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Hi Andy! It’s been a while but we are still here. I just wanted to give a quick heads up about a 2 new releases.

Antisparkle Apparel has 2 new designs perfect for the Summer, Chase the Stars and Fearless. Both designs are available now in the Antisparkle store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Antisparkle End of Summer Sale [Submitted]

by Andy on September 28, 2012

Post image for Antisparkle End of Summer Sale [Submitted]

As the warm weather fades away and we prepare for Fall, Antisparkle is offering steep discounts on our Summer line (along with a few other designs). T-shirt prices start at $12.99 and sizes are limited.

As a special thanks for Hide Your Arms readers enter ‘HYA10‘ at checkout for an additional 10% off.

Andy: They submitted this just over a week ago, but the sale is still going, however, it is also a week closer to finishing even if I don’t when that end date it. Basically, if you want something go and buy it now.


antisparkle neon summer 2012

Do you like bright things? If so, good, because if there’s one word that you can use to describe this ‘Neon Shades’ collection from Antisparkle it is BRIGHT. With a name like that it’s hardly surprising that there’s plenty of neon amongst the tees, tanks and jewelry. The jewelry in particular is a nice addition to their store, I feel as if it rounds things out for them and provides something extra for potential customers.
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antisparkle t-shirt

So you guys want me to post more ‘cute’ stuff eh, is this anything like what you had in mind?

Antisparkle have just released their popular ‘geek is chic’ design on a hoodie, in a new colourway as a t-shirt, and also a new design with an uplifting/inspiring slogan. I think we all know that you won’t see me wearing a pink hoodie, so this release isn’t really for me, but I can certainly see the charm of the geeky character.


Daily Tee & News Roundup for November 23rd

by Andy on November 23, 2011

star trek t-shirt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s amazing that there aren’t more Star Trek t-shirts around. $10 today at TeeFury.

I like the name of this shirt, ‘Vinyl Frontier,’ almost as much as I like the design. $10 today at Tilteed.

Very nice Doctor Who t-shirt from Nowhere Bad today.

I’m not sure if this shirt at is a Deadmau5 reference or not, but I like it.

Not my favourite Shirt.Woot design ever but it definitely fits with their style.

I’m fairly sure there are a lot of people that would like this RIPT version of Battlestar Battleship to be a real thing.

Awesome shirt at The Yetee today, who would have thought that “Star Wars x crappy Christmas sweaters” would be such a good concept for a design?

And here I was thinking that all the “people whose names are also a state” had been done, well done 24tee.

TeeRaiders are dropping a Firefly design today.

Loviu really liked The Dark Knight, presumably.

Catch of the Day Tee provide us with our second Doctor Who shirt for Wednesday.

Shirt Punch seem to be the only company that have realised The Muppets are really popular at the moment.

Very pretty design from DBH today.

Let me remind you that Rigu is a thing I launched last week and it would be brilliant if you could check it out.

Glennz has released a desktop calendar for 2012 featuring some of his favourite designs.

80sTees satisfy my thirst for Seinfeld t-shirts with this George Costanza ‘Professional Hand Model’ tee. for $22.

Monsieur Steve is offering 20% off in his store today only with the coupon code onlytoday, though you do have to spend €70 to qualify for the saving.

PLNDR have up to 55% off goods from Mishka NYC.

A few months back on I Am The Trend Monique from Antisparkle featured “3 Affordable and Creative Branded Packaging Ideas” that I’m sure store owners will want to take a look at.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a daily roundup for store owner resources, but I’ve been finding some good stuff recently, here’s “Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website” from Smashing Magazine.

Mashable have 7 Tips to Make Your Blog Stickier. A lot of shirt brands have a blog that this info can apply to, but it’s important to note that a lot of the tips apply to non-blog content too.

Kissmetrics have a super guide to marketing using Twitter, and also a post with a guy claiming to have a 2% bounce rate which if you know your bounce rates you know is astoundingly low.

I Am The Trend’s Black Friday List is up and it has more than 80 brands on it, crazy! My initial list will be up in a few hours.

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Antisparkle fight cancer by releasing a print

by Andy on September 22, 2011

antisparkle cancer charity print

Antisparkle are attempting to raise $1000 for the American Cancer Society through the sale of the print that you can see above. Available for $12, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the charity. It’s a lofty goal to donate that much, but I wish them luck.


geek is chic t-shirt

I’m a guy and will therefore never wear this, but I know it’s cute. This shirt represents the first of what Antisparkle hope will be monthly releases, which I think it a good release schedule for small brands that haven’t reached the point of releasing really large collections or restocking items every week. By releasing on a monthly schedule you keep yourself in everyone’s mind and keep the brand moving forward. This is also the first Antisparkle shirt to have a back print (which look a bit like someone tagged with with very neat graffiti in my opinion, in a good way) as well as a custom printed hang tag.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Antisparkle


Antisparkle Apparel will be holding their first Black Friday sale. All weekend we are offering 30% off of your purchase with the code STARPOWER. We even have an extra special 24 hour deal for Facebook fans and email subscribers only! Like us or sign up to be in the know.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission!]

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