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whadafunk t-shirt

One the face of it, this new t-shirt from WHADAFUNK has their name on it and a couple of women working stripper poles either side. In theory, I should utterly hate this t-shirt, and yet, there is something kind of interesting about it, the style reminds me of a 70s TV show logo given a bit of a seedy twist, and because of that I’m willing to give the naked bodies on the shirt a pass since they seem like a necessary part of the design rather than something thrown in to titillate and make it a shirt your Grandma wouldn’t want you wearing. I’m still a bit on the fence about it, but I do like the colour choices and think that it’s well done.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at WHADAFUNK


“Astroid” t-shirt by Pattern & Shape

by Andy on January 22, 2011

pattern t-shirt

I’m going to presume that ‘astroid’ is an intentional misspelling.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Pattern & Shape

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pandycane t-shirt

I think that aqua is one of my favourite tee colours, I know it isn’t for everyone, but I like it. You guys are also well aware that I’m a fan of negative space in a design, so naturally, I rather like this design.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Pandycane (there was only 10 ever made, and only medium & extra small remain)


Aurora Hoodie by Fyasko at Raygun

by Andy on March 16, 2010

aurora hoodie by fyasko

Pattern hoodies like this can alway be a hit or miss affair, personally I find this one to be a hit, but if you told me you hated it I could totally understand why, because those stripes are a bit wide for my liking, thin them down a bit or make it more of a pinstripe style and I could see myself rocking this hoodie regularly.

Costiness=$65 Buy it at Raygun

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Shrine by Randr

by Andy on January 15, 2010

Is it just me or is there a bit of an 80s video game box art vibe going on with this design? Frikkin’ sweet colourway though, I’m generally a fan of aqua tees and the large amount of black does a good job of toning it down.

Costiness=$22 Available from Randr


Lightning by Dauerfeuer

by Andy on November 26, 2009



Costiness=€18 (down from €23) Available from Dauerfeuer [via Shirtspotting]


80s Checker by Loyal Army

by Andy on September 20, 2009


I remember being really excited to find the Loyal Army store on Haight St when I was in San Francisco earlier in the year. I also remember being a little disappointed that they didn’t have more designs for guys, but their style is probably a little feminine for most dudes anyway, so it’s understandable.

Costiness=$26 Available (in size L & XL only) at Loyal Army


Lots of stuff going on at Mediocore clothing

by Andy on September 12, 2008

Four things:

1) It’s end of summer party time! And you know what that means, everyone gets a free pair of 80s style sunglasses in their order, obviously! You can even pick the colour (see one of the gallery pictures for available options), just leave a comment when making the order via paypal. This offer lasts until 21/9. To see a picture of my looking douche-y wearing the previously mentioned sunglasses, click here.

2) The ongoing contest in which you could win Shark Week & TMNT DVDs and TMNT action figures is coming to a close (also on 21/9), I think that you are automatically entered if you make an order in the store.

3) coupon codes! I think that HIDEYOURARMS might work, but I can’t remember if that’s the code for 10% off. The code AWESOME will definitely get you 10% off though.

4) There are three new designs (Soakers n’ Skulls, Doodle Bolt on aqua, and Doodle Bolt on gold) that are on pre-order, hopefully shipping in early October.

Mediocore Clothing

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I don’t wanna get all Lynne Truss on you guys, but the slogan on this t-shirt is quite clearly a question, and what do questions have? Question marks. Otherwise, how would you know what was a question… ?

My pedantic grammar concerns aside, this tee is classic Local Celebrity. These guys really have the faux-80s look down. From the colourway to the slight vintage look on the white text print, to the ridiculously retro palm tree scene behind the car in all its tri-coloured glory, and of course the car itself is an icon of 80s excess, further enhancing the mood set by the design.

As I’ve mentioned in previous Local Celebrity reviews, I believe that LC create some of the finest quality t-shirts that I’ve come across. Ever. They’re incredibly soft, the prints don’t fade, the tees don’t get out of shape and they fit me just right (they’re a little shorter in the body than an AA tee). This latest example is no exception, top quality all the way. I know that sounds like an infomercial, but I really am very impressed.

Costiness=$25 Buy it here @ Local Celebrity


La Dolce Vita by a.mar.illo for Wooshka

by Andy on August 22, 2008

Wooshka have been doing pre-releases of new designs recently, allowing members to get the jump on the public for fresh tees, and get a pretty nifty discount at the same time. This tee, for example is $14 on pre-order, and will got up to its normal price of $20 at some point in the future (I’m not sure when the pre-order period ends). Pretty nice tee too, and yet another print for design competition regular Sven Palmowski (also known as a.mar.illo).

Costiness=$14 (for now) Pre-order it here


Not a t-shirt blog: 302designs

by Andy on July 27, 2006

I quite like letting the companies do the describing for me sometimes, and not just because I’m lazy, I’m just not as good at talking like a PR guy as designers are. Observe.

302designs, established in December 2004, is run and managed by four unique individuals. Each partner brings their own differentiated interests, skills, and backgrounds to the company.

Each design is a symbolic representation of an individual’s feelings. Some of the recurring themes are emphasizing the importance of listening to one’s own internal passion, promoting individuality, and maintaining strength from within.

302 considers itself a socially conscious establishment. Keeping with this theme, we refuse to contribute to sweatshop conditions of any type. Each shirt is printed on material from American Apparel, out of L.A. They support fair wages and benefits for all their employees.

But I guess that since 302designs describes itself as a company that creates ‘poetic t-shirts’, you’re going to get descriptive language, and this theme runs through into their t-shirt designs. All the tees marry life-affirming and inspiring text with intricate and detailed graphics. It’s one of the strongest line-ups of inventory that I’ve seen for quite a while, if I were to choose one I’d really struggle, I only picked the one in the picture (Imagination) because I prefer brighter colours in the summer.

There is also a full girls section, including one or two designs that aren’t available for the guys.

All the items seem well priced, running between $20-$27, and considering how great I think these tees look, well worth the price.



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