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Post image for 6dollarshirts launches in the UK as £10poundtees, gives you a worse deal in the process

In my Facebook sidebar a few days ago I noticed an ad for a site called 10poundtees who had a rather familiar model with an epic beard, so I just had to click though. Proof that Facebook advertising works every so often!

Clearly, this is just a UK front for the 6dollarshirts empire, the shirts are still sent from their HQ in Florida and the designs are the same. Maybe in the future they’ll add some more Brit-centric designs but for now there’s just a selection of their designs which are currently available on their main site.

In terms of price, you’re probably thinking that $6 is a lot less than £10, and you’d be right, but 10poundtees do offer ‘free’ shipping on UK orders. This made me wonder what the price difference is compared to ordering from the main 6dollarshirt site, let’s look at the numbers remembering that these are the same shirts being sent from the same location to the UK.

1 shirt from 10poundtees = £10
1 shirt from 6dollarshirts = $6 + $9.78 delivery charge (approximately £9.83 according to a Google currency conversion checked 30/10/12)

2 shirts from 10poundtees = £20
2 shirts from 6dollarshirts = $6 + $6 + $15.78 delivery charge (approximately £17.31)

3 shirts from 10poundtees = £30
3 shirts from 6dollar shirts = $6 + $6 + $6 + $20.68 delivery charge (approximately £24.08)

10poundtees do have a discount for buying 10 shirts, there doesn’t seem to be a mention of it on the site but when you add 10 shirts to your cart the grand total comes to £90, a £10 saving. At 6dollarshirts you get a $10 saving making 10 tees $50. Let’s run the numbers on that one:

10 tees from 6dollarshirts = $50 + $56.22 delivery charge = $106.22 (approximately £66.13)
10 tees from 10poundtees = £90

I could go on, but I think that I’ve made my point, with the exchange rate being as it is at the moment there is no reason for you to make an order through 10poundtees, even when buying a single shirt. If you’re going to get more then you’re spending about £3 more per shirt ordering through 10poundtees instead of 6dollarshirts since their delivery rates scale by weight whereas 10poundtees build the delivery prince into the shirt price, so the delivery cost is effectively fixed per shirt.

I have found two instances in which it IS cheaper for Brits to order from 10poundtees. 10poundtees charge £10 for all their shirts, including 2XL sized shirts, whereas 6dollarshirts add on a $2 charge for that, so in that case the overall price for ordering 1 shirt is £10 vs $17.78 (approximately £11.08), but if you’re going to order more than one XXL shirt in your order then you might as well go to 6dollarshirts as 2 shirts will cost about £19.80 vs £20 at 10poundtees, and the gap only gets wider as you add more shirts. Similarly, 6dollarshirts charge $0.50 for a girly fitted tee, which makes ordering a single girls shirt from there $16.28 (approximately £10.13) versus £10 at 10poundtees, and of course if you order more than one shirt it again becomes cheaper to order them from 6dollarshirts. I know we’re only taking about a few pence here when buying one shirt, I just wanted to make it clear that I have looked at it and I’m not just making a blanket statement based on a quick glance at the site.

So, apart from being a nicer looking site it would appear that 10poundtees hasn’t get a lot going for it compared to it’s bigger brother, which makes it all a bit pointless for me, though I am quite sure that guys like me aren’t the reason for this site being created, they want to attract a more casual buyer who doesn’t pore over every detail of a t-shirt. If I’ve missed something then please do let me know because I wouldn’t want to make unfair comparisons about the two sites.


What do you get when you pay $6 for a shirt?

by Andy on October 23, 2012

Post image for What do you get when you pay $6 for a shirt?

As the picture above shows, not a great shirt.

The above picture was posted on Reddit a month ago showing the difference between images posted at 6dollarshirts of their own designs, and what you actually get sent when you pay as much for a t-shirt as you would a good sandwich. I’m a little bit torn over it since you can’t really expect much for $6 (and I think back then that included shipping, but you do pay extra for shipping on their daily deal shirts now). Think about where that money has to go for that $6; blank shirt, printing ink, a screen, someone to print and pack the shirt, packaging materials, warehousing, print shop, utilities, and maybe even a bit of profit. If you start to think about every aspect of shirt production (really breaking it down all the way to the person picking the cotton), it’s actually pretty amazing that a shirt doesn’t cost $50. Yes, I realise what economies of scale are, I’ve just been thinking about how much really goes into shirt production recently.

On the other hand, if you buy something off the internet it’s reasonable to expect it to look like the picture, since that’s the only reference point you have for that product (usually). I go to great lengths to try and get the product photos on Rigu close to the real colours and being a realistic representation of the product, so I don’t understand why 6dollarshirts can’t do the same, although perhaps with them using mockups it is a bit harder to give an accurate look as to what the shirt will look like in reality.

It would be great to get some feedback from you guys, have you ever bought a tee from 6dollarshirts and if so what did you think of it and would you buy one again?


T-shirt releases for May 11th

by Andy on May 11, 2012

bioshock t-shirt

Bioshock gets some attention at TeeFury.

Monty Python meets Monopoly at Shirt.Woot.

Metroid is the subject matter at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt releases for May 10th

by Andy on May 10, 2012

cthulu t-shirt

That is one quite fantastic Cthulu design at TeeFury.

Fun Chameleon design at Shirt.Woot.

Nyan cat meets the fairy from Ocarina of Time at RIPT.
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T-shirt releases for May 9th

by Andy on May 9, 2012

legend of zelda t-shirt

Zelda hits TeeFury today.

Clever Doctor Who concept at Shirt.Woot today.

Mario meets TMNT at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt releases for May 2nd

by Andy on May 2, 2012

pin-up zelda t-shirt

Pin-up Zelda at TeeFury today, my favourite of the comments over there is “Instabuy. Matches my tramp stamp.”

Delightful artwork at Shirt.Woot today.

Breaking Bad makes an appearance at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt news for May 1st

by Andy on May 1, 2012

metroid t-shirt teefury

Sorry about the level of disruption to the site at the moment, I’m acting as something of a nightwatchman on a building site for my other job, which does change my schedule around quite a lot as you’d imagine. The other bloggers will hopefully be picking up the slack and I see that Matt & Leah have already posted a couple of great articles.

Metroid gets some attention in the TeeFury shirt above.

Prune juice has never appealed to me, but apparently it appeals to Shirt.Woot.

Jet Set Scott Pilgrim at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt releases for April 27th

by Andy on April 27, 2012

lord of the rings giving tree t-shirt

Lord of the Rings meets the Giving Tree at TeeFury today.

‘Cat Nouveau’ hits Shirt.Woot.

Futurama meets Starbucks in this delightful shirt at RIPT.
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Daily t-shirt releases for April 26th

by Andy on April 26, 2012

planet of the snapes t-shirt

Harry Potter pun tee at TeeFury today.

Skyrim shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Iron Man meets Neon Genesis Evangelion at RIPT. I’m not too familiar with NGE, does this mashup make any sense?
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Daily tee releases for April 25th

by Andy on April 25, 2012

funny mario t-shirt

Fun shirt from the Mario world today at TeeFury.

‘Missing Link’ made me chortle at Shirt.Woot.

Lovely illustration style on this Doctor Who shirt from RIPT.
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game of thrones t-shirt

TeeFury start the week with a Game of Thrones inspired crest that doesn’t inspire me too much.

Silly but funny spelling bee t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

MST3K meets Firefly at RIPT.
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masseffect t-shirt

I haven’t played Mass Effect so I have no idea what this TeeFury shirt is about.

Y’know, I’m not entirely sure what the reference is on this Shirt.Woot design.

Ian Leino delivers an awesome compilation of 33 weapons used by comic book heroes at RIPT (also available in his shop, and he’s running a giveaway on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr too).
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hunger games t-shirt

Hunger Games shirt at TeeFury today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list took a battering by takedown requests at RedBubble).

The Ministry of Silly Walks makes an appearance at Shirt.Woot.

Bioshock meets Disney at RIPT today. Does anyone know if there’s a particular reason why Disney has been picked for this mashup?
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While their tees are always just $6 each, 6dollarshirts is offering a new daily deal called Tee Time, where each day a new design is released costing $6 and free U.S. shipping. Each new shirt is revealed nightly at 12 AM Eastern time and offered with free shipping for 24 hours, before it’s put into the site’s regular catalog. Check out some popular Tee Time releases:

nevermore raven model template Submit Your News!

silly nameless terror model template Submit Your News!

llap model template Submit Your News!

dont panic model template Submit Your News!

Andy: Have any of you guys ordered from 6DollarShirts before? I’d love to get some feedback about the quality of their tees because they are undercutting every tee site out there that I can think of. Maybe at $6 with free shipping I should dust off the HYA wallet and just pay for one to go to a blogger for review.

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Really cheap hoodies at 6DollarShirts

by Andy on October 3, 2009


Yes, the people with ads that are only marginally less visually grating than those ‘one rule to a flat belly’ images, 6dollarshirts, having branched out into the realm of hoodies. I don’t know what we can expect in terms of quality from a hoodie at this price, but if you’re in need of one I’m sure there’s worse available out there.

Costiness=$11.95 Available from 6DollarShirts


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