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Daily Tees & News for December 22nd

by Andy on December 22, 2011

zombie enforcement agency t-shirt

Things really are getting quiet in the tee world as people get ready for Christmas and the last order dates are passed for most brands, hopefully we’ll all be able to relax soon.

But, but, where’s the reference in this TeeFury design?!

How weird that there would be a 1% milk shirt at Snorg this week, and then Shirt.Woot have something similar.

RIPT must be fans of The Walking Dead too.
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3 new t-shirts at SnorgTees this week

by Andy on December 22, 2011

pigs in space t-shirt

Pretty solid work from Snorg this week, I really like the milk box character they’ve created for the 1% shirt. All shirt $14.95 this week only, $19.95 after that.

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If you asked me how old Ugmonk was I wouldn’t have said one, I thought they were wayyyyy older, like 2 or something. They’ve certainly come a long way, I’m pretty sure I remember seeing one of their designs in the Urban Outfitters on Walnut in Philly, and I doubt many small brands get their clothes into a retail giant like that in their first year of operation, if ever. You’d probably expect me to start whining about the use of the Ugmonk name on this tee since I am known to bitch about names/logos as design elements, but since this tee is to celebrate their birthday I’m willing to let it slide this time around, especially since they’re using negative, and we all know how much I love negative space.

The tee is limited to 100 pieces, and each one comes with a numbered card so that you know which item of the run you have received.

Costiness=$30 Available from Ugmonk


Wooshka’s $1 sale is…. go!

by Andy on May 27, 2008

As if this very minute, the Wooshka $1 sale that I told you all about last Friday has started, so go go go!

Remember, only members can enjoy the $1 sale, so remember to sign up (can you buy stuff without being a member? I don’t know) although you can sign up at any point during the sale and still be eligible for the astoundingly cheap tees.



Seriously, 1 t-shirt for $1, I know, I’m shocked too

I’m going to repeat that for a third time, since you’d be forgiven for thinking I’d made a mistake not once but twice, Wooshka, the up-and-coming Australian t-shirt design competition that I haven’t given nearly as much coverage as they deserve, are going to be selling tees for just one dollar a piece for 48-hours next week.To try and keep things fair, you can only order one $1 t-shirt per order, but you can make as many orders as you want. This does give rise to the situation where shipping will probably make up the bulk of your order, although shipping is totally standardised at Wooshka, being £3.50 for the first shirt and then £1.50 for each shirt on top of that (why an Aussie company does their shipping prices in pounds I don’t know, maybe their site knows I’m in the UK and just makes things easier for me). Even with shipping being more than the cost of the tee it is a very good deal, working out to about $8 if you buy just one tee (suck it, Threadless!).

Here’s the press release that explains how and why this sale came about:

True to its word of asking members to take the reins of Wooshka,
founding members of the website were recently asked to vote on how they would like to be thanked for
contributing to the successful launch of Wooshka.

Members were presented with three options to choose from:
a. A 500 shirt member‐only free shirt giveaway
b. A never‐before‐done‐(we think)‐member‐only‐$1‐sale on every shirt
c. A buy one, get one free member‐only sale

With 68% of the vote, members overwhelmingly decided that they would like to be thanked with a $1 shirt sale!

So… for 48 hours from this Tuesday 27 May (New York – 10:00am, London – 3:00pm, Sydney – Midnight) any Wooshka
member can buy any shirt in the range for just $1! Members have the right to buy at least one $1 shirt, subject to stock
availability. Members can only purchase one $1 shirt per individual order (to try and make it fair for everybody), but multiple
orders can be placed.

Even those people that join Wooshka during the sale period will be eligible for the $1 offer.

So, is it safe for me to assume that a few of you are going to be hopping onto this offer? May I recommend you hop on this quickly because I can see their servers getting hit pretty hard by this. Oh, and I’ll post again telling you when this kicks off as a reminder.



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