Villain X Shirts

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Villain X Shirts is a exciting line of t-shirts for guys and girls based on villains from every area of pop culture. Our shirt designs are devoted to the Villains of every aspect HORROR, SCI-FI, COMICS, VIDEO GAMES, TV, etc


mens S-XL – $20 – 2XL-5XL – $23
womens S-XL – $20

Andy: I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t know how long they’ll be able to get away with this. As far as I can tell all the designs in the images supplied and on their site are just hand-drawn versions of images that aren’t in the public domain, just still released from films or promo images. In some cases the images don’t look hand-drawn at all, they may have just had a filter or action applied to them in Photoshop. They look like the kind of thing that I am fairly sure you could mistake for being merchandise, and so unless they know something I don’t I worry they’re skating on thin ice.


I am a big fan of hide your arms and I use it to find shirts with great designs on it. Recently, I came across this site and thought I let the visitors here know about. I own almost every shirt from them now.

Andy: Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the person who submitted this is actually involved with the brand and not just a random fan? I’m sure that it will come as no surprise that I am not a fan of these shirts, there is a lot wrong here and I hope that they didn’t pour too much money into this because I doubt they will be getting it back with sales except from friends and family.

In the pictures where it says “Art On Shirts” I presumed that was a placeholder so that people would know that was the artwork that would be printed on the shirt and it’s placement, but looking a big further I think that is actually printed on the shirts. I have no idea what they think that adds to the shirt since “Art On Shirts” doesn’t appear to be anything to do with their brand name, the font used is usually really unsuitable for the design and provides a distraction to the design.

Speaking of fonts, the way they are used makes it look like the designs were done in Microsoft Word. Maybe there is potential in some of the design concepts but the way they are presented will not allow them to be popular with a wide variety of people since they look amateurish at best. The mix of clip art and other artwork (some of which looks quite professional but is let down by poor shirt placement and odd font pairings) also give the appearance of a lack of direction and a cohesive look to the store, which is important for a new brand to have since people need to get an overall feel from the homepage of a site but this just looks messy.

I don’t enjoy telling people that I don’t like the thing they have put time and effort into, and probably a lot of money, but unless this is about to be some crazy ironic hipster trend then I don’t see much of a future here in it’s current form.


Tyrant-o-saurus t-shirt from Robber Barons Ink

by Andy on February 19, 2015

Robber Barons Ink wanted to share another one of our original t-shirt designs with our friends at Hide Your Arms. On sale now… save 10% with promo code “hideyourarms“!

Andy: Haha, nice one, thanks for the submission and the coupon code.


New tee addition to our MODest Attire DesignByHumans Collection. This unique chalk typography design “The Path” is available as both ladies and gents tees exclusively from our dbhtees store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


I Love Willemstad (Curacao) t-shirt by Curpee*

by Andy on February 17, 2015

Hello fellow Tee lovers, check out my “I Love Willemstad” Tee …..
Shipping World Wide..!!

Curpee* a startup T-Brand from the Dutch Antilles

Andy: There’s a problem with this design; I have no idea why I can’t see the whole of the word Willemstad, and there’s no explanation on the website, which leads me to believe it might just be a design choice but I feel like it’s an odd one. I’d also say that this kind of shirt isn’t the kind of thing that will do very well online since it’s such a local thing that doesn’t have a lot of exposure globally. Definitely a tough sell!


As a sandwich fan I like to do research on sandwiches. I liked learning that during World War I, Emma Curtis published a recipe booklet for her Snowflake Marshmallow Creme which consisted of peanut butter and Marshmallow Creme on oat or barley bread calling it the Liberty Sandwich. The Liberty Sandwich may have been the beginning of the Fluffernutter sandwich.

I was also able to work with one of my favorite artists who is from Boston- Regan Smith Clarke to work on this Massachusetts Sandwich.

The shirt is available in SeaFoam or Grey

Andy: Very nicely put together design, and I like it even if we don’t have fluffernutters over here in the UK.


30squared is the latest project from the man behind cult Tumblr page Jim’ll Paint It. Jim has been turning his unabashed love of all things Microsoft Paint to the world of pixel art. Adding as much detail with as few pixels as possible, he has recreated a myriad of characters from cult TV, film, video games and history.

With 8-bit interpretations of Goldeneye 64’s Oddjob, Predator’s Dillon (complete with severed arm), Vladimiri Lenin and even ‘Stabbim’ the scutter from Red Dwarf, no corner of the geekosphere is deemed too obscure. Requests can be made via Facebook or email.

Each collection of characters is presented on a premium white cotton T-shirt for maximum impact.

Andy: “Jim’ll Paint It”? I’m guessing that name is a bit of a tough sell these days! I really like the designs though, I’m such a sucker for pixel designs.


Tic Tac Toe Tees are t-shirts you can play. They are great conversation openers and icebreakers, and are sure to make you the attention magnet at a party. The t-shirts are raising funds on Kickstarter, and you can pre-order your very own t-shirt you can play for $35.

Tic Tac Toe Tees are washable and wearable just like regular t-shirts. The front features a contrast grid and lightweight space-age velcro that the pieces attach to. No-tech wearable mobile gaming! Each t-shirt comes with pieces in a nifty little pouch, with spare ones in case you lose any.

The campaign is just one week in and half funded already.

Andy: Whilst I have no real problem with it, it seems like too much of a whacky, quirky novelty for me to ever wear a shirt like this, and I get the feeling that it’s the kind of thing you’d wear once or twice and then not again. Perhaps I’m just not fun anymore. Also, I might be wrong, but I am fairly sure that I’ve seen something like this before.


Indianapolis Photographer Launches First Lifestyle and Street Wear Brand of Apparel for Photographers.

Indianapolis, IN (February 9th, 2015) – CLICKGEARCLOTHING ltd is happy to announce the launch collection of the first lifestyle apparel and clothing brand for photographers created by photographers.

Photographers around the world now have access to the highest quality lifestyle and street apparel. With its official launch on Valentine’s day (2-14-2015) CLICKGEARCLOTHING will be offering T-shirts, hoodies, Hats, and Beanies in its initial collection.

Founded by photographer Michael Anthony, CLICKGEARCLOTHING ltd is the first and only apparel brand with what photographers wear in mind.

“After years of searching for a great photography shirt to wear I kept coming up short of anything that I would ever consider quality. As photographers, many of us photograph hundreds of brands of clothing every year and until now we have never had an option for quality apparel for ourselves. Dead are the days of “I flash people” and boring gimmicky shirts.” Says Anthony

Customers will have access to the initial launch collection at and be able to sign up for special offers, early releases, and special edition clothing. Some photographers may even become sponsored by CLICKGEARCLOTHING ltd.

With photographers in mind behind everything that CLICKGEARCLOTHING ltd creates, customers will have access to an expanding product line including dresses, shorts, swimwear, and sunglasses in the near future.

Andy: As someone that is a photographer, owns a photography related business and also really likes t-shirts, this intrigued me. I am seeing a lot of hearts but I must admit I’m not really getting the idea behind it and I can’t see it explained anywhere on the site, so that could do with being made clearer. It’s not a big deal, but there are other clothing companies out there based on photography, and cool ones too (not the cringe-inducing gimmick shirts they mention). I don’t want to be too negative, there are plenty of things to like here, I just don’t think that their photography angle is coming across enough on the public side of things.


Elepprint T-Shirts

by Andy on February 13, 2015

Elepprint” that focuses on casual wear for young minorities in America.

As a young minority growing up in America, I felt embarrassed wearing traditional outfits around because they were too exotic, so I searched for contemporary apparels with any essence of a cultural identifier, but unfortunately, there weren’t any. So “elepprint” was born! Like other branded apparels such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Locoste, etc…my logo is made up of an Elephant and Swirl embroidery at the left chest. The Elephant represents royalty, strength, power, and much more in Asia, Africa, Europe, and even in the Americas. The swirl is a design from textiles created by the tribal ethnic Hmong minorities from Southeast Asia. The swirl represents an elephant’s foot stomp, which Hmong ancestors followed to the water source. I believe color is a powerful way to radiate optimism and positivity, so our t-shirts comes in many colors such as Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and other colors upon request. We hope to expand to polos, sweaters, hoodies, caps, pants, and so much more in the future.

Andy: My initial thought with this was that the print was a little small and subtle, but reading the description now it does make a bit more sense to me. Just because I am who I am it would be nice to see them explore some slightly different designs so that all their eggs aren’t in one basket.


The inspiration for “The Freedom Effect” project begins in Humboldt Park, Chicago in 2011 when we wanted to initiate a scholarship fund for excelling undocumented High School students in our neighborhood seeking a career in the Creative Arts.

Our logo, which features as the design on the maiden release of Freedom Effect t-shirts, was inspired by the aesthetics of the sugar skulls created in Mexico for the “Dia de los Muertos” celebration. It showcases a decorated skull wearing a gas mask as a means of survival. A reminder that we can’t revive what is already dead, but must cherish what is alive—giving it the “free-est” of reins.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Take a Flight to FLY Clothing Designs!

by Andy on February 13, 2015

We would like the following to be our submission and for our logo to precede the written paragraph only if it’s not too much trouble:


FLY Clothing Designs is an independently owned clothing brand and lifestyle founded in Atlanta, Georgia. FLY Clothing Designs is an original brand, which stands for fresh, lavish, youthful. FLY Clothing Designs is a double-entendre that symbolizes the thrill of flying: planes, jets and the idea of reaching higher. FLY is also synonymous with words like, cool or smooth. We strive to offer originality, quality, and creativity with every design all while maintaining its fresh, youthful appearance. Our focus on originality, quality, and creativity give our designs a smooth, clean look, leaving our supporters feeling extremely confident and most importantly, FLY. Take a flight to our store today!

On your mobile phone? Please click “continue to mobile site” at bottom of page (view only)

Andy: Usually I don’t like it when a company rely too much on their logo, it’s something that can really hold some brands back because it often requires you to have a personal connection to the brand creating a barrier to entry for people like me that don’t know them and don’t have any need to support them. However, this is a good looking logo that I think anyone could enjoy without knowing anything about the brand, which is certainly a positive for them moving forward.


Save 15% On Graphted Designs Purchase!

by Andy on February 12, 2015

It takes two to fall in love….But only one Graphted tee to steal a heart. Use promotion code VDAY15 on Graphted Designs’ Etsy page to seal the deal on a one-of-a-kind gift for that one-of-a-kind someone in your life. Don’t forget, it’s okay if that person is YOU! Indulge in FREE shipping as well. All offers available on Graphted clothing products until February 14th.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


New “Love & Hate” T shirt remix

by Andy on February 12, 2015

Once upon a time there was a T shirt design called Love and Hate. The designer loved this design and it was his favourite for a long, long time. He loved it so much he made a limited edition art print much bigger and more elaborate than the original T shirt design. The T shirt was very popular and the print was received well by all who witnessed it. Eventually over time, all but one of the prints sold out, but the T shirt was still very popular.

Times changed, new T shirt designs came and went and Love & Hate was still selling, but, something was not quite right. Although still admired, the Tee design was much smaller than the new younger, fresher designs and lacked their impact. To make way for new T shirts in the store the designer had moved it to the lower shelves. The more new Tees arrived, the less space was made for it. Eventually, the T shirt was hardly ever seen and it began to feel neglected and lonely. The newer designs laughed at it because it was not getting as much attention as they were.

“You used to be one of the designers’ favourites, but not any more!” They mocked.

The last of the limited edition prints that was hanging on the wall opposite felt sorry for it’s smaller, neglected cousin and so asked the designer if he could update the design and make it as big as all the other T shirt designs he was creating.

“You said that I was a very personal design and meant a great deal!”, the print shouted.

After thinking about it for a while the designer agreed. “I’ll make it a big as you!” he exclaimed to the print, “and I’ll give it a completely different background than yours so you’ll still be unique! How’s that?” He added.

The limited edition print was happy.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!



by Andy on February 12, 2015

Hi everyone,

YUK FUN is a new label based in Portslade-by-Sea and we make colourful, illustrated T-shirts. Hope you like!

Andy: That all over print shirt is just great, my girlfriend would love that. The rest of their range is impressive too, looking forward to seeing more submissions from these guys.


Sustainable hemp shirts are becoming a new trend. Hemp House Clothing takes it a step further by wrapping their shirts in sustainable packaging. Each shirt is hand rolled & hand tied with hemp string. This unique shirt was designed by & provides a interesting visual to compliment the interesting fabric.

Andy: Looks good, probably feels good, and it’s not destroying the planet!


Hola Andy! We want people to find something new each time they look at our shirts. We also like to right little stories about each one. For ‘the Waiter’, “When the customer visited Guilano’s Italian restaurant she was surprised to learn that the waiter had been experimenting with genetically modified spaghetti.” Enjoy!

Andy: These guys have some really interesting designs, and for a change I actually like the way that they have managed to incorporate their name into the shirts without it looking like it was a slapped on afterthought to bring more recognition to the brand. Don’t forget to use the coupon code LAUNCH for free shipping in the UK!


Hello all,

We have this hoody releasing on Feb. 16th in a finite quantity, there will be 10 pieces made per size, and won’t be reproduced. Printed on 10 oz. 100% baby butt soft cotton. The name of this piece is ‘Bullshit Baffles the Brains’. It features a juxtaposition of traditional and modern design with sacred geometry, black letter with braille with many tiny details throughout. It represents the distraction of modern day society and media with all the “bullshit” baffling our brains. We want this to be a reminder for all to filter what we consume mentally. We are constantly being sold to as consumers and are constantly selling as commodities ourselves.

All of our clothing has a meaning behind the designs and you can check out what each one stands for on the product pages.
You can read more about our company/mindset here:

We wanted to offer a 20% + FREE SHIPPING Promo Code for the HideYourArms readers. Insert “HYATWENTY” at the checkout and enjoy.

Our website is

We are open to any criticisms, thank you for looking!

Andy: Looks cool, thanks for the submission!

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Barely Wild Shirts are a brand new T-Shirt company designing only the funkiest, wildest shirts.

Our artwork is drawn in “Geometric form” which is eye catching and different to what’s currently available. Check it out!

Live life on the wild side.

Andy: Well these certainly pass my “would I wear it?” test, very nice indeed and at £11.95 each they’re very attractively priced.


This February I’m proud to announce a new version of the Chaos shirt, now available in white. This shirt is bold yet simple. The solid blue design stands out on the crisp white shirt.

In honor of winter and snow we are introducing the White Out Bundle. This bundle includes three shirts: A New Beginning, Promise, and Chaos. It also includes the Organized Chaos belt, a Classic button pack, and some surprises. All these great items for a ridiculously low price of $50.

Sotare is an art brand from Maryland, USA which focuses on creating detailed clothing, posters, resin toys, belts, and other sweet items for you to collect. Visit for more.

HideYourArms readers, use the code HYA2015 for 10% off any order.

Leaping forward,

Andy: $50 for that bundle really is excellent value. I don’t envy them doing a t-shirt photoshoot in the snow!

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