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New designs in at Akumu Ink

by Andy on June 8, 2013

It’s been a while since we took at a look at the horror-based brand Akumu Ink, so it’s good to see them back on HYA with some new designs. These ones seem to be a little bit softer than previous styles, sure, there’s still blood and a chainsaw in there, but it seems to be a bit cuter somehow. Still cool though, I’m really digging the skull shirt/tank.

Tees and tanks are $25.99 and available in men’s and women’s cuts (not all are available as both a tank and tee), but since you guys are super special you can get 10% off with the coupon code HYA10.

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Couple of nice little promos to start the week from moreTvicar, get 25% off the two Akumu Ink shirts above with the coupon code AKUMUINK, making them £15 instead of £20, and use the code NOSTROMO to get 20% off a variety of sci-fi tees.


Very nice indeed from Akumu, I do love that they have a style and stick with it.

Costiness=$25.99 Buy it at Akumu Ink


Akumu Ink now available at moreTvicar

by Andy on September 7, 2012

Post image for Akumu Ink now available at moreTvicar

I’m a big fan of Akumu Ink, so it’s really cool to see them getting stocked by moreTvicar in the UK for us Brits that don’t want to wait a couple of weeks for a shirt and then possibly get stung by customs fees. As you’d imagine they haven’t got the whole range, and there’s a bit of a premium on buying them direct from Akumu Ink (£24.99 for a shirt) but if you want that shirt in a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks then it’s a small price to pay for a great horror tee.


akumu ink coupon code

Not the biggest coupon in the world, but certainly better than nothing. Between now and May 24th you can get 10% off your order at Akumu Ink if you buy two or more shirts with the coupon code AKUMU10.


Two new shirts from Akumu Ink

by Andy on November 7, 2011

akumu ink

I do love the way that Akumu Ink have their style and stick to it. Both shirts are $26 each, and the face design is available as a hoodie for $56.


Akumu Ink did a photoshoot in a cemetery

by Andy on August 10, 2011

akumu ink cemetery photoshoot From what I can tell they haven’t added any new shirts to their line-up, but it is cool to see Akumu Ink‘s shirts being worn by people rather than as mockups.


horror t-shirt

My buddies over at Akumu Ink certainly do come out with some creepy stuff, don’t they? I think that my favourite from this bumper release is Of Horror II (the bloody red on black design), which is a continuation of one of my favourite designs they’ve realeased. Each shirt will run you $21.99, and at the moment they can all be easily found in the ‘new’ section.


akumu ink packaging

My buddies over at Akumu Ink are industrious fellows, they’ve been busy recently, but so have I so I haven’t managed to cover everything they’ve been up to, but I really like this idea they’ve had for their packaging so I just had to share it. I’ll let Aldora (Mrs. Akumu Ink) explain:

We’ve just came up with a new packaging that features a new wax seal with Akumu Ink in its Japanese characters. We want to make it a great experience for our customers when they receive the package; Hence: -> open the shipping package to find a stained envelope addressed to “My Dearly Departed” -> turn the package to open it, to find a wax seal -> open the wax seal -> to find the shirts they’ve ordered.

The great part about the wax seal is that in the end, they get to keep it whole, because it doesn’t fall apart, so it would be a great safe-keeping.

Pretty cool huh? It should probably be noted that you’ll only get this special packaging if you order 2 or more shirts. It’s good to see brands doing stuff like this with their packaging, because it helps to round out the brand as a whole and also make the purchasing experience much more enjoyable and memorable. As someone that gets sent a lot of t-shirts in the mail I am also happy to see a shirt just sliding out of a poly mailer or a thick paper envelope, but when people put in that bit of extra effort it does make it all a bit more exciting, and I’d be likely to tell people about it the purchase as well, so it’s probably a good marketing tool too.


New collection for 2011 at Akumu Ink

by Andy on March 15, 2011

new stuff from akumu ink

There’s so much new stuff at Akumu Ink that I thought the most effective way of showing you all their recent developments (they actually released this stuff more then 2 weeks ago) was to take a screengrab from their front page and let you take a look for yourself without me holding your hand, you’re all grown up!


A couple of new shirts from Akumu Ink

by Andy on October 13, 2010

akumu ink t-shirt

I really feel like Akumu Ink have settled into a style that they’re comfortable with at the moment and it’s working for them, and by working for them, I mean that I like it. The designs are probably a bit too gothic lolita (a phrase that I’m not entirely sure I understand) for me to actually wear them, but I can see them being peopular with quite a lot of people. Also, for big dudes (and we always need a break, right?) they’re also offering a 2 XXL tees for $30 bundle, which is a saving of more than $10 over buying separately, and you get to pick your designs, it ain’t random.


akumu ink t-shirt Akumu Ink have pretty much been a one colour company since their birth, and by that I mean that all their designs only had one colour of ink on them. It worked well for their style, didn’t allow things to get too crazy, one of my problems with horror brands is that there is sometimes a feeling that the more colours you put on a tee the better it will be, and that level of colour restraint by Akumu Ink allowed their designs to be creepier than most. When I heard that they were adding more colours to their designs I was a little concerned that they would be jumping off a cliff into a rainbow coloured ocean, but typically the colour combos are complimentary and add something to the designs without going overboard.


3 New Tees from Akumu Ink

by Andy on June 10, 2010

suffocate t-shirt

Please bear in mind that these tees aren’t ‘new’, they’ve been available for almost 3 weeks now, but if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me!

These are three strong releases in my eyes, I especially like ‘Suffocate‘ (the one with the purple print), but the other two don’t exactly suck. Akumu Ink have clearly found their niche, they’re happy to stay in it, and I’m happy to see them there, next time I get an e-mail from them I don’t want to find a cutesy print, because that’s just not Akumu.



One of the problems with being British, and there are a few, is that when we order clothing from other countries it takes a while to get here, and it costs a lot to get here (even if an order sneaks past customs), so it’s convenient when a shop in the UK does the hard part and starts selling foreign brands. Elelctric Press are one of them that springs to mind, and now I’ve been told about another, Muazo. They currently selling two of my favourite brands, Akumu Ink and some hoodies from Tolky Monkys. Akumu Ink tees are £14.99 and TM hoodies are £34.99, I’ve been told these are sale prices, so I don’t know if they’ll stay that way forever though. Incidentally, I just noticed that Tolky Monkys have got a sale on at the moment, with tees as low as €12 so you might want to check that out.


Death Before Dishonor by Akumu Ink

by Andy on January 27, 2010

Some of you may be thinking, “hey, isn’t there a brand called death before dishonour that you’ve mentioned before and insist upon calling ‘badass’ at every opportunity?” Why yes, there is, but it’s also a 1987 film and an album by a Scottish punk band, so let’s gloss over that.

What clearly doesn’t need glossing over is that this is a damn good looking t-shirt, and that it’s good to see Akumu Ink getting more detail into their prints since I really think that it suits their style.

Costiness=$21.99 (for the tee) $48.50 (for the hoodie) Available from Akumu Ink



If you’re wanting to get a jump on next year’s Halloween festivities (I’ve missed out on Halloween for the past 4 years because of my French adventures) then there would be few better ways to do it than with a tee or two from Akumu Ink. The latest release is the single tee you can see in the pics, dubbed ‘The Ripper’, which it’s probably fair to assume is a design based upon famed serial killer Jack The Ripper. If you like the Akumu style then it’s pretty likely that you’re going to like this design, they have a look tha works and it’s no surprise that they stick to it, especially as there aren’t any other companies out there that I can think of with a similar style.

Also added to their store recently are some package options. You get to pick the tees and/or hoodie in each of the three package options (one package does feature a ‘mystery’ tee), and receive a discount that equates to 10-15% off buying the items individually.


Akumu Ink get possessed

by Andy on September 14, 2009


Our good buddies from Akumu Ink have taken a little bit of time off from their jam=packed schedule hitting up tattoo shows spreading the gospel of Akumu to add a new design to their shop. Available as both a v-neck and a regular neck to ladies and gents, ‘Possessed’ is pretty typical of Joey’s style, by which I mean something that is a bit dark but I’d still wear it despite not being a dark fellow.

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Akumu Ink: ‘new’ things!

by Andy on April 8, 2009

keyhood2 key001a face003

Of course, ‘new’ means that these were new a couple of weeks ago, but my crazy schedule and insistence upon being a tourist has meant that this week is largely going to be catch up time, as those of you that follow more than one t-shirt blog will have probably realised by now.

Akumu Ink

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The Storm is coming at Akumu Ink

by Andy on February 15, 2009


Here’s an interesting concept, a design that is inspired by one a band that Akumu Ink sponsor from the Netherlands called Meet the Storm, yet isn’t intended to promote them. As ideas go, I like it, usually bands want to be sponsored by clothing companies so that they get free stuff, and brands just want the exposure, so it’s good to see Akumu Ink trying to push the relationship a bit further.

Men’s: hoodie/Tee Women’s: Hoodie/Tee

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The Akumu Ink crew have toned things down a bit for their January release, instead of giving us a full on hit of death, like they usually do, they’ve gone a bit more subtle an are heading down the poison route. Poison kinda scares, it could be absolutely anything (and in China it usually is), you could just be gulping down some OJ and it turns out there’s some poison in it and you were none the wiser. Luckily, not many people live in the plot of a Bond movie, so being purposely poisoned is fairly unlikely… though the tee blogging world is becoming a mighty competitive place…..

I think that this design works much better as a tee than a hoodie, especially with the lower hem print on the shirt compared to the standard middle of the back placement on the hoodie.

Costiness=$21.99 (tee: mens/womens) $48.50 (hoodie: mens/womens)

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