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2 new tees from Art In The Age

by Andy on April 11, 2009

Okay, my integrity is already probably questionable at best, but Art In the Age are the reason why I’m in Philadelphia, so it would be just downright rude for me not to post about the latest couple of tees that they’ve released.

I got one of their newer tees from the Spring line (I think) a few weeks ago, and the quality level has gone up from my review of the David Lee Nagel tee, and they didn’t exactly suck then. The Spring line is a bit thinner and softer than the average tee, at least the one I got was, so it’s perfect for the increasingly sunny days.

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So, what happened when Philly’s finest t-shirt company gave me a disposable camera and told me to go have fun? I recreated famous images from Rocky, obviously.

I’m doing a bit of guest-blogging for Art In The Age, but it doesn’t involve me writing about t-shirts (gasp!), it involves me writing about all the cool places that I’ve been in Philly (and beyond, but mostly in the Iladelph). My first post is all about the city’s favourite fictional son, Rocky Balboa. I’ve been up those famous steps three times now (once on a walk just to go to them, once whilst I was on the way to tour a creepy disused prison, and again when my brother came to visit), and I know I’ll be going again when one of my friends comes to visit. However, I’ve never actually made it into the Art Museum, y’know, the place that the steps actually lead to.

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mens womenslinc

Gee Andy, how are you doing in America? Well? So much so that the first proper post from Philly involves one of the greatest icons of American history? And the company producing the tee are actually from Philadelphia? And you’re posting pictures of the Stars and Stripes on your personal blog? Yeah, sounds like you’re settling in well.


Okay, I don’t know what that last paragraph was (was I talking to myself? Was someone else talking to me? Was it that nice homeless man I met this evening?) but I am indeed having a good time in Philly. But you don’t care about that, you care about tees. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th 1809, so his bicentennial is coming up, and Art in the Age decided to celebrate this in a pretty big way. They’ve released the two limited edition tees shown above, the images for which were sourced from the archives of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, who will be receiving a portion of all sales of the tees. In addition to that, they’re holding a contest to give away bevy of Honest Abe related goodies, including the tee (obviously), a postcard of his assassination (sure, why not!), and a beautiful silk-screened poster portrait of Lincoln that is made up of the text from the Emancipation Proclamation. It’s pretty rare that the terms ‘beautiful’ and ‘Lincoln’ get used in the same sentence, but I spotted the poster in the office today at the place I’m interning and it looked awesome. To be eligible all you have to do is sign up for their mailing list before the drawing on Feb. 28th, all the details you need can be found here.


Lastly, they’re hosting an exhibition at their bricks & mortar store in Old City, Philadelphia called “The Great Lincoln! Memorial Tableaux” which is a gallery of the artwork that they put out an open call for back in December. The exhibition starts tomorrow (Friday Feb. 6th), with a reception in the store between 6pm and 8pm, and runs until the end of the month. I’m going to be there, so if any Philly-based HYA readers are in the area be sure to pop in and say hello. Oh, and as if famous Andy from HYA being there isn’t enticing enough, they’ve got a big sale on too. Details of the event can be found here.


Art in the Age are the Walrus

by Andy on July 16, 2008

Art in the Age loves the Walrus

Art in the Age loves the Walrus

*Sorry guys, as Kevin points out in the comments, I’ve actually already written about this design.

This tee gives a shout out to a Philadelphia music blog called The Walrus, which I’d never heard of, but then again, I’m not from Philadelphia, and the only music blog I subscribe to is Stereogum, so what chance did I really have?

But if you don’t know what the blog is, like me, it doesn’t really matter for this design, because you might just think that there’s a cool looking Walrus on a t-shirt, and that would probably be enough for you. And if you’re a fan of the blog then you’re in a little secret society of music lovers that rally around your big-teethed mascot and nod at each other whenever you spot someone wearing the tee.

Costiness=$28 Tee Link



AITA have dropped a new tee and it is a shout-out to a music blog from Philly that apparently has really big teeth. As I’ve mentioned before this week, I’m a bit pushed for time writing posts, so I’m going to hand you over to the rather eloquent folks at AITA to do the job for me.

Art In The Age Creative Director Ben Woodward gives a shout out to Philly’s music blog with really big teeth, The Walrus.( The big, music loving personality of this oversized and lovable friend of the sea is expressed perfectly in Ben’s larger-than-life illustration. Available in two color palettes: “Lo Fi” Gray-on-Gray or “Experimental” Turquoise-on-Turquoise”

The tees will be available in men’s sizes Small-Large for $28 and will be released tomorrow [oh, sorry, guess I probably should have posted this yesterday…]. Art in the Age will also be giving away 3 tees to 3 lucky winners in the next 3 weeks!

I’d usually think that grey on grey is the blandest colourway possible, but its actually pretty cool in this case.

Check it out here

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AITA: Win Six Hoodies!

by Andy on May 16, 2008

Art In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Hoodie Giveaway

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction are having a bit of a spring clean, and as part of that they’re giving away six of their fine, fine hoodies. I can’t decide whether its one person that will win all six of the hoodies, or if the six get distributed amongst a few winners, but either way there are some hoodies up for grabs. The you have until the end of the month to complete your entry.

AITA hoodie Competition



I knew who David Lee Roth was since we’re both hard rockin’ amigos (though, admittedly, I didn’t recognise him from the tee), but Patrick Nagel was a new name to me, which I think shows my considerable lack of art history knowledge, but once I found this website about him I did actually recognise the style (I’m cultured!), and the t-shirt started to make a whole lot more sense.


I did something quite unusual with this t-shirt; I wore it on a night out before doing the review. Usually I take the pictures, do the review, and then I’ll wear it at some point in the future, but with this tee I took the pictures then wore it on a Saturday night out with my friends. One of the problems with everyone knowing that I have a large collection of t-shirts that have been sent to me for free rather than me picking and choosing them from shops is that they feel they can say whatever they want about my clothes. Reactions ranged from “that is a horrible t-shirt”, “that looks really weird”, to “isn’t that the guy from Twisted Sister?” Over an entire night only one of my friends realised that the image was of Diamond Dave of Van Halen fame, and none of them were particularly enamoured with it. Out of everyone I know, I’m the only person that actually likes this shirt, so I think that the Patrick Nagel style combined with Roth’s rather ‘unique’ appearance really makes this a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of design, although I guess it could be a British thing, maybe in the US where Van Halen were a lot bigger it would be a whole different story. But its not just the person that I find interesting about this tee, the bright, bold, and numerous colours of Roth and the pink stripes in the background being put over the dullness of the grey t-shirt work really well, providing great contrast.


Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction have been impressing pretty much everyone with their designs, and I’m just as impressed with their quality level, and the press package that they’ve put together. I don’t usually talk about the little press bits that I get sent, but they looked really cool (pics below), and made it feel like they were a company who put a lot more into the design aspect of their business than just the end product. The blank tee is provided by American Apparel, so we all know what the deal is there by now, and the print is amongst the thickest plastisol ink that I’ve ever had (I could be wrong about it being plastisol though). I would imagine that the print is thick because they wanted to produce really solid, vibrant colours, in keeping with Nagel’s style, but it doesn’t make the tee feel at all heavy.

Costiness=$34 Link

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Damn, that was long title!

I’m currently wading through the quagmire that I call a ‘migraine hangover’, the day after a bad migraine where you feel like you’ve got a hangover but didn’t get to have all the drinking fun, so I’m going to hand the typing duties over to whoever it is that writes AITAs press releases.

The new Spring/Summer 2008 line from Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction highlights seven new artists creating original designs. One of these bright artists is Thom Lessner who designed the David Lee Nagel parody tee.

The very talented Mr. Lessner brings bipolar hero worship alive in this tribute to both Patrick Nagel and Diamond Dave in the David Lee Nagel tee. The tee is available for both men and women and includes the 80’s, 90’s and the naughty auties all in one!

Thom Lessner originated from Ohio and is now living and playing in Philadelphia. Thom’s parodied cartoon renditions of pop culture figures have become his signature style and his works have traveled through Philadelphia’s SPECTOR gallery, Los Angeles, New York, and abroad. Currently, Thom is an ardent skateboarder and a rock n’ roll star in the costume-clad band Sweatheart.

To be completely honest, I don’t think that the David Lee Nagel tee is the best of the bunch in terms of the latest releases from AITA, but they seem to be really excited about it so I might be missing something, but I guess its hardly a surprise that my favourite has gold foil on it.

If you’d like to get 20% off this tee (or any in their store), just use the coupon code FF2008 in the checkout from now until May 9th and you will receive that 20% discount. Thanks to Katrina for that coupon code.

Costiness=$34 Link

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