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Bakesy is back at Johnny Cupcakes

by Andy on August 19, 2013

Definitely one of the better Johnny Cupcakes designs to be released over the past few months. It’s yours for $36 if you missed out on it the first time.


Post image for What’s fresh out of the oven at Johnny Cupcakes?

Four new items in at Johnny Cupcakes to start the week, with three tees and a snapback hat in what looks like the HYA colourway (no, I do not think JC is stealing my colours). I think my favourite is the ‘Bakesy’ shirt which takes the infamous Banksy rioter stencil and puts a baking twist. I’ve been pretty outspoken about people using Banksy’s artwork in the past when one of the things he specifically says is to not steal his work and put it onto t-shirts, but since JC is largely doing what Banksy himself does (taking artwork and altering it) then I see no problem here.


T-shirt news for March 26th

by Andy on March 26, 2012

I find it kind of odd that people would want to wear the mascot for an operating system, but this shirt from TeeFury ain’t too bad.

Shirt.Woot revamp the original cute cat poster.

I like The IT Crowd, I have a NES under my TV, and I like t-shirts. I like this from RIPT. Pretty sure I’ve written about this design in the past…
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Possibly the most ripped-off T-shirt of modern times has to be the Banksy stencil t-shirt. We’ve had a go at creating one from a different angle by adding a little satire and self-deprication to the genre. This week only all our tees are just £10.

Andy: One of the things I know about Banksy is that he doesn’t mind his artwork being used in any way, as long as it isn’t sold on t-shirts and mugs and that kind of thing. People seem to think it’s okay to profit from Banksy’s work for some reason, but at least this shirt actually plays with an idea and makes fair use of the artwork to create commentary.

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doctor who costume t-shirt

As far as costume shirts go I think this one could do with more… stuff, it’s a little subtle (even if that subtlety is due to accuracy), but you guys seem to love Doctor Who, so TeeFury are probably onto a winner here.

Mario x Banksy? Shirt.Woot you glorious bastards! I give it a week until this gets stenciled onto a wall.

Hahaha, “The Screamer”, very good work RIPT.

I really like the white on purple colourway from today, looks good.

I’ve decided to add Uneetee into the mix on my daily posts, they don’t release new shirt every day, but they do put a shirt on special offer, and today’s insaneetee is ‘Sacrifice’. Thinking about it, this gorgeous shirt is $19.99 down from $24.99, which is a saving of 20%, but all this week at Uneetee they’re offering 20% off all regularly-priced tees (so this one isn’t included), so there are tees in their store available cheaper.

Nice Dexter/Scream mashup design here from OtherTees.

It’s funny, but who would buy this Loviu shirt?


Shot Dead in the Head’s Banksy Tees

by Andy on January 23, 2009


Dear Mr. Banksy,

Due to popular demand we have printed 10 t-shirts with some of your most iconic prints.
If you read this please get in touch to claim your royalty fee as there are so many different opinions as to who you are.
Some say you are the son of a photocopy engineer, some say you are a public school boy and others that you are Bert Perkins a Big Issue seller from Bromley.
Failing that, all unclaimed royalties will go to charity.

SDIH will launch the Banksy printed T-shirts on Wednesday the 21st January. The t-shirts are printed with some of your most famous street arts such as the Balloon Girl, the Bomb Woman and the Monkey Print and will retail at £ 12.00 each and two for £ 20.00 from Shot Dead in the Head.

Kind regards
Shot Dead in the Head

You know what, even with the charity angle, I do not approve of this. If you look at the “shop” on Banksy’s official website, everything is free and he asks that the images are used for personal amusement only, not for any kind of business use. Basically, he doesn’t want people to be profiting for his artwork, and just because they’re going to give the royalties (which presumably means all the profit above their costs) to charity does necessarily make it right, though it certainly is better than street vendors in London hawking poorly-printed tees of the famed street artist’s works. Still, these are probably printed better than most of the crap out there, so if you want a Banksy tee, at least these shirts can ease your conscience a bit.

Oh, and whilst Shot Dead in the Head are trying to unmask the elusive spray-paint maestro, I’d be willing to bet that his representatives are a bit more likely to claim the royalties than this guy.


Kim Kardashian Photo Opportunity t-shirt

Here’s the thing, if Kim Kardashian wears a t-shirt that says “this is not a photo opportunity” in big bold letters, surely she’s only wearing it because she knows (or her publicist has organised) that the paparazzi are going to see her and take pictures of the supposed non-photo opportunity. I guess that in a way she’s right, a woman going shopping isn’t really a photo op, but making a fuss about how you don’t want to be made a fuss of doesn’t seem like sound logic to me.

Kim Kardashian Photo Opportunity t-shirt

Or perhaps, just perhaps, Kim is a big Banksy fan?

If you want to look like Kim Kardashian, you can find it here at the Emperors New Clothes for $30


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