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Hola Andy! We want people to find something new each time they look at our shirts. We also like to right little stories about each one. For ‘the Waiter’, “When the customer visited Guilano’s Italian restaurant she was surprised to learn that the waiter had been experimenting with genetically modified spaghetti.” Enjoy!

Andy: These guys have some really interesting designs, and for a change I actually like the way that they have managed to incorporate their name into the shirts without it looking like it was a slapped on afterthought to bring more recognition to the brand. Don’t forget to use the coupon code LAUNCH for free shipping in the UK!


Barely Wild Shirts are a brand new T-Shirt company designing only the funkiest, wildest shirts.

Our artwork is drawn in “Geometric form” which is eye catching and different to what’s currently available. Check it out!

Live life on the wild side.

Andy: Well these certainly pass my “would I wear it?” test, very nice indeed and at £11.95 each they’re very attractively priced.


This February I’m proud to announce a new version of the Chaos shirt, now available in white. This shirt is bold yet simple. The solid blue design stands out on the crisp white shirt.

In honor of winter and snow we are introducing the White Out Bundle. This bundle includes three shirts: A New Beginning, Promise, and Chaos. It also includes the Organized Chaos belt, a Classic button pack, and some surprises. All these great items for a ridiculously low price of $50.

Sotare is an art brand from Maryland, USA which focuses on creating detailed clothing, posters, resin toys, belts, and other sweet items for you to collect. Visit for more.

HideYourArms readers, use the code HYA2015 for 10% off any order.

Leaping forward,

Andy: $50 for that bundle really is excellent value. I don’t envy them doing a t-shirt photoshoot in the snow!

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Well, well, well! New England has gone and done it again. Boston’s sports teams are no slouches, and we take great pride when they bring a championship home. Our treasured mascot Big Kid couldn’t help but pad up in celebration!

This Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt will be printed on a heather grey t-shirt.
Guys Tee: 100% Cotton
Girls Tee: 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester

Andy: I’m not even a Pats fan (in theory I’m an Eagles fan but I have no real reason for it) and even I kinda want to buy this.

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Do You Remember Your First Time?

by Andy on February 6, 2015

Do you remember your first time? By Brenda Manchester

Do you remember your first time? The anticipation as the lights dimmed and excitement built in the darkness. The crescendo of electricity coursing through every inch of your being. Maybe you screamed out as the energy rose to a fevered pitch. Then finally, joyfully, came that burst of release and euphoria with the opening chords as the band took the stage.

Sharing live music in any venue, large or small, is a unique and satisfying experience that makes us one with the artist and our fellow fans. Music is the connector. It is the soundtrack of our personal history, providing instant recall of sights, tastes, feelings, people and places.
Concert Tickets: The Who, The Rolling Stones, Queen The Beatles Concert Tickets Led Zeppelin Concert Ticket

Concert t-shirts are the scrapbooks of our musical lives. They are our collectibles, to be prized and worn proudly. We wear them to remember and to remind others. Like badges of honor, they say “I was there” “were you?” don’t you wish you were?” and “wasn’t it amazing”. Some are faded and worn soft with age; others are new, their colors fresh and exciting. None are boring. They are objects of desire, evoking envy and admiration. How many of us saw Mick Jagger’s red tongue emblazoned across a T-shirt at our first Rolling Stones concert and knew we had to have it? Or lusted after one from Led Zeppelin or The Who’s last tour? Every single concert T-shirt has a story to tell and a moment to relive. And although you may have closets full of these iconic t-shirts, you just can’t resist another.

Check out our new collection of concert T-shirts at and let’s make a memory.
use coupon code ANDY for 10% off your first order

Andy: Ahhhh, the old switcheroo. Strange that they opted to send in their logo (in a small file too) rather than some of their designs as they’re pretty cool. Good to see they’re fully licensed designs too.


MotherWar is a new apparel company, founded in Transylvania, Romania. Our first collection, Headful, is quite self-explanatory, featuring three head designs. Each design symbolizes a certain struggle: 1800s Man tries to capture the struggle of keeping it simple despite the evolving fashion trends, going back to the basics,to the gentleman look; Amish Girl is a design based on the struggle to be different, to not succumb to the pressure generated by lobbyists, to live a life based on self-made decisions. Skull Face tries to capture the moment of death. Sometimes, death can act as a relief, and is seen as a victory over the cause.

MotherWar’s creed was born through a lot of pain, a lot of tears, a lot of suffering. It was created to honor not only the ones who passed from a life-threatening disease, but also the caregivers, that put their own needs beneath someone else’s. We are two childhood friends, each with its own family losses/terminal condition due to cancer. MotherWar is fighting the inner war for outer peace. We are fighting the good fight. The fight to carry on.

We wanted to give something to the readers of HYA, so we’ve enabled a coupon code for you guys, worth 20% off your order. Go to, and use HIDEYOUR20 code at checkout.

Our Facebook: | Our Twitter: | Our Instagram:

Thank you, guys!

Andy: I like the designs, but for me on some of them the logo is a bit too prominent. It’s easy for me to say that the logo should be smaller or not there at all, but I totally understand where a brand is coming from, they need exposure and a logo helps with that. So basically I’m totally on the fence with that issue!



by Andy on February 5, 2015

Our inspiration for designs come from childhood TV shows, music, action movies and color. Our current sock is inspired mostly of classic horror movies, Lonewolf and Cub series, and “THE DR.”. We currently had a booth at Comikaze this past Oct/Nov were we did really well. We also do events all over LA. We do live screen printing of our designs in all of our events to connect with our customers. Our designs are simple and detailed 1 – 4 ink color prints.

By Artists For Artists.
Inspired by youth.
The last and the first.

Vicious and Skill is VICIOUSKILL.

Andy: I don’t know what it is but I’m sure I’ve seen that vampire shirt before. Then again, after 9 years of looking at t-shirts it’s hardly surprising that I think I’ve seen things before.


No Love City - February Special No Love City – February Special

For the month of February, No Love City is offering $10 off of their popular ‘Support Local Hip Hop’ shirt.  The shirt was designed and features incredible typography skills by Friks84.  Just enter discount code HIPHOP during checkout at

No Love City - Support Local Hip Hop No Love City – Support Local Hip Hop

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Breaking Bad Themed Apparel

by Andy on February 3, 2015

Breaking Bad – arguably one of the most popular and loved shows around the globe!
I’m Darragh Cooney, a 16 year old Graphic Design student from London, UK and I have designed some unique tees and jumpers for Breaking Bad! Check them out?!

Andy: I don’t want to be too harsh here, because I’m 30 and Darragh is 16 and I know I didn’t have these kind of skill at his age. At the same time though, I don’t think that this work is original enough to be trying to sell it, if someone at AMC saw it they’ve fire off a DMCA takedown to DBH and the design would be gone. This kind of thing is good for learning and gaining new skills but it might not be a good idea to make it available for purchase.


Catsmeow® Spring 2015 Collection

by Andy on February 3, 2015

First drop of the new Catsmeow 2015 collection, fresh for the spring!

Andy: It’s kind of surprising that there aren’t more cat brands out there considering how obsessed with cats the internet is.


uchi’s Golden Section T shirt

by Andy on January 29, 2015

Hi guys, just wanted to share with you news about one of tour new tracks just finished and the inspiration behind it.

“The Fibonacci sequence and the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian are the inspiration behind the newest uchi joint entitled Golden Section.
Available in men’s cotton T shirts and women’s bamboo T shirts. ”

You can read the full blog here:

many thanks

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


our vision
since 2001, symbolika is dedicated to producing highly unique, experimental visionary and psychedelic artworks inspired by shamanic experiences, infused with elements from spirituality and nature. our vision is simple – inspire and get inspired :)

the artworks
the artworks are developed using several techniques & tools – organic and digital, modern and classical, illustration and 3d. from spiritual symbolism to intricate sacred geometry, from buddhism to mauri tattoo art. all of those diverse and sometimes even conflicting worlds, combined with original symbolism, are balanced and enriched into unified and constantly evolving designs.

the printing
along the years we have developed and evolved our silk screen printing techniques – symbolika artworks take into account the “space between the lines”, preferring to use the colour of the fabrics as an integral part of the colour palette, thereby reducing the thickness of each print affording a more comfortable and more wearable fashion item.

the products
our products are unique and personal. we take great care into every detail of each product we make. we design, cut, stitch, glue & print all of the stuff we sell. we pour our hearts into each stage of the manufacturing process – this is our passion and we hope it shines through!

see you on the other side! ;)

Andy: Not the kind of thing I’d wear, but it looks well done.

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New Year Motto’s from Bridge and Burn

by Andy on January 19, 2015

Start of the new year with encouragement. These tees by Bridge & Burn might give you that extra boost to work hard in the new year.

Find them at:

Andy: Simple and extremely wearable, just how I like it.


KAFT_Creative Original Significant Designs

by Andy on January 15, 2015

You can reach our newsletter with
We would be glad if evaluate and mentioned KAFT on your website.


Andy: How do brands not understand that they are meant to write a submitted article to the submissions page? Luckily for KAFT the images speak for themselves.


Hey Everybody!

From now until January 1st I am having a Winter Sale on all items in my store to celebrate the holidays. Unique and affordable hand carved woodcut prints, shirts, sweatshirts cards, and more all available at All work is created, carved and printed in Beacon, NY. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Happy holidays!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Teetsy Winter Collection

by Andy on December 15, 2014

We just released 9 new designs and a video to promote those designs:

30% off for Hide Your Arms readers now through December 19th if you enter ‘HYA‘ at checkout.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!!


Andy: Always a pleasure to see something new from Teetsy.

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Handmade Designer T-shirts by VictorM at DBH

by Andy on December 15, 2014

My latest handmade airbrushed T-shirts available at my DBH Store

Andy: The original title of this post was just “Handmade Designer T-shirts”, which is an odd choice when you consider that these are POD shirts from Design By Humans.

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2 Flags Clothing Pre-Xmas Sale..!!!

by Andy on December 12, 2014

If you like history, cultures and traveling in a fashionable way please use coupon code: PREXMAS at check out and get a FREE random t-shirt. We are certain you will use the extra t-shirt as a gift for someone very special this xmas.
To shop and get FREE t-shirt visit:

Thank you
Best Xmas wishes from our family to yours.

Andy: Cool design ideas, nice to see something fresh, thanks for the submission!


Tapping into the MMA industry with no skull bones and grim reapers. Be prepared for something different!

Andy: Not my kind of thing, but is refreshing to see an MMA inspired clothing line that doesn’t look like an Affliction knock-off or the scrawls of a half-blind, drunk tattoo artist.


Bridge & Burn Bold Graphic Tees

by Andy on December 11, 2014

New bold graphic text tees from Bridge & Burn pair nicely with their Northwest inspired outerwear and button up shirts.

Find styles in both men and women on the site:

Andy: I really like that Misery Loves Co. design, it’s the kind of thinking that I’d expect from Random Objects, which is pretty high praise in the tee world.

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