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All t-shirts £10 at 8teesix

by Andy on April 23, 2012

8teesix t-shirt

Things have gone too quiet at 8teesix for my liking, and now that the shirts have been put on sale for £10 that worries me, because this lack of activity makes me wonder if it might be a clearance sale before they quietly go into the night. I really hope that isn’t the case because they have some really nice designs.


To celebrate the start of December 8teesix are offering 30% off everything plus Free Worldwide Delivery for the whole of the month. Get any of our tees for just £14!

Just use the code CHRISTMAS at the checkout and start your Christmas shopping now! Check us out at

Andy: These guys have got some nice looking tees, and I can vouch that the ‘Work in Progress’ looks damn good in person as Jon was wearing it when I met him at Renegade in London back in October.

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work in progress typography t-shirt

Found out about these guys when they followed me on Twitter and I like what they’ve got going on, some cool tees of which I think this is the pick of the bunch. I presume it is on a white t-shirt and that the colour balance is a bit off on the photo (unless that’s just my monitor, anyone?).

Costiness=£20 Buy it at 8teesix

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