Hello my name is Ed I’m a designer / artist and I’m running a summer sale right now at my web store, everything is at least 20 % off. I have a selection of tees, limited edition prints and other goodies to choose from. All of my shirts are printed on American Apparel tri blend or 50/50 for a super soft vintage feel. Available in sizes XS to XXL.

Check out the goods at www.edpincombe.com

Andy: I really like those designs!


Life is full of interruptions and complications. But don’t let that stop you from realizing your dreams. Your only real obstacle is yourself. So don’t ever give up, because nothing is impossible.

Andy: Another nice shirt as usual from Livin’ Life Co.

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Hey guys!

We’ve recently launched a brand new collection of premium cotton t-shirts featuring Singaporean lingo at its finest.

All T-shirts are just $29.90

A 10% discount awaits you for your first purchase. Also, local shipping is completely FREE

Check out our stuff: www.kilobite.sg
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kilobitesingapore
Follow us on Instagram: @kilobitesingapore

P.S. You’ll be granted access to exclusive discount codes if you sign up for our newsletter. It’ll do you more good than anything, trust me!

Do support, it’ll be infinitely appreciated. See you there!

Andy: Obviously these are a little bit local since they don’t make a whole lot of sense to me so they don’t have the widest appeal, but they do look good.


New spring / summer floral Yin and Yang design on life, nature,and balance from Designbyhumans artist cyncor5020, In life we are only different because there exists something to be different from, and it is this difference that bonds us – Chris Matakas

Andy: I’ve gotta say, that is a really nice mockup!


My name is Marc and i’ve just launched a super kawaii themed Kickstarter called Fuzzballs.


I’m looking for support to make a huge range of cute t-shirts, necklaces and keyrings. The Fuzzballs started life at Http://thefuzzballs.tumblr.com in cute little animations and i’ve had many requests to turn them into shirts so i launched this kickstarter today.

I’d love for your support (even £1 would really help inspire other people to become backers) or if you can share out the link it would mean the world to me and hopefully we can make super kawaii fuzzballs shirts a reality.

Thank you again.

Andy: It’s not the kind of thing that I would wear personally, but they are really nicely designed (the characters are perfect for tee prints) and the link is worth pressing for the “Cat Toast Paradox” GIF alone!

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Destiny Inspired Polo from Bitmap’d

by Andy on June 12, 2015

New from www.bitmapd.com! Front and back discharge printed polo shirt inspired by Bungie’s hit game Destiny.
“Built from the Traveler’s Light, Ghost are the companions of Guardians, aiding them in their quest to protect our solar system and the last city on Earth.”
Check it out now at http://shop.bitmapd.com/products/little-light
-Enjoy, Guardians!

Andy: I haven’t played the game so the reference is completely lost on me, but despite that I still thing it’s a cool item, so that’s a good sign.


Casually Hardcore is celebrating E3 2015 with 10% off all Video Game T-Shirts and hoodies. Just enter coupon code E32015 at checkout to get 10% off your whole order.

Offer ends 11:59pm on the 19th June 2015.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


I am happy to introduce my new all over print dye sublimation tank tops. These three tank tops feature some of my surreal vintage space montage art pieces. The designs are printed all over on the front and white on the back. Printed on American Apparel 100% polyester dye sublimation tank top. Available in sizes XS-XL. Check them out and some of my other apparel at www.dylanmurphycreations.com.


Andy: I never wear tank tops so these aren’t for me personally, but they are really cool and a good use of a full print.


Close your eyes. What do you see? A bear riding a dinosaur? Open them – Ta da!

Here’s the latest crop of designs from bear themed indie t-shirt label Don’t Feed the Bears.Their latest tees feature tattooed bears arm wrestling, a fox & bear riding their motorbike & side-car, and a ‘Salty Sea Bear’ with a hook for a hand & giant anchor. Everything they do is hand printed in Sheffield & they’ll even tweet you a photo of your very own t-shirt being printed if you ask nicely!

Andy: Usually, I’d be the first to want a photo of a shirt being worn by a real person, but I actually really like this style for showing off tees, even if it is probably less accurate than a regular mockup!


GUERRA Clothing Co

by Andy on June 4, 2015

We’re a UK based streetwear brand who focus on delivering fresh and unique illustrative designs. Inspired by the world of art and fashion, we make sure that everything oozes with modern street culture.

From humble beginnings, the objective is to now push on with new ideas and boost the GUERRA name as far as we can.

With a new range coming soon, there’s no better time to check us out at guerraclothingco.com and to follow us on Instagram, just search for us ‘guerraclothingco’

Andy: Some cool looking designs, these guys certainly have made a good start to their brand and I’m looking forward to seeing more.



by Andy on June 4, 2015

315Culture is more than just another brand with a cool logo. It’s a movement. Everyone is associated with a particular culture — black, white, young, old, etc. However, everyone’s culture is effected by the governing body in the state or country in which they reside, and too often that effect is negative. We decided to create a brand that heightens awareness and inspires people of all cultures. Families in poverty, those that have lost their lives for freedom, and other key issues are silenced and easily forgotten by bad politics and negative rhetoric. While we’re based out of Philadelphia, 315Culture’s presence can be felt any and everywhere you see our brand. Please check out our t-shirt collection. Use the hashtag #315Culture when voicing your opinion or stating instances of inequality or injustice.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Insult-A-Tee allows you to ANONYMOUSLY send an insulting T-Shirt to anyone in the U.S. for only $9.95 (Free shipping) You can use one of the stock insult design images, or use the online design tool to create your own insult. We do everything for you, and your intended insultee will never know who send them the T-Shirt. Take care of everything online using our tool, and we do the rest. Send to your boss, your ex-boss, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, the ex list goes on. Check it out http://www.Insult-A-Tee.com

Andy: This is kinda funny and that price point is pretty amazing since it includes delivery.


1cons_qtee2Since my last hands-on review of QTee, they asked me to do another one (which obviously I agreed to immediately!) This time they offered me to review some of their custom printed Converse – and if you know me, you know they are my preferred shoe. Unlike other companies I have reviewed, QTee let me design and pick out the print for my Converse right from their website, which is their specialty. And guess what? You can do that too! Everything from tees, to bags, to shoes, to hats (and even underwear) is customizable and it is so fun to explore, trust me.

cons5_qtee2cons1Ordering, shipping, + packaging: I scrolled through the many designs they offer; there are so many to choose from, but once I saw those Galaxy Print ones I was done with my search. I took a bit of time messing with the colors and the design until I got the perfect starry shoe that I wanted. The interface was easy to use and the ordering process could not have gone more smoothly and they arrived at my front door in about 3 business days – now that’s quick especially for custom printed shoes! Once they arrived, I tore that box wide open to reveal a classic Converse shoe-box inside (which I promptly tore open as well…) I must not forget to add, my order came with a lovely discount code for future purchases, as well as a cool QTee logo sticker – I do enjoy those small touches.

cons8_qteecons9_qtee2The Reveal: Once I got my hands (and feet) on my new shoes, I could not have been happier! The print – bright, beautiful, clear, and just the way I wanted them. (Remember you can click the images to see the print up close and personal.) I could have chose more outrageous or vibrant colors, which would have been interesting as well, but I am a simple girl so I chose shades of blue for my galaxy. Converse are a wonderful shoe from their quality to their comfort and they never go out of style, so I really have no complaints… well perhaps one, but it is only a small one, as QTee only offers low-tops and I am a high-top fan myself – perhaps the high-tops will be available in the future, but until then I am enjoying my low-tops to no end!

closeupRecap: It’s pretty obvious I love my new Galaxy Chucks from QTee, and I am a big fan of this company now and forever. I have had several people compliment my shoes, they just stick out in the best way, and I don’t hesitate for one second to let them know they can order from QTee AND customize themselves! (And to get a customized pair of shoes for $69.95 is a pretty good deal to me.) Also, with that said, QTee was nice enough to provide a coupon code for all you HYA readers! Just enter the code: HideYourArms15 at checkout and it will take 15% off your entire order – thank you QTee!

Keep in Touch with QTee:

*All photos by Tabitha Payne / Blue Eyed View Photography


Stain resistant hydrophobic t-shirt

by Andy on May 28, 2015

Ever wanted to stay dry in a water fight? Melbourne clothing and technology label Threadsmiths has created a revolutionary T-shirt that remains waterproof no matter how hard you try to soak it.

Made from 100 per cent cotton, the plain white T-shirts called The Cavalier feature a ‘hydrophobic’ nano-technology application woven in the fabric and capable of repelling most liquids and dirt.

A patented technology, unlike other liquid-repelling applications and aerosols which can contain chemicals, the Threadsmiths website states: ‘Our shirts emulate the natural hydrophobic properties of the lotus leaf.’

Creating a natural self-cleaning effect, any residue left on the material can be removed by just wiping or rinsing off it off with water.
Lewis Pitchford of the label said the the waterproof technology did not rely on the T-shirts being coated in hydrophobic sprays available in the U.S. such as Ultra-Ever Dry

‘Most people are pretty amazed when they see it,’ he said.

While the label currently only produces T-shirts, Mr Pitchford said he welcomed suggestions about what other garments to make using the fabric in the future.
There is speculation the fabric could be revolutionary for restaurants and cafes, where spills on tablecloths and aprons are a daily occurrence and also in the medical sector and hospitals.

Andy: This is pretty amazing, I’ve genuinely never seen a t-shirt like it, I insist you head over to their site to check out the videos!


The new Freedom Effect t-shirt collection, PaperBoat, is simply gorgeous! You will fall in love with this design series that speaks to the liberating process that charts transitions and journeys.

Some days are bright and clear and we seem to have all the answers; but others may be as dark and unknown as the deep blue sea. The four colors thus transition from beach sand White to Royal Blue through Cancun Blue and Turquoise: a four part symphony in aquatic hues!

The paper boat is of course the “center piece”, but its placement in the lower left allows for space that lends a panoramic effect of sailing in the open sea, invoking a sense of boundless possibilities.

Andy: I like it. I wish that it wasn’t a mockup for the promo photo, but I still like it.


We recently opened an officially licensed Star Wars store, where a few of the artists from the DesignByHumans community were able to submit designs to Star Wars in order to sell on our site. We have 5 of these DBH Artist designs in addition to a variety of other licensed Star Wars designs.

We also put together a teaser video in a Star Wars theme that highlights some of our printing capabilities.

Lastly, here is a blog post that talks about the 5 designs if you want to get all the info on them.

Andy: Very cool, I always like it when tee brands I’ve watched grow go legit with their licensing with huge brands.


Peculiar Creatures is dedicated to the discovery, promotion and conservation of animals across the globe. This site features original illustrations of some of the most peculiar creatures on Earth. Because we want to share these wonderful illustrations with the world, we are print them on t-shirts. Get 10 percent off an order when you use the coupon codePeculiar10 – at peculiarcreatures.com

Andy: It’s been a while since I’ve said this but it’s always worth repeating, real product shots make people a lot more likely to purchase a t-shirt and show of your product at it’s best. It seems to me like a lot of hard work is done to produce these sites and t-shirts and get the idea off the ground and then people fall short when it comes to the product shots when really they should be excited about showing off their products.


So we have been featured on Hide Your Arms a few times in the past (Thanks Andy!). Maybe you’ve come across us on here before, if not we make Dark Cotton Apparel. All our tees are screen printed to the highest quality and we source really good blanks. So you’ll be getting a top quality T-shirt that will wash well and generally endure most things you do in life. We don’t use Gildans or Fruit of the Loom. All of our products are limited runs, which we print before we put on sale; no long pre-orders or digital prints here. Hopefully from this you’ll see that we want to make good T-shirts not just knock them out fast to make a quick bit of cash…..

Most of our T-shirts have a dark theme, we love horror movies and tattooing, hopefully this shows in our designs. We try to take real photos of our products that we use in all of our posts and marketing. I want you to know what you’re getting!!!!!

If you like our designs, you can grab one just here and they are priced at £16.66. T-shirts all come boxed with badges, stickers and a tarot card.

Andy: £16.66… what scamps! Cool designs though.


Just released a new video featuring some of the kanye/paris capsule line and the new black label line: www.youtube.com/watch?v=st6TrTVDF08

Andy: Very impressive video!



Hey! It’s been a while since I did a Threadless blog, I’m hoping to get back into it, and what better excuse than a Memorial Day sale there are some really epic staple Threadless reprintes in the sale, some of the cream of the crop!

There were lots of changes to the the Threadless site a while back and I’m trying to find my way round the site again, it does seem a lot less personal and there isn’t as much personality as there used to be. There used to be efforts to made to put an interesting background relevant to the tee and now it’s just all grey and standardised. Nevertheless, the tees are still epic so here are some of my top pics from Threadless today!

Sushi by Benjamin Ang is one of my top favourite tee designs from Threadless, I have no idea how I have managed to not purchase it after adoring it for so long! I’m over the moon too that they had decided to print it onto a purple tank! It makes it even better! They have this in a range of sizes and types (men, women, kids) for $14 so grab a nommy related tee bargain! :)


Tees like this are why I am devastated I haven’t been on Threadless for so long, I loved Big Hero 6 so much, by far one of the best kid’s movies that has been out in a long while. One of the highlights of the trailer is when Baymax is stroking Mochi, Baymax has a low battery and sounds drunk! So funny. There is a tee that covers this! I really LOVE Hairy Baby by Samantha Germaine Sim.


If I have blogged this tee once, I have blogged it a thousand times. When my mental filing cabinet things of Threadless, I instantly thing of Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering! Absolute classic, conversation starter, eye catcher. Every think a person could want in a tee. Poor availability for women, but fully in stock for men, tee bargain for $14! There are a selection of Big Hero 6 tees so it’s well worth dropping by for a rummage.


Sticking with the space theme, Threadless designers always seem to still manage to come up with brand new super funky space related designs. I know my husband would love Planet System by Bernhard Trunkle (epic name!).  I love tees where they are mostly black with a massive pop of colour right on the chest!


If you fancy something a bit more serious there is plenty of choice too, I normally lean more towards the cute end of the Threadless scale. Astronomical by Wayne Struwig and Andrew G Hobbs, has much more a ‘normal’ or ‘high street’ feel!


Back to space again because I was totally taken with all the gorgeous colours on the navy tee. You Are My Universe by ilovedoodle is a super romantic twist on the solar system by depicting them as pretty awesome balloons. I think this tee has quite a feminine feel to it so it might have been cool to see it on a more girly colour! I’d absolutely wear this though, and I’d go for the black scoop neck in girly fit! :)


Lastly but not leastly and mostly because it’s a mere $7.95, full availability for men and only 2xl for women, I proper love the monotone print on the blue tee with this design of a pretty angry Cruella DeVille, Puppy Love by Paul Tippett could be a great last minute bargain fling into Threadless basket!


Hope people enjoy having a rummage in the Threadless Memorial sale! I’ve had a nice little wander this morning :)






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