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Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

by Amy_F on October 12, 2013

Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

Winky Boo is having an Everything Must Go sale where all t-shirts and tank tops are ONLY $5.00 + Free Shipping! Sale doesn’t end until everything is gone!

Shop Winky Boo Now!



Winky Boo: 1 Day Only Black Friday Sale

by Amy_F on November 22, 2012

Winky Boo Black Friday Sale

Get 25% off during checkout at Winky Boo 1 day only for Black Friday.  Sale starts 11/22 at 12am (EST) and will end 11/24 12am (EST).  Shop easy, shop indie, shop online!


Post image for yemayema reopens to clear old stock, shirts $8!

Mercedes reopened her yemayema store temporarily to help clear out the old stock she had left before she closed down. The shirts are good quality and the designs are clearly great, so for $8 a piece (one of them is even just $6) you can’t go wrong. I’m not sure how long this will last so you’d better act sooner rather than later.


enclothe reprints

Big restock over at Enclothe, reminds me just how many great designs that Derek has in store. Some of those designs have had a serious price cut as well with some tees as low as $8, tempted?


people like me sale

I’ve taken a look at their store and there are some big bargains to be had, with shirts being priced between $7.20 (ridiculous!) and $14.99 (less ridiculous, still pretty good!), definitely worth a look.

People Like Me



If you’re the kind of person that enjoys pissing off people that like the Tea Party then head over to Progresswear and grab a few cheap tees. No word on how long prices will be like this, but with them being “last chance” I can’t imagine it being very long.


Hey Andy,

Exciting times at FrogFacedSouply Towers, not only is the sun is out in old Blighty – prime t-shirt wearing weather, but we have a couple of new colourways and designs on the way very soon. So to pass the time till they drop we’re having a five day flash sale, with up to 50% off!! Go on – look good in the sun with one of our tees.


[Andy: The sun is indeed out, has been for most of the week, why the hell am I inside writing about t-shirts?]

This post was submitted by FrogFacedSouply.


threadbird mumford design

Threadbird (which is the printing wing of Storenvy) have released the latest version of their website (2.0 if you’re counting), and to go along with all the new features (more info for each product, new quote request form) and products they print on (business cards, postcards & more) they’re doing a similar promotion to the one they did last year. In 2010 they gave away a load of t-shirts which if I remember correctly were designed by Godmachine and had a seven colour print, it was a good way of showing off their printing abilities to potential clients (and clothing line owners that wanted a free tee). This time around the shirts aren’t free for everyone, but they aren’t far off. This years shirt (above) is designed by Mumford, and you can only get one if you are connected to the clothing industry in some way, though it would appear that they’re pretty easy about how connected you are, as this list shows:

To qualify for a free shirt you MUST be one of the following.
1. Run or work for a Clothing Company.
2. Be in a band or work with bands (label, manager, booking agent, etc)
3. Be a graphic designer that designs t-shirts
4. Run some type of website that has to do with t-shirts, music, or the arts.
5. Work for some type of company that would need tshirts printed at some point.

If you’re American (and in the United States) you can get a shirt completely for free, by heading to this link and signing up. If you’re outside the US then you can get a shirt for $1 + shipping, which is still a good deal. The freebies and $1 tees are only available for the first 500 orders, after which everyone can get it for $6 + shipping at the link I provided for non-US folks.


threadless t-shirts sale

I thought that this sale was going to start on August 19th to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Threadless launching, but I’m certainly not annoyed that they started celebrating early! Tees from $10, hoodies for $30, go, go, go!

Actually, scratch that $10 tees nonsense, I just found one for $5, so there’s probably more out there!


Summer has arrived at Enclothe

by Andy on August 11, 2010


Our old buddy Derek at Enclothe has just dropped his Summer 2010 range and it’s full of typically Enclothe-ish designs, that is to say, good designs that you’ll want to wear. There’s nothing too crazy or flashy, which is good because it would feel a bit strange if he turned his back on the style of the brand to follow the latest trends, but the prints are nice and big, which I’m a fan of. I was trying to think of a word that summed up the clothes of Enclothe, and I think they’re ‘interesting’, because you look at a design and wonder what it is that’s behind it, you may not know, and you may not find out, but the design will remain interesting.

Also interesting, the new bargain bin, with shirts as low as…. $2. Yep, two dollars, that was not a mis-type. If you manage to spend $50 (and if you’re buying bargain basement tees that seems unlikely) then you’re entitled to free shipping, as long as you’re in the US.


chop shop secret clearance sale

Of course, it’s not really a secret because they told me about it, knowing I would then tell you, opening a store and trying to get people to not visit would be very poor business. This sale is at Chop Shop is only secret in that it isn’t linked from anywhere in the rest of their store. It is of course a clearance sale so it’s limited items (some tees and prints/posters), limited sizes for most items, but also quite nice for those of you on a limited budget, as the prices start out at a ridiculous $4 and top out at an equally ridiculous $10, which is pretty cheap by itself. Peep this posterous page to see what’s on offer.


street food t-shirt

I could use this post to moan about the distinct lack of street food in the UK (I think it’s a growing trend though, surely it goes hand in hand with the rise of farmer’s markets?), but instead let’s just enjoy this tee, even if it doesn’t have any meat on it.

Costiness=$6.25 (!!) Buy it from Team Manila Lifestyle (shipping prices are mighty high though) [via ATshirtBlog]

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Hide Your Arms t-shirt sale because England really sucked last night

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to write this post, but because Rooney and co. displayed about as much passion last night as I do when it’s time to do the vacuuming, they once again failed to register a win in the World Cup, so the HYA tee remains on sale.

To tempt you into a purchase even more, I’ve dropped the price (even though I said I never would, ha!) by 50p, making it £7.50 ($11) for the tee, let’s be honest, that price is ridiculous, especially for a quality American Apparel t-shirt with a 4 colour print on it. It’d be great to ship out a few more to fans this week, and hopefully the sale will be ending on Wednesday when hopefully England live up to some of their potential and manage to beat Slovenia.


EIO Clothing sale

EIO Clothing are a t-shirt company who I can understand people looking at and going “that’s a bit pricey”, but as I have a few of their shirts (including this one worn by superstar DJ Calvin Harris), I know that you get what you pay for with them, and what you get is a really high quality tee that will last and last. At just under £10 for a tee that makes them look like an unbelievable bargain, I can’t remember them having a sale that went this low before, so may I suggest that you get on it?


$5 grab bag tees at TeeFury today only!

by Andy on June 15, 2010

teefury grab bag

You’ve got about 11 hours to get in on this deal, I’ve heard about people picking up older Design By Humans t-shirts in previous TeeFury grab-bag sales, so it’s entirely possible that the same arrangement is going down this time around, meaning there are a vast number of possible tees to be picked up.


ChoiceShirts selling tees for $1.49

by Andy on May 10, 2010

cheap t-shirts

The prospect of buying a t-shirt for $1.49 seems pretty great, but how much can you really expect for $1.49? On the evidence of the design that was available yesterday when I wrote this post, not that much, but who knows, if you’re a dog person you could be really sad that you missed the opportunity to get a tee letting people know you’re a dog person without having to tell them.

Of course, there is also shipping to add on top of the $1.49 (unless you buy 3 or more shirts in which case it’s free). I haven’t made this sound like a good deal, have I?

Costiness=$1.49 Buy it at Choice Shirts

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lowdtown sale

Long story short, Lowdtown is closing down for a while because my man Ray (designer of the HYA logo, and therefore designer of the HYA tee) had a logo for Lowdtown that looked a lot like a design by someone else, and that other guy had copyright. Ray is a straight-shooter so I know he’s being honest when he says he didn’t know about the other design, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble for him to rip somone when he has enough talent of his own. Still, instead of fighting it, he accepted that the designs were similar and took it like a man, removing the mouthcan logo and all associated products from his site.

This all came just a few weeks after his Winter line had been released, including custom mouthcan branded wallets, and he’d already sunk a few thousand dollars into getting fitted hats made up in Hong Kong. I’m really gutted (that’s a British term for severe disappointment) that Ray has had such bad luck with this, but he’s a resilient fellow and he’s going to bounce back in the summer with a new line. In the mean time, he has stock to shift, unfortunately the contraband items aren’t available, but everything else is, and it’s ridiculously cheap, so cheap that even though I have more t-shirts than any man will ever need ever, I’m tempted to crack open my wallet and blow off the cobwebs. Basically, you should make a purchase, you’ll get a good quality item, and you’ll help to support a damn good artist. Oh, and naturally, with prices like this expect stocks to be pretty low on some items.


$6.66 t-shirt sale at Reverie Apparel, yay!

by Andy on November 27, 2009


All tees $6.66… why are you still here, go go go!




All tees will be $9 for 24 hours only (Starts 11/27 12:01 am CT, ends 11/27 11:59 pm CT)*! So make sure you’ve got all your holiday gift choices all lined up and ready to go, fire up the Internet early in the mornin’, and let the deals begin!


$6 tees? I Love Waterloo!

by Andy on November 4, 2009



The Willy Wonka tee is only available in size small, and the Wizard of Oz tee is only available in size large, but so $6 I’m sure some of you will be happy to clean out their remaining inventory of these two tees.


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