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The Generic Band T-shirt [Submitted]

by Andy on January 8, 2013

Post image for The Generic Band T-shirt [Submitted]

We run a very small T-shirt shop in West London in the UK. The most asked for t-shirt is The Ramones t-shirt. The people who ask for this T-shirt are invariably under 18 years of age and have, I suspect, never listened to The Ramones in their lives. We don’t stock Ramones t-shirts for the simple fact that EVERY high-street clothes shop in the UK already does. We thought we’d design our own band T-shirt that everyone can wear, and you don’t even have to listen to them. Just for the record, we liked this band first.

Andy: I like this concept, funny stuff. Also, Balcony Shirts forgot to mention that they have 3 for 2 on all t-shirts this month so go wild and fill that virtual basket.


Possibly the most ripped-off T-shirt of modern times has to be the Banksy stencil t-shirt. We’ve had a go at creating one from a different angle by adding a little satire and self-deprication to the genre. This week only all our tees are just £10.

Andy: One of the things I know about Banksy is that he doesn’t mind his artwork being used in any way, as long as it isn’t sold on t-shirts and mugs and that kind of thing. People seem to think it’s okay to profit from Banksy’s work for some reason, but at least this shirt actually plays with an idea and makes fair use of the artwork to create commentary.

This post was submitted by Scott.


Red Leicester t-shirt for cheese fans

by Andy on September 28, 2010

red leicester t-shirt

When I started writing HYA I was a student at the University of Leicester, where the students union actually held a club night called Red Leicester* that had a Soviet theme so when I saw this tee I just had to post it.

Costiness=£12.50 Buy it at Balcony Shirts

*For anyone outside the UK (since the British don’t have a great reputation for cheese despite producing more varieties than the French), Red Leicester is a kind of cheese.

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cornish pasty t-shirt

This post, and this tee, is purely self-indulgence, but of course there’s nothing particularly wrong with that seeing as this is my site, but it does feel a little silly posting a tee about a foodstuff that most readers won’t have a clue about anyway. I’ve always been a fan of Cornish pasties (meat wrapping in pastry, what’s not to like), but the ones you get in Cornwall are so much nicer than anywhere else I’ve been. I can’t fathom how they do it, but I probably got a bit too addicted to them, which is why I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently (I call it ‘operation stop jiggling’), still, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good pasty.

Costiness=£12.50 Buy it at Balcony Shirts

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