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I’m slightly underselling TIMcity in that title, because I do think that these are really cool t-shirts from a brand that is founded by a t-shirt fan studying urban planning. The Amsterdam one was the most immediately recognisable to me as I’ve spent a few weekends navigating my way through the little streets and canals of Amsterdam (and will again next month), but it’s the New YorK design that stands out as being a bit abstract yet still iconic to me.

When you’re a brand that creates designs based upon various cities of the world there can often be a danger of making what look like tourist tees, the kind of thing you’d only buy if you were in the city, but I think these are cool enough to get away with it, especially with them being ‘world’ cities that people see as aspirational locations. There are 10 more cities on the way, so it will be interesting to see if the concept works on a larger scale with cities that have slightly less wanderlust attached to them. The shirts are priced at a premium of €39 a piece, which is quite high for us spoiled Brits and Americans, but if you like it then I’m sure that won’t be too much of a hindrance.


Cool kids t-shirts by Antonio Ladrillo

by Andy on November 27, 2012

Post image for Cool kids t-shirts by Antonio Ladrillo

You may remember me mentioning the lo-fi zombie tees by Antonio Ladrillo earlier this year, well he’s back and this time he’s gone a bit friendlier with a couple of t-shirts designed for kids. They’re available in sizes for kids that are 2/4/6 years old and available now on his site.


laminimal t-shirt

To be honest I don’t really get the meaning behind this shirt, perhaps it’s a play on ‘thinking outside the box’, but I don’t mind, I like the look of the shirt and like the pale yellow being the backdrop to that big black square.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at laminimal


kiniking t-shirts

Yes, I know that posting about a free shipping offer about 6 hours before it expires is a bit silly, but I only found out about it a few hours ago, and more than just letting you know about the free shipping I wanted to introduce you guys to Kiniking, who are a new-ish brand from Barcelona who have got some really nice tees in their catalogue, as well as those nifty hats that I’ve posted above. Their styles jump around a bit so it’s hard to pin them down to just one look, but everything I see in their shop looks good to me, so it’s all good. Tees come in at €21, which is pretty good by European standards.

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