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New Pale Horse Jaguar T-shirt Design

by Mr Four Fingers on March 11, 2013

Pale Horse has just dropped a new t-shirt design called Jaguar that is also available as a slick Giclee limited edition print. We have reviewed Pale Horse before and yes they are great t-shirts.

Jaguar T-shirts available from in either black or white for $25 and prints are $65.

Pale_Horse_Jaguar_t-shirt_1 Pale_Horse_Jaguar_t-shirt_2Pale_Horse_Jaguar_t-shirt_3 Pale_Horse_Jaguar_t-shirt_4

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Twin Serpents – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on January 14, 2013

TWIN SERPENTS Iridescent messenger

Not too long ago clothing brand Twin Serpents posted an image on their Facebook page of some Black Mamba’s asking what makes snakes so scary. Before you answer let it be known that a black mamba has a reputation for being aggressive. Oh and they are highly venomous and the fastest snakes in the world.

Those who left a comment had their names entered into a random raffle and hey presto I got myself an awesome t-shirt. What made it even better for me was that a couple of weeks previously I let the guys at Twin Serpents know about a small post I created for them on Skull Appreciation Society about this very t-shirt.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

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Yonil – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 22, 2012

Yonil Review

Not so long ago Andy posted about Yonil and his massive 40% discount and upon seeing some of his designs I definitely had to check them out. As it happens Yonil is one seriously talented person and the discount made the purchase a no brainer. These are designs I would buy regardless of the discount. I actually first saw one of his designs without the name sinking in with one of his designs for Design By Humans called We Did This To Ourselves, one of the most interesting design placements on a  t-shirt I have seen. It was only after reading another post on Yonil by Andy that I found out that this design was actually a winner in a competition in DBH that saw him win 10K! [click to continue…]


Our Lady of Luchadores at Pale Horse

by Mr Four Fingers on October 20, 2012

The immensely talented Pale Horse has just released this fantastic new design called Our Lady of Luchadores. As per usual the design is detailed, bold with Mexican and religious  references aplenty. I own two of their t-shirts (review) and they are some of the best I have ever owned.

Available for $25 .

Pale Horse Our Lady of Luchadores


Sacred Stitches – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on September 24, 2012

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

At the same time I approached Sacred Stitches for a  review  they coincidentally had a bank holiday discount code . Get in.

Sacred Stitches is the product of a successful and hard working  duo, namely Anna Wenger and Moses Cordell reigning from coastal Brighton in the UK. By hard working I mean just that as they design, print all clothes & cushions,  model for photographs and yes, the list goes on. All that hard work is backed up by some of the edgiest t-shirt designs around and if you are into skulls then this is the place to be. Their designs have a distinct tattoo feel about them and rightly so as they work closely with tattoo artist James Robinson from Gilded Cage and James Woodford from INTO YOU. [click to continue…]

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Pale Horse Design – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 31, 2012

Pale Horse

I’m not sure what you would imagine seeing from a name called Pale Horse but I can assure you it will be unexpected and oh so marvelously colourful. I recently contacted Chris the super talented tour de force behind Pale Horse Design and asked if it would be cool to do a review. Quick of the mark Chris delivered me two t-shirts to review and hell I can’t be any more excited. [click to continue…]


Iron Fist Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 11, 2012

Iron Fist

While waiting on the platform for the Gautrain in Midrand (South Africa) I spied this bloke wearing a pretty damn cool t-shirt (yellow design below). As you might have guessed it was a skull design. So trying not to feel like too much of a plonker I stopped the guy for a brief chat (thinking of HYA of course and not some personal skull fetish) and asked him where I could buy the t-shirt from. He told me the brand is called Iron Fist and the have a store in Rosebank Mall, the very place I was getting the train to!

So after a few wrong turns in the shopping mall I found a very small shop called Iron Fist, where they actually tattoo people and sell merchandise. The lovely lady working there informed me that the founders of Iron Fist, like many tattoo artists, decided to branch out into apparel. They started small and have since boomed. They only had about four t-shirt designs in the store and all were white on black prints. The design I bought was the design with the smallest Iron Fist logo. It seems since becoming more mainstream that their logo has also increased in size. I think this is a little sad, as the illustration has to take second place sometimes. Notice that the t-shirt the man was wearing at the train station had a smaller logo. I imagine this is an older t-shirt or maybe even an outsourced illustrator that didn’t want his illustration compromised.

The illustration itself does cut a few corners as the skull on either side of the figure have been copied and pasted and so has the rose design, multiple times. I would have had a  greater appreciation if the rose and skull elements were drawn individually.

The t-shirt has a longer than ‘normal’ cut and is sightly tight across the chest, nothing that will stop me from wearing it of course. This particular t-shirt cost R229 so about £18. You can check out their online store here where most of their t-shirts can be purchased for about £26.99.




James Jean Bone T Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 4, 2012

James Jean skull on t-shirt

I have been a massive fan of James Jean for years so when I saw that he was releasing some t-shirts I was a little more than excited. The t-shirt image he had as the ‘coming soon’ was his Drip Tee and I knew nothing about  any skull t-shirt, it was only on when checking out Skull Appreciation Society’s post of this skull t that I even knew it existed. I bought it immediately.

I did have an issue receiving this t-shirt from USPS as in I did not receive. I emailed OVM, the online store with James Jean products and they promptly organised another t-shirt directly from SURU as they were currently sold out on the OVM store. So some douche out there nicked my t-shirt!

When I did receive my t-shirt I was not disappointed in the least. The packaging was the normal plastic jiffy bag but where the money was skimped it went into product.

In the parcel there was also a lovely little look book/contertina of images, that included the skull and some images of the other pieces in his range like the dripping metal jewellery entitled which you can buy if you have some deep pockets. I queried Olivia M from OVM as to what was the story behind James Jean and OVM (Olivia M). But going by OVM website she appears to be another awesome illustrator. This design is a combination of James Jean skull design and ‘bone broken’ porcelain design by OVM.

The skull appears to be  a two colour (white and light grey with hint of warmth) screen print and I presume the process involved discharge inks as it’s super soft. As expected the fabric is soft and fits well. One thing I thought was odd was the massive inner collar label that is the embroidered SURU logo but I didn’t feel it scratching or anything.

Overall I’m extremely pleased to own something by James Jean and even more so that it’s a skull. If any of you HYA readers don’t know his work then you should definitely check him out.

Suru x James Jean Bone T can be bought online from the OVM store for $35

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Colus – Review of Hunter and Wise Owl

by Mr Four Fingers on May 7, 2012

Colus - Hunter

I’m thankful for being part of Hide Your Arms because every so often I’m introduced to a new brand that impresses me and Colus is one of those very brands. As soon as I saw Colus Hunter design (above) I could feel some deep rhythm stir inside me, something raw and totally awesome. Ok maybe a bit heavy but let me just say that Colus has got skills and has instantly become one of my favourite designers.

I received the t-shirts in a bespoke white envelope with enigmatic eye symbol printing in black . The eye symbol is a device used by Colus used to represent morality. Packaging is the first impression and it’s always good to see the effort. This ‘morality’eye design can also be purchased as a t-shirt called ‘We Are What We Do’. Layered inside the envelope were my two -t-shirts Hunter and Wise Owl (sealed separately) and a mission statement card nicely printed up with a personal note written on the back. I’m a firm believer in personal touches.

Both designs are single colour screen prints on American Apparel so make sure you follow the care instructions properly to get the most from the fabric. We were taking the photographs at night and the flash was popping off the t-shirt making it look intensely white. The designs in the Colus range are simple and bold, Hunter being particularly striking. If you don’t like attention then this t-shirt is not for you.

The fit of Hunter on me is great and the soft fabric feels really good. Craig, featured wearing Wise Owl, says it fits well and being an American Apparel white t-shirt it’s slightly on the thin side as you could see his tattoo faintly. All t-shirts are printed on American Apparel.

I had a good time reviewing Colus t-shirts and focused on being as non-biased as possible which was easy because the product is pretty good. You can purchase one of these t-shirts over at his online store for $26 and you can even check out his latest jewellery release.



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