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Wrongwroks open a in Beijing, how big are they?

by Andy on September 18, 2011

wrongwroks beijing store

I knew that Wrongwroks was popular in Asia, but I didn’t realise that they had reached the point where they could open a store in Beijing. Yes, they’re sharing it with Stussy, but I think that association alone shows how much of a well respected an entity they are on that continent. I don’t think that there are any HYA readers in China (please leave a comment if you are), but on the off-chance that a HYAer is in Beijning you’ll probably want to check the store out, I presume that the address is in the image below. More pictures here.



Beibei the rights abusing panda

by Andy on August 20, 2008

Bravo to Karl for posting/finding this tee, of a mascot that didn’t make the cut for Beijing 2008, though I do probably find it funnier because it immediately reminded me of the South Park episode with the Sexual Harassment Panda in it, a clip of which I’ve embedded below.

Costiness=$28 Buy the tee here


I liked the Olympics opening ceremony (colours! fireworks! dancing!), but there was one thing that really annoyed me. When they were making the speeches someone said something along the lines of “we’ve met all the aims and goals that the IOC gave us in hosting these games,” and I sat up in my chair a little bit since I’m pretty sure one of the conditions of them hosting the games was that they eased up on treating their own people like crap, yet they’ll just sweep that under the rug (and everyone else in the world will let them) and pretend that everything’s fine for a couple of weeks. With that little rant in mind, I’m really glad that Shirtspotting put together a post of tees that I wouldn’t dare wear in Beijing, so fair play to the woman above!

Read the post here.


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