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ambigram t-shirt

I thought I’d better make sure that ‘ambigram’ was the right word for this kind of shirt (where if you flip over the word it still reads the same), and it was, but on the Wikipedia page it listed a few other names for them that I thought were pretty cool.

vertical palindromes (1965)
designatures (1979)
inversions (1980)
FlipScript (2008)

FlipScript? I’m sure they thought it was cool when they came up with it.

$10 today at Shirt.Woot



This post was meant to be about Loiter Ink‘s current design contest to win $1000 (and 20% of the profits there-after), but when I went on the site I found this really cool ambigram (reads the same upside-down as the ‘correct’ way up) tee I decided that it MUST be posted, after all, I’m sure that a lot of you out there have been fretting for years about the most awesome tee you could wear whilst doing a keg stand.

Costiness=$17/$35 (tee/hoodie) Buy it now at Loiter Ink (who used to be called Lucky Threadz, right?)


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