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teefury grab bag

Usually I think that mystery tees/grab bags are a bit of a waste of time, but in this instance I’m willing to be less cynical and accept that it’s a great way to pick up some shirts for friends & family at Christmas, pick up a couple of shirts in each size (you can order up to 12 per size) and if something turns up you like keep it for yourself, if not give it to a family member!

I really, really like this Hokkusai-based t-shirt design at RIPT today, absolutely fantastic.

All the bacon and eggs! Shirt.Woot.

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As mentioned in the past, I don’t write like I’m ‘cool’ but even I’m willing to stick my neck out and call this t-shirt fresh. I actually have it in the orginial ‘monochrome print, black tee’ style, and it looks good like that (the tee is quite thick, running to normal size, with a plastisol print), but if that’s a bit normal for you then these new options will probably be of interest.

Bean Dip Clothing



That Abraham Lincoln tee on the upper right? I want it. Now.

There’s a load more designs and colourways (and hats!) available on the Bean Dip site, but I thought that the above images would be enough to whet your whistles… and that was the image they put into their e-mail and I’m too lazy to create something myself.

Bean Dip Clothing

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It’s weird how I just stop writing about companies for months or years at a time even when I’m really big fans of theirs and still wear their clothing on a regular basis, I guess there’s just so many companies out there that its hard for me to keep tabs on everyone that I like.

Bean Dip, who were last mentioned on HYA in December 2007, have released a couple of new tees that very much differ in style. The first is their take on the iconic photograph of Muhammad Ali stood over Sonny Liston. In my second year at university we had that exact same image as a poster in the living room, and I’m sure a lot of other guys would have too, so I can imagine this being a pretty popular t-shirt. The second design is a bit of a departure for BD, they’ve taken a page from a comic book (or should I call them graphic novels now?) and put it onto a tee, which I think is a pretty cool idea, and it works really well as just a line drawing, rather than colouring everything in which might have made it look a little cheesy. Both are available in a vairety of colourways.

Although, BD, what’s the deal with the retro logo?

Bean Dip Clothing’s Latest Releases


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