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back to the future t-shirt

I can’t call this a vintage week at Tshirt Laundry, though the 8-Bit Angels design isn’t without it’s charms, which is a bit annoying since it’s not available as a tee. Don’t forget that these shirts as well as everything else in their store are $14 in their Valentine’s sale.


8-bit Bowser t-shirt from 80sTees

by Andy on January 22, 2013

8-bit mario bowser t-shirt

Looks like 80sTees have had a redesign of their site to be a bit more modern as the old version was looking a bit early-2000s.

This 8-bit design is fairly simple, but it works and it appeals to the part of me that doesn’t get to play videogames enough.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


pixel mario tanooki suit t-shirt

Did anyone else feel like they were practically invincible when they were in the Tanooki suit. Me and Mario could achieve anything!

Costiness=$20 Buy it here


Great 8-bit Star Wars t-shirt at 80sTees

by Andy on November 12, 2012

Post image for Great 8-bit Star Wars t-shirt at 80sTees

I really like this, it’s good to see 80sTees doing something interesting with their Star Wars license.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


An 8-bit t-shirt for Community fans

by Andy on October 24, 2012

Post image for An 8-bit t-shirt for Community fans

Really nice 8-bit Community t-shirt from 80sTees, I think that Troy is my favourite character recreation here.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at 80sTees


Post image for 8-Bitty and their awesome 8-bit pop culture tees

They had me at ‘Bitman’.

8-bitty launched a bit over a week ago and is a inpired by old school gaming and pop culture, which I get the feeling most of you worked out just by looking at the shirts, but I figrued I’d better you you anyway. I think it’s a really fun concept and the big 8-bit prints work well, it would be interesting to see a person wearing them instead of the flat shots since we all know tees look a lot different when being worn and the contrast of 8-bit and reality could be really interesting.


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Post image for 8-bit meets Islamic Patterns on T-shirts at Bridging the Gap

Rob from Bridging the Gap got in touch to let us know about the first two shirts that they’ve released in their “Eight Bit” series, which is inspired by Islamic geometirc patterns and ‘third generation computer games’, which I’m going to take as meaning “games from an era when you could become emotionally attached to 12 pixels.”

It’s certainly an interesting concept and I think it works really nicely, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next. The shirts are American Apparel printed with water-based inks, all orders will be shipped with a free and exclusive mix tape from Count Chocula (who I presume is a cool DJ I’ve not heard of), and the shirts are signed and numbered to show which of the limited edition of 60 pieces you received.


bag of bees t-shirt

Good to see Bag Of Bees getting back into the tee game (not that they were out of it for long), personal fave from thes e two is the 8-bit shirt since I don’t have an association with the Shoe Tree, even if it has got some really nice typework in the design. The shirts are £18 each and it says they’re a pre-order but it also say they’ll start shipping on July 20th so they might even be shipping now, I’m not sure, maybe BoB will jump into the comments to clear up the situation.

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timelines 8-bit t-shirt

There are far too many pop culture references for me to mention in this release of 8-bit t-shirts from, so just go over to their page for the contest to get all the details.


Design By Hümans have just announced the winners of the 8-bit design contest they recently held. All designs had to include pixelated art as an ode to the revolution of the digital design world. I was never really a fan of such art, as I love the progression and new technologies we have now. But for those who do enjoy it, all three shirts are now available at DBH.

First place – Pixel Overload by nicebleed

Second place – Pixel Heroes by pahito

Third place – Overdose of Pixels by cleptoni


8-bit skull t-shirt

Beligum’s finest continue to set high standards for themselves. Really impressive release, they seem to manage to have a certain style but still manage to appeal to different niches with their looks, which I assume is no mean feat. I’ve already got too many pictures in this post but it’s worth mentioning that some of the designs are available on different colour blanks and also as tank tops.

Death, Shred


bert & ernie mario 8-bit t-shirt

Rapidly becoming one of my favourite pop culture t-shirt companies, have introduced a gaming section to their store and added a few new designs in the process. I’m not entirely sure if the Bert & Ernie Mario-themed design above is new, but there was no way that I wasn’t going to show it to you guys.


dark tower t-shirt

TeeFury are today referencing Stephen King’s “Dark Tower”.

twitter t-shirt
Shirt.Woot have a nicely designed if unoriginal Twitter tee.

battlestar galactica calvin hobbes t-shirt
Calvin & Hobbes gets mashed up with Battlestar Galactica at RIPT for some reason.

sky rim t-shirt
Qwertee give Skyrim the NES box art treatment.

darth vader playing card
I really rather like the Vader playing card at Shirt Punch.

three wolf moon
Sorry The Yetee, nothing will ever make me like the Three Wolf Moon meme.

owl t-shirt
Because everything has to be in 3D now, even the imaginary perspective of an owl on a t-shirt. Shirt by DBH.

austrian coffee thieves
Today’s Made in the Now shirt is about two Austrian thieves who stole two tons of coffee.

fidel castro t-shirt
Apparently #FidelCastro has been trending recently so Fibertopic have depicted him as the ‘Red Leader’, which surprisingly enough is a concept I haven’t seen before.

I hadn’t heard of Tee Busters before, are they new? Well, they’ve got a Darth Vader shirt that I suppose is inspired by the ads where the kid is trying to use the force on his Dad’s car. Is it a VW ad?


pac man x mario t-shirt design

Quite a nice little design this at RedBubble, perfect for all the 8-bit nostalgia fans.

Costiness=£16.68 Buy it at RedBubble


T-shirt news for March 26th

by Andy on March 26, 2012

I find it kind of odd that people would want to wear the mascot for an operating system, but this shirt from TeeFury ain’t too bad.

Shirt.Woot revamp the original cute cat poster.

I like The IT Crowd, I have a NES under my TV, and I like t-shirts. I like this from RIPT. Pretty sure I’ve written about this design in the past…
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An inspiring night requires an inspiring shirt design… The theme of this year’s Vinyl Thoughts event was Next Level. A retro video game tribute, so I had to create a shirt using one of my favorite games growing up, the classic Donkey Kong! With the help of Alexa Machine this shirt printing went perfect.

To line up a four color print on the press, you gotta tape one of the films to the pallet in the same spot you want all the prints. So you can line up all the screens in the press to that film, this is the basic registration of the print.

You will be able to see the film thru the negative space of the emulsified screen, and just gotta line them up perfectly and tighten the screws on the press…

Once all four screens are taped off on the back and loaded with the correct ink color, the printing begins!

This four station, six color manual press is perfect for two people to print at once. Just gotta print the colors in the correct order and communicate so no mistakes are made. Check out the final color printing

Then you get perfect prints like this! I wanted to design something with huge letters, so the levels of the Donkey Kong board were a perfect large surface area.

Hot off the press, I picked up the shirts and rushed over to the event where all the shirts sold out that night! I am reprinting some more shirts now, so they will be available on my Sleepy Dan web shop this week.

The two color back design showed off all the sponsors for this year’s event. The show was packed all night and has become such a hit for the up and coming Dallas vinyl arts culture.

I’m so proud to be part of this event and becoming a contributing vinyl designer. If you check out pics of the event and custom vinyls, I created a tribute to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out by creating two vinyl characters Bald Bull and King Hippo!


8 bit pizza man t-shirt

My parents aren’t really into computer games, but I do remember back in the early 90s when we had an Acorn A2000 (yes, I am that old school) that they would obsessively play Pac-Man after I went to bed, I wonder if that has anything to do with how I spend 12+ hours a day with some kind of LCD screen a few feet from my face?

Anyway, Pac Man is still fun and pizza just seems to get better and better, so I like this shirt.

Costine=$25 Buy it at Super7


T-shirt News for February 24th

by Andy on February 24, 2012

street fighter t-shirt

Street Fighter gets some attention at TeeFury.

I remember them having floppy disks like this at the first school I went to, good nostalgia but not a great shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Lord of the Rings is just chilling out at RIPT today.
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8 bit presidents t-shirt

You’re not going to be able to wear this shirt on President’s day this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick it up in time for next years celebrations. I suppose that in theory you could wear it at other times of the year, and possibly even if you’re not American, but only if you can handle the stares and judging looks of people seeing you wearing a shirt with US Presidents on it on a day that isn’t the 3rd Monday in February.

Pick up this shirt for $23 at Chop Shop.


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