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Here’s the blurb:

In Tolky Monkys they are scared: – “Oh God! It was ages they didn´t come” – they said to me. It looks like they are talking about the twins, Sally and Sally. They came without letting know. They showed up with their luggage in the Tolky Monkys studio the day after Christmas and they told them that they were staying, at least till the end ofJanuary. Who could say no…

It´s not that they don’t appreciate their visit. It’s the opposite, they love it, but only from time to time because the are really naughty and they don’t let them work at all. They are always making a mess. To start on, they are obsessed with the fact that all the Characters in the on-line store must have a 50% off, with the exception of posters. They were thinking to do a 20% or a 30% off, but the twins managed to destroy the ads and made a new ones. At least they have arranged to do this only with friendly blogs and not with every blog.

So, from Tuesday 13th till Sunday 18th January, they’ve created a special coupon for my blog: REHIDEARMS, with this coupon the first 5 fastest readers will get a 50% off in everything they order. Remember posters are not included.

So, just in case you didn’t get that, the coupon code REHIDEARMS will give you 50% off your entire order at Tolky Monkys, BUT, only for the first five times it is used, after that, it is GONE. Usually I’d like it if you stuck around on the blog to see what’s new, but I understand completely if you feel the need to hurry off to Tolky Monkys RIGHT NOW!!!

Update: TM were having a few problems with their English language site this morning, so if you made an order and it went through, it still may not have actually been ordered on their system, so please e-mail them to check.

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50% off at PopJunkie throughout December

by Andy on December 10, 2008

The sales just keep pouring in and this one from PopJunkie is a bit of a beast:

PopJunkie 50% Off Holiday Sale!

It’s that time again… Eggnog, candy canes, over-eating and holiday parties! Best of all, with the economy in the shitter, sales are popping up everywhere, and PopJunkie is no exception!


Whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to pick up something for yourself, now is the time. You’ll also be helping us pay off some debt so we can come out with some great new designs in Spring ;)

That means that the most expensive of their tees are $15 this month, with a few available a bit lower than that, and their hoodies max out at $30. PopJunkie have some great designs on tees and hoodies (as well as clocks, pillows & totes), so this is a great opportunity to pick them up on the cheap.


[My first post written in France is about a French company, what are the chances?] Remember how I said that Dadawan had turned into Nukod? I guess I was a little premature with that because Dadawan is having a blowout sale before their name change. From now until the end of October you can get 50% off everything using the coupon code dada50 at the checkout. That’s an offer so good that even I might use it.



50% off at Tolky Monkys for 5 HYA readers

by Andy on September 8, 2008

Tolky Monkys has hooked up HYA (and a few other blogs) with an exclusive coupon code that will give you 50% off your order… but there’s a catch. This coupon will only work five (5/cinq/cinco/funf/quinque/wu/panch/go/khamsa) times. Once it has been used five times it will no longer be functional, which basically means that you’re going to have to be quick to use this, so as soon as you’ve finished reading this I suggest that you run, don’t walk, over to Tolky Monkys and buy something.

The coupon code is: HIDESEPT08

If the 5 uses don’t get snapped up quickly (I have no way of knowing who and when it has been used) then the code will expire on September 19th. There is no limit on the amount of items that you can order with this code, so this is be a great opportunity for Americans to pick up something from Europe without having to take out a mortgage.

Tolky Monkys



This ones for you Kevin. Terratag have a page on their site that has ‘end of line’ and overstock items on sale for around 50% of their original price, which pretty much brings them into line with a premium tee if you’re an American, and is damn cheap by British standards. I guess that the items on sale will be changing all the time, and I’d be the first to admit that they aren’t exactly selling my favourite Terratag designs, but still, bargains are there to be had.Terratag Specials Page

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50% off everything @ 2one5 until Monday

by Andy on February 15, 2008


From their mailout:

Love stinks. That’s why the minute Valentine’s Day ended, everything in our online store became a full 50% off! Tees, hats, hoodies, and even our snowboards! It’s officially time to get excited for President’s Day by spending some of those big-faced bills. Presidents are more important than love anyway. Besides, we need space in the stockroom for Spring/Summer ’08 arrivals, so buy everything you can!

Sale starts today and will last through Monday, February 18th.



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