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Post image for Want to join the exciting world of t-shirt blogging? is up for sale

David over that Best Tshirts Ever got in touch to let me know that his project of four years is now up for sale on the popular website marketplace Flippa.

As with a lot of website sales you have to lay your traffic and revenue stats on the line for all to see, which is fascinating for someone like me to see what the competition is up to, and probably pretty interesting for the rest of you too.

With about 5 days to go no one has bitten yet and placed a bid, but I’m sure people are just biding their time and waiting to strike, it will be interesting to see what the site goes for, maybe if I were to sell HYA (don’t worry, never gonna happen) I’d be able to afford that private jet after all!

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The Coty Gonzales Interview

by Andy on March 12, 2010

coty gonzales in portland

If you read Hide Your Arms you probably know who Coty Gonzales is. If not, he’s another tee blogger, a good one, who has been writing about shirts (and more) for the past couple of years, and is quite a lot more comfortable in videos than I am. I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’dlike to get into doing more interviews on HYA, and I thought that Coty would be interesting since us tee bloggers are usually pretty sociable but people don’t really know much about us because you don’t really need much of a backstory to be a tee blogger, you just have to like t-shirts. I can’t lie, this isn’t a short interview, it’s 13 questions, but I get bored of reading the same questions and answers on other blogs, so I’ve tried to change things up a bit so I asked Coty questions that focused on him and what he does rather than general questions I could ask to anyone in the street. Coty is a damn good blogger, so if you’re a tee blogger wondering why you aren’t getting the traffic you want I suggest that you give this a read and learn from it.

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SDC15461 copy

As you may be able to tell from the picture above, I went to Washington DC at the weekend, what you can’t tell is that I went with my brother who came over to America for a couple of weeks, and during that time tourism took precedence over blogging, as I’m sure you’ll be able to understand. I am having a great time here in Philly, but when you don’t see your friends or family for a couple of months you feel rather justified taking a few days off writing about t-shirts when someone flies across an ocean to visit you.

However, as I write this my brother is on a plane back to jolly old England, so that means I can re-commence writing silly posts that I’m still kind of amazed that anyone reads. What better way to start things off than with another blogger telling me I’m cool?

Color Overload, which is now being run by a fellow called Darren, has written a list of his favourite tee bloggers, and I’m very happy to be included on it, especially with the extremely accurate description of me being ‘an original t-shirt blogging gangsta’… straight outta the Lake District, yo!


Fubiz lists 20 great t-shirt companies

by Andy on March 20, 2009


Fubiz may write in French, but the language of cool tees is universal. They’ve put together a list of 20 t-shirt companies they like, and funnily enough, I like pretty much all of them too. Most have been featured on HYA before, but they’ll probably serve as a good reminder for for indie tee veterans, and a source of much wallet-emptying merriment for the newbies.


Co-Tee TV, tee blogging goes multimedia!

by Andy on March 19, 2009


Y’know, I was wondering how long it would be until a tee blogger decided to make a regular video podcast about tees. Good luck with it Coty!


I’m the top tee blogger?

by Andy on February 3, 2009

It's Windy!

I’ll admit, this post is astoundingly self-indulgent, but when someone produces a list that puts you (meaning me) squarely at the top, you know I’m going to mention it!

OMG Tees, who are no strangers to putting together lists, have been doing some internet-spider-magic and have cooked up a list of the top t-shirt blogs. Happily, Hide Your Arms is perched at the top of that list, something I’m very proud of, though I can’t help but feel that something about their methodology is a bit off as Teees is in the top ten despite being pretty much dead and has been for a long time, which is a pity since Nico was one of the first people in the tee blogging scene I got to know. Also, my position is probably so high because frequency of posts is a factor in the algorithm, and I was posting a lot towards the end of last summer.

Still, it’s nice to be on top!


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