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Goodie Two Sleeves released five bacon tees last week whilst I was hanging out in Gothenburg, thus why their ‘Friday Five’ is late on HYA. Bacon is one meme that will never seem to die on the internet, and I’m cool with that.


These 5 new designs were actually released on Friday at Goodie Two Sleeves, but if you haven’t seen them already then they might as well be new to you.

Use the coupon code UNBIRTHDAY to get 20% off your order from now until the end of the month.


pop culture beanie hats from snorg

Not a vintage week (again) at Snorg, the boobies and bacon shirts are a bit ‘crazy uncle’ for me, but the dinosaur shirt is pretty fun. Shirts $5 off this week as usual making them $14.95.


Three new shirts at Snorg Tees

by Andy on November 9, 2012

Post image for Three new shirts at Snorg Tees

I’m not getting too excited by anything at Snorg this week, the Thorium shirt is pretty cool but then we have seen something very, very similar before at OtherTees.


Post image for “Autobacon” t-shirt for bacon lovers (aka everyone) from Glennz

The funny thing about this shirt from Glennz is that this kind of machine is actually not that far from the realms of what is being worked on by scientists trying to create meat-like substances in laboratories.

Costiness=$16.95 (for now, raising later) Buy it at Glennz


bacon t-shirt

I hate it when I get beyond on the regular brands that I blog about every week, not that it really matters, I just like to have that kind of consistency on the site. A few nice releases at Goodie Two Sleeves last week, with the “Makin’ Bacon” shirt being my personal favourite.


snorgtees bacon ron swanson laughter

I would have sworn that snorgtees were already selling that bacon Experimental Jetset design, but I suppose it must have just been something similar, or I’m confusing it with many of the other bacon-ated t-shirt designs around the Internet. The medicine based design does fall a bit flat for me, because it’s called “laughter, the best medicine” but it isn’t entirely obvious that’s the joke just by looking at the image, ion this case I think a little more hand-holding would have helped the joke along.


T-shirt News for March 28th

by Andy on March 28, 2012

coffee t-shirts

I love this coffee cup character up at TeeFury today, it would be cool to see that as a vinyl toy.

Who doesn’t love a BLT? Well, I don’t since uncooked tomato weirds me out a bit (which in itself is odd since I will eat pretty much anything), the the rest of this design at Shirt.Woot is fine by me.

RIPT have a Dhalsim Street Fighter shirt up today, unfortunately the concept was done on Teefury last month and the commenters aren’t holding back on saying which they prefer.
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funny snorg tees

Yes, I know that ice isn’t exactly tasty, but since there’s now more than 7,000 posts on HYA I’m pretty sure I can write whatever I want as a title and it doesn’t matter, you guys just look at the pictures anyway right?

In spite of me not being a coffee drinker I’m going to say that my favourite shirt of the week from Snorg is the 8-bit styled coffee power-up design.


snorg tees latest funny t-shirts

Solid week from Snorg, all three shirts are $14.95 for the rest of the week, then they go up to $19.95.


teefury grab bag

Usually I think that mystery tees/grab bags are a bit of a waste of time, but in this instance I’m willing to be less cynical and accept that it’s a great way to pick up some shirts for friends & family at Christmas, pick up a couple of shirts in each size (you can order up to 12 per size) and if something turns up you like keep it for yourself, if not give it to a family member!

I really, really like this Hokkusai-based t-shirt design at RIPT today, absolutely fantastic.

All the bacon and eggs! Shirt.Woot.

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pokemon t-shirt

I stopped updating the Black Friday t-shirt deal list once it hit 109 items and I got a migraine, but please remember that not all those deals were just for Black Friday, a lot of them carry on until today and a few beyond that too.

Not often that you’ll see a Pokemon x Katamari Damacy shirt, but TeeFury have given us a great one today.

Qwertee have a shirt about The Hulk today.

The dance of the blue footed boobie makes a return at Tilteed.

Nowhere Bad have dropped a shirt about National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, of course.

I don’t know if there’s any significance to XYZ on the shirt, but I like the idea of the zip in the Y.

This rather magical tee at Shirt.Woot is also available as a long-sleeve tee.

Swiss Army Wolverine, huh, didn’t see that one coming, RIPT.

Very clever shirt from The Yetee, I wouldn’t call myself a massive fans of the Aliens series, but this concept works really well.

A fairly oblique reference to Futurama from TeeMinus24, but it’s always good to see a Futurama t-shirt.

Very interesting Bowser shirt from 24tee today, good style to it.

TeeRaiders are responsible for our Doctor Who shirt today.

GraphicLab have dropped their latest shirt and it’s a delightful mashup or Scott Pilgrim and Back To The Future.

Very nice musical shirt at Loviu today.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what the Japanese (right?) text says on this Back To The Future tee at Shirt Punch?

Tshirt Contest are parodying Game of Thrones with this bacon flavoured t-shirt.

No new shirt from DBH today, but every tee is $15 for Cyber Monday, I think that’s a pretty good deal!

Kissmetrics take a look at whether having your phone number om your website will increase sales. Hint, it usually does.

Honour Over Glory have released their Autumn/Winter Range, so obviously they had to make a promo video featuring hot girls in the woods.

BustedTees Cyber Monday offering is already down to 20% off.

166 Days have knocked theer shirts down to £9.99 for the week.

Social Fabrik are offering 15% off all their shirts today with the coupon code CYBERMONDAY.


Bacon is Kosher, right?

by Andy on March 21, 2010

bacon t-shirt

When I was in Philly I used to get breakfast on my way to work, and as is the artery-clogging tradition in the city of brotherly love, I would often get a bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel (with salt, pepper and ketchup, naturally), and every morning as I sat at the intern desks I felt as if I was slapping judaism in the face with a pork chop. This tee would have made a nice addition to the food list, eh?

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at KosherHam


200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

If you love food and you love tees, you’re going to love this post. Regular fans of the site will be aware that my love of tees is just about rivalled by my love of food. I wouldn’t describe myself as a foodie, I just like eating good food, and if I’m going to eat something unhealthy (like a burger) then why shouldn’t I try and eat the best one possible to justify all those delicious calories?

How it’s taken me this long to put together a food t-shirt list surprises me; there are hundreds of great tees out there for gourmands and gastronomes, and hopefully you’ll find something in this list you like.

If you were directed to this site from a link, tweet, stumble or something social like that, presumably this will be your first visit to HYA, so thanks for visiting and please look around the rest of the site or sign up for the RSS feed to keep yourself updated. If you liked the list it would be great if you could share it with others (Twitter, Facebook, writing the URL on a cake in frosting). As ever the shirts are not listed in any particular order, so don’t feel that the numbers mean anything, they’re just there so I can keep track of items. This list has been split into 4 pages of 50 tees, because having lots of people loading up 200 pictures at a time would be rather stressful to my server. If you want to jump through or load all the pages ahead of time in different tabs, here are links to the second, third and fourth pages.

Now, gorge yourself on t-shirts, they’re fat-free!

Check out the list


Bacon by Rizzo Tees

by Andy on November 5, 2009



I think it’s fair to say that this is one of the greatest product pictures ever to grace the pages of HYA!

The t-shirt probably won’t make a lot of sense to non-Americans (and non-Mexicans), but the design is a parody of the logo for a beer called Dos Equis, which has gained popularity (or at least is now recognised, I’m not sure if people actually drink it) due to an TV ad featuring “the most interesting man in the world.” It’s a good ad, and whilst beer is nice, it’s clearly no bacon, so Rizzo Tees have probably improved on the original.

Stay hungry… my friends.

Costiness=$16 Available from Rizzo Tees

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