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“Ernok” t-shirt by Tribe Notion

by Andy on July 15, 2013

Pretty strong design for these guys to launch with, it’s not the kind of thing that I would usually wear, but I can definitely see it appealing to streetwear folks.

Costiness=$45 Buy it at Tribe Notion

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Really nice design from One Thousand Shirts, and the story behind it is pretty interesting, always good to see that there’s been some thought go into a tee. Good on them for doing it in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Costiness = £25 (inc. shipping) Buy it at One Thousand Shirts

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I like this artwork, but I haven’t seen enough of Breaking Bad to know whether this mashup actually makes any sense, can someone help me out in the comments? If the design is just based on the pun then it’s a little poor, since we’re seeing a Joker mashup, and from my limited understanding in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston starts out with the drugs as a way to earn money for his family after he dies of cancer (I’ve literally only seen the first two episodes, and that was some time ago), which wouldn’t align with the Joker’s ideology of mayhem for it’s own sake. Still a cool design though!

Costiness=£16.99 Buy it at 8ball

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I usually find it quite boring when Johnny Cupcakes takes one of his old designs and just adds a new colour or pattern to it, but this actually does look pretty cool.

Costiness=$55 Buy it from JC


For once I wish that the audience got a bit more hand holding with this design and it actually had text at the top that read “The Emotions of Ron Swanson.” It’s fairly obvious that’s the subject of the design, but I feel that the text would give it a more authoritative quality that would suit the joke. Also, it’s nice that 80sTees have licensed designs, but that Parks & Rec logo is just not needed.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


I’ve never heard of Carson Catlin so his influence and fame in the vinyl toy world is completely lost on me, but I do rather like this design anyway. It’s up for pre-order now for $20 at outsmART originals.


No Love City – Praying Skull

by Josh on April 4, 2013

Post image for No Love City – Praying Skull

Previously we took a look at the design process for No Love City’s ‘Praying Skull’ shirt – – Since then, the shirt has now been released and is now available online.

You can order your own ‘Praying Skull’ at No Love City’s online store at

And for more on No Love City:


When I see that Phenum have released something new I usually have high hopes and as usual they’ve delivered with some lovely artwork by Fred Quemener on this black tee. My French isn’t perfect, but I am fairly sure that this shirt was made in Spain and printed in France, good to see it all been done locally, and is limited to 100 pieces, which I think goes towards explaining the premium €35 price tag.


See, now this is how you make a movie-inspired shirt.

Costiness=£18 Buy it at Last Exit to Nowhere


Ingmar Studio got in touch a couple of weeks ago and it’s taken me until now to get around to checking them out, but I was impressed with what I saw when I clicked through, and was particularly intrigued with this black-on-black tee. Using a black print on a black t-shirt always seems a bit silly, but that’s part of the attraction, you’re almost hiding the design on the shirt which I think is really fun.

Costiness=€35 Buy it from Ingmar Studios


“Penguin” t-shirt by Mad Bombs

by Andy on March 8, 2013

Mad Bombs are a line that launched last month with just the one design, which is always a bit of a struggle (if people don’t like that design they’ll just move on to the next brand), but it’s a cool design and I look forward to seeing what graffiti-inspired artwork they come up with for their next release.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Mad Bombs


I’m sure that cynical Andy should be complaining that there weren’t any motorbikes in Lord of the Rings in the same way that I point out how lots of mashups make no sense, but I’m willing to let it slide when the design looks this good. Really wearable design too, there’s a danger with Lord of the Rings that you might look a bit too geeky, but I think anyone could get away with wearing this and people would be able to enjoy it on different levels. Ian has gone with waterbased discharge ink on an American Apparel black trib-blend shirt, so you know this is going to be ridiculously comfy.

Costiness=$22 Buy it from Ian’s store

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No Love City : Praying Skull (Design Process)

by Josh on February 15, 2013

Post image for No Love City : Praying Skull (Design Process)

This time we are taking a look at No Love City’s ‘Praying Skull’ shirt design.  The design itself was created by an artist named Thinkd from Bangkok.  We were extremely lucky to come across this artist and his design via Instagram.  He posted a WIP progress shot of the sketch and we quickly contacted him to see if it was available to work with, luckily for us it was.  We asked for some minor changes to help it fit our brand and he came through.

Skull Pray

It’s a bit of an urban play on a classic design and we absolutely love it, hands down one of our favorite designs to date.  Obviously with Thinkd being from Bangkok, there is quite a bit of a language barrier there.  But even with that, he was much more pleasant and easier to deal with that many.  He took some WIP shots for us along the way to share with you as everyone has their own process.

Praying Skull - Path AI

Obviously a lot going on with this design, and I can only imagine how time consuming it could have been from scanning it in.  We wanted to go with a mostly mono color scheme with some highlights on this and gave him control over that.

Skull Pray 2

You see above the basic fill of the design.  This one initially scared us at first because of the amount of colors that could have been used to complete this design.  When dealing with portraits (even skulls) there is a lot of opportunity for utilizing shading techniques to really bring out the design.  We obviously wanted to stay away from something that was going to leave us making 6 or 7 screens with a higher overhead on the shirt.  And then we received the next email from him with his solution…

Praying Skull - Main

His incredible use of gradients not only make this design incredible, but it keeps the color count all the way down to 3.  It may not look like it from far away, but all you’ve got is white, grey, and red on a black shirt.

Again, this has easily become one of our favorite designs, and we are already working with Thinkd on more designs for future releases.  You can check out more of his work here:

This praying skull shirt is set to be release on March 20th at a T-Shirt release party hosted by HelloHipHop at SubT in Chicago.  After that it will be available online and at select retailers.

For more on No Love City, you can find us here:

Skull Pray 3

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Post image for DGPH x outsmART originals: Ultramole T-Shirt Release

I have truly no clue what is going on in this design, but it does look pretty cool. Here’s what outsmART put in their press release:

Got Kaiju? Godzilla, Gamera, Gorgo…? Step aside and make room for the newest character to take the global stage of destruction – introducing ULTRAMOLE! From the creative Argentinian design group DGPH, comes the tiny hero with big might – Ultramole. DGPH based their new character on classic Japanese icons: incredible Kaiju monsters and oversized super heroes in tights. It s a tribute to those misunderstood monsters and heroes who fall in the battlefield of global domination.

Oh, and we know that the guy in the mockup is from DBH, but what about the girl?

Costiness=$20 Pre-order it at outsmART


king od dark side star wars playing card t-shirt

We’ve seen a different iteration of this shirt before but I will dig this design in any form, and this colourway is pretty tasty, just wish we had an actual pic instead of a mockup.

Also, yes, NZD$40 isn’t that cheap, but things cost quite a bit in New Zealand compared to the US and they need to make a living.

Costiness=NZD$40 Buy it from Sneaky Studios


Post image for Dave Webb x outsmART Originals “Decorum” t-shirt release

Is it just me or does that skull seem to be a bit too tall? Hoping that Doug will chime in down in the comments since he is our resident skull expert.

Known for his incredibly detailed and sometimes strange custom art toys, Dave Webb has also created some amazing 2D art as well. Decorum, taken from an original design from 2007 is now being released as a discharged printed t-shirt for that classic vintage feel and look. Shipping in mid-February – this tee will be available for both men and women in sizes up to 5XL.

And as a bonus ( a tradition with outsmART originals) – with every preorder made – customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win an original custom 4? Munny from the artist! This original will be made exclusively for this giveaway and will surely make one lucky customer the envy of all. So reserve yours today!

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of when you can actually buy this, but it is on preorder now for $20 at outsmART Originals.

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Post image for No Love City : Ain’t No Love… (Design Process)

We at No Love City work with a handful of artists to create what we feel are really great designs that represent our brand.  Recently I realized how lucky we were to have found and be able to work with these people who truly never cease to amaze us. The reason for this is that a majority of our designs are typography driven and all begin as sketches. I personally thoroughly enjoy the design process, watching it unfold, and seeing our ideas come to life.

I feel that this process is unknown and/or unappreciated by people who don’t know what some artists go through in creating even the simplest of original t-shirt designs.  I wanted to share this process not just because it’s cool, but also might give some a new found respect for the talent, work, and skill that artists put into your favorite t-shirt designs.

Ain't No Love (Sketch)

The artist in the case of this shirt design is Friks84, who is also responsible for our logos, some of our shirt designs, and amazing work for countless other brands, project, and anything else you can imagine.  All of his work begins with a sketchpad and a pencil, not digging through fonts and clipart.

Ain't No Love - Progress 1

The shirt is simply called ‘Ain’t No Love…’  We felt that the quote itself and as a classic R&B song which has been sampled in numerous Hip Hop tracks would coincide with our brand perfectly.  Friks took what usually comes in the form of a long, rambling email from me at 3 in the morning and began turning it into what you saw above.  As usual, just seeing the sketch I knew he had once again taken my vision and made it 10x better.  I asked him to grab a couple screenshots along the way to document parts of his process so others could appreciate and understand what is is people like him do.  I knew before we even got past the sketch how amazing this one would be.

Ain't No Love - Progress 2

Of course after the initial sketch, the design gets scanned in and his mad scientist Illustrator skills come into play.  Working out the background and outlines the design begins to jump off the screen.

Ain't No Love - Progress 3

The time, patience, and skill in working out all the little highlights, line thickness, shadows, etc. is way beyond me.  From the sketch to the final product you saw above and everything in between, I hope you have a new appreciation for the artist.

Long story short, respect the ones you work with, make sure they know you appreciate them, and the most important part… PAY THEM!  The deserve every penny.

You can see more Friks’ work at or find him on instagram @friks84

Ain't No Love (Mockup)

The ‘Ain’t No Love…’ shirt is coming in March.  5 colors screen printed on a black shirt.  We are currently taking wholesale pre-orders, so if your retail or online store would like to carry this or other No Love City products, please contact us.

For more on No Love City, you can visit our website or find us on facebook/twitter/instagram under @nolovecity.


queen x joy division t-shirt

I’ve seen a lot of t-shirt designs inspired by Joy Divison’s Unknown Pleasures album cover, and even though I don’t own they album or much about the band I tend to think most of those tees look pretty cool and wearable. This shirt from Nicked Apparel falls in that camp too, even if I can’t quite work out the link between Joy Division and what looks like the Queen’s portrait from a stamp.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Nick Apparel & Artworks


8-bit Bowser t-shirt from 80sTees

by Andy on January 22, 2013

8-bit mario bowser t-shirt

Looks like 80sTees have had a redesign of their site to be a bit more modern as the old version was looking a bit early-2000s.

This 8-bit design is fairly simple, but it works and it appeals to the part of me that doesn’t get to play videogames enough.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at 80sTees


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