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Back To the Future

back to the future t-shirt

It’s quite strange to think that the series of films that helped to define the childhood of many people around me age is now actually reaching it’s ‘future’ date. I’m sure that 2015 seemed like a long way into the future when the film was released, but now it’s not far away at all. I’m going to be really disappointed when 2019 roles around and the world hasn’t turned into the sprawling neon cityscape of Blade Runner.

$10 today at TeeFury, designed by long-time HYA advertiser RubyRed.


back to the future t-shirt

It kind of scares me that shirts like this from BustedTees reference things from my childhood that in the movie world should have already happened (2010 in this case). I am old now.

Costiness=$14 Buy it at BustedTees


McFly’s Guitar & Amp Repairs

by Andy on May 14, 2011

Back to the Future T-shirt

McFly’s Guitar & Amp Repairs
Guitars seem to be a recurring theme through the first BTTF. The guitar in the design is the model Marty uses in the opening scene when he blows up the huge amp (that’s why the volume knob goes up to 11!). He goes on to play a vintage Gibson on stage at the Enchantment Under The Sea Ball, and also plays guitar in High School auditions.

Well, at least we know that Ruby Red has done his research!

Buy this Back To The Future T-shirt from Ruby Red Design


back to the future hoverboard t-shirt

It’s so obvious I was born in the 80s sometimes. Oh, and how cool does Cuppa’s hangtag look?

Costiness=$70 NSD Buy it at Cuppa T-shirts


McFly T-shirt by PalmerCash

by Andy on May 13, 2010

back to the future t-shirt

You can’t read the text, but it says:

A teen skater takes a crackpot’s DeLorean back to 1955, where he fends off his lustful future mom (1985). ***1/2

I like the concept (I also liked it when 2k by Gingham did it a few years ago), but who at PalmerCash has the stones to give a classic like Back to the Future 3.5 stars>

Costiness=$19.97 Buy it at PalmerCash


Back To The Future hoodie

It’s kind of strange to think that I’m a few months older than a movie that’s regarded as a classic of the 80s, I guess that means I’m officially becoming an old, old man, especially since I have a bad back after my not-actually-that-long hike at the weekend. Anyway, my impending frailty aside, this is a cool hoodie from Dark Bunny Tees, the people who usually make t-shirts that are “in-universe” of various movies, such as RoboCop and The Ring, this time around they’ve put a design onto a hoodie.

Only 20 of these are going to be made, so if you want one I suggest you make an order sharpish. It’s also available on a light grey hoodie (DeLorean colourway, perhaps?), if the blue isn’t to your taste.

Costiness=£39.99 Buy it at Dark Bunny Tees


Delorean Time Machine Schematic by 80sTees

by Andy on January 19, 2010

I know that this t-shirt comes from 80sTees and therefore isn’t ‘cool’, because really, who hasn’t heard of 80sTees? However, as a child of the 80s, I am always willing to overlook a few things if it allows me to get nostalgic about the movies I loved when I was young and not quite as bitter, and to be fair to this design, there isn’t really much more they could do with the concept, at least the blue of the shirt is being used as the ‘paper’ for the blueprints to be drawn onto.

Costiness=$20 Available from 80sTees [via Coty]


In the same way that I liked Found Item Clothing for making tees that went a level beyond “here’s the logo from a movie I like” to producing tees that ‘get’ the kind of people that like those movies, I like new tee upstart I’m A Hot Tee for making this tee for exactly the same reasons. The graphic and text doesn’t give too much away, I know that Back To The Future and the hoverboard are incredibly famous, but I’ve still got to give them props for not taking the easy way out.

You can get 15% off anything at I’m A Hot Tee by using the coupon code hide ‘em.

Costiness=$16.75 Buy the shirt at I’m A Hot Tee


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