Os Frontis is an indie t-shirt brand, dedicated to creating t-shirt designs for people with strong sense of individuality. The main philosophy of the brand is to cater to the people who are deliberately not trying to fit in. Willing outsiders, if you will. People who fight against conformity and who wear their uniqueness as a crown. Os Frontis is offering people designs which will help them support the lifestyle of being themselves rather than being what society wants them to be.

Andy: Not the style of tee that I wear that much anymore, but I can see the talent in them and I like that they have a consistent graphic style across their whole range so if they are the kind of brand where you like one shirt, you’ll probably like a lot of them.


The Arrival of Loyal Mutant

by Andy on March 21, 2016

Loyal Mutant exists for those who fantasize about life beyond our planet. Calling all sci-fi fans, aspiring interplanetary travelers, and future astronauts. We’re here to explore the future and embrace the unknown with you.

Check out our newly launched line of tees at http://loyalmutant.com/

Thank you.

Andy: Really cool designs, looking forward to seeing more from these guys!


So we are currently running a buy one get one free on all of our shirts. It’s a great chance for you to grab yourself two shirts and only pay for one. Not really sure was else to tell you about this deal. It’s an easy one really!!! You don’t need a code just add two shirt to the cart and booom only pay for one. Go people, go now, get yourself two cool black tees from my fine brand…. www.hatenohateapparel.com

A little about the brand

Hate No Hate launched in October 2014 as part of two guy’s plan to create a limited edition clothing brand which reflects their love of tattooing and all things alternative. Led by their love of cool, inspiring design; matched with quality garments, they have channeled this into becoming purveyors of the finest darkest cotton apparel.

If you’re obsessed with the living dead, love zombies, horror movies, tattooing and all things alternative our brand is for you!

Andy: Great offer and it does still tickle me that the tees are £16.66!


The Planet Androgynous clothing journey begins with a print collection that represents a statement about love, unity and self expression. It’s Not Sexuality It’s A Way Of Life, Be Yourself

Andy: Doesn’t appeal to me personally but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. Perhaps they should have used a more androgynous looking model, or perhaps that’s the point?


When it comes to our youth, you can either build or destroy with your words. Our kids are watching and listening and they’re dying at an early age while trying to emulate the same “gangsta fairy-tales” they hear in our music. Now I understand the theory of rapping about your perception of the world in which you grew up, believe me, I get it! But at the end of the day, we ALL have a responsibility to do our part in helping our kids to do better. We live in a world where “the negative” has become expected and accepted. And contrary to what the media tells you, our young people are tired of hearing about the negative parts of their culture because they desire something more. They desire peace. The same peace that allows them to dream and encourages them to use their own creativity in order to take the initiative to pursue those dreams.

I built Rep Intelligence to help our young people understand that they don’t have to “dummy-down” and sell their souls in order to be successful. (Ok but then there’s the fact that I wanted to add some positive flavor to the apparel industry) I want to simply use Rep Intelligence to make a statement and anybody that supports Rep Intelligence, supports the mission of opposing those who continue to spread ignorance to our young people.

So I “Thank you” in advance for your support. And even if you don’t support the “Rep Intelligence” brand I implore you to find something positive to support and stand behind it. Because not only will you be helping our generation to leave a positive legacy for our young people but you’ll be helping to leave a positive legacy for our culture at large.

Andy: To be honest I’m not a big fan of the logo design, but it looks pretty good in the model photo, and I’d just look like a jerk if I was negative after that kind of uplifting submission!

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Rebrand Your Fear Apparel

by Andy on March 11, 2016

Rebrand Your Fear Apparel is a brand aimed towards people who’ve overcome their fear of negative opinions of others, failure and stepping out of comfort zone to pursue your purpose/goals in life. Here are a few of the designs. For a limited time, receive 20% off with code “hideyourarms20

Andy: Pretty nice designs and a good message. Thanks for the submission!


Home Sweet Carolina

by Andy on March 11, 2016

Home Sweet Carolina by designer Robert Bratcher is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here: http://bit.ly/homesweetcarolina

Here’s what he has to say about the design:
“Home, where the Cheerwine flows, the greatest BBQ is prepared, and it is always better to be rather than to seem. “The Old North State” is where I was born and bred. It will always be home.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel. www.50statesapparel.com

Andy: I must admit that I don’t really understand this design, but I do still quite like it, so that must be a good thing!


Refined in Simplicity

by Andy on March 11, 2016

Quiver Apparel believes that its customers come first so to kick things off we are offering discounts on our most popular shirts for a limited time. Also, use coupon code grandopening10 to receive $10 off $100. Quiver Apparel is all about simplicity. Our tees’ designs are top notch, but keep things simple yet elegant. All tees are Anvil 980s. Customers can submit t-shirt designs to quiverapparel@gmail.com for a chance to be featured on our website and win a free tee.

Andy: I like the shirts, but as usual I do wish they they’d have some cool model shots to really show them off to their best potential. I’m sure it’s in the works.


The Rollerblade State by designer Matt Whalley is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here: http://bit.ly/rollerbladestate

Here’s what he has to say about the design:

“Florida – specifically South Florida where I live – is one big, very corny beach. This shirt is a toned-down (we’ve sorta matured) celebration of the neon 90s. It was all about the jazzy shapes, electric colors, rollerblading with your walkman on your hip & the toasty sun on your face when the rest of the U.S. was shoveling out their Subarus. Oh, and hair gel…boatloads of hair gel. Too corny for you? Move inland & tend to your goats, friend.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel. www.50statesapparel.com

Andy: The rollerblade state, eh? Well TIL!


8 Bit Leprechaun Riding a Trex… Shirt

by Andy on March 9, 2016

So, you know you’ve always wanted a tee shirt with a leprechaun riding a t-rex, who is, by the way, barfing a rainbow into a pot of gold, right? well, here it is:

Side note: historians have actually proven that rainbows come from TRex’s barfing them from the sky, guided by the almighty, beer swilling, Irish Leprechaun.
I know, we all thought that rainbows came from light refracted in the mist of water molecules, but that simply isn’t true.

Andy: I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I won’t be wearing this any time soon…


The Oregonian by designer Von Glitschka is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here: http://bit.ly/theoregonian

Here’s what he has to say about the design:
“It’s the essence of Oregon minus the hipster culture.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel. www.50statesapparel.com

Andy: It’s a bit sad to see this sad one zero sales when it’s such a nice shirt. Hopefully it will see the light of day in one way or another.


Express your sense of humor and style with our collection of custom graphic tees designed by GeekingBad. We recently launched our t shirt shop despite everyone and their mother telling us we were going to fail. They said we’re stupid, that the market is over saturated. While it may be true there are a million and one t shirt shops, we got into the business of designing t shirts simply because we love to and have a blast doing it. Plus we are a little hard headed. We knew to succeed we would have to design t shirts that are awesome. Ones you can not wait to show off. All our t shirts are made in The USA. 100% sweatshop free using American Apparel brand shirts. From our experience they are the softest, most comfortable t shirts you’ll ever wear. We are a small team of designers and printers and love sharing our designs with the world. The most rewarding aspect of our business is seeing our customers wearing and raving about our shirts. We like to get to know our customers so if you have any questions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you Andy for giving us a chance to promote our newly launched shop on your site. We really like what you’ve done with Hide Your Arms and would like to offer readers a complementary 5% discount off any t shirt in our shop using coupon code: HIDEYOURARMS during checkout.

Check out our collection of graphic tees at www.geekingbad.co

Andy: Not particularly to my personal taste but I’m sure they’d look quite fun when they’re actually being worn instead of as mockups.


Barbell Rocker Season 02

by Andy on March 8, 2016

Barbell Rocker is proud to present its second collection called Season 02. After a first collection with just one design they now offer a greater range with several designs printed on T-Shirts, hoodies and Accessoires.

Andy: Very nice indeed. I wonder what the next season will be called?


Clastee was founded in early 2016 by two guys that met on Twitch.tv in 2014. Ralph is from Germany and is the graphic artist responsible for bringing our shirts to life. Louie is from Colorado and is more or less the guy that does all the boring stuff. Together we hope to make comfortable, unique and funny T-shirts that you will proudly wear and maybe even tell your friends and family about. Thanks for stopping by our website!

Andy: I don’t know enough about Twitch to know if it’s as dumb as I think it is to wear a t-shirt that says “bitch” on it. It’s important to remember that to your friends it might be funny and ironic, but you everyone else you’re just the person in the bitch tee.

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Inspired by the likes of The Velvet Underground, REM, Bowie and Motorhead, the Electric Lostbox range celebrates the lost and overlooked of popular music culture.

From Beckenham Arts Lab, an institution founded and run by David Bowie in the late Sixties, to NEMS the record shop owned by Beatles Svengali Brian Epstein, Electric Lostbox delves into the history of modern pop music, and champions obscure previous band incarnations, pop artefacts, footnotes and defunct venues. It is these sometimes overlooked or forgotten miscellanea that Electric Lostbox celebrates, these fossils of possible musical futures.

Electric Lostbox aims to give a bit of mystery back to the humble band T-shirt, to put the fandom back into fashion, to create something that to a casual observer might mean nothing, but will resonate with those who love the music and, at the same time, look ace.

Andy: It’s been a while since we’ve had a “fiction as reality” t-shirt brand on the site, and these are very welcome, just that bit more of a nod towards a band/artist you love than a traditional tour tee.

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Starting with the debut ‘Seasons’ Series, Nature Nerd is making t-shirts, hoodies an accessories for fellow Nature Nerds. The first series focuses on the four seasons, with each design depicting an element of the season. April Showers features a rain covered leaf in the shape of snow capped mountains, which signal the opening up of many popular trails for hiking. Summertime Sunshine shows of a beautiful beach that we all hope for during the winter months. Autumn Arrows boasts those warm and colorful fall hues that mean hay rides and Thanksgiving are right around the corner, with a subtle reminder to look up and enjoy them. And last, but certainly not least, they have Gear Up For Winter(not pictured), which is a helpful design that lists what kind of gear you’ll need to have an enjoyable exploration experience in winter. But its shown in cute little cartoon icons, so that makes it sound more fun, right?!

All of these designs are available on mens and womens apparel of all kinds, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, even tote bags and throw pillows. You’ll have to check it out for yourself at http://naturenerd.storenvy.com if you want to see them all. Almost 40 products are listed right now.

Find Nature Nerd on:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/naturenerdstore
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/naturenerdstore
Instagram: @NatureNerdStore

Andy: Very nice indeed, looking forward to seeing more from these guys.


Dreamed on the Highest Mountain Range in the Caribbean and brought to life in Los Angeles, CA., Goran One is a small clothing label from the Dominican Republic.

Recently founded by three young adult entrepreneurs, it’s a pioneer clothing brand; the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic. They craft eye-catching designs that contain vivid imagery mostly inspired by wildlife, art history and aerial photography. In addition to this, one of their main goals is to expose the beauty of many of the natural landmarks of their home country.

You can discover all their creations at www.goranone.com today. Also, take advantage of the 15% discount offer using coupon code 15OFF at checkout. Available on all orders until 03/16/2016 @ 12:00 a.m. EST.

Andy: These tees are alright, but I actually prefer some of the other shirts on their site, so be sure to click through to have a look.


New 24/7 Prints from Livin Life Co.

by Andy on February 29, 2016

Success rarely happens overnight. There may be a few lucky people out there that achieve overnight success, but for the majority of us its a long process. All day and all night. Making your dreams a reality is a 24/7 grind.

Our popular 24/7 design is now available as an 18″ x 24″ Print. Sure to make a nice addition to your home or studio.

Andy: I know that this post is meant to be about the print, but boy does this work well as a t-shirt!


Nothing’s Perfect – Ladies T

Expressions of Desire and Despair with a splash of Blood.

Art inspired by Jane Margolis from the second Season of Breaking Bad, but taking on a life of its own. From the studios of Discordia Merchandising.

Nothing’s Perfect design on Bella Ladies Short Sleeve Jersey Black T-Shirt. Front printing in sizes S,M,L,XL,2XL


Andy: I looked at the image before the text and thought “oooh, a Jessica Jones shirt.” Pretty similar characters really.


Hank Hossil is a brand new Surf, Skate and Ride clothing based in southwest, UK. All our clothing is limited edition and never restocked. Hank Hossil launched in late 2015 and is looking to earn its place in the hearts of individuals. Our main aim is to be individual and sell clothing that reflects this. Everything has a limited run!

Head over to www.hankhossil.com and check out our collections.

Hide Your Arms readers can get 10% off at the checkout by using promo code “hideyourarms” at the checkout!

Andy: Thanks a lot for the submission!


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