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Avril Lavigne wearing an ugly hoodie

by Andy on January 19, 2010

Celebrity posts are few and far between on HYA at the moment, which I’m sure most of you find to be something of a blessing, but I quite like these posts because I can be rude without feeling too much guilt, since I doubt Avril (seen here about to attempt some kind of ‘bear attack’ pose) is going to see this post and get depressed because I said I don’t like her hoodie. I’m pretty sure it is one of her hoodies too since it is covered with the word ‘Abbey’, and her clothing line is called Abbey Dawn, so I don’t exactly need to put on a detective hat to work that one out. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, I just find it a bit messy, and the colour palette to be… bad.


Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood Avril Lavigne Out And About In Hollywood

I seemed to go through a phase of posting ‘Avril Lavigne wearing a hoodie looking pissed off at the paparazzi’ a while back but those posts tailed off when she ceased to release pop-pop-pop-punk tunes that I was embarrassed to enjoy listening to. I’ve got no idea who made the hoodie she’s so elegantly wearing, but I certainly do like the polka dot pattern on it.


And an Avril Lavigne Megapost for the finish

by Andy on October 27, 2008

I was wondering to myself who I should finish the big celebrity marathon with, and decided that Avril Lavigne was probably the best choice since I still had a few pictures of her left, and because she has been such a frequent subject of celebrity posts in the past.

The “Little Miss VIP” tee at the top is by Public Library, and I’ve managed to find it on sale, but its a Japanese site, so your mileage may vary. In the gallery there is also a few pics of Avril wearing a “Boys Like Girls” hoodie, they’re a band, so I guess you’d only buy that if you liked the band. There’s also two fairly non-descript grey hoodies with little stars on (one hoodie with red stars, the other with blue), which I doubt is anything really special and similar items can be found in a lot of high street shops, a t-shirt that I can’t quite make out the wording on, and lastly there is a black and white hoodie from her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sojourn into the world of celebrity blogging with a HYA slant, I enjoyed doing something a little bit different. Hopefully these posts will attract a whole new slew of readers who find the site through these celebrity posts, and then hopefully stick around for a little while and end up learning more about the wonderful world of independent clothing that is covered (… I still love that pun) on a daily basis here on Hide Your Arms.

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Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Like I said in my first Avril post of this Celebritee marathon, Avril Lavigne wears a lot of hoodies, so you can expect to see quite a bit more of her over the rest of the day, and she’ll probably be looking a tad annoyed to be photographed, as is her usual look. The purple hoodie is by Etnies judging by the text, but I’ve come up with nothing in terms of somewhere for you to actually buy it.


Avril Lavigne is… smiling?

by Andy on October 27, 2008

Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Avril Lavigne is definitely a friend of the hoodie, and I’ve featured her a lot on Hide Your Arms because of that, but usually in those posts she isn’t looking particularly happy (and you probably wouldn’t either with a camera lens in your face whenever you left the house), so its nice to see her actually smiling in a picture.

I’ve got no idea where the tiger print hoodie is from, but I’ve found with my previous Avril posts that her army of fans usually end up letting me know via the comments.


Avril Lavigne

That yay in the title may or may not be sarcastic, I haven’t decided yet. A surprisingly large amount of people seem to find HYA by searching for what she wears so clearly some people like her style, and I love that ‘Girlfriend’ song she did, but there’s just something about celebrities releasing clothing lines that seems doomed to mediocrity, so who knows how it’ll turn out. From the AP:

The edgy, pop-rock star’s clothing line “Abbey Dawn” was named after her childhood nickname.

“I actually am the designer,” she told Newsweek for editions on newsstands Monday. “I try everything on and approve it all.”

Hmmmm, I don’t know about you, but I was under the impression that designing clothes meant actually designing them, rather than trying them on and saying “yep, that’ll do, cha-ching!”

Full article @ Yahoo! News [Photo CC licensed by .Storm]


(Not so) Quicktees: Spoiled Brat

by Andy on March 12, 2008

Paris Hilton wearing a barbie tee

I know that a lot of people find their way to HYA by searching for what celebrities wear, even though celebrity-based posts account for less than 1% of all the posts written, so I’m sure that quite a lot of people will be interested in Spoiled Brat. SB is a site that sources clothing that celebrities have been spotted wearing, and lets you buy them, simple as that. You can even search through the clothing by celebrity; lets say you’re a fan of Lindsay Lohan’s style, you can just click on her page and a selection of items she’s been seen wearing pops up. For some of the celebrities the selection is rather lacking, just one item for Avril Lavigne and Scarlett Johansson, but then for someone like Paris Hilton there’s three pages of items. It’s not just for women either, men can get in on the action too, admit it dudes, you want to look like David Beckham. Since its a British site there is obviously a skew towards British celebrities, so you Americans might be a bit confused as to who some of the people are, and the prices are definitely British too (=high).

Spoiled Brat (and yes, this was meant to be a ‘quick’ post)

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Whilst Avril (who very cleverly didn’t change her name to become Mrs. Whibley) was at the beach getting papped in her bikini, I was happier to see her in this cute hoodie (not much happier, mind you!). I know that putting ears onto clothing is a dangerous business, you are pretty much leaving yourself open for mockery, but she’s famous so she can do pretty much whatever she wants, I guess.

I’ve done a bit of sleuthing around and can’t find this hoodie or anything that looks similar to it, but Avril does seem to wear some fairly nice hoodies that look similar to this, so maybe she’s wearing the same brand a lot which might make my hunt easier.


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