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Take a look at Strange Carlito

by Andy on June 28, 2013

Strange Carlito is a new brand from Australia formed by husband and wife team Anna and Bruno D’Amico, they’re influenced by art, graffiti, film music and nature with a bit of skate culture thrown in there for good measure.

They’ve got some really wearable designs, quite a lot of logo-based stuff that revolves around their weird-looking mascot, the tarsier. It’ll be interesting to see where they expand from this first range, there’s definitely a lot of potential with this brand and I like the approach of the people behind it.

As usual with tees from Australia there is a bit of a price premium simply because life and production there is more costly than in the US and here in the UK, so you’ll be laying down AUD$40.95 for a shirt. It’s a little higher than we’re used to but not to the point that it would be a big hurdle if you really liked a shirt.

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I love the simplicity of this, I’d wear it over the Summer whilst I was out grilling if I could trust myself not to ruin a white t-shirt whilst I was around a BBQ and condiments.

Costiness=AUD$40 Buy it at The Not So Friendly General Store


Say hello to Scared Til Death

by Andy on May 26, 2013

Scared Til Death have really impressed me with this ‘Winter’ (they’re Australian) collection of tees crew necks and hoodies (there’s more available but I thought seven pictures was enough), though the price is a bit off-putting to a European spoiled by all the free samples that I’ve received over the past few years, at AUD$60 for a tee which equates to pretty much USD$60 these days. It’s a lot for a t-shirt, but knowing the Australian market I would expect that they aren’t actually making a large markup on that, t-shirts simply cost more in Australia to the point where it has the unfortunate consequence of pricing out most customers from outside the country, especially if you add on the postage charges ($24 to the US for a tee, $28 to the UK). Honestly, it’s just too much and it’s something that I can’t ignore, which is a real pity.

Scared Til Death


Das Monk come at us again with another premium collection of tees from their artist collective. Loads of cool new tees, a little bit different from what we usually see on HYA but I would wear just about all of them, which is a pretty good sign. Like I say, they are premium garments from a country where tees generally tend to cost more anyway (Australia), so you’ll be laying down AUD$59.95 for a tee, but they do look nice so I’m sure a few of you will be more than tempted. Check out the whole collection here.


Doodleme and their cute doodle tees

by Andy on December 7, 2012

too much pesto t-shirt

There’s something very charming about these two tees from Aussie-based Doodleme, a company who wanted to get away from the ‘overly Photoshopped’ tees that they feel are dominating the market at the moment. I can see what they mean, it is quite refreshing to have a simple tees like these that are just lots of fun. Here’s hoping that there’s more to come from them in the future. The tees cost AUD$32 each.

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Post image for The New Pistol Clothing create their first t-shirt after 6 years in business

The New Pistol Clothing have been in business for 6 years as one of Australia’s leading POD companies, producing shirts with other people’s design on them, but they have now taken the next step and decided to launch their own range of designs, starting with this great hand pistol design. It isn’t actually out yet, but if you want to pre-order it for AUD$32.95 you can do so by e-mailing


Say hello to Hypnowl Empire

by Andy on October 19, 2012

Post image for Say hello to Hypnowl Empire

Threadless alumni Heiko (aka thestateofthings) recently got in touch to let me know that he has decided to branch out and start his own t-shirt label called Hypnowl Empire, and I’m sure glad he did because as you can see he’s got some really nice designs.

These American Apparel printed shirts do cost $39.99 each, and there’s no way to make that look cheap, but Heiko is in Australia and it costs a lot more to bring in the AA blank t-shirts, and printing costs more, basically everything costs more. I am sure this situation is much more frustrating to the people that try and build their brands than those of us that just want to buy those lovely shirts. I hope that Heiko can build a following in Australia at the very least because it would be great to see this brand grow and release more of those lovely designs.


Post image for Tee and Toast opens in Australia, offers 20% for the first week

The lovely Claire from Tee and Toast has gone global, opening an online store in Australia to cater for her customers on the other side of the planet.

Interestingly, whilst there is some crossover (some designs on the same theme but often with a different graphic), this Australian version offers many localised design of famous Australian icons such as the boomerang, which makes this site much more than just a way for people in that part of the world to get Tee and Toast gear quicker than before (and there’s free shipping to Australia and New Zealand too). They messaged me on Friday saying about there being 20% off for their first week. I don’t actually know when they opened so it might be the calendar week (ending tomorrow), so some other day, but if you want something you might as well grab it now to get that sweet saving.


snorg tees sale

Do American schools go back to school a lot earlier than in the UK, here the schools have only been closed for a couple of weeks for the Summer break but loads of American shirt sites, including Snorg, seem to be running ‘Back To School’ sales.


Post image for AnyForty x T-World Australian Invasion Series

This collaboration has been quite a long time coming, teaming up UK streetwear label AnyForty with the worlds only t-shirt magazine, T-World, to release a t-shirt series showcasing the best design talent from Australia. There’s quite a few more designs in the collection, but there’s only so much space on the blog, y’know?

It’s really impressive to see how AnyForty has been growing recently, there seems to be something new happening over there every day and they keep pushing themselves to greater heights. We all know that I’m a fan of T-world (even though I believe it has been shamefully bereft of references to HYA!), and it’s really cool to see someone of Eddie’s influence collaborating with a UK streetwear label when I would imagine it would have been more lucrative to partner with someone in the US (though clothing seems to be fairly global these days anyway, especially when you get towards the slightly more premium streetwear prices).

Each shirt is £30, and comes with a special 24-page edition of T-World that is specific to the t-shirt artist.


busy bee t-shirt

I would be lying if I said that the shirts at Purpleberry Blue were of my typical style, but that’s okay, partly because I don’t have to like everything, and partly because they only sell shirts for women and children. 10% of every shirt sold on Purpleberry Blue goes to help Crohn’s disease research, and that’s not just some charity that they’re picked out of the air, it means something. Will, the guy that started PB, suffered from Crohn’s disease from the age of 12 to 19, I don’t know how old he is now but I get the feeling that he is one of the fortunate one’s who have been able to get over the disease, and because he feels lucky to have his health back he wants to help others. I respect that a lot and wish him the best of luck.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Purpleberry Blue

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25 of the best t-shirts in the world

The list from FABNOB represents 25 of the best t-shirts that they’ve featured in their store over the past few years. I think it gives a bit of an insight into what Australians like on their tees, space, animals, and sunglasses!

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Hi Andy,
I thought you and your readers would be interested in hearing about the Design Comp we have going on here at Das Monk right now. It is open to all artists and designers, with the winner grabbing US$500 plus a spot in our Artist Collective (and a t-shirt no doubt!). Last year we had over 500 entries and we expect this year to be even bigger so we’d love you to spread the word via Hide Your Arms.
You can see all competition details here.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Andy: I love it when people treat the post submission page like sending me an e-mail, it feels so much more personal and as if they actually want to be involved with the site rather than just getting their publicity and never being in contact again.

This post was submitted by Brooke Hendrick.



Mountainman launched rather recently after the founder, John Hargreaves, graduated from High School. I don’t know how it works in Australia, but I take that to mean that John is pretty young. Still, there’s no reason why youth should get in the way of putting out a solid line of t-shirts if you’ve got the talent. John currently has four design in his Big Cartel powered store and the one above is my favourite, I also feel it gives a pretty good representation of his style (well, that and the launch poster, which I think he should get put onto some physical prints, pronto).

John is also blogging about the experience of creating his own designs and other aspects of launching his own line of tees. It does make for a very interesting read (for me, at least), and it’s cool to see the pride and passion that he clearly has for his work.

Looking forward to seeing what comes from Mountainman in the future.

Costiness=$23 (AUD?) Buy it at Mountainman


syke illustrated t-shirts

Syke Clothing got in touch a couple of days ago to say “hey, we’re here!” I checked them out and I am mighty impressed, they’ve got some great graphic tees and I guess they’re something of a lifestyle brand because they’ve got shirts, shorts, hoodies and jackets too. None of it is particularly cheap, but as I understand it getting anything produced in Australia is a costly business (they’re based in Melbourne), even compared to the UK, so there’s not a lot they can do about that, and it all looks like good quality stuff so maybe the price is justified, it’s hard to tell just looking at a monitor.

Costiness=AUD $59.95 Buy it at Syke Illustrated


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