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bag of bees t-shirt

Good to see Bag Of Bees getting back into the tee game (not that they were out of it for long), personal fave from thes e two is the 8-bit shirt since I don’t have an association with the Shoe Tree, even if it has got some really nice typework in the design. The shirts are £18 each and it says they’re a pre-order but it also say they’ll start shipping on July 20th so they might even be shipping now, I’m not sure, maybe BoB will jump into the comments to clear up the situation.

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bag of bees clearance sale

You know who make some great t-shirt designs? Bag Of Bees. You know which brand is clearing out all their old t-shirts to make way for new items coming in over the next few months through a voting process? Bag of Bees. Did you know that they are selling them for a borderline ridiculous £4, and that includes UK postage? Well, yeah, you knew the price from the title, but the free shipping thing was new!

Really great deal, I wholeheartedly recommend you get something before it’s all gone. BoB have transitioned a bit recently to become a design/branding agency, but they still love t-shirts and want that to remain as part of the business, which is good to see because they really do have some fantastic designs.

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prothglenone paradox society

I’m on Bag Of Bees mailing list, but they very rarely send out e-mails. So when I saw one from them it was something of a surprise, but they have some really cool shirts so I was expecting some new ones. They definitely have a very clean new website, but I don’t know if this particular t-shirt is new. I have no idea what’s going on in the shirt, I suspect possibly some kind of in joke, but I like it anyway.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Bag of Bees


Coupon code for £5 off at Bag of Bees

by Andy on November 4, 2010

bag of bees coupon code

The coupon code of TWITBEE (intended for their twitter followers but I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing it) will get you a £5 saving on any of the lovely tees in the Bag Of Bees shop. The coupon code will expire at the end of the month, and with their tees usually being £18 each the code makes them a more America-friendly price of £13, enjoy!


£5 off at Bag of Bees for their birthday

by Andy on September 21, 2010

bag of bees sale

I may have just discovered Bag Of Bees, the Northern Irish brand that make bee-yoo-tif-ul t-shirts, but they are already a year old, and celebrating their birthday by having a sale in which all their tees are £13 (that’s £5 off the regular price). It’s described as a ‘birthday week’ sale, but they started it on a Tuesday, so let’s look at our options for when this sale will end: Friday, the end of the working week; Sunday, the traditional end of the week; Tuesday, one week from when they announced the sale. Basically, if you’re gonna buy something do it by Friday and you’ll be safe, and should have better options in terms of sizing too.

They sent over a (currently unreleased) tee to me last week and the print quality is good, nice and vibrant. They do print on Gildan Ultra shirts which have an arm cut that I don’t care for (though I do like the torso cut, but still a mighty fine shirt overall, especially with their designs.


happy sad t-shirt by bag of bees

I really wish I’d known about Bag Of Bees last week because they’ve got some great looking typography tees, but in case you’ve had a bit much of them for the moment I thought I’d share this great happy/sad t-shirt of theirs. I implore you to check out the rest of the store, lots of good stuff going on from this British brand.

Costiness=£18 (free UK delivery) Buy it at Bag of Bees

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