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Post image for A t-shirt from Threadless to help with Philippine flood relief.

When I saw that Threadless were selling a t-shirt in support of Philippine flood relief I wondered if AJ Dimarucot would be behind the design, and of course he is, which is good because that virtually guaranteed that this shirt would be great. 100% of net proceeds from sales go to Architecture for Humanity’s Philippines Floods Response Program. You can find the shirt here, please don’t click on the first link to Threadless in this post, that’s an auto-link to my affiliate link and I don’t think it would be right for me to make money out of a charity tee.


Post image for Collisiontheory’s 16th print at Design By Hümans – Cosmic Garden

Known for his cosmic and surreal designs, “Cosmic Garden” fits right into AJ Dimarucot’s (otherwise known as Collisiontheory) style. This is technically his 17th DBH print, cause “Twilight Rain” was recently reprinted on black for a Friday limited edition shirt (which looks great by the way), but it’s his 16th win. Now that I think about it though, “Black Hole Sun” was printed on different colors before they started doing the Friday limited edition prints…so do those previous ones count? Anyway, according to Wotto‘s post in the DBH forums, nicebleed holds the record as most printed at Design By Hümans with 16.5 prints. I forget where the half came from, but I think it’s somewhere in that thread. Point being, this brings Collisiontheory quite close to being THE top most printed artist at DBH.

Pick up his newest print for only $15 for the next 24 hours at Design By Hümans. I love his style and use of reality in dreamlike ways.



collision theory t-shirts

I like seeing it when indie artists gets some mainstream attention, though when you look at the amount of massive clients that AJ Dimarucot has worked with it’s hard to call him indie, but I still feel as if he’s within that community of t-shirt designers. He’s had a couple of his shirts made available at the hipster-giant that is Urban Outfitters, you can pick up the rocket tee and the skyline tee for $24 now, and who knows, maybe there’s more in the pipeline.


Need to hire a t-shirt designer?

by Andy on July 4, 2010

hire a t-shirt designer

One of the things I find in the t-shirt world is that if you want to hire a designer, it isn’t an easy task, there’s a lack of transparency, and there’s an awful lot of leg work. Maybe that process makes the final product better, but I can’t help it could be streamlined. Famed t-shirt designer AJ Dimarucot has stepped into the breach to help clear the cloudy waters somewhat by creating a site called Hire A T-Shirt Designer that is essentially a folio of t-shirt designers. There’s an image of a designer’s work, and a link to them, hopefully this will make it easier for line owners to discover designers eith the end result being that there will be more good t-shirts in the world, which is essentially my mission in life, getting people to wear good t-shirts (… I’m wasting my life).

I like what AJ is doing here but I feel I have to go full disclosure on this one. I’m working on a site that has a similar subject, but has a much larger scope, it’s early days so I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but if my partner and I can pull it off (oh hell yeah it’s a collaboration!) then it will become a great site that the whole t-shirt community will benefit from, which will be no mean feat but it could be big.

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It’s exceptionally rare that I’ll post about a tee being reprinted, especially a Threadless one, but it’s almost universally accepted that this design is 110% badass, so I just had to mention it. Oh, and why’s it printed on American Apparel, I thought Threadless only used their own shirts now?

Costiness=$20 Available from Threadless

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You know whose very, very good at creating t-shirt designs? AJ Dimarucot, that’s who. Frustratingly, on the product page for this design there is a photo of the lady above wearing a hoodie with this design on it, but there is no option to buy it… drat and double drat, Threadless, stop hoarding the hoodies for yourselves!

Costiness=$18 Available from Threadless


My pick for the Bestee Design of the Year

by Andy on January 22, 2009


When I first mentioned the 2008 Bestees I said I wasn’t going to provide any picks because I don’t follow Threadless closely enough to make an informed decision, but now that they’re down to 20 finalists from the 331 designs released last year I feel as if I can have a stab at it. I don’t really know how I should be judging this, because the name of the award is ‘design of the year’, yet I feel as if really we should be picking the t-shirt of the year. For example, I think that RED by Kneil Melicano is a fantastic image (as is “The Food Chain” by Olly Moss), but as a t-shirt it doesn’t particularly wow me, you know, I’d wear it, but I don’t think it would be a showpiece in my tee collection, so what are people meant to be voting for, the best image, or the best t-shirt as a whole?

For me, it should be the best t-shirt, which is why I eventually decided that “When Pandas Attack” by Jimiyo and AJ Dimarucot was my pick of the bunch. It’s probably indicative of how my tastes have slowly moved away from the stereotypical ‘Threadless style’ that I would pick a design that most people would probably feel was more suited to Design By Humans, but I must admit I was pretty tempted to pick Fail by Budi Satria Kwan because it’s so damn cute, or “Foam Monster in Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb” by Aled Lewis because it’s so damn funny.

So, any bets on Threadless reprinting all 20 finalists when they announce the Bestees?


What was new at Threadless this week?

by Andy on October 29, 2008

I’m really impressed with the releases at Threadless this week, and I think that AJ Dimarucot (aka collisiontheory) deserve an extra heaping of praise for his great design, the black/white one, called “Heaven and Earth“.



Barack Obama T-shirt by Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink, who spend most of their time producing some really rather beautiful illustrative tees, have collaborated with AJ Dimarucot to produce a line of t-shirts all about Barack Obama that they’ve called ‘Hope is Dope’. Its amazing just how many brands are producing designs and lines about the man who has Hope, I wonder if people will still proudly be wearing them in a years time, or perhaps Diesel Sweeties have hit the nail on the head?

Thriving Ink

Catch the Thriving Ink press release after the break.
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