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AnyForty Massive Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on January 10, 2014

Anyforty sale

AnyForty, who have been on HYA a few times are currently having a massive sale. Prior to this sale I bought a mystery pack of 3 t-shirts for £40 and was super chuffed that one of the tees was a design from Meggs (last image), the very graffiti artist that attracted me to AnyForty in the first place.

One of the tees was their logo tee, which is far cooler than you would expect with the words ‘AnyForty’ created from vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, so not as blatant, printed as white on maroon.

Everything is in the region of 50% off and I’m not sure how long it’s on for so get on that shit while you can. The header reads ‘End of year sale’ , so celebrate now.

Follow this link to visit AnyForty online store.

AnyForty_45RPM_Maroon_Tee_massive_anyforty_4 AnyForty_X_IainMacarthur_Back_massive_anyforty_3 Predator_massive_anyforty_1AnyForty_X_UltraFry_Tee_massive_anyforty_2 SnapbackBlack_massive_anyforty_6 Pride_massive_anyforty_5HR__The_Australian_Invasion_Look-Book-133-706x499-480x339




anyforty interview

I’ve let this link sit around for a bit longer than I wished, so it’s not as fresh as it could be, but it’s still a pretty interesting read.


Post image for AnyForty x T-World Australian Invasion Series

This collaboration has been quite a long time coming, teaming up UK streetwear label AnyForty with the worlds only t-shirt magazine, T-World, to release a t-shirt series showcasing the best design talent from Australia. There’s quite a few more designs in the collection, but there’s only so much space on the blog, y’know?

It’s really impressive to see how AnyForty has been growing recently, there seems to be something new happening over there every day and they keep pushing themselves to greater heights. We all know that I’m a fan of T-world (even though I believe it has been shamefully bereft of references to HYA!), and it’s really cool to see someone of Eddie’s influence collaborating with a UK streetwear label when I would imagine it would have been more lucrative to partner with someone in the US (though clothing seems to be fairly global these days anyway, especially when you get towards the slightly more premium streetwear prices).

Each shirt is £30, and comes with a special 24-page edition of T-World that is specific to the t-shirt artist.


All tees £15 at AnfyForty until December 20th

by Andy on December 12, 2011

anyforty sale

It’s genuinely inspiring to see how much AnyForty have grown over the past year, Alan really is creating a special brand that the UK can be proud of. It’s also great to see him knocking £10 off every shirt (and snapback hats), making them £15 each until December 20th.


t-shirt exhibition

AnyForty let me know about this massive t-shirt exhibition going on in Sydney at the moment. There’s 1000+ t-shirts and 200+ brands on show at the exhibition (including AnyForty). The show is being run by the people behind T-World magazine (who still don’t have a website, but at least they have a Facebook page now), so there are a lot of good tees on show, some from brands we know and some from people that are new to me. Unfortunately the HYA jet is being repainted at the moment so I won’t be able to check it out in person, but all these pictures on the AnyForty blog help to make up for that.


anyforty clearance

Title says what you really need to know. AnyForty (which is now a Manchester based business, I think) have got a new line coming out in a couple of weeks so they’re clearing out stock. Obviously these shirts will be going quick, so get on it.


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