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Paper Cut by Obey @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 4, 2008


We all know that Obey are on top of the tree when it comes to streetwear (well, hanging out in the top branches at the very least), and this all-over print is a good example of that. There’s a lot going on, and yet it doesn’t feel all that jarring on the eye, which is something I often find with all-over prints. The three repeating emblems look pretty badass, too.Costiness=$43.99 Link

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Deathbot Stockpile by Gama-Go

by Andy on January 24, 2008

deathbot stockpile hoodie by gama-go
Hold up, ho-ho-ho-hold up! Deathbot? I can’t believe I missed this off the robot posts!

I like the way that this is an all-over hoodie without being too stereotypically streetwear, I guess that’s probably because the colours don’t contrast too much, except for the lovely dash of colour that pops from the inside of the hood. Having the drawstring being the same as the inner hood colour is a great touch too. Isn’t it odd how I like the design because the colours don’t contrast too much, yet one of my favourite parts of the piece are that the hood and drawstring are an injection of bright colour. I truly am a fickle beast.

Costiness=$84 (free US domestic shipping) Link


Geometry by SCIFEN @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 18, 2008

Geometry hoody by SCIFEN @ Karmaloop
For some reason, when I look at this hoodie, the phrase “large and in charge” comes to mind. I have no idea why, it doesn’t even make sense, but I do think that it looks pretty damn cool, maybe the colours could do with popping a bit more, the brown and the burgundy seems a little bit subdued. Anyway, just thinking out loud here, is it conceivable that patterns like this that are used in streetwear are becoming the modern equivalent of tartan?

Costiness=$84.99 Link


One of my friends once saw Hayden Panettiere on a plane and says that she’s a tiny tiny person, so believe or not, this may well actually be a full size photo.

Yep, it seems as if Primp has been gifting to celebs again, because Hayden was spotted a while back wearing this hoodie on it and I figured that it wouldn’t exactly take Gil Grissom to work out where it came from.

I have found this very same hoodie, for $165 from Revolve, but unfortunately it’s sold out. If you willing to settle for a different colour, then you can find it in grey at ShopBop for just $82.50 (half price, obviously). The repeating bird (is it a swallow?) print is pretty cool, and I think that it actually works better in the grey than the purple to be honest, although little Miss Bennett doesn’t exactly look terrible in it!



Considering I thought that celebrities were sent free clothes all the time, Britney Spears does seem to wear that Clover hoodie by Primp rather a lot, I’ve seen her wearing it on what I think were three separate occasions now on The Superficial (yeah, I read it, big whup, wanna fight about it?), presumably all shots taken on her frequent trips to Starbucks.


Anyway, is there any interest in me posting pictures of celebs wearing interesting stuff if I can find out where to buy it?

Costiness=$125 Link [pics nabbed from The Superficial]


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