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Crook & Dagger (Dr Popcorn Apparel rebrand)

by Mr Four Fingers on August 8, 2013

Crook & Dagger

Ah, it’s always great to see brands going from  strength to strength and never settling but always burgeoning forward. Though this time the brand has moved forward, with a new name and a whole lot more punch. Back February at the Margin Trade Show we (Andy and Logan ) had the pleasure of meeting the guys behind Dr Popcorn Apparel but since then they have decided to change the name of their brand to Crook & Dagger as they felt their previous name was rather misleading and didn’t suit their ideals.

This was the right move. Now the gritty nature of their brand has a name that suits it. I was also pleased to see some bloody good photography, great looking models and shit hot lifestyle imagery which gives any brand, let alone a small independent  brand, a lot more kudos. They have also added some new designs, vests, tanks, sweaters (coming soon) and accessories like beanies and even a hoody for you little mutt.

CND16-2-2 E B CND188-2 CND13-2 I  burgundy_beanie-2-2 sid-2

As far as I can tell every tee is £25 with free postage in the UK so if you are into gritty illustrations with the occasional smattering of dark humour then head over to Crook & Dagger and have a gander. Make sure to enter HYABOMB at checkout to receive a 10% discount.


Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2013

Dr Popcorn Apparel

There are certain styles of illustration that set my pulse racing and ignite my dark imagination. The guys at Doctor Popcorn Apparel are doing just that. Andy and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Courtney, the guys behind DPA, at the recent Margin Trade Show. The driving force behind their brand is their t-shirt illustrations which are dark not only in colour but in theme. The majority of the illustrations are a combination of drawing, digital with a dash of vintage photography.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_2 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_1 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_5 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_7

DPA currently sell their -shirts as ‘On Demand’ meaning they are DTG. I can tell you know that they are great looking t-shirts. They are in the process of testing some of their designs out as screen-prints which have their own attractive qualities so we are keen to see how that works out.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_8 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_6

DPA had great product presentation with a good looking catalogue and nice hangar tags making the whole presentation feel quite professional. It also helps that chatting to these guys was as easy as liking their t-shirts. There is no ‘biggin up’ by DPA, their ethos is honest and gritty.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_4Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_9Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_10 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_11

All their t-shirts are available from their online store at Dr Popcorn Apparel for £25 a pop (on sale). They have designs for both men and women with some great looking packaging. Another curious thing about DPA is that all their designs have actual names like James, Harold and Elizabeth. Be sure to check them out.


Post image for Gordon Holden is a little weird; we’re “magical”

We got an email from Gordon Holden recently. His site is pretty interesting (and, well, confusing), but from what I can gather he is an artist who also likes to design tees every so often.

Anyway, back to the email. It was short and sweet. “i like what you do. it is magical.”

After that, there was no way we weren’t going to check out his site. What we saw was interesting, and very well designed (though maybe beyond the price range of most people).

The tees look great. They’re a little strange, but this is a guy who sent us a two sentence email and called us magical, so you get what you ask for.

The problem is that this is art, really, and art ain’t cheap. You’re looking at $62-$66 for a single t-shirt, which is far from cheap. In fact, everything that I’m wearing right now (bar my shoes) didn’t cost that much. But if you’re interested in these designs, and have a little chunk of change spare, then there’s no reason not to buy one of these as a statement piece.

Just wash it very, very carefully.

(Costliness = $62-$66)


Hands-On LiHai T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on September 10, 2012

Amy wearing her NO EVIL tee

I’ve had an abundance of reviews sent to me recently and this one in particular stuck out in the crowd.  Arriving in a sleek long black tube, I was actually confused as to what I possibly ordered for myself that I forgot about.  Lo and behold I wasn’t losing my mind, I hadn’t ordered anything, but it was in fact some t-shirts coming from brand new clothing company LiHai!  They just launched in August and they’ve kicked things off with a bang!

The black tube mailer was definitely a really different approach to mailing t-shirts.  Very sturdy yet simple with a silver logo sticker placed in the center of the tube.  Part of me feels bad throwing it out and wants to find a use for it so it’s kind of still just sitting here at the moment.  Inside wrapped in tissue paper were two t-shirts and some stickers and small square business cards.

The stickers were cool because they had partial images of the t-shirt designs I received along with a few others of logos and other designs in their collection.  These nifty little square business cards were another creative approach to a basic business card.  LiHai really tries to take a distinct path rather than a normal approach to basic business elements and I really enjoy that about them.  I want to hop right into the designs because these were intricate and just amazing to look at!

This first one is titled “Audio Visual”.  It’s printed on a deep grey unisex t-shirt with colors like black, white and red encompassing the design.  This design is beyond amazing to stare at!  The way they made her hair as the chords and plugs and her feet as the speakers.  Her chest area is made up of the turn tables and the different tuning buttons.  The best part which I didn’t even pick up on until I put the shirt on and my mom looked at me in it; the entire red background of the design is actually lettering that says “Audio Visual” repeated over and over in exquisite text that makes you not realize it’s even wording.

 Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

The detail throughout the entire design from top to bottom is incredible.  Every part of this design links itself together somehow, someway.  I love the simple use of color and texture through the use of text and shading and lines.  

Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

Though it’s a unisex fit, this shirt fits pretty nicely on me.  I received a size Small in this and it’s soft and not too tight or too big as some unisex fits are.  It’s a little larger then the other t-shirt they sent me which is a girl’s cut but all in all it fits nicely and is comfortable!

My dog wanted to get in on the photo too!

Let’s move on to the second t-shirt titled “No Evil”.  I loved the concept of this shirt immediately, “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!”  Vibrant, colorful blues take over this design on a black women’s t-shirt.

Another intricate and creative design by LiHai; “No Evil” takes an edgy approach to the Three Wise Monkey’s that embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.  Artistically including a spray paint can, headphones and a microphone, these monkey’s definitely give this tee an edge.

Just like the other t-shirt, “No Evil” includes a ton of detail as you can notice in the close up image above.  The background is a series of different intertwining lines creating a repeating pattern.  The fronts of the monkeys include a faint yet detailed logo design for LiHai.  These tiny delicate details in both shirts really make the designs come together and fall into place.  You can tell they’ve really taken the time on their artwork to complete an entire piece and make something that is not only intriguing to the eye but attractive to wear.

Once again they slipped in some crazy text in the background that says “No Evil” over and over again.  These shirts are like a fun game of I Spy!!  Blue is my favorite color and the contrast between the shades they chose is very appealing for this design.  The detail in their labels doesn’t disappoint either as seen below:

Unlike most independent companies who usually screen-print the label on the inside neckline or do a hem tag, LiHai went ahead and got their own private labels custom made and stitched inside.  Check out the back of the label:

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why does she think this label is so cool?”, right?  Well as I said, it’s rare to see an independent brand go all out with labels like this and not only did they make sure it was tailored to their brand but they made sure to include their brand name and/or logo on the front and back of the tag.  It’s those small details that matter sometimes!

I really enjoyed being able to review LiHai.  Their artwork was spectacular to examine and their overall packaging and branding is really spot on for having only launched in August.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future and how they begin to grow and expand.  Thanks again LiHai and Daryl C. for the incredible shirts – they’ve become some of my favorites to wear!!

Check out LiHai clothing here



Amy wearing her Global Warming T-Shirt

I’ve been getting a lot of goodies in the mail lately from reviews to purchases I made for myself.  Typically I know what it is from the packaging.  I’ll give it to Gage + Desoto, because they totally stumped me on this.  I knew ahead of time I was receiving a package from them and when it arrived it was really professional looking in a white large envelope with 1 simple mailing label.  I honestly though it was some legal documents I was waiting for, that’s how smooth it looked.  Low and behold, it was not legal papers, it was my Global Warming T-Shirt to review!!

Either people are really reading my reviews and noting that I enjoy a hand-written letter or everyone is just really polite these days, because as you can see above, Gage + Desoto sent along a nice note on their letter-head just for me!!  They kept it very simple with a simple note, the t-shirt and 1 small sticker for me to enjoy.  I appreciated that, because sometimes less is more.

Now for those who don’t know, Gage + Desoto are a unique resource for road cycling and design.  What does that mean exactly?  Well they like anything dealing with bikes and cycling and design.  Yes it’s actually pretty straight forward.  They sell items from books, to magazines, apparel, prints & stationary and even bikes!  Their shop is located in New York and they call it the The Red Hook Office: part offices, part bike studio, part clubhouse, and part storefront.  They are only open 2 days a week, but everything in store is also sold on their website – aside from the bikes of course.  So let me get to the point, Gage + Desoto partnered up with Pajamahouse to collaborate on a t-shirt.  Pajamahouse is a small studio located in New York and Tokyo dedicated to making fun and creative projects.  So now you see, these aren’t our typical t-shirt clothing brands (so I’ll cut them a little slack), these are design studios working together to bring you a brilliant t-shirt with baby arctic animals zooming down a bike lane.

The t-shirt is white and the design is very flattering placed right in the center of the tee.  The Gage + Desoto and Pajamahouse logos are screen-printed in the inside neck area (as seen in the photo above this).  They don’t give much of an explanation behind the design or tee on the website.  Why is it called Global Warming?  Why are there arctic animals on a bike?  Clearly putting two and two together the bike’s there because Gage + Desoto enjoy bikes.  Let’s go on…the animals?  I don’t know much about Pajamahouse but on G+D’s website they give reference to a “hit” by them called Desi Leaves Town .  I watched the trailer and it has animals in it.  It appears to be a game you can purchase to play with puzzles and tasks to complete, etc, etc.  Not really my cup of tea but if they’re making the games I mean I know how hard animation is so definite props to them for that.

Without much of a back-story to go on with this design I can only speak from opinion on what I see.  I”m a huge animal lover myself so the cute little cartoon-ish animals definitely captured my attention.  The word I’d use to describe this is “cute and quirky”.  It’s illustration at it’s finest from the bike to the animals.  Speaking from a design standpoint the lines of the bike draw your attention inward towards the animals, then up, down and around.  It’s a nice composition to look at.  Very flattering and the colors are subtle and friendly.  I think it’d be an outstanding children’s t-shirt, but as you can see in the photo at the top I totally rocked it by tying it up in the back, rolling up the sleeves (because they seemed to be longer than normal) and throwing it on for the day over my bikini.  It is a longer t-shirt, appears to be a unisex fit (not my 1st choice) which is why I’ll probably sleep in it or wear it as shown in the photo.  Being that it’s really one of the only t-shirts either of these companies have put out and it isn’t what they focus on as a whole; I think they did an incredible job with it.  It’s a really soft cotton and it’s a playful design.  I’m not sure of their target audience but as I mentioned, I would have suggested it on a children’s t-shirt or even a tote bag for that matter.

It’s for sale on Gage + Desoto’s website for $30 – which is way too much for a shirt like this in my opinion but their products are all on the pricier end so that’s to be expected.  After thinking about it for a bit, I’d guess that perhaps the name of the shirt “Global Warming T-Shirt” is a play on words relating to the design.  Arctic animals on a bike (you usually bike when it’s hotter outside and clearly these animals belong in a colder climate).  For those of you who caught on to that way before I do, let’s keep in mind I am a blonde.

Check out Gage + Desoto’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Check out Pajamahouse’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Thanks for the t-shirt Gage + Desoto & for allowing me to review it :)


Frida Kahlo in a Daft Punk t-shirt

by Andy on June 7, 2012

frida kahlo daft punk t-shirt

Fabian Ciraolo, via Kottke.


Some of you may have heard of Erin Cheyne the web designer (Winky Boo‘s web designer) but not many of you are aware that Erin has started her own line of clothing appropriately named, Erin Cheyne!  From the depths of the woods in a small town in Michigan near Detroit, Erin’s creativity is shining through in designing for her own indie brand.

There was never any doubt in my mind when my dear friend & web designer informed me she was going to launch her own independent clothing brand.  She has quite the knack for creating an artsy, hippie-like yet inspirational design.  Her prints, all screen-printed on her own equipment give a vintage look to the tee.  Starting small, Erin only printed a couple quality designs, to which I picked one up myself of course.  The one pictured above is not the one I own, this one is titled “Wanderer Tee” and Erin describes it as,

“Perfect for the adventurer, the dreamer or the directionally challenged in your life.  Not all who wander are lost.”

This is hand-printed on 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton and though, not specified it appears to be on a charcoal/black t-shirt with a white print.  I love the description and name of this shirt and the look of the print – though some may call this smudged or messy, I personally love it!  The design I have is not pictured on Erin’s website but it’s a typography tee with the words “Dream Big” repeating itself in a box-like format, upside down and backwards so you can read it like I like to as “Dream Big, Big Dream”!  I believe Erin is still updating her website so keep checking to see which designs go up for sale next.  I think, though just starting out and still finding her niche, she’s going to become a big hit with those who love this type of look!

Cost = $15.00    Buy it at Erin Cheyne



Parra and his surreal characters

by Mr Four Fingers on March 5, 2012

Parra and Rockwell


Over the years, Dutch artist, Parra has become one of the  most recognisable styles that I have seen, not just for the weird and kinky content but also for the bird like faces and looping hand drawn type. I used to own the a Wallow in Pity Self t-shirt (since gone missing) and it was only after wearing a few times did I reailse that it actually said this! I thought it was wallow in self pity. So Im not sure why he changed it up, maybe just to be playful, but it still conveyed the same  meaning.

I first saw his designs at online clothing store Rockwell, amongst other designers, but since then Parra has taken over the whole store. I imagine this is due to his rise to fame in recent years.

T-shirts cost €35, so more expensive than the average but you are sure to stand out with some of these designs. There are also other products like pillows, hoodies and even duvet covers! Check out the online store here.


Daily T-shirt Roundup for January 9th

by Andy on January 9, 2012

sloth goonies t-shirt

I’m not too excited by the Sloth & Crossbones Goonies shirt at TeeFury today, you?

Very cute illustration style on this Shirt.Woot tee, maybe this shirt will perk you up to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

Not the kind of Star Wars t-shirt that I’d wear, but a pretty cool concept from RIPT nonetheless.

Can anyone explain to me why The Yetee are describing this felines as pizzacats?

Very cool Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired t-shirt at Shirt Punch today.

GraphicLab have a shirt that is a little lost on me, it’s a mashup of The Impossible Man from the Marvel universe and Magnitude from Community.

Star Trek inspired visual pun from TeeMinus24 today.

I’m fairly sure that this TeeRaiders design is the first Warehouse 13 shirt that I’ve seen. give this well worn phrase another run out.

OtherTees have a Doctor Who shirt that I’m sure I’ve seen before.

Qwertee make a connection between Portal and zombies.

We don’t have Fresca over here in the UK, so this 24tee shirt is wasted on me.

Cool new shirt at DBH today.

There’s a couple of new shirts up on pre-order at Goodjoe.

Loviu reiterate their ‘barbie is a slut’ stance.

Tilteed have their boomerang-based design up again.

Catch of the Day Tee have nothing for us, again.

Tee Gazette has an update on the Boston Tee Party event being held in the summer.

I saw this t-shirt on Flickr months ago and it’s taken me until now to remember to post it.

Co-Tee TV Episode 88: Moustardche, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

Coty has a new episode of Co-Tee TV up, featuring Moustardache, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs.

The selection process may have been unscientific, but it’s nice to see HYA at the top (the position may or may not mean anything) of this list of the “21 Most Important t-shirt blogs of 2011.”

Tee Hunter take a look at the A Bathing Ape x Star Wars collection.

Fuel Your Creativity have an article about starting a clothing line with no money. It does make it all seems a little easy in my eyes, but there are worse stepping off points.

Here’s another t-shirt from PalmerCash I bookmarked ages ago but never got around to posting about.

2sickbastards have got up to 50% off their art prints until January 13th.

Snapback hats are now in store at Glamour Kills.

Did you know that howies was part of Timberland? I say was because as of the start of this year they bought themselves out and are now an independent business again.

Terratag‘s up to 50% off sale has hit it’s final week, ends on Friday.


asymmetric theory t-shirts

There seems to be a trend at the moment for tee models to wear a strange mask, has anyone else noticed that?

Asymmetric Theory have got some unusual designs the likes of which I rarely see nowadays, they feel more like ‘art on a t-shirt’ than regular t-shirt designs, and I think that they work, there’s a lot of really cool designs available.

The shirts are priced at $39 a piece, which seems like quite a lot (especially considering they’re 1 colour prints), but then I regularly post shirts that are around the £25 mark with that caveat that ‘Britain is expensive’ so it’s unfair to say that any shirt above $30 is too expensive just because there are people out there like TeeFury that sell shirts for $10 every day.


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along t-shirt

At TeeFury today they’re giving a portion of sales from the above Dr. Horrible shirt to Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon and the Lupus Foundation of America, so it’s you’re a fan of the show (shorts? Webisodes?) then I assume that this tee is a bit of a no-brainer.

Could this be a Firefly shirt from Qwertee? Imagine how popular that show would have been if it was still on air?

Very cool shirt from Loviu today, though I do question the decision to make the ladies shirt yellow, seems like part of the design gets lost in the background.

Do you love Starbucks? Do you love Star Wars? Do you love pop culture t-shirts? From $10 at RIPT today.

It’s quite hard to gush about this shirt, I doubt you’ll find people saying “ZOMG it’s so cool!!!11!!!” but it’s definitely a solid design that I’d be happy to wear. $10 at Shirt.Woot today.

Disappointment again from TeeMinus24, I want them to do well as I do with (almost) all shirt companies, but they’re going to need better designs and a better website if they’re going to survive.

Lovely design at Tilteed today, they’ve been on a bit of a roll recently, I’d be happy to see this one in my closet.


enclothe summer release

I’m wearing a hoodie and jeans and you’re trying to tell me that it’s Summer? I think that the British summer is long gone (it’ll probably be stunning this weekend after I’ve said that), so seeing someone releasing a Summer collection now feels a little silly to me, but when the tees look this good I should probably shut up and not complain about it. Oh, and if place an order before August 25th (tomorrow) use the coupon code Summer11 to save 11%.



respirator t-shirt

INDVSL, now there’s a blast from the past, those guys have been kicking out tees since before MySpace was cool. They’ve teamed up with a fellow called Logan Hicks to release a shirt coinciding with his show at Opera Gallery in NYC, where you can see some of Logan’s awfully impressive stencil work.

The shirt is organic cotton printed with discharge soy-ink, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of moral qualms of copious consumption,“>and can be picked up for $28 in green, red, or white.


Hey look, art! [Videos]

by Andy on March 11, 2011

Times Change from Quartier Croisette on Vimeo.

As it’s a Friday I thought I might take a quick break from tees and share a cool video that was sent in by an artist called Lucas Beaufort. It’s got nothing to do with t-shirts, but it’s shot beautifully and the music is lovely, enjoy.


Jon Burgerman: Art for Toffee

by Andy on April 12, 2010

jon burgerman art

A month and a bit ago renowned artist Jon Burgerman sent out a tweet that said something along the lines of “send me toffee, and I’ll send you art.” It’s an unusual offer, so I chanced it and sent him an e-mail asking if I could get in on it. As I’m from the Lake District I also asked if he liked fudge, because we know how to make good fudge here. Fortunately, I was one of the first three people to e-mail Jon, meaning that I was on my way to owning my first piece of original art from an artist people have actually heard of (my walls are covered in pretty things, but they’re mostly prints). That same day along with a couple of HYA tee orders I sent off about a kilo of local fudge and toffee. About a month later I got a letter that contained my drawing from Jon along with a Macbook keyboard cover, a poster, and a couple of stickers.

It’s stories like this that make me like the internet.
[click to continue…]


Print Society: A Better Way to Find Art

by Andy on January 13, 2010

This is off-topic, but it’s good enough to be off-topic that I shouldn’t need to justify it, but I just did, so we’re covered from all angles. Print Society is a site from the team that created Rumplo. Basically, it is to art, what Rumplo is to t-shirts, and I’m fairly sure that can only be a good thing, because it makes it easier for you to find cool art to make your walls less empty, because emptiness causes depression, and that’s (probably not but who knows really) a fact!

It’s been going for a while and there’s quite a few artists on there who I recognise, but also quite a lot that I don’t but whose work I like the look of, which is basically proof that the site works well, so check it out.




Ceci n’est pas un blog post.

Costiness=$24 Pour les hommes, et les femmes (avec gratuit expédition)

*I should probably point out that they aren’t French company, I just thought I’d run with that for the post, and they have some other good tees too so make sure you click through. Also, in the comments Nick from A Little Bit Weird shares an exclusive coupon codes with us, HYAwesome, that will get you $2 off your order, thanks Nick!


Get 25% off in the Black Rock Holiday Sale

by Andy on November 24, 2009


They may only sell two tees, but their prints and deck of cards look sweet, so if you want to pick up some goods from graphic designs version of Them Crooked Vultures (in that they’re a supergroup) then now would be a time.

Now need for a coupon code, discounts already applied.

Black Rock Collective Merchline store.


kozyndan have an Etsy account?

by Andy on November 11, 2009


This post has nothing to do with tees, but regular readers will be aware that I’m a bit of a fan of the art duo known as Kozyndan, and it would appear that they have an Etsy store to sell items that for one reason or another aren’t on their main site, like original paintings, drawings, and photograhs. Cool!

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HYA got some Godmachine!

by Andy on September 3, 2009


Godmachine was nice enough to send over a poster to brighten up the office, and I think you’ll agree, even with this crappy shaky photo (at least it will stop someone from ripping it off!), it looks pretty sweet. The post is still available from his store as part of a double-pack for £12.50.


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