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Hide Your Arms isn’t a place for politics, it’s a place for showing you guys cool clothes. That said, if there were less guns in the US, and it was harder to buy them, there would be less gun deaths (and probably less homicides too), it’s as simple as that. The cool thing about this design is that it is actually pretty wearable, it makes a statement and does it in a way that doesn’t have to compromise your style, like most political shirts do.

Crew necks, tees, and tank tops are available in the Akomplice store now.


Akomplice Summer Lookbook

by Andy on July 1, 2013

Akomplice have taken a really interesting course for this lookbook of their Summer collection, going behind the scenes on the music video for Blu’s Lemonade, which I think is a pretty cool idea.

Akomplice Summer Lookbook


Posting about a belt, and just a belt, is something of a rarity on the blog, but this is a pretty nice looking belt and the photoshoot is pretty bizarre so there was no way I wasn’t posting this.

Costiness=$45 Buy it at Akomplice


You’re probably thinking, hey, there’s a lot of stuff up there, and you’d be right, but that’s actually not even the whole collection, you can check out the rest of the range here.

These items haven’t hit the store yet, but be sure to head over to the webstore on Wednesday is something has grabbed your attention.


Just a couple of designs from famed street artist David Flores in this little collection but Akomplice have certainly managed to make quite a lot from it. Stormtroopers and a topless Kate Moss, what more could you want?

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Akomplice’s Magic Plant Lookbook

by Andy on March 20, 2013

I guess that if you’re going to put (presumably magic) mushrooms on a t-shirt then your lookbook is going to need to look pretty weird.



akomplice magic plant collection

Akomplice do seem to put out a lot of stuff, don’t the? Just last week we were talking about their hat and tees for Valentine’s and now here they are with a whole new collection featuring plants & patterns. There’s a lot of really wearable designs here, it’s not exactly the subject matter that you’d usually associate with a streetwear label but it works really well.

For their latest capsule collection, Akomplice takes a scientific field study approach with a botany twist in the form of the Magic Plant Series. Each item within the collection is individually hang-tagged with the botany handbook, illustrating the genus and species of each of these plants. The collection is comprised of t-shirts, crewneck pullovers, floral field jackets, 5-panel hats and even a skate deck. Each item is listed as either a stimulant, psychoactive, opiate or euphoria. The collection sports the same distinct floral print Akomplice used for their Holiday collaboration with X-Large, in a new, nice contrasting colorway. The floral print ranges from subtle accents on the contrast pocket tees to an all-over print on the field jacket, shorts and 5-panel cap. While floral print may be en vogue, Akomplice takes a novel approach to it as each of the flowers in the Magic Plant Series possess special chemical compounds. Akomplice constantly seeks to traverse the trail less traveled both literally and figuratively, a trait communicated thoughtfully through this distinct collection which could be described as hippy inspired street wear. All photographs were composed by British bred Farmer Dobbs.


kiss pattern quickstrike hat

The notion of a streetwear company releasing a hat specifically because of Valentine’s Day does make me laugh, but it’s a cool hat so I’m not going to dwell on it for too long.

Hat=$30 Limited to 65 pieces at Akomplice Pocket Tees=$30 Buy them here


Akomplice Holiday 2012 Collection looks great

by Andy on December 6, 2012

Post image for Akomplice Holiday 2012 Collection looks great

This is a huge release from Akomplice, I didn’t put everything up top so you may want to click through to see the rest of the collection at the bottom of the post (and even there there’s not everything). I think I would wear just about all of it and that’s a good sign, they’re covering pretty much every part of your body (except the legs) with this release, and I was a little bit worried that it was a little bit too Christmas focused in the designs when I initially looked (I know it’s fun, but would you wear a Christmas sweater in July?), so I was glad to see that when I scrolled further there were plenty of year-round items in there too.

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Akomplice’s huge Fall 2012 line is here

by Andy on October 30, 2012

Post image for Akomplice’s huge Fall 2012 line is here

Presuming that there is an extra design hidden behind the logo in the middle, there’s 81 different items in Akomplice’s Fall collection, amazing!


Post image for David Flores x Akomplice Fall 2012 Collection This collaborative collection between renowned artist David Flores and Akomplice doesn’t actually go on sale until Saturday, so this is one of those very rare times when I don’t have to apologise for being really late posting something, I have to apologise for being too early!

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akomplice summer 2012

Fair to say they’ve been a bit busy!

There’s a lot to like here from Akomplice, and just as with my previous post about Home is Where Your Heart Is I’m again impressed with the level of variety on offer in this collection. I know I’m not any kind of authority on these matters, but I really rather like those shorts!


Daily Tees & News for December 13th

by Andy on December 13, 2011

my little pony pokemon t-shirt

I don’t really understand the crossover between My Little Pony and Pokemon, but I’m sure some of you will.

Having never watched Venture Bros I’m not particularly enamored with today’s shirt at RIPT.

Nice 8-bit tee at Shirt.Woot today.
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akomplice x david flores

David Flores, he’s something of a ‘get’ in the art world, right?

Really cool collection from Akomplice (who I haven’t written about in far too long). Each shirt is limited to 350 pieces, which for them is actually pretty limited I think, and they’re priced at $27 a piece.


Akomplice’s Summer Collection

by Andy on June 11, 2009


After last week’s teaser, here’s a closer look:

THE LIFE COLLECTION from Akomplice really holds true to it’s title. The Summer range has pieces for all walks of life; from the Jaquard Sweater to the Flip Shorts, mixing a prestigious cut with a relaxed style. The tees are just as worldly. With a collaboration between Akomplice and Hope (, 30% of all “Realer World T-Shirt” profits are given to impoverished communities in Africa. Akomplice also pays Homage to the lighter side of life by teaming up with the German based brand “Wemoto”. Together they produced “Bad Times”, a tee poking fun at most people’s outlook on the bad economy. The Life collection consists of: sweaters, shorts, polos, New Era hats, tee-shirts, and a skateboard deck. This is one of Akomplice’s most well rounded collections to date. Be on the look out for this new collection in your local Boutique or online at the Akomplice webstore.

I’ve put a fair chunk of the collection in the gallery below, but the pics don’t really show the items particularly well, so if you actually want to see the designs properly, head on over to the Akomplice site, or this page if you want to see everything without clicking around.

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Doin’ It by Akomplice Clothing [Reviews]

by Andy on April 16, 2009


I like Akomplice, and the guys that run it, but this kind of tee isn’t really for me, some people will like it, some people won’t, some people will find it offensive. I question whether I’ll wear this tee, it will probably remain in my closet until one of my friends has a themed-party that I can incorporate it into an outfit for, or unless I need to make myself look slightly less out of place at an R&B club, and even then it would probably just make me look more out of place.


As I often say when I’m sent a tee that doesn’t excite me (and considering the subject matter of this shirt that’s pretty poor choice of words), usually a logo tee, use this review as a guide for quality when you’re looking at the rest of their catalogue, because Akomplice do have a lot of great tees, there’s a lot to like in their latest line, for example. Akomplice do have high quality tees, nicely finished, more of a normal fit compared to the skinny-ness I’ve become accustomed to from American Apparel, and the prints are always decent too.

Costiness=$32.99 Buy it at Akomplice Clothing

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Akomplice Clothing S/S09

by Andy on April 15, 2009


Gee, there’s a lot of S/S ranges coming out at the moment, huh? It’s almost like these things are determined by the time of year!

I’ve actually still got a couple of tees from the previous range that I need to post, but it’s safe to presume that this latest line continues their tradition of high quality tees. They’ve kept things a lot tighter this time around, it’s not a huge release, which I presumed might be recession related, but the splash page of their site (who has one of those anymore?) says they’re hiring, so I guess that the good ship AK isn’t sailing in troubled waters.

Akomplice Clothing


Liberty by Akomplice Clothing [Review]

by Andy on January 27, 2009


As this review is auto-posted to Hide Your Arms (almost everything you read on here isn’t written on the same day as it is posted), I will beam sat on the train down to London to have the final interview at the American Embassy, hopefully resulting in me receiving a visa meaning I can finally fly to America to begin my internship, so I thought it would be appropriate to review a t-shirt that features that most American of icons, the Statue of Liberty.


Obviously, this isn’t your Grandma’s Statue of Liberty (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase), it is a Statue of Liberty that I’m sure some elements of America would agree more accurately represents the country that they live in today, even if change came to America just last week. Perhaps in time Lady Liberty will be able to swap her gun for the ice cream that she usually holds aloft.

On the back-right should of the tee there is some text (check out the gallery for close-ups) about how everyone in America is a ‘gangsta’ and that Liberty comes by the way of the gun. I don’t really think that it’s too necessary to the tee, for me, it just re-emphasizes the message when it’s already pretty clear what is going on.


If we were to chat quality, I’d have to give this tee a thumbs up. The tee feels lovely and soft, and whilst I think that the printing method is just regular old plastisol, it doesn’t feel too heavy despite being a pretty big print. Since Akomplice are a streetwear company, their sizes do run a fair bit larger than most of the companies that usually get reviewed here on HYA, I don’t think they’re massive though, the tee is probably a regular size and I’ve just become too used to wearing slim sized American Apparel tees, so I’d only recommend ordering a size down if you want a tight tee.

There is a little tag on the sleeve with Akomplice’s stylized logo on it. I quite like the way the white tag contrasts with the black of the tee, but you may hate it, in which case it shouldn’t be too hard to cut it off or pull out the stitching. There’s also a custom Akomplice hang tag in the tee, which looks rather nice.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy Liberty at Akomplice Clothing

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Akomplice’s new line is accomplished!

by Andy on December 15, 2008

Akomplice are a great example of a brand that know what taking photos is all about. They’ve got the cool lifestyle lookbook photo’s like the one above (and in the gallery), and then they’ve got standard photos of the individual items (also in the gallery) so that you can get a proper look at what you’re buying. It’s a good lesson for smaller brands to learn, if people can’t see what they’re going to buy, they aren’t going to buy it, so it’s important to learn how to take good photos of the clothes that designers have spent so much time working on. Also, nice pictures of clothes make HYA look better, which makes me more likely to post about those items, and I presume it’s a similar story with other bloggers and website owners.

This release is Akomplice’s 9th collection, and whilst I can’t really nail it down in terms of one style (it happily bounds across a number of styles), it seems pretty damn solid, lots of great pieces to cover you from head to toe, ensuring that there should be something for everyone to like in this collection… probably.

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Tank Fear-oy

by Andy on May 22, 2006


Today’s recommendation is a bit special, but I must admit I don’t know how much it costs.

Akomplice seem to have gone down the classy route with this jacket, and what makes clothing classy? Stitching!

The front of the jacket (not pictured) has Akomplice embroidered onto it on the left breast, but that’s not where the needle-work ends, oh no my friends. On the back (pictured, otherwise there would be no picture) there’s a load of tanks, lined up, ready for battle perhaps. But instead of firing deadly shells, they’re firing roses, and those roses are also embroidered, honestly, how sweet must this jacket look in reality rather than photoshop theory.

Akomplice clothing can be purchased from many locations online and at a store in most American states (as well as a few select stores globally). See the full list here.

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