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We are now accepting product samples for review again after a hiatus, offering in-depth reviews providing value to both brands and consumers.

info [at] hideyourarms dot com

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You can also leave a link to your site on the Hide Your Arms Facebook page (make sure you become a fan too!) and I will endeavour to check it out.

If you would like to share a coupon code, sale, deal, or something like that then I recommend you submit a post. You write the post, I check it and edit where needed, then it goes on the site, this will be the quickest way to get your website mentioned on Hide Your Arms, but please keep your submissions informative and not overly self-promotional.

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I don’t want to be too militant about this, but I’d appreciate it if you followed some general guidelines when pitching me your products. Generally I just want to be treated like an actual human being rather than someone that you can use to get a few views on your site.

1. Please call me Andy, that’s my name (its written all over the site), e-mails addressed to the “Hide Your Arms editor” don’t endear me to you.

2. I don’t mind being sent your regular press release and blurb, I know you’re sending your details to a lot of websites and don’t have time to write something for every individual, but please put something personal at the start of your message, just to let me know that I’ve received an e-mail from a person and not a robot (a lot of people seem to like mentioning that they aren’t a robot, which proves these guidelines work!).

3. If you have never e-mailed me before, I will not reply to your e-mail until I actually write about your company/t-shirts/whatever, if I replied to everyone that sends me an e-mail I’d never have any time to actually write blog posts. Similarly, please do not repeatedly e-mail me asking if I got your e-mail, if you sent it, there is an above 99% chance that I received it, I just haven’t replied or written your post yet.

4. Sending attachments is fine, as long as they aren’t too big (limit yourself to a couple of MB if possible).

5. If you want to promote Hide Your Arms in any way (tweets, stumbles, delicious links, diggs, blog posts, link backs, anything!), I would genuinely appreciate it. It is in no way a requirement to promote my site for you to be reviewed, but if you take the time & effort to write something about my site then it would be downright rude of me not to return the favour, though saying something nice about me doesn’t guarantee I’ll be nice about you!

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