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It feels as if every article about Camisteria, Brazilian t-shirt design competition, has to be accompanied with an explanation of who they are and a question about why they don’t got talked about by more tee bloggers and the design community in general. Clearly, they’re being held back by not having an English-language site, because there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ve got designs with mass appeal, you can order a tee in English by sending them an e-mail, but really, who is going to go to that bother when it’s so easy to buy a cool shirt elsewhere?

Anyway, to the point of this article, a couple of weeks ago Google Street View was launched in Brazil, so they thought they’d launch an epic challenge; the first person to find someone wearing one of their designs on Google Street View in Brazil will win one shirt a month, for a year. It’s at this point I wondered just how big Camiseteria are, do they really sell enough tees that it is likely the Google camera-mobile drove past someone wearing one of their shirts? I’ve never heard of Threadless being seen on Google Street View (I doubt anyone has really looked though). The Camiseteria team themselves thought it would take weeks for someone to find a tee, after all Brazil is a massive country, but in fact it took just three days before this lady found the person above. Of course, Street View being what it is the picture quality isn’t exaclty HD, but I think it’s fair to say that the guy pictured is wearing this shirt. If you look at the actual Street View picture, it’s just some guy walking along a really empty street in Rio, that is one committed Camiseteria fan to hunt that down. If you’d like more info about this story, here’s their blog post about it (and a translated page for people that don’t speak Portuguese).

I think this might be one of the strangest competitions I’ve ever heard of from a t-shirt company, I’m going to have to think up something weird for the competition I’m starting tomorrow (oh yeah, just dropped that teaser on you, and don’t forget about the Threadless book giveaway UK peeps).


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I’m sure some of you will be disgusted, but I actually quite like the concept of Big Brother; putting people in a house and watching what happens could be interesting, I just don’t like all the tasks they get given, they’re obviously there to make the show more entertaining and to ensure there will be drama in the show, but I don’t like them, making the show more organic would be to my liking.

Anyway, Celebrity Big Brother kicked off on Sunday night, and then on the Monday show I couldn’t stop myself checking it out, curiosity got the better of me (I usually manage to avoid these kind of shows). One of the contestants this year is rapper Lady Sovereign, and I was sure I’d seen the tee she was wearing before. I was sure, but not sure enough to know who made it. So, as is the way these days, instead of researching it myself I just asked people on Twitter (I didn’t even google it now I think about it). Within an hour I had an answer from Regal Clothing, the tee (and necklace) are from Lazy Oaf, whose Kingly Court shop (just off Carnaby Street) I went in when I was down in London last month. Mystery solved!


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