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What’s going on with Tree Shirt House?

by Andy on June 13, 2012

tree shirt house t-shirts

Tree Shirt House got in touch to let me know what they’ve been up to since their launch and they have been really rather busy.

    They’ve given $1200 in donations to their charitable projects.
    Redesigned their website.
    Re-shot all of their product photography with French photograher Celine Hamelin.
    Introduced their ‘little hero’ collection of clothes for kids aged 2-10, from which they’re still giving a $5 donation to charity per tee sold, and also finger puppets of the animal related to the shirt purchased.

Of course their products remain both fair trade and organic certified. It’s cool to see a new tee company moving along so well and doing positive things. I look forward to the next time they check in!


publik polo shirt

Let’s be honest, if you think of polo shirts, you tend to think about guys wearing polos with a little embroidered horse on them, or if you’re in the UK/Europe it might be a crocodile (is Lacoste popular in the US? I can’t remember). That’s fine, but it’s normal, and if you’re visiting HYA chances are you don’t want to wear something normal, so these fun polo shirts from Japanese brand Publik are very welcome for those times when a t-shirt is too casual, but a shirt is too formal. With Publik being a fairly premium brand and Genevieve Gauckler and Sho Watanabe doing the design work it’s fair to say that we aren’t in bargain basement territory with these polos, but if you like them to the degree of $78ish then have at it.


9fountains t-shirts

I don’t think any of us can be sad about seeing 60% off prices at 9 Fountains. Please note that the timing is Singaporean time, which is +8 hours compared to GMT, there’s free shipping across Asia on all orders and free across the world if you order three or more shirts. Neat!


publik t-shirts I haven’t checked out what Japanese label Publik have been doing for a while, and as you can probably tell from the image and gallery above they’ve been doing a lot and they’ve been doing it well. Big name artists make up the shirts above including YUYA, Sho Watanabe, Graham Stark, Goeff McFetridge, Fly Productions and Genieve Gauckler. Sure, they cost a pretty penny, but they are some of the finest shirts that I’ve seen for an awfully long time.



When I first looked at this range of shirts from Ardentees I was impressed. I then checked out their store and was shocked to find that they were charging $50 per shirt, the same went for the tank tops, and they don’t even have sleeves!

I calmed slightly when I found that their prices are listed in Singaporean dollars, which makes their shirts a lot more like $35ish or £20ish, still not particularly cheap for Americans, but fairly normal for us Brits. The series of tees is largely based upon a poem by Tamkya Bell, who, naturally, I have never heard of.

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Wrongwroks open a in Beijing, how big are they?

by Andy on September 18, 2011

wrongwroks beijing store

I knew that Wrongwroks was popular in Asia, but I didn’t realise that they had reached the point where they could open a store in Beijing. Yes, they’re sharing it with Stussy, but I think that association alone shows how much of a well respected an entity they are on that continent. I don’t think that there are any HYA readers in China (please leave a comment if you are), but on the off-chance that a HYAer is in Beijning you’ll probably want to check the store out, I presume that the address is in the image below. More pictures here.



team manila lifestyle sale

Caught this one a little late sorry, but there’s still plenty to choose from in this Team Manila Lifestyle sale.


9fountains t-shirts

Singapore’s top t-shirt design competition, 9Fountains (I’m pretty sure there are no others in Singapore?), recently released 8 new designs and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by the level of quality that they have achieved. Their mission is help promote artists from Singapore and the rest of Asia and I think it’s fair to say that they’re trying hard with their goal, with only two of the winning designs coming from outside Asia, one of which was of course a Wotto piece (no design competition is complete without Wotto).


9 Fountains Sale on Facebook! [Submitted]

by Denise Mohan on June 1, 2011

9 Fountains has started a Facebook sale that will run from 30th May 2011 to 3rd June 2011. All tees are selling at 25% off on Facebook only. To make the deal just a little sweeter, we’ve thrown in free shipping WORLDWIDE, so it does not matter where in the world you live — all are invited to partake! Simply go to the 9 Fountains Facebook page and click on the “Shop Now” tab.

On your marks. Get set. GO!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission.]

This post was submitted by Denise Mohan.

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robot t-shirt

See, I said that I was going to cover more Tilteed releases, and I will continue to if the designs are going to be as nice as this.
You have got a couple of days to pick up the shirt for $12 before it’s gone.


Break Loose by FUP ART

by Andy on January 29, 2010

Post image for Break Loose by FUP ART

It might be because I’ve spent wayyyy too long staring at my screens today (I was up to three at one point when I was printing out packing lsips), but this optical illusion actually caught me out for a second before I realised I was just looking at a black print on a white tee. Unusually, you need to e-mail them to make an order, but if you want it I’m sure that won’t be a huge hurdle for you.

Costiness=$25 (presumably USD) Available from FUP ART


25% off at KIKS TYO until Sunday

by Andy on November 27, 2009


As I’ve shown in the past with KIKS TYO their goods ain’t exactly cheap, so this coupon code is very welcome.


Dot Print by Npfeel @ YesStyle

by Andy on April 9, 2008

Dot Print by Npfeel @ YesStyle

Star commenter Kevin reminded me to check out YesStyle a week ago, pointing out this hoodie in the process. For those of you that are unaware, YesStyle is a company that sells clothes and accessories by a variety of Asian designers that we wouldn’t usually get to hear about in the rest of the world. They also do electronics, books and games through, so you can think of them as an Asian Amazon.

But this is HYA, we care not for electronics (unless they’re being clumsily stuck onto t-shirts), we care for hoodies! This large black-and-white dot print from South Korean brand Npfeel is pretty cool, and also available with blue and pink dots. I do wish that the pattern would line up across the zipper though. Strangely, this is a ‘one size fits all’ hoodie, something which is very rare indeed, so make sure you study that size chart before placing an order.

Costiness=$60 Link

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