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Almaic brand release [Submitted]

by Andy on August 30, 2012

Post image for Almaic brand release [Submitted]

Almaic is a culmination of the culture and creativity that has been in my bloodline for hundreds of years. My family fled from Iraq in the early 90’s seeking political refuge and it was in America where I fully embraced my artistic abilities. Almaic was created as an outlet for me to showcase my gift as well as leave my imprint on the world. I have chosen to focus the brand on the juxtaposition of hip-hip culture, modern design and my heritage in combinations that blend the abstract and the authentic. As I continue to embrace my past and present while focusing on cultivating meaningful relationships with the people, places, and things I come across in my future the brand will live and evolve as I do.

Andy: Is it just me or is the description here quite a lot more dramatic and… ‘wordy’ than you would expect when you see the items being sold? The designs are perfectly fine, but it’s hard for me to connect with them when they’re associated with a part of the US I’ve never visited (Portland and the North West), which is why I’m making fun of the text when really I should give someone that had to flee Iraq a bit more respect than that.


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