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Amy wearing her Global Warming T-Shirt

I’ve been getting a lot of goodies in the mail lately from reviews to purchases I made for myself.  Typically I know what it is from the packaging.  I’ll give it to Gage + Desoto, because they totally stumped me on this.  I knew ahead of time I was receiving a package from them and when it arrived it was really professional looking in a white large envelope with 1 simple mailing label.  I honestly though it was some legal documents I was waiting for, that’s how smooth it looked.  Low and behold, it was not legal papers, it was my Global Warming T-Shirt to review!!

Either people are really reading my reviews and noting that I enjoy a hand-written letter or everyone is just really polite these days, because as you can see above, Gage + Desoto sent along a nice note on their letter-head just for me!!  They kept it very simple with a simple note, the t-shirt and 1 small sticker for me to enjoy.  I appreciated that, because sometimes less is more.

Now for those who don’t know, Gage + Desoto are a unique resource for road cycling and design.  What does that mean exactly?  Well they like anything dealing with bikes and cycling and design.  Yes it’s actually pretty straight forward.  They sell items from books, to magazines, apparel, prints & stationary and even bikes!  Their shop is located in New York and they call it the The Red Hook Office: part offices, part bike studio, part clubhouse, and part storefront.  They are only open 2 days a week, but everything in store is also sold on their website – aside from the bikes of course.  So let me get to the point, Gage + Desoto partnered up with Pajamahouse to collaborate on a t-shirt.  Pajamahouse is a small studio located in New York and Tokyo dedicated to making fun and creative projects.  So now you see, these aren’t our typical t-shirt clothing brands (so I’ll cut them a little slack), these are design studios working together to bring you a brilliant t-shirt with baby arctic animals zooming down a bike lane.

The t-shirt is white and the design is very flattering placed right in the center of the tee.  The Gage + Desoto and Pajamahouse logos are screen-printed in the inside neck area (as seen in the photo above this).  They don’t give much of an explanation behind the design or tee on the website.  Why is it called Global Warming?  Why are there arctic animals on a bike?  Clearly putting two and two together the bike’s there because Gage + Desoto enjoy bikes.  Let’s go on…the animals?  I don’t know much about Pajamahouse but on G+D’s website they give reference to a “hit” by them called Desi Leaves Town .  I watched the trailer and it has animals in it.  It appears to be a game you can purchase to play with puzzles and tasks to complete, etc, etc.  Not really my cup of tea but if they’re making the games I mean I know how hard animation is so definite props to them for that.

Without much of a back-story to go on with this design I can only speak from opinion on what I see.  I”m a huge animal lover myself so the cute little cartoon-ish animals definitely captured my attention.  The word I’d use to describe this is “cute and quirky”.  It’s illustration at it’s finest from the bike to the animals.  Speaking from a design standpoint the lines of the bike draw your attention inward towards the animals, then up, down and around.  It’s a nice composition to look at.  Very flattering and the colors are subtle and friendly.  I think it’d be an outstanding children’s t-shirt, but as you can see in the photo at the top I totally rocked it by tying it up in the back, rolling up the sleeves (because they seemed to be longer than normal) and throwing it on for the day over my bikini.  It is a longer t-shirt, appears to be a unisex fit (not my 1st choice) which is why I’ll probably sleep in it or wear it as shown in the photo.  Being that it’s really one of the only t-shirts either of these companies have put out and it isn’t what they focus on as a whole; I think they did an incredible job with it.  It’s a really soft cotton and it’s a playful design.  I’m not sure of their target audience but as I mentioned, I would have suggested it on a children’s t-shirt or even a tote bag for that matter.

It’s for sale on Gage + Desoto’s website for $30 – which is way too much for a shirt like this in my opinion but their products are all on the pricier end so that’s to be expected.  After thinking about it for a bit, I’d guess that perhaps the name of the shirt “Global Warming T-Shirt” is a play on words relating to the design.  Arctic animals on a bike (you usually bike when it’s hotter outside and clearly these animals belong in a colder climate).  For those of you who caught on to that way before I do, let’s keep in mind I am a blonde.

Check out Gage + Desoto’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Check out Pajamahouse’s website and Facebook and Twitter !

Thanks for the t-shirt Gage + Desoto & for allowing me to review it :)


bike polo shirt by chunk clothing

The polo shirt may well be a more accurate representation of the polo world but for me that bulldog crest is looking really nice on the tees, and with the UK going cycling mad at the moment I can see these being pretty popular at moreTvicar. It’s £29.99 each for the tees, and £55 for that particular polo, but there are others available at lower prices.


Couple of new bike shirts from Super7

by Andy on April 27, 2012

bike collage t-shirt

You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? That may well be true, but I hopped on my girlfriend’s bike a couple of months ago (after many years of not being on two wheels) and it felt as if I was seconds from imminent death putting my feet on the ground the whole time.

Anyway, my fears of falling over aside, these are some pretty neat bicycle based shirts from San Francisco’s Super7, and they’re available now for $30 each.


Dark Cycle Clothing

by Mr Four Fingers on March 13, 2012

Wolf on bike t-shirt design

If you love cycling and animals (I mean who doesn’t) then check out Dark Cycle Clothing. I love the idea of representing yourself as your favourite animal on a bike. I don’t see any bulls surprisingly, there are definitely a lot of bull cyclists. They also have a wheel and bones design, which is pretty cool.

You can visit them online at their Etsy store and grab yourself a t-shirt for $21 – $25.  They also offer you the opportunity to choose a specific colour t-shirt to print on and the pride themselves with cheap postage.


screw you co2 cyclist t-shirt

Feel free to substitute ‘eco-concious bikers’ for ‘smug and preachy’, because if you know meet someone that bikes to work instead of driving you will learn about that within 5 minutes of making their acquaintance. Intersesting to see TweetTees over at RedBubble, I thought they found their home at MySoti.

Costiness=£16.67 Buy it at RedBubble


enjoy destroy t-shirt

If you’re wondering who Mighty Screen Printing are, they used to be called Klaus Industries… now if only I knew who Klaus Industries were. I wish I had been checking them out in the past though, I like the style of their designs.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Might Screen Printing


“Happy Bike” t-shirt from Zamforia

by Andy on January 17, 2012

happy bike t-shirt

Well, this certainly made me smile, they have it in other colours too but I liked the white/orange version to look at (and I think bright orange would be good for cyclists) even though I don’t think that I’d wear it in this colour myself. It’s funny how adding a simple line and turning a bike upside down creates something that is so instantly recognisable.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Zamforia website, they’ve been going for a few years now and have a back catalogue to prove it.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Zamforia


2 t-shirts by SAN at Upper Playground

by Andy on September 5, 2011

SAN t-shirts for Upper Playground

I have no idea who ‘renowned Spanish street and fine artist SAN’ is, but I do know that he (or she) has created a a couple of great looking shirts for Upper Playground. Here’s their blurb about the release:

Following SAN’s recent collaborative show with ESCIF at FIFTY24SF Gallery, he crafted these two t-shirt graphics for Upper Playground around the idea of human stupidity. Specifically about how when people gather together to accomplish things with group action, they often look more and more absurd. The “Ants” t-shirt uses human bodies in a minor scale to show the mirrors in social organization between ants and humans. While the “Bicycle” tee shows a group of people happy about doing things in human sync but looking more and more like clowns while doing their job.


Jesus Skid Tee – I don’t get it, anyone?

by Andy on September 5, 2011

jeses skid t-shirt

I like the style of this shirt and think it looks pretty cool, but I’m not ashamed to say that I don’t understand it. Is this a thing that young people do on their fixies?

Costiness=$29 Buy it at Jesus Skid


New Tees from Morvélo for bicycle fans

by Andy on June 7, 2011

morvelo high roller t-shirts

Haven’t heard from Morvélo for a while, so it’s good to see them back with a solid line of tees that uncover that previously unknown niche in which both cycling and gambling exist together. Even though I haven’t ridden a bike for years (though I hear it’s not hard to start riding again) I really like these shirts and think that just about anyone could wear them, so they aren’t exclusively for the bike crowd. The tees in the High Roller Range will cost you £21.99 each and are available now. Here’s what they have to say about the range:

A limited edition range of products that celebrates the risks and rewards we all take to follow the sport we love. Whether gambling about the right timing to launch an attack or gambling on nailing that drop-off you’ve been eying up for weeks, gambling is inextricably linked with the world of bicycles. Deciding on which trails to explore, which roads to ride, which climbs to test you legs on, which descents to test your bravery on, we take chances each and every time we ride. As a wise man once said ” . . a sure thing is no fun.”


I Love My Bike T-shirt by Print Brigade

by Andy on June 13, 2010

I love my bike gray t-shirt by print brigade

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Print Brigade


Gentleman Bicyclist by The Damn Rascals

by Andy on May 26, 2010

bicycle t-shirt

Once again, I must point out that despite clearly liking bike tees (why else would I post so many of them?), I don’t even own a bike!

Costiness=$20 (available in M/L only) Buy it at The Damn Rascals

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An Old Time-y Bike by deletetoast

by Andy on February 13, 2010

Post image for An Old Time-y Bike by deletetoast

I really wish that this design had a bigger product picture, because I get the feeling that it’s a really wearable design, but I just can’t see it properly. It’s organic, and it’s only available in medium.

Costiness=$24 Available from deleteoast


Benefits of Cycling by Ubran Outfitters

by Andy on November 16, 2009



I realise that this tee isn’t actually by Urban Outfitters, but I can’t work out who the original brand is, any ideas chums? The name may have something to do with the letters DOE

Costiness=$30 Available from Urban Outfitters [via Rumplo]

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This tee makes me think of a low-budget version of Pimp My Ride filmed in the 1950s… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Costiness=£18 (printed on an organic, fair trade tee) Buy it at Fair & Bare

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Cycle of Violence @ Elsewares

by Andy on January 23, 2008

cycle of violence t-shirt available from elsewares
I know that some of you have a soft spot for technically illustrated designs, but how do you feel about designs based upon prototypes for amazing bicycles that could cause untold destruction?

Happy? I thought you might be. If I’m totally honest, I think that my favourite parts of this design aren’t the rear-mounted flamethrower, or the ninja-throwing stars, but actually the padded seat and non-slip pedal. It suggests that villains are looking for comfort and practicality when it comes to equipping their incompetent hench-men with a more environmentally friendly vehicle of doom.

Costiness=$25 Link


Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

by Andy on January 22, 2006

Whether you like the synth-power-pop stylings of HelloGoodbye or not, this is still a pretty nice track jacket. If you been trying to get a bit of variety in your wardrobe (mine’s pretty dark, and summer is sneaking up on us) then this could be a pretty decent option.

P.S. why is it that DriveThruRecords make it so hard to link to stuff in their store?

Price: $38 Sizes: S-XL URL


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