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“The Jester” a t-shirt from The Cyclery

by Andy on January 13, 2012

the cyclery

Since there are mountains and hills everywhere I look I don’t do a lot/any cycling, but I can certainly see the attraction for people, and I do hop on the exercise bike when I’m at the gym since I’m trying to get thighs of steel in time for snowboarding next month (would a rowing machine be better for this? Fitness fans please do jump into the comments). The Cyclery must presume that if people like to ride bikes then they’ll probably want to wear tees about them too since they’ve launched an Etsy store recently filled with a plethora of cycling based designs. They’ve offered to send a sample tee in so hopefully we’ll have a review up soon letting you know about the quality of their Alternative Apparel blanks and the silkscreen printing.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at The Cyclery


Vinyl is Forever at Soundscreen Design

by Andy on June 11, 2010

vinyl is forever hoodie

I’ve never got into vinyl, I can see the appeal, and there is definitely something cool about it, but I just know I’d end up breaking my whole collection someday, so my issue with the format is that I don’t feel it is forever. Cool hoodie though (also available in different colours and as a t-shirt.

Costiness=$40 Buy it at Soundscreen Design


Two new designs at FFee Clothing

by Andy on December 8, 2008

FFee Clothing are another of those companies where you expect good things when they drop new tees, and these two latest editions to their lineup do not disappoint.


Drexel for Tasty Tees [Review]

by Andy on November 23, 2008

You can’t buy this tee. Sorry. Tasty Tees are currently running a limited edition pre-order only model, they put a tee on sale for a week, see how many sell, and print that many (and maybe a few extras for guys like me). It’s a good way to make sure you don’t end up with lots of unwanted tees, but it also ensures that this review is basically me saying “nur nur ne nur nur, look what I’ve got.” With that in mind, I’m going to keep things a bit shorter than usual.

I’m starting to get into this whole burnout thing on tees, after my early fears of over-exposing myself, and I think that this design by Drexel is really well suited to a burnout tee, and the print is just as soft as the tee (which comes from Alternative Apparel stock) which helps the tee to compliment the design even more. The gallery after the break is surprisingly colourful considering how cold, dark, and miserable it is my region at the moment.

Tasty Tees

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Smack is a Vampire by dreXel for tasty tees

by Andy on September 15, 2008

It’s been a while since I heard anything from the Tasty Tees crew, so its quite a coincidence that their latest tee has been designed by someone called dreXel, and apparently there is a university in my soon-ish to be adopted hometown of Philadelphia called Drexel. What are the chances!

This design is going to be a limited edition affair, with pre-orders lasting until the end of the month, after which point you won’t be able to make an order for this tee as it is going to be pre-order only. The tees will all be printed up at the end of September/start of October and then hopefully will be shipped in the first week of October.

It’s available in a men’s crew tee, women’s crew tee, and a women’s scoop tee, all printed onto Alternative apparel blanks, and all $30 a pop.


New Shirts and website from FFee Clothing

by Andy on August 26, 2008

FFee Clothing have released eight new designs, shown above in the gallery, and redesigned their website, not shown above, but it does look really cool, they’ve got lots of hand-drawn text and illustrations mixed with photos, and… and… well, just go take a look yourself, its a treat for your eyes.

Their new packaging looks pretty gorgeous, so if you weren’t quite sure whether to make a purchase then that might be the tipping point for you.

FFee Clothing


Panther Hoodie by Partybots [Flickr Finds]

by Andy on August 1, 2008

Hey! Do you like panthers? Do you like hoodies? Do you like panthers printed onto hoodies? No? Oh. Sorry to have wasted your time.

If you happen to be a fan of panthers (and/or organic cotton), check out the blurbage:

Eco-Heather: Alternative earth’s eco-heather collection are now manufactured using organic cotton, recycled polyester & rayon made from naturally occurring polymers.

Panthers are pretty amazing. There are some really famous stories of them eating giant spiders and pterodactyls. They are so rad in fact, I painted this on my living room wall. It’s eyes follow me throughout the living room. I’m kind of hoping this artwork follows you around as well.

Artwork by Karl Addison

Costiness=$52.45 Flickr Link hoodie Link


Death From Above by Enclothe

by Andy on June 5, 2008


Dark grey on black, there aren’t many colourways around that are darker, and this one has some kind of ghostly fighter plane on it, which makes it an entirely different kind of dark, and kinda crazy…

Costiness=$22 Link


‘New’ shirts at FFee clothing

by Andy on May 16, 2008

beach2.jpg mask.jpgbird_people.jpg  yeti.jpg

Sorry guys, I totally forgot to mention these four ‘new’ designs that FFee released into the wild last month. They’re all $25, and all printed on Alternative Apparel.Oh, their blog is worth a gander too, lots of pretty pictures that aren’t necessarily related to t-shirts.

FFee Clothing


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