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Geddit? Do you understand the joke? They’ve heard it all before because FAQ stands for ‘frequently asked questions’? Yeah, jokes are funnier when you explain them.*

I can’t believe that I’ve let FAQ sit in my inbox for so long, because now that I’ve given them a second look, they’re brilliant!

The designer, Sam Irvani, describes his style as being minimalist, but quite a lot of the designs are pretty big and bold, I guess that they are fairly minimal in terms of the amount of elements, there are no mad collages here with a thousand zombie faces on them. I like to think of them as being quite simple, but very well put together.


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Say Hello to DeKay Clothing

by Andy on December 4, 2008

Just in case you still have room for another big-print skull/zombie tee in your wardrobe, DeKay Clothing may well be the people to fill that gap. There’s only three designs up in their Big Cartel store at the moment, but all three are great images, and the print quality looks impressive too.

DeKay Clothing

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Say Hello to The Elegant Scoundrel

by Andy on November 27, 2008

As far as names for clothing labels go, The Elegant Soundrel is an excellent one. The designs don’t quite follow on from what I assumed I’d see when I clicked on the link, but I still think that they’re pretty good, with uses of pink that I almost find acceptable. Expect to find a couple of pre-orders, and frustratingly the Marilyn Monroe tee is sold out, but still, I see potential!

The Elegant Scoundrel


A Photee by 410BC [Reviews]

by Andy on October 23, 2008

I don’t want to be a tease with this shirt, so I’m going to lead with this; I don’t think this shirt is actually for sale anymore, or perhaps it was never available, or maybe it is going to be released in the future, all I know is that it is not available in their store at the time of writing this post. The tee arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago, but since I’ve had this whole France thing going on I haven’t had much time to clear the backlog of tees to review, so I’m really sorry if it was for sale when I first received the tee, but maybe if you really, really like it, and enough of you ask for a reprint the 410BC crew will print a few off, or maybe not since their latest collection of tees has gone a in a different, wolf-loving direction.

I really like the idea of tee designs that are based upon photographs, but only when they’re done ‘right’. By ‘right’, I mean pretty much the way 410BC have executed this tee, not an iron-on of a poorly taken photo being worn by a group of guys drunkenly ambling through Prague on a stag weekend. Admittedly, I think that 410BC’s I-Fell Tower tee works better than this New York based one, but this one works pretty well too. It’s kind of like a New York souvenir shirt, but instead of having night images of well manicured landmarks, we’re treated to seeing the reality of New York.

As I alluded to in the above paragraph, it is pretty easy for a photo-tee (photee?) to go very wrong when it comes to quality, but since the photo used by 410BC is black and white they are able to use a regular printing process (possibly with water-based ink, you can’t feel the print on the tee), so they’ve managed to avoid those potential problems. I’m not entirely sure what the stock tee is that they’re using since they have their own hang tag in the back of the tee, but like a wise man once said, if it looks like American Apparel, it’s cut like American Apparel, and it feels like American Apparel, it may very well be American Apparel.

Check out 410BC’s site


410bc and their Fall 08 lookbook

by Andy on September 10, 2008

I’ve commented in the past about how much I like the photographs that 410bc take of their tees, and their upcoming Fall collection appears to be no different if their latest lookbook is anything to go by. I actually bookmarked this quite a while ago and have only gotten around to posting it now, so this lookbook post isn’t actually a tease at all, almost everything in the lookbook is on sale in the 410bc store right now.

410bc (and see the res of the lookbook here)


Biking Viking by Dudes Who Like To Party

by Andy on August 21, 2008

I can’t decide whether I’d actually wear this tee, I’m not that into wearing tees with illustrated puke on them, but I must admit that it is a beast of a design. It’s a collaboration between Horsebites Design, Derek Deal and Team Doom, a group who, I’m sure you’ll agree, all have rather respectable design chops.

Costiness=$20 Pre-order the tee here


More than 50% off at Toke

by Andy on July 11, 2008


Uh oh, Toke, who haven’t been mentioned on HYA for waaay too long, are having a massive sale. Go and enjoy not only the savings, but the free global shipping!


10 Bad Ass Big Cartel Stores

by Andy on June 11, 2008

I know I’ve already linked to another of my tee blogging brethren today, but since I haven’t got much time to dedicate to blogging this week it seems like a good idea to highlight other good work being done by tee bloggers.

Color Overload have written up a list of 10 bad ass stores that have their store powered by the Big Cartel service, we’ve taken a look at most of them on HYA in the past, but its worth a minute or two of your time. Check out the article here.


The Cotton Filter – 100906

by Andy on September 10, 2006

Haven’t done one of these for a while:

  • I was away for the weekend at a wedding (2 in 2 weeks after none for years and years), and refused to pay £12 at the hotel for wifi to give you the daily dose of goodness. You’re probably not concerned, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving no explanation when I go off my usual posting rhythm.
  • A guy called Matt informed me about a fairly new tee site called, complete with brown themed site. So, I guess that Shirt Stain want to associate their brand with….. poop? Or maybe I’m just a bit puerile and its just “oh look, your shirt has a stain, buy a new one from shirtstain.” No matter what the name is they do have some good looking shirts, including this one by the aforementioned Matt. SS source their designs by scouring the net for designers they like, and then contact their favourites to see if they can work together. Tees are reasonable $15 a piece and are printed onto AA stock.
  • A guy called Bobby Manzo (<– awesome name!) got in touch about Monstar Clothing. I’ve been following Monstar for a while, and changes seem to be afoot on an almost daily basis. They’re now selling a few items under a Big Cartel storefront, but I remember them selling things through eBay a little bit ago. If you add them as a friend on MySpace (after you’ve added me, of course!), you’ll get links to the various sample sales they conduct on eBay (which is a lot more varied than the store). I really like their logo and design style, so it will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming months. Tees are $20 (not sure what stock), and hats are $15.

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