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Daily News & Tees for January 6th

by Andy on January 6, 2012

space invaders t-shirt

Very cool Space Invaders shirt from TeeFury today.

‘The birthplace of inspiration’ is up at Shirt.Woot today.

8-bit Back To The Future? Yes please, RIPT.

Fairly obscure Terminator design at Shirt Punch today.

Nowhere Bad reminds of another badass facet of Lincoln’s character.

TeeMinus24 bring out a pop art inspired Admiral Ackbar shirt.

24tee have a shirt for hipsters.

Shirt with a wolf on it at DBH.

I’m sure that TeeBlitz have sold this design before, and it’s a little odd that the time remaining for the design is “-359 days”, but hopefully that doesn’t mean there’s trouble at TeeBlitz.

Loviu wheel out this older design.

Oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed today.

Get 30% off at Seventh.Ink this weekend with the coupon code NEWYEAR2012. [via TeeGazette]

Labyrinth Clothing have a page on The Fancy, and if you ‘fancy’ (the equivalent of ‘like’ on Facebook) any item in their store you’ll unlock a 20% off coupon code.

OMUNKY have added prints to their lineup of goods.

Jeff has shared a few teasers of the his design process on Ugmonk‘s next design.

The UTee just launched a new design. Feel free to go and check it out, but don’t forget which is your favourite tee blog!

Mashbale has a post on how to maximize sales with your ecommerce design.

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, I’m sure that will annoy no one.

Tonka Park are selling two of their popular Big Cartel themes at $25 off, making them $50 each for a limited time. Use coupon code THELBL2012 to get $25 off The Label, and DECMBR2012 for $25 off the December theme.

May I suggest that you advertise on HYA? Options available to suit all budgets.

And that’s the news for today!


Daily Tees & News for November 8th

by Andy on November 8, 2011

mars university futurama t-shirt

Nice to see more Futurama shirts becoming available, even if it’s just for a day at TeeFury.

Great collage shirt from Qwertee today, one for children of the 80s I think.

Another cool design from Tilteed, but of course it is also an old design, I’d love to know what’s happening there and why we haven’t seen new shirts for so long, hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end for Tilteed.

Whilst I don’t entirely understand the meaning of the bird painting itself, I do like the artwork today at Shirt.Woot.

Quite a few of the RIPT commenters are chiming in to say that they won’t buy this shirt because it will be out of date in a year, fair point.

It’s pretty rare that you get a shirt that draws from Picasso and Star Wars, bravo The Yetee, bravo.

Nope. I’m going to need someone to explain the reference to me on this 24tee shirt.

Gotta say I’m not in love with the Mario artwork at TeeRaiders today, sorry.

Nice to see this design at Loviu again.

Shirt Punch are exploring that oft-neglected crossover of Doctor Who and Wizard of Oz today.

The straightforwardly named Tshirt Contest have opened their first contest with a call for entries of beer designs.

‘War Torn’ is the Shirt Of The Day at DBH.

Delorean Dashboard is the deal of the day at BustedTees. $11 instead of $20.

I don’t want to complain too much about something that’s a 2 year old issue, but I saw it again and it annoyed me again. Total Film published a list of 100 Star Wars t-shirts in 2009 that I feel is clearly heavily inspired by my list of 202 Star Wars t-shirts. That post took me the better part of 25 hours work, work that they haven’t acknowledged in their list (they have picked all the same shirts as I did, and in many cases they’re listed in the same order. I’m of no doubt that Total Film have earned money from that post (they have ads, and they’re on the first page of Google for the search ‘Star Wars t-shirts’), but all I want from them is acknowledgement that I did the research for their article, and an apology for using my work without permission. If any of you would like to leave a comment on their article or tweet them @totalfilm regarding the issue I’d appreciate it.

Mashable have a short list of “4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans” that I think will be of use to brand owners.

New shirt today from A Better Tomorrow.

Javaboi Industries have a Steve Jobs tribute shirt. Frankly, I don’t care for the shirt, it’s just not for me, but I can understand why people would look up to Steve Jobs, and it’s cool that Javaboi are donating to charity with the sales from the shirt, especially as they are a brand that has unfortunately had far too many experiences with cancer.

RedBubble artist Tom Trager has released the above ‘Dalek Pest Exterminations’ Doctor Who shirt for £15.99, which I’ve now added to the Doctor Who list.

You can get an extra 15% off at PLNDR with the coupon HUSH15 provided you spend $50+.

Use the coupon code TRIPLE11 to get 20% off your order at Karmaloop from now until midnight (EST) on November 11th.

I’ve opened up a couple of new advertising spaces for your perusal (footer & sidebar skyscraper left). Don’t worry, this isn’t yet more ads on HYA, I’ve converted the two ads that had Google AdSense on them to regular ads (that are backfilled with AdSense at the moment, confused?). They’re on a CPM basis, meaning you only pay for what you want and I’ve made it possible to buy just a couple of thousand pageviews at a time, meaning you can dip your toe in the water advertising on HYA for just a couple of dollars. This also means that we could have hundreds of people advertising on HYA, which I think would be pretty cool.

Unestablish has opened for business, they seem to have some pretty cool higher-end looking clothing.

Counter Balance Clothing (who I hadn’t heard of before) released a big new Fall collection a few days ago, with that many new shirts you guys must be able to find something you like in there.

Time for me to feel bad again, Monstros Apparel have been running a Kickstarter Project for the past month, and now that I finally get around to properly checking out their e-mail the Kickstarter has got 3 days to go and still needs about $2,000 to be funded. I know that HYA probably doesn’t have the readership to give this guy $2,000 but I think there are probably a few of you out there that would have pledged for one of his shirts.


advertising on Hide Your Arms

As I mentioned last week the advertising here on HYA is now being handled by BuySellAds. I haven’t moved over every advertising space yet, but there are a couple of zones that have been moved over to the new platform and are now available for new advertisers to take the space.

There are 3 spaces available at $30 each for the RSS advertising. These ads go directly into the RSS feed and are seen by the 5000+ people who subscribe to Hide Your Arms by RSS every time that they view a HYA post in their feed reader.

There is 1 space available on the sidebar skyscraper position which is priced at $70 per month, which will receive an estimated 65,000 . It’s a good sized position that is well shaped for showing off your designs.

Check out HYA’s listing on BuySellAds if you’re interested in purchasing some space (but ignore the impressions statistics, with the spaces being new they aren’t right yet, HYA gets around 130,000 pageviews a month). If you have any questions drop me an e-mail or tweet and I’ll try and help out.

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hideyourarms t-shirt

One of the things that I really get a kick out of is seeing people happy with the stuff from the HYA store that they have received, so I thought I’d show off the two latest images sent my way from happy customers. The headless lady at the top of this post is my buddy Meghan that was an intern at the same company as me when I was in Philly. See that thumbs up? It means she likes it! There are still a few ladies HYA tees available in various sizes, whereas the fellas only have the option of large left, and even then in very low numbers. I wish I could have another print run of them done but I just don’t think that there is the demand. Hopefully I’ll be able to share pictures of the new HYA shirt soon!

The lower photo is of one of the logo poster prints that I launched about a month ago. The photo comes in from Mercedes, or as you may know her, Yema Yema. It’s cool because it’s the first time I’ve seen one of them actually framed and on a wall (my set is framed, but the cheap frames I got off eBay aren’t suitable for hanging, always check eBay descriptions!). If you’re wondering, the other print comes from Sock Monkee and appears to only be available in this bundle.

I think I’m going to make this my last post until Tuesday (Britain is on holiday for the long Easter weekend, so why shouldn’t I be?). Here’s a few bits for me to nag you about before you go and enjoy the weekend too:

If you haven’t done it yet, check out ShirtDeck and post your t-shirt coupon codes (all submissions are instantly placed on the site and tweeted by @shirtdeck), it’s going along quite nicely, the database is slowly growing with coupon codes for all your favourite shops and probably some you’ve never heard of too.

Join more than 2,500 other and follow me on Twitter, this weekend I mostly expect to be complaining about traffic on Britain’s roads, how awesome my homemade ginger beer is, and maybe something about t-shirts (on a non-holiday weekend it’s mostly tees though). I’m not exactly a member of #teamfollowback but if your tweets look interesting (and English, I have nothing against foreigners, but there’s not much point me following what I can’t read) then I’ll probably follow you back.

Help inflate my ego by liking Hide Your Arms on Facebook. I post less than once a day pointing out cool HYA posts and other people’s work, so I’m not spamming you, because I hate it when brand’s over-post too.

Hide Your Arms advertising will be switching over to BuySellAds over the next couple of weeks. This will mean nothing to most of you looking at the site, the ad blocks and sizes won’t be changing, but maybe there will be new people filling them as BSA provides a much simpler platform for buying ad space than the current model that was quite time and labour intensive for me as I did it all myself. The upshot as a reader is that the site should be snappier as it will no longer be serving 25,000 ads per day, and that I should have more time to write blog posts because I will be spending less time on the advertising side of things. When it’s all setup and ready I’ll let you know so that clothing companies can check out the rates and maybe take some of the ad space or put their name on the waiting list.

Have a great weekend!


hide your arms badge

I thought that after writing a mammoth 48 posts this week I would take the weekend off, especially as all of you American folks will be out in the sunshine tending to grills or recovering from Big Earl, and presumably won’t be chained to your computers. I might still do some work on other super-secret projects that aren’t yet ready to be talked about, but otherwise I intend to just have a fun weekend, as you should too if possible. Writing so many posts is something of a strain, but at the same time it also offers me a bit of freedom that I’m enjoying, with that many posts being written they feel a lot more off the cuff, and in a way more fun to write, but if you guys think it’s all a bit too much let me know and I might start putting some posts together (like coupon codes and that kind of thing).

I thought this post would also serve as a good way to remind you about ways you can connect with Hide Your Arms:

Twitter: You can follow me on Twitter (@hideyourarms) where every HYA post gets auto-tweeted when it goes live on the site, I talk about t-shirts, tweet deals and coupon codes that sometimes don’t find their way to the main site, moan about the price of Apple peripherals, and ponder whether someone is trying to break into my house.

Facebook: If you’re on Facebook, may I suggest you ‘like’ the HYA Fan Page? Unlike my Twitter stream, I don’t share too much on there, just major articles like the typography list, site news, and I ask for advice and feedback about what you guys want to see on the site. Clothing companies are also encouraged to post themselves and their deals on the fan page, as it does get a decent amount of traffic, and I might take posts on the Facebook page and put them onto here.

RSS: There is also the RSS feed available to those of you that do that kind of thing (and surely have thousands of feed items they need to read like I do).

E-mail Subscription: A week or so ago I added the ability to read HYA via daily e-mail digests that go out around 6pm EST. They are e-mails that have everything the RSS readers will receive, except wrapped up into one neat package. The problem with them is that sometimes you might get an e-mail that has a deal in it that has expired, but unfortunately that is just a risk you’re going to have to take, and generally this won’t happen very often.

Last little admin note, I still have an advertising spot or two available on the top banner, and the upper right banner, if you are interested please get in touch using the contact form or Twitter.

Now go have a good time!


Hide Your Arms T-shirt

I haven’t mentioned the HYA tee for a while, and I realised that I haven’t actually shown you guys a picture of me wearing it before (and I really should find a model for the girls tee, maybe then some of the lady readers would open up their purses). So, with that in mind, here’s a picture of me wearing the HYA tee stood next to Logan Rock (which I did indeed rock with my mighty arms). I remain sold out of small and medium shirts (though I will sell them through MySoti is there is interest), but for men sizes large & extra large remain, whilst S-XL are there for women.

I’d also like to point out that I have a couple of ad spaces open, one for a 10% pageview share of the top banner, and from the middle of the month the RSS advertising will become available after a good run with our chums at Goodie Two Sleeves. Please get in touch if you are interested in advertising with HYA (and get your brand in front of more than 5000 RSS subscribers and 70,000 people visiting the site each month) and I’ll send you a PDF with my ad rates.

Oh, and that JackThreads competition is still going on!

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Even though they’re very much different styles of design, I can’t help but think of the previous Threadless tee I posted (Geekology by Aaron Hogg) when I look at this supremely retro geeky tee. I’m digging the large print, especially as you need a large print to do a design like this justice to fit in all those details.

Costiness=$18 Available from Threadless (I have a $25 Threadless gift certificate on sale for $18 if anyone wants it)


The Nike T-Shirt Gun. I Want One. Now.

by Andy on July 13, 2009


I can’t quite believe that Nike are actually selling this, but can you imagine how awesome my videos would be then! [via Found Item]

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Advertising Career Evolution

by Andy on July 7, 2009


I’m sure some of you saw this a couple of months ago when it was doing the rounds (wasn’t it designed a little differently?) but now, in an entirely predictable move, it is available as a t-shirt (and posters, mugs, pins, and mousepads) via Zazzle. To be fair to the graphic, when I was an intern in Philly I asked so many dumb questions (“how do I print on both sides of the paper?”) that people probably thought that a monkey would have probably been a better option.

Costiness=$19.95 (and up) Available from Work For Food [via]



A company in Thailand needed to get the word out about how great their detergent was, so they did what everyone else does and sent a package with a sampler of the product to households across the country. They did a little something extra though, they wrapped the package in a white t-shirt. As expected, the Thai postal service got the tees good and dirty, and what do you need to clean a t-shirt… detergent!

Advertising companies really are having to push themselves nowadays, aren’t they?

More pics, and the rest of the story, here. [via notcot, which still has taste even if it doesn’t have tastespotting]


I am unemployed

by Andy on July 17, 2006

I totally forgot to mention the new sponsors here at HYA, Enclothe, who I’ve been a big fan of for a while (and have a few new designs out at the moment), and Spitefuls who I hadn’t heard of before they contacted me, but am proud to have them on the sidebar.

Check them both out.


Syndicated odds and ends

by Andy on May 15, 2006

Just dropping a little note to say that I have now added syndication functionality to Hide Your Arms, I personally only use and enjoy being able to tag things from the Firefox toolbar, but I don’t know much about the other social bookmarking networks, so hopefully this will make it easier for you to remember your favourite Hide Your Arms posts (and digg me into bandwidth oblivion).

I have removed the AdBrite box saying ‘your ad here’, no one was biting, so there’s no point wasting space on the sidebar when it isn’t going to effective use. There is an advertising page now though, in case anyone wants to get their name out there, prices very flexible, if I like your company I might even give you a weeks skyscraper for free.

Thanks to the people I don’t know who added me as their friend on MySpace. I certainly was right about us being an attractive bunch!


Still selling out, still helping out

by Andy on April 8, 2006

Okay, so no one’s jumping at the opportunity to advertise, so I’ve made it less of a commitment, I’ve dropped the mininum spend down to $1, yeah, that’s right $1. For that minimum spend you’d get a little under two days worth of traffic, and I’d get really excited that my writing is worth a dollar, its win win for everyone (but mostly me)!

Just so your visit wasn’t a total bust, check out the new krudmart site.

Also, Britain’s The Sun newspaper has declared a series of face-covering hoodies as ‘sick’. The French retailer they mention that sells them is Dadawan, and apparently its only a matter of time before they’re available in Britain, I presume that people at The Sun have forgotten that companies have the ability to send orders overseas. I actually saw these hoodies a couple of months ago, I was going to run them because of the sheer innovation, but didn’t bother in the end. I had considered what the anti-hoodie mob in the UK would think of them if they got into their radar, I guess I should have told them months ago, my first step on the journalistic ladder…

Have a good weekend everybody.


Sucking on the teet of capitalism

by Andy on April 5, 2006

Eagle-eyed readers may well have noticed the little black blue and white box on the sidebar offering to put your ad in it. Despite what you may think this is actually a good thing (yes, this is a suspension of belief moment), I’ve removed the ad from that spot, and replaced it with the adBrite service. This way I can decide what advertisers get to be featured on the site (if the adBrite box does well I’ll get rid of the AdSense) meaning that they will be selling products that are more suited to the audience, so it really is a good thing. Really.

I don’t really know what kind of rates that are average, so I’ve set it at $5 for 2,000 impressions, does that sound about right? If I’m way off could someone with greater knowledge than me leave a comment.


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