Carpe the Saturdiem!

by Andy on August 7, 2016

My love for art began with an appreciation for the toys, cartoons and animated movies of the 80s. It was those mornings of escape that eventually led me down the path of designing for some of the largest retailers and brands (like Target and Disney). So to pay homage to those early days, I’ve launched a brand of tees with the name of the day that started it all. From tatted dogs to kitty ninjas, these tees are a representation of thoughts that make me chuckle.

Thanks for your consideration.

Carpe the Saturdiem!

Andy: I like the style of these, looking forward to seeing more.


Oldskull – Webshop Relaunch 2016

by Andy on August 7, 2016

OS In Motion – A New Fashion Brand Turns Your Emotions Into Stylish Clothing

First of all we would like to welcome everybody who has found its way to this page.

Here you can find OStastique designs for shirt aficionados!

“Get your PromoCode and 20% off your favourite T-Shirts: OSLife20 (until 13.08.2016)”

…all about OS!

Andy: Very nice indeed.


Tees by Messiah Clothing Uk

by Andy on August 7, 2016

Messiah Clothing UK was formed to bring tees that we think are modern and would love to wear ourselves. We aim to fetch trendy/trendsetting and fashionable tshirts with a great price. The best of both worlds! We hope to be able to expand into more clothing territory in order to fulfil our goal amongst a whole selection of apparel. The three tees attached are just some of the tees we have currently in our line and more can be found on our website: You can also bag yourself 10% off with the code: hideyourarms Thanks!

Andy: Just my personal taste, but I’d like to see something other than white tees here, since there are quite a lot of people that don’t like to wear white tees, so by sticking to one colour with the shirts (not sure if it’s branding decision) it’s going to put off a few people from buying. Pricing is attractive though and it’s a solid start.


Cute, yet edgy, story inspired t-shirt label. High-quality and original design meet street style.
All The Queen’s Toys is a new brand based on a story written and drawn by Evi Z, created exclusively for grown up girls.

Our tees and hoodies are gray-colored, 100% combed cotton, available in women’s S,M,L.
All of the images are 3-color silkscreens, professionally screen printed, using eco-friendly nontoxic inks to create very flexible and soft to the hand prints. Our shirts are made to last. We work with and support independent small scale local companies for the production and printing of our clothing. An absolutely sweatshop/child labor free label. Made entirely in Greece.
Wear the story.

Check out all of our designs on our website:

Follow us at

Andy: I’m not the target demographic (obviously), but I do like that illustration style.


In the synergistic spirit of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup™, the Clock-Radio and the Industrial Whaling Harpoon / Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine [patent pending, Dimco Industries] we proffer to you the EveryT!

Tired of choosing among your t-shirts as to whether you want folks to know you support:
1) a shuttered New York City punk music landmark
2) a band that helped make the former a cultural landmark, all the while wanting to be sedated.
3) an English proto-speed metal band whose proclivity for narcotic accelerants is matched only by their brain crushing volume and the renowned wartiness of their front man.
4) a Communist revolutionary guerrilla Doctor Who rode a motorbike all through South America, helped Castro oust Batista from Cuba and ended up having his hands cut off by the CIA for his trouble?

Well now you don’t have to choose!
If you were to buy all these shirts separately you could pay up to $845! (Although we suspect the folks at the Mall saw us coming.)
And then if you wore them all at once you’d have to constantly rotate the top one so everyone could see all of them (we’re guessing it would get kinda toasty too.)
Also, you would look like a jackass.

Now you can look clever, spiffy AND stylin’ all in one quality garment. Our internationally renowned team of talented textile beautifiers have whipped up some top-drawer graphical alchemy and combined four (FOUR!!!!) iconic tees into one über-tee to rule them all.*

*Your ability to rule may vary.

EveryT, the only T you’ll ever need.

(Buy two though, so you can wear one and wash one)

Andy: Wow, that is a one expertly crafted submission!

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I’m a graphic designer, avid road tripper, travel blogger and national park enthusiast. I’ve designed collections of shirts inspired by my wandering. Subjects include intricate highway interchange patterns, national flags and landscapes. I recently started selling them though Threadless Artist Shops at You can also follow along as we explore at

Andy: Nice designs, I wish I could see the real thing, but that’s not really possible when you’re using Threadless as your POD.


BILL MANDRILL is the newest addition to the ever growing tasty ALIVE Clothing family. Freshly printed on high quality soft cotton Stanley & Stella apparel the design is now available in the ALIVE Clothing online shop.

Along comes also a number of reprints of all time ALIVE Clothing favourites like LITTLE FOX II or FOXY SCOOTER: Now also available in many sizes again (also in XXL and kids sizes).

Andy: I know that the focus here should be on that intricate new mandrill design, but I still love that fox!


Ambitious Collective Summer 2016

by Andy on August 4, 2016

Ambitious Collective presents their Summer 2016 capsule consisting of five bold new designs.

Check them out at

Andy: Back print tees aren’t always to everyone’s taste and I sometimes find myself on the fence about them, but these are pretty cool.


LoneWolfMuskoka Tee Emporium

by Andy on August 4, 2016

I have a quirky sense of humour, and I love to make people laugh. And I think I’ve found a way to share that with the world.

Tee shirts and hoodies have become a new medium and they’re perfect for spreading the fun with your friends. I’ve opened a new brand that I call LoneWolfMuskoka’s Tee Emporium. You can find these designs at Say Hi To Chainsaw in the Tee Shirts pages (5 are up now, with 6 more in the pipeline). Production and delivery is all handled by Zazzle.

I’m hoping to have new designs at least once a week as I go forward. But sometimes I just go crazy!

Andy: Let’s be honest, you’ll never see me wearing a shirt like this, but using Zazzle as the storefront means they’re taking minimal risk and working out what works for them and what doesn’t. Good luck!


Godwin’s Law T-Shirt

by Andy on August 4, 2016

They say if you argue long enough online someone is going to get called Hitler. Why not beat them to the punch?

Andy: I usually read the text of these submissions before I see the attached images, so when I saw Hitler mentioned, my expectations weren’t exactly high, but I was pleasantly surprised by this design since the style is over-the-top enough to make it clear to people that don’t get the joke to realise that it is meant to be a joke. That said, maybe not a shirt to be wearing next time you take a flight (which apparently is a level of t-shirt appropriateness I expect people to understand now).


LootScore was created to bring quality T-shirts to the gaming community. Being gamers ourselves we saw an unfilled need for unique and genuinely cool apparel surrounding our favorite games. Starting with the video game Destiny, which has over 25 million registered players, we intended to quickly branch out to other well known games with large communities.

All tees are made in the USA, and printed and shipped from Los Angeles, California.

Get 10% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS10

Andy: I’ve never played Destiny so I don’t get the references, but I do think that a Keep Calm shirt is a bit old hat in 2016.


Have you ever seen someone on the street and thought to yourself: “Wow! This guy’s T-shirt is AWESOME!”?

If you have, then you would probably understand why I created my website, You see, as a kid, I used to draw all the time. I stopped drawing at a certain point, and got back to it in 2012 or so. I had an idea, in my head, that maybe, someday, somehow, people just like you, would wear something that I created.

Some time ago, I came to the understanding that THIS is what I want to do in life… designing T-shirts.
If you would walk in the street, and someone will say to you: “Wow, that’s an AWESOME T-shirt”, and that shirt would be one that I created, then I will have earned my stripes as an artist.

I draw all of my designs myself, based on ideas that I seem to have (all the time!). It’s mostly about pop-culture, TV, films, but there’s also other stuff. While my sense of humor is quite unique, and not everyone likes it, I do believe some of my shirts would make you, and others, smile and even laugh hysterically.

I hope you would like my artwork presented at and share it with your friends.

Have a fantastic day.

Royi Berkovitz

Andy: I don’t know if they’re necessarily some of the best out there, but I appreciate the enthusiasm and they are fun designs.


Assassin Creed Inspired Hoodies

by Andy on August 3, 2016

Am still a kid at heart and always inspired by Assassin Creed series. Call me old. Decided to mix Avante Garde Inspirations with an edge cape design. Made of soft wool and pretty comfortable.

Manufactured in: South Korea

Andy: I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed (which is bad because I have one of them on my Xbox One), but these look pretty cool even if you don’t know the series well.

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Hello. I haven’t submitted a new post in a while so here’s a few of the new designs I have made available. Designs in multiple styles. I have decided to feature my maybe, human garbage, and same old sad story designs. Thanks for looking.

Andy: I’ve always been a fan of Dylan’s style and these tees certainly don’t change that opinion.


Deadlifts vs Squats Tank Top

by Andy on August 2, 2016

Squats vs Deadlifts. Two compound movements go head to head in an epic battle to determine the king of all exercises. Deadlifts or Squats– who will reign supreme?

Aesthetic Mindz is a fitness streetwear brand that mixes gym culture with geek culture. Inspired by comic books, anime, and video games,we strive to dispel the dumb jock stereotype.

Andy: This is probably one of the items I’ve featured over the past year that I’m least likely to actually wear myself. I quite like the style of the illustrations, but the typography leaves a bit to be desired for my taste, though the style does work on some of their other items.


Sometimes you just need a Redo.

by Andy on August 2, 2016

Welcome to Redo Clothing! We at Redo Clothing want to make your shopping experience a unique one.

Each shirt has passed through our hands to make sure you, the customer, get the best product possible! Be the first to own one of our unique designs and then make sure you check back often as new designs will be continued to be released!

If we do not meet your expectations at any time, make sure to contact us because customer service is our #1 goal!

Andy: Gotta love that enthusiasm!



by Andy on August 2, 2016

An elephant bro… With a fist for a trunk. The master of all frats. From design by humans:

Andy: Not for me, but I can appreciate the the skill of the designer.


Just starting out…

by Andy on July 28, 2016

I’m a one man band, I’ve always loved my T shirts as I think do most blokes but being a graphic designer I had an itch that needed scratching!

I got disillusioned with my job and decided I’d have a good old scratch and spend my savings to try and launch Limebox tees,
its by no means a success yet but I’ve only been trading for 6 months and had a great response so far.

My designs are evolving and I’m quite excited to see where we are this time next year.



Andy: From one “one man band” to another, good luck! I do wonder what the legality of using those famous faces is, but considering what people like TeeFury get away with it seems like these days copyright is a very fluid thing.


For the zombie lovers! Get 50% off by using code: SPRING during checkout! Sale ends June 30th.


Andy: Not for me (should a doughy 31 year old guy like me be wearing something this bright?), but I can see it appealing to younger people.


Do you love minimal and simple designs? Reads Horoscope/Astrology? Then it’s a must to get these T-Shirts! Get it now at with free worldwide shipping!

Andy: I absolutely, 100%, completely do not believe in horoscopes, but there are a lot of people that do, and I certainly can’t complain about the design so if you’re going to get an astrology shirt then you could do much, much worse than these.


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