Hide Your Arms Writing Team

[column size="1-3"]ANDREW BOWNESS

Founder & Editor of Hide Your Arms. Owner of Rigu camera accessories shop.

Twitter: @hideyourarms
Andy’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]DEE LA BEAU

Resident Threadless nerd, sample reviewer, model, and burlesque dancer.

Website: www.deelabeau.com
Twitter: @_DeeLaBeau_
Dee’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]MATT EYER

General t-shirt blogger, proud Philly-dweller.

Website: www.wearliberty.net
Twitter: @matteyer
Matt’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]LEAH WILLIAMS

Leah is a general blogger on HYA, as well as a professional cake decorator and sculptor.

Website: facebook.com/littlelazies
Twitter: @LittleLazies
Leah’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]‘SLEEPY’ DAN BEMISS

Dan will be giving us a peek behind the scenes at his growing brand.

Website: www.sleepydan.com
Twitter: @SleepyDanBrand
Dan’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]UMANG SHAH

Architect and t-shirt afficionado.

Website: www.cbaz.com
Twitter: @chorbazaar
Umang’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]DOUG HENDERSON

General blogger and one half of the Mr. Four Fingers creative duo.

Website: www.mrfourfingers.com
Twitter: @MrFourFingers
Doug’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]ABIGAIL BROWN

General blogger with a focus on UK streetwear, and vinyl toy shop owner.

Website: www.vinyltoyshop.co.uk
Twitter: @igirisu_1991
Abigail’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]JEREMIAH JOHNSON

General t-shirt blogger, cultivator of a fantastic beard (not fully pictured).

Website: ShirtCult.com
Twitter: @jeremiahowb
Jeremiah’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]BEN PROCTER

T-shirt enthusiast with too much spare time

Ben’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]HEATHER ABBOTT

General blogger and owner of The Good Child.

Website: The Good Child Shop
Twitter: @the_goodchild
Heather’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]Adam Lancaster

Balearic based graphic designer, beach lover and t-shirt fan.

Twitter: @SNDY_C
Adam’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]LIAM HODGEON

Designer, Blogger and the guy behind Doin Fine.

Website: www.doinfine.co.uk
Twitter: @wearedoinfine
Liam’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]AMY FIEDLER

General t-shirt blogger, fashion stylist, modern-day hippie and owner/designer of Winky Boo.

Website: www.winkyboo.com
Twitter: @WinkyBoo
Amy’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]CHRIS STOKEL-WALKER

Freelance writer and t-shirt nerd since 1989.

Website: www.stokel-walker.co.uk
Twitter: @stokel
Chris’ posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]PENNY BRONCHIA

Blogger, information junkie, the Imelda Marcos of t-shirts.

Website: bronchia.wordpress.com
Twitter: @pennyb
Penny’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]TRAVIS GREENWOOD

BoSox fan, DJ, southpaw, & t-shirt curator.

Website: www.founditemclothing.com
Twitter: @founditem
Travis’ posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]DAVID MURRAY (SEIBEI)

Tee designer and illustrator behind SEIBEI, and head of the art department at Forward Printing.

Website: www.seibei.com, www.forwardprinting.com
Twitter: @davidSEIBEI
David’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]DANIEL NEWMAN (QUAKERNINJA)

Shirt cynic, apparel appraiser, perpetual noob, and tee treasurer.

Website: www.quakerninja.com/
Twitter: @quaker_ninja
Daniel’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]RICARDO NUNES

T-shirt & streetwear blogger, freelance journalist, pyramids, stars are pictured and Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man on the moon I was.

Twitter: @Ricard00000
Ricardo’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]SHANE MATTHEW STILES

Operations Manager at Threadbird.

Website: www.threadbird.com
Shane’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]CARLOS J. MORALES

General blogger and owner of Oven Fresh Dreams.

Website: www.ovenfreshdreams.com
Twitter: @cjmoreorless
Carlos’ posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]BILL PYLE

Freelance graphic designer, Etsy shop owner, and t-shirt wearer.

Website: www.williamhenrydesign.com
Twitter: @billpyle
Bill’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]NATHAN STOCKLEY

General t-shirt blogger and self professed IT nerd. Owner of Masked Hero Clothing.

Website: www.maskedheroclothing.co.uk
Twitter: @MaskedHeroLtd
Facebook: www.facebook.com/maskedheroltd
Nathan’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]ANDY MUNRO

T-shirt blogger and fashion enthusiast. Owner of Bluu Dreams. Following my Dreams since 1987.

Website: www.bluudreams.com
Twitter: @Bluudreams
Andy’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]REBECCA MCFAUL

Passion for vintage fashion, tea and biscuits!

Twitter: @MissMcFaul
Becca’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3" last="1"]ASH JONES

Blogger & lover of individuality and independent labels.

Website: rudiclothing.com
Twitter: @ashjadejones
Ash’s posts[/column] [column size="1-3"]STEVE FLACK

Video editor, T-shirt enthusiast, comic book expert, pro wrestling aficionado, and an actual lifelong resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Website: www.vitaminsteve.com/
Twitter: @VitaminSteve
Steve’s posts[/column]

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