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Lab Mag interviews Johnny Cupcakes

by Andy on April 6, 2009


Usually when people Johnny Cupcakes we get to hear the same old “started in his car trunk… didn’t sell out to big chains… loves his customers” story, but The Lab Mag (I think this interview was actually conducted by Aris from Addicteed) have put together a great interview that actually covers new ground (gasp!). Check it out here.


Conspirators… from Russia? No way!

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Props to Addicteed for finding this brand from Russia (a nation which drinks so much vodka they’re actually altering the gene pool).

Even though its all in Russian I don’t think you’d have too hard of a job working out how to buy something, and even if you aren’t going to buy anything, you could just click through and appreciate the distinctly above-average product shots.



Old MacDonald, yadda yadda yadda

by Andy on August 4, 2006

EIO Clothing is pretty new to me, I didn’t even know they existed until Addicteed pointed them out last week. They do have some pretty good tees and hoodies though, with a style that is more akin to the higher-class of British high-street designers, particularly with their sweatshirt designs. Which is nice to see considering how America-centric this blog is (what can I say? I like your style!).

The tree detail on the back of this hoodie is, er, detailed… but it is quite strange that the design comes from the side of the hoodie when from my understanding there isn’t anything on the front except for an embroidered logo, it would be nice if some roots wrapped around a bit to the front. Perhaps they do, my browser won’t open up the picture of the front of the hoodie (clarification in the comments would be appreciated).

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