can be a bit divisive, some people like them, some people simply won’t wear them. I think it looks pretty cool!

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Inka Inka – The Fixie Review

by Ben_P on September 20, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a relatively knew brand called Inka Inka.

We have always loved unusual and wacky illustrated T shirts, so we thought… why not make our own? We spent a year travelling (partially in South America, hence the name!), gathering our design and brand ideas

It’s definitely evident that they have put a lot of passion into their brand with original artwork and complete new creative thought. Like I always say, it’s nice to see people doing something other than pop culture mash-ups.

I was lucky enough to receive ‘The Fixie’ which comes with his own background information and story that they write personally to send to you with your oder – which is a lovely personal touch to a product. Something that stands out when looking at indie brands versus established big brands.


Bernard tried his best not to panic but the thought of losing his pearl to Vicious Vic & the Mad Mice Gang was really quite disturbing!

You’ll have to purchase your own one to read the extended story. Along with the tee I received a slew of cards that they have manufactured (just a little taste of things to come from Inka Inka) which were surprisingly funny, random and well produced! I’d definitely rather buy these over Hallmark cards.


The design of this tee isn’t going to be to everyones tastes – and it doesn’t need to be. It’s got that fantastic blend of complete randomness but with perfect execution that somewhat reminds me of something I would expect in a Roald Dahl book. It’s further brought to life by the fantastic screen printing that has been done by hand. They’ve managed to fantastically deal with the problem most new brands encounter when they want to get their name out there. They’ve done this by subtly incorporating it into the design and not going for the in your face brand name print that a lot of people will do.

The quality of the tee isn’t perhaps the best that it could be – it’s definitely an area in which Inka Inka could improve. It feels a little bit stiff and slightly coarse on the skin however after sometime I do feel it will soften with enough washes. It isn’t something that necessarily detracts from wearing the tee but it does take a little while for you to forget about its feel. This is absolutely nothing that would detract me from purchasing the tee however – it is just an area in which they could potentially improve upon.

Overall I really like what Inka Inka have to offer and urge you all to check it out, and use the coupon code HYA to receive 15% off your order. Theres a lot on offer and something that would intrigue most people. Go and check them out!


Through the month of September (9/30/15 11:59 PM CT) take 10% off all Full Face T-Shirts at In addition, you can receive free shipping on orders over $50!

We feature a variety of full face and big face t-shirts. It is our mission to provide loose fit, obnoxious, and full print t-shirts that will make you stand out of the crowd. Check out our website to see what all the hype is about! Also, visit our Facebook and Twitter page where we give away free shirts periodically.

Lastly, we would greatly appreciate any critiques or suggestions for our growing website. You can get into contact with us through the “Info” link on our page.

Andy: My usual question for this style of tee, who actually wears this stuff? Because in my whole life I think I’ve seen one person wearing a t-shirt with this kind of print yet it still seems to be popular online.


New From The Diabolical Rabbit Crew

by Andy on September 7, 2015




New from the socially awkward but stylish Diabolical Rabbit crew

1.Our “NY Vandal Drip “Snapback Modeled By Thee Sylvia
Available in colors: Black/White for the ladies and the fellas.
And the shirt she is wearing is our “American Vandal” tee Available In Red/White/Black/Heather Grey and more colors to come.

2. Our staple tee “Diabolical Rabbit Home Of The Weird And Quirky” modeled by Bri Tatted
Available in White/Black/Heather Grey and more colors to come
Available in sizes S/M/L/XL

3. Unisex “New Yawk Jersey” Tank For The ladies and fellas
Available in sizes S/M/L/XL and bigger sizes for special requests.

Andy: Looking good as usual!



by Andy on September 7, 2015

Hi, we’re Story Spark and we’d like to share the launch of our new graphic t-shirt line. In an age where technology is everywhere, Story Spark was founded as a reminder that people and real world dialog are more important than ever. What better way to spark a conversation than by starting with what you wear.

Our tees celebrate positive living through a passion for technology. By blending technical themes metaphorically or graphically, each of our shirts exhibits a single story. Silkscreened on 100% cotton, our “”wearable tech”” provides fellow technophiles with a sense of sophistication. We like to call it: simplicity designed with a subtle edge.

We hope that you’ll check out our new collection at Zap!

Andy: Nice designs, thanks for the submission!


Seed of Life [SoL] – Double Review

by Ben_P on September 6, 2015

Jen and I had another opportunity to do a double review of Seed of Life – or SoL for ease – they’re an Israeli brand that appear to have been going strong for 5 years now, specialising in screen printed psychedelic clothing and accessories, for both men and women.

‘The art of S.O.L is influenced by mystical and spiritual experiences that have nurtured awareness and consciousness. These images evoke a message of a peaceful mind and a creative spirit, a message that unites us regardless of religion or culture.’

Off the bat I definitely like what they’re trying to convey, while I don’t think I personally am their target audience I can definitely appreciate the tranquility and spirituality behind it. 

We were pleased to receive a men’s t-shirt and a women’s vest and they came together nicely packaged with a free screen printed tote bag which was a pretty nice addition. I liked the tote bag so much and it perfectly fit my laptop in it so unfortunately it’s had a bit of wear and tear from being in my rucksack a large portion of the time.

Jen will obviously be reviewing the female side of things – as I’m sure it comes as no shock to any of you that I don’t have the slightest clue about women’s fashion or clothes.Design 1

I received the Peyote T-Shirt which you can purchase in 4 different colours – the amount of choice surprised me if I’m honest! Peyote for those that do not know is a psychoactive cactus so it’s quite cool for their shirts to have fitting names for the designs.

The feel of the shirt is fantastic – it’s 100% cotton, is soft and smooth on the skin and is lightweight but equally feels very durable and it’s all locally sourced and produced which I think is awesome; it’s safe to say that this is a good quality shirt. A low quality, uncomfortable feeling shirt is easy to identify but not having any irritation or even really knowing that the shirt is on you is a true testament to it’s quality – they’ve definitely nailed this down well. 

Peyote T-Shirt

I will admit that this design isn’t something that I would really go for, however I have received compliments on this design when wearing it and I can really appreciate the effort that goes into creating something so intricate – let alone screen printing it! I don’t even really know where to begin with trying to describe what I feel from the design. I do really like it but it’s just not something I would commonly wear – it makes me think of a dream catcher, or a mind map/thought processes and all sorts of imaginative things. That’s the real beauty of this in that it’s so open to interpretation and I can see how this definitely fits in with their ideologies. 

The design is screen printed both front and back, and has a slightly odd feel on the t-shirt because of the intricacy of the design. Running your hands over the design you can feel the individual screen printed dots. It also touts that it has UV Reactive Colours however I haven’t been in an area where I can actually see this – so I would definitely be quite interested to see how it looks. Perhaps having an example (if possible?) on the website would entice customers a little bit more. It’s definitely made me more curious and I’ll have to make sure I wear it the next time I go out anywhere that may have UV light!

We’ll move onto the female portion of the review now conducted by Jen.

As Ben said, I also got a top called the Uhloo Top.

The fabric was really soft and had a lovely handfeel but this is due to the amount of elastane that is clearly in the composition of the jersey, as you can unfortunately see via the shine on the tops. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t put people off as I feel the softness outweighs this aspect.

Uhloo Top

I like the rawness of the edges that have been tightly overlocked, but the brand should be aware that this may cause stretching. This is what happened on the hem of my top and therefore it started to curl up slightly. Some may say this is adds to the uniqueness but I feel differently. Perhaps a normal hem would be better – but I understand this may cause a cost implication if using different stitch techniques.

The print quality is good and almost mimics the technique used by American pop artist Lichtenstein, with dots creating the image – although a much simpler version, which I feel is quite fresh and interesting to see.

Design 2

The print image I was sent was the owl, personally I do not like it as it is not to my taste unfortunately and feel it is somewhat lost on the purple ground, however love the fact that most tops have a print on the front as well as the back much the same as Ben’s top.

The brand offer lots of other top designs that are simpler such as (coincidentally) the Peyote Top  and perhaps more the sort of item that I would go for, but definitely there is enough choice for everyone.

Overall a good product and I would definitely like to see more from them in the future.






Seventh.Ink just released a new design called “Skullduggery” that glows! The design is available on shirts and hoodies, both of which have custom tags and are printed with water based inks just like all Seventh.Ink shirts.

Seventh.Ink is also offering a 30% Off Sale through Labor Day with the code “BACKTOSCHOOL” through the site at The sale applies to ALL orders, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some great gear and art at a solid price.

Andy: Be sure to click on the images of the Skullduggery design because they’re animated (but when the images get automatically reduced in size for the blog the animation gets broken).


California Love

by Andy on September 3, 2015

Type Gang is an inspiration resource for typography and lettering lovers. For our first jump from the digital world to the physical, we are producing a limited run shirt with the super talented Brad Flaherty ( Buy this shirt and you and Brad will do a jig for you*.
Available now for a limited time here:

*Brad may or may not jig for you, we didn’t ask, we just assumed he would.

Andy: That typework is just gorgeous!


Dinosaurs Wearing Hoodies from Funhouse Labs

by Andy on September 3, 2015

Hi Andy and team,
I submitted to Hide Your Arms back in June of last year. You posted my submission of my necklace of a small plastic dinosaur figurine wearing a sewn hoodie. Thanks!
I am writing because since then I have grown my brand, Funhouse Labs, and I have started doing t-shirts. Right now, I only have 1 style currently offered, as my main focus is still jewelry. But it’s a good one! I still offer the dinosaurs wearing hoodie necklaces too, as they are one of my most popular items.

The t-shirt is made in New York, and is a soft jersey blend of poly / cotton / rayon. The screen print is done in Los Angeles, and it is 1 pass of plastisol ink and the printing feels soft as well. T-shirt is heather grey, and the design is 5 colors of ink as an illustration of my dinosaur figurines wearing hoodies! Sizing is unisex and is offered in sizes XS up to XL.

Andy: It might just be one tee but it certainly looks good!


Hello! We are a new pet-themed T-shirt company from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I currently have a house full of T-shirts and I would rather YOU have them. So, here is a coupon code for 10% off.


We are a two-person company. We designed our shirts with pet-lovers in mind, particularly those who work and volunteer to improve their lives; vets, techs, groomers, shelter & rescue employees and volunteers. If you know of any organizations of businesses that would resonate with these shirts, please forward them our info. We have established wholesale and consignment deals with rescue shelters and a couple local pet stores.

Andy: Not my style, but I can see how these would appeal to people who are crazy about their pets (which seems to be every pet owner). My usual complaint applies though, it would be nice to see the real shirts instead of mockups.


Map-lovers: say hello to Citee.

Citee is a collection of 80 hand-finished t-shirts showing intricately crafted maps of cities all over the world. Maps are beautiful and often personal things and, since each is highly detailed, you can easily find your way home after a few drinks.

Each sublimation-printed shirt is available now on Kickstarter.

Andy: These are really cool! I’m not surprised that they’d already met the funding target!



by Andy on August 29, 2015

100% cotton grade-A Trump Shirt. No Frills, just an iconic face.

Andy: I’m not really sure what to make of this, whether it’s some kind of joke or something, because in their shop they have this, and a shirt of a topless Vladmimir Putin? There’s nothing really wrong with the style of the shirt, but why would anyone want to wear it?


Zombie Joey Emerges

by Andy on August 29, 2015

His brains ooze out… You can see his bones and guts…He’s not dead… He is undead! The zombie emerges… from the grave and to your closet on this soft, comfortable, jet black tee shirt.

Sotare’s latest offering, “Zombie Joey”, is a reminder to all of us not to be another faceless drone, a zombie of society’s mundane routine. Instead we need to stand up for what is right and actively engage in making this world a better place.

“Zombie Joey” is printed on a black, ring spun, cotton American Apparel shirt using soft off-white ink. HideYourArms readers, use the coupon codeHYA15” for 15% off your purchase.

For a limited time, Zombie Joey has been bundled with three other shirts and a belt for our End of Summer Sale. You can grab this pack for $65. More exciting things to come next month!

Leaping forward,

Andy: Cool design, thanks for the submission!


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