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5 new pop culture tees from 604Republic

by Andy on April 10, 2013

I haven’t actually seen Drive yet, but I do really like that Back To The Future design, and the rest of this bunch aren’t half bad either.


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$10 t-shirt sale on at 604Republic

by Andy on March 16, 2013

Not every tee in their arsenal is $10, but a decent selection is at 604Republic. To see them all together your best option is to look at their latest newsletter.


Random shirts for $5 at 604Republic

by Andy on February 24, 2013

Buy a random shirt for just $5 at 604Republic, considering most of their designs are things I’d wear that looks like a pretty decent deal.


Use the coupon code TWENTY to get 20% off at 604Republic from now until February 26th.


Three new tees for gamers at 604Republic

by Andy on December 4, 2012

Post image for Three new tees for gamers at 604Republic

Looks like 604Republic are getting a bit nostalgic for the golden age of gaming. All three shirts are $23 a piece and available now.


Five new geeky posters at 604Republic

by Andy on November 29, 2012

Post image for Five new geeky posters at 604Republic

Our buddies over at 604Republic have taken some of their popular tee designs and put them on high-quality paper. Each poster is available now for just $14 a piece.


Post image for “Run Humans” and “Zombie Corps” Polo Shirts at 604Republic now

It’s pretty rare that I post polo shirts, mostly because it’s pretty rare that I wear them, but these two new polos from 604Republic are pretty fun. $30 a piece an available now.


20% off Fall Sale at 604Republic

by Andy on November 8, 2012

Post image for 20% off Fall Sale at 604Republic

I think it’s fair to say that all the info you need is in the graphic, coupon code FALL2012 to get 20% off at 604Republic until Sunday.


Post image for 604Republic launch ‘The Geekout’ to entice geeks with pictures AND words

604Republic do a great job of snapping up designs and producing geeky tees that don’t patronise or rely on the joke too much, they’re always well designed with quality artwork and I respect them for that rather than going the fast & cheap method of random mashups that rely on an impulse buy rather than real quality.

In an effort to differentiate themselves further from other pop culture inspired t-shirt companies they’ve launched ‘The Geekout‘. This is essentially a blog, but it’s all completely unrelated to t-shirts, just lots of fun and original content that people who like their shirts will probably like. What impresses me about it is that it’s all original stuff, there’s now memes in there and it’s genuinely enjoyable to read, if I could work out a way to add it to my RSS feeds I would, but being a fan of their on Facebook should be enough for now to ensure I don’t miss an update.


Post image for Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Geeky and I know it, and Bioshock t-shirts invade 604Republic

Seems like not that long since 604Republic unleashed a bunch of new tees on us pop culture nerds, so let’s call this a timely treat (which may also be them getting ready for Christmas). Really solid bunch of releases.


Post image for Shaun of the Dead, Science, and Mad Men meets Portal, new in at 604Republic

We’ve seen the Mad Men and Shaun of the Dead shirts before on daily sites in recent weeks, so it’s quite cool to see them finding a more permanent home at 604Republic. The ‘Science > Beliefs’ shirt I believe is original artwork and I really like it, it’s one of those shirts that is a little bit controversial, but you can’t really disagree with the sentiment. The new shirts are $21 a piece and available now.


604republic coupon code

Again, I have to ask if this really is a back to school sale since the schools near me only broke up (as we say in the UK) for the Summer break a couple of weeks ago, or is this like the way we’ll be seeing Christmas stuff in the shops before the end of September?

Anyway, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and 20% off at 604Republic with the coupon code SCHOOL2012 until August 13th is pretty sweet.


Four new nerdy tees from 604Republic

by Andy on July 25, 2012

604republic t-shirts

Really nice release from 604Republic, favourite for me being the Direwolves team shirt, since unlike some other fake sports team shirts that usually end up on the daily tee sites this actually looks like a shirt that could be sold for a genuine sports team.


Three new shirts from 604Republic

by Andy on April 25, 2012

calvin & hobbes serenity t-shirt

All very wearable in this latest release from 604Republic, those guys really know how to put together a nice shirt.


Three great new shirts from 604Republic

by Andy on January 27, 2012

604republic t-shirts

I wouldn’t describe myself as being a Trekkie in any way, but how freakin’ good is that Star Trek x Asteroids design? Impressive slew of releases from 604Republic, those guys certainly know their audience.

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Daily T-shirts & News for January 10th

by Andy on January 10, 2012

doctor who sonic screwdriver t-shirt

Sonic Screwdriver shirt from TeeFury today, is Doctor Who really that big in the US that they can put out so many DW designs?

I think I’d prefer this blood-sucking t-shirt from Shirt.Woot without the ‘Vampires!’ text at the top.

RIPT have a ‘Mega Iron Man’ 8-bit tee up for sale today.

I’m sorry but my powers have eluded me once again, can anyone take a stab at explaining this Shirt Punch tee to me?

Nowhere Bad have a delightful 8-bit Star Wars shirt today.

TeeRaiders are fans of Bioshock.

Tshirt Contest have added a robot design to their growing catalogue.

Very interesting shirt from DBH today, I like the flecks of paint working their way up the shirt.

24tee continue to push their meme tees.

The pic looks a bit messed up, but that is an awfully cute drug-referencing t-shirt at Loviu today.

My favourite Tilteed design makes a return.

Camiseteria have a couple of new tees.

The Shirt List have a massive (and fascinating) interview with Alex Solis, creator of many top Threadless designs, amongst other things.

I’ve added four new products to Rigu, including the wrist straps you can see above, and remember that there is free shipping on all UK orders, and cheap shipping for EU & International packages.

604Republic have turned 3 of their most popular designs into posters.

Use coupon code NEW12 to get 20% off at Karmaloop until Friday.

krudmart have a load of stuff in from The Hundreds, Undrcrwn, 10.Deep and many more, get 15% off your order with the coupon code BIGGERISBETTER.

Hot Topic are offering “$4.95 Flat Rate Ground Shipping on All Orders! Shop Now – Offer ends 1/22” no coupon required by the looks of it.

BustedTees have added several t-shirts to their $10 clearance section.

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dinosaur hoodie

The tee is a design that was featured at a daily site over the past couple of weeks I think, but that brilliant dinosaur hoodie is totally new to me, I like the idea of breaking up the fight by unzipping the hoodie.



Daily Tees & News for November 17th

by Andy on November 17, 2011

Nice A Team x LOST mashup from TeeFury today.

I haven’t seen this Wotto design at Tilteed before, so even though it isn’t a new design from them, at least it’s a bit more rare design.
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Daily Tees and News Roundup for November 16th

by Andy on November 16, 2011

dalek snowman t-shirt

I think that this Doctor Who t-shirt thing may be getting a bit out of hand now. TeeFury.

Very nice Portal shirt from Qwertee, pity that the text isn’t legible though.

That is one majestic looking unicorn, Tilted.

Soooo, is that owl drunk?

Pretty nice tee from Shirt.Woot today.

There is a surprising lack of Transformers shirts around, something RIPT appear to be looking to address, I’d probably prefer to see more of a Megan Fox-esque woman standing next to the car though.

This TeeMinus24 shirt is in honour of it being 37 years since Wolverine’s first appearance in a full issue of a comic book.

More rage face action from 24tee.

I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last night so this shirt from Loviu is pretty attractive to me right now.

I was going to have a solid Gears of War session on Sunday night, and then my Xbox died again, it’s 6 years old so it’s had a decent run, but no one likes it when their hardware fails and you have to get a new one, that’s £170 I would have rather not spent. Shirt available at Catch of the Day Tee.

Pretty cool Mario concept from Shirt Punch today.

Very nice from DBH, though I think I’d rather have it as a poster than a t-shirt.

604Republic are running a ‘buy 2 get a 3rd shirt free’ sale, which is pretty nice.

Johnny Cupcakes has dropped 3 new shirts.

Wrongwroks have restocked their Monster hoodies.

IAMTHETREND have an interview with 11:11 Apparel.

Karmaloop are giving 30% off and free shipping ($8 off shipping for international users) with the coupon code TEE30, but only on shirts in the ‘dressed to a tee’ section of the sale page.

Retreat have put all their shirts on sale for £10.

Scifen have teamed up with a hip hop artist that I’ve never heard of (which has no reflection upon how well known they are) called eLZhi to create the garments you can see above.

Coty has declared his love for Instagram (I’m a member too, feel free to follow me, my username is hideyourarms, of course.

No Guts No Glory have released a limited edition Christmas jumper that is far more attractive than the ironic one you bought last year.

February Son have a storewide shirt sale going on until the end of the year, all tee are $16. I don’t know what they were before that, but presumably $16 is less.

I will be launching a new website today that will be taking up a lot of my time for the foreseeable future, please be assured that this is actually a good thing for HYA, becuase it means that I can continue to write here and not get a soul crushing job I don’t love.


dexter t-shirt

Looks like 604Republic are picking up the pace with their release schedule at the moment. I really like the Dexter shirt, fairly sure that we’ve seen it on RIPT or TeeFury in the past, but that doesn’t stop it from really good now too.


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