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Post image for French artist Karmazero brings 5 lovely new shirts to 9 Fountains

Very nice indeed from Karmazero at 9 Fountains, though at USD$39 a piece they’d need to be, then again I’ve never seen or felt a 9 Fountains shirt so they might actually be totally worth it.


9fountains t-shirts

I don’t think any of us can be sad about seeing 60% off prices at 9 Fountains. Please note that the timing is Singaporean time, which is +8 hours compared to GMT, there’s free shipping across Asia on all orders and free across the world if you order three or more shirts. Neat!


T-shirt News for March 28th

by Andy on March 28, 2012

coffee t-shirts

I love this coffee cup character up at TeeFury today, it would be cool to see that as a vinyl toy.

Who doesn’t love a BLT? Well, I don’t since uncooked tomato weirds me out a bit (which in itself is odd since I will eat pretty much anything), the the rest of this design at Shirt.Woot is fine by me.

RIPT have a Dhalsim Street Fighter shirt up today, unfortunately the concept was done on Teefury last month and the commenters aren’t holding back on saying which they prefer.
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9 Fountains has teamed up with radical design agency Kult and clothing label Sifr to produce a curated line of limited edition, premium graphic t-shirts. Dubbed The K/9/S Collection, this range of t-shirts consists of fifteen designs handpicked from the range of international artwork featured in Kult Magazine’s Animals issue.

Every t-shirt comes with handwritten edition numbers signed by the artist and has a limited run of only 40 per design.

The t-shirts are available from October 1st at 9 Fountains for SGD$79 (about £40 or USD$65). Reserve a tee during the pre-sale period running from September 15th to 30th 2011 and get a 15% discount.


5 More Tees Released at 9 Fountains

by Denise on August 16, 2011

Every month, at the end of a t-shirt design contest, the 9 Fountains team goes out into the wilderness taking turns to write down the names of their favourite tees that did not win the popular vote onto scraps of parchment. When casting their vote, each 9 Fountains staffer looks into a camera explaining the merits of their choice. These votes determine the t-shirts that get printed as editor’s choices for a particular contest run. The above tees were the survivors of the July 2011 contest.

9 Fountains now offers free shipping on all orders within Southeast Asia, while orders from everywhere else containing 3 or more tees also get free shipping. Each tee costs SGD$35 (about USD$29 or £17.50).



3 New Tees Released at 9 Fountains

by Denise on August 9, 2011

It’s that time of the month again where 9 Fountains releases new t-shirts to the world in the hope that some of them make it onto your chests. These are the winners of the July 2011 contest. Taking home the competition is a dual-purpose key that makes music in addition to unlocking doors, while the runner-up tees are no less impressive. These include an origami dinosaur inspired by the artist’s son’s fascination with the Jurassic world, as well as an homage to the humble converse shoe.

Each tee costs SGD$35 (about USD$29 or £17.5). 9 Fountains now offers free shipping on all orders within Southeast Asia, while orders from everywhere else containing 3 or more tees also get free shipping.




9fountains t-shirts

Singapore’s top t-shirt design competition, 9Fountains (I’m pretty sure there are no others in Singapore?), recently released 8 new designs and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by the level of quality that they have achieved. Their mission is help promote artists from Singapore and the rest of Asia and I think it’s fair to say that they’re trying hard with their goal, with only two of the winning designs coming from outside Asia, one of which was of course a Wotto piece (no design competition is complete without Wotto).


9 Fountains x Time Out Singapore competition

This isnt actually a submitted post, but since the newish design competition 9 Fountains sent me a proper press release I thought I’d just regurgitate it because that’s what a good blogger does.

9 Fountains will be collaborating with Time Out Singapore for a T-shirt design contest that will run from 21st March to 21st April 2011.

As this is a special collaborative contest, an open-ended contest theme “Know More. Do More.” has been set for the competition. All artists interested in submitting their artwork will be required to explain how their artwork relates to the theme in the description text during submission.

Voting and commenting will be open to the public and the top 10 designs that receive the highest number of votes will be subjected to a round of judging by a panel of judges. Judges include the creative director for Kult, Mr Steve Lawler aka Mojoko; the owner of Vue Privee, Mr Olivier Henry; editor of Time Out Singapore Ms Alexandra Karplus; and CEO of 9 Fountains, Mr Andrew Wolf.

The winner of the top prize will receive SGD$1000, with first and second runners-up receiving SGD$200 and $100 respectively. All winning artists will get full credit for their work and will be featured in the June issue of Time Out Singapore. Winning artists will also get their artwork printed onto T-shirts for sale on 9, where they will get a commission for every shirt sold.

This is an international contest and all artists are invited to submit their work. For more information, please go to

It seems like 9 Fountains are making a good start to their site’s life, kicking off with strong designs and decent prize money, and now partnering with a well known company with strong ties to their local area, I think they might last a lot longer than most design contests.


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