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BigCartel must have been cooking this up for a while, because it is a big change, and for me a very welcome one. They have revamped the store customization area of the admin section to allow you to make on-the-fly changes to your store, with a handy preview screen that is updated in real-time (though changes won’t be visible to the world until you press save). I think it’s pretty neat, even though I generally leave the HYA store alone these days since Rigu is my ecommmerce venture now and that’s running standalone on OpenCart.

Here’s a rundown from BC explaining 10 aspects of the new customization area.

BigCartel store owners, care to weigh in with your thoughts on the changes?

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music t-shirt

Socialfrabrik have put together a really good blurb for this shirt and the designer behind it, so instead of re-wording it in my own way I’m just going to copy/paste what they put in the e-mail:

Our new release is the result of a collaboration with U.S based designer Boris Pelcer titled ‘I Am The Music’. This piece, drawn in Boris’ trademark lettering style is exclusive to Socialfabrik as a limited edition t-shirt.

Boris explains, “Music is what thought, emotion & life sound like. Your every gesture, linguistic & physical interaction with all things is music in the making. As such you are the source of your own life’s music & don’t you forget it.”

Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Boris Pelcer is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Letterer & Typographer now working in the U.S. His Typographic & Lettering work has caught the attention of many all across the globe and he has worked for Urban Outfitters, Spencer’s, Zumiez, Hot Topic, Harley Davidson, Miller Brewing Co., Target & Kohl’s. He has also been awarded by the Society of Illustrators & had work published in publications such as CMYK Magazine.

Nice, huh?

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Socialfabrik

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new big cartel features

The HYA store is powered by the Big Cartel storefront platform, so I keep an eye on developments coming from the BC team, and this latest update is pretty nice. Previously, if you wanted to give a discount on goods you had a blanket discount of a coupon code that applied to a whole order and every item in the store. That changed last week when they introduced a few new, welcome, features:

The new discounts feature (in your admin under Promote > Discounts) gives you the ability to build a collection of unique, creative deals to reward loyal customers and entice new ones. To that end, we’ve packed this feature with a handful of highly requested goodies.
What’s new with Discounts?

Discounts now come in three flavors: percentage off, flat-rate off, and free shipping
Require customers spend a certain amount, or buy a certain number of products, before the discount can be applied
Have your discount apply to the full order, only to products in a certain category, or even just to one specific product
Give your discount a friendly name that is shown to your customers when they enter the code
Get a random code for your discount with the push of a button (or roll of the dice)
Specify a date when your discount can start being used, perfect for midnight sales or product releases
Discounts can now auto-expire after a certain number of uses, or on a certain date
You no longer need to delete discounts to expire them, and we keep a full history of your expired discounts
Quickly share discounts with your Facebook and Twitter communities

All mighty handy I’m sure you’ll agree. Now if they’d add a ‘Europe’ shipping option I’d be a happy man.


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