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Post image for 604Republic launch ‘The Geekout’ to entice geeks with pictures AND words

604Republic do a great job of snapping up designs and producing geeky tees that don’t patronise or rely on the joke too much, they’re always well designed with quality artwork and I respect them for that rather than going the fast & cheap method of random mashups that rely on an impulse buy rather than real quality.

In an effort to differentiate themselves further from other pop culture inspired t-shirt companies they’ve launched ‘The Geekout‘. This is essentially a blog, but it’s all completely unrelated to t-shirts, just lots of fun and original content that people who like their shirts will probably like. What impresses me about it is that it’s all original stuff, there’s now memes in there and it’s genuinely enjoyable to read, if I could work out a way to add it to my RSS feeds I would, but being a fan of their on Facebook should be enough for now to ensure I don’t miss an update.


Daily T-shirt Roundup for January 9th

by Andy on January 9, 2012

sloth goonies t-shirt

I’m not too excited by the Sloth & Crossbones Goonies shirt at TeeFury today, you?

Very cute illustration style on this Shirt.Woot tee, maybe this shirt will perk you up to stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

Not the kind of Star Wars t-shirt that I’d wear, but a pretty cool concept from RIPT nonetheless.

Can anyone explain to me why The Yetee are describing this felines as pizzacats?

Very cool Fantastic Mr. Fox inspired t-shirt at Shirt Punch today.

GraphicLab have a shirt that is a little lost on me, it’s a mashup of The Impossible Man from the Marvel universe and Magnitude from Community.

Star Trek inspired visual pun from TeeMinus24 today.

I’m fairly sure that this TeeRaiders design is the first Warehouse 13 shirt that I’ve seen. give this well worn phrase another run out.

OtherTees have a Doctor Who shirt that I’m sure I’ve seen before.

Qwertee make a connection between Portal and zombies.

We don’t have Fresca over here in the UK, so this 24tee shirt is wasted on me.

Cool new shirt at DBH today.

There’s a couple of new shirts up on pre-order at Goodjoe.

Loviu reiterate their ‘barbie is a slut’ stance.

Tilteed have their boomerang-based design up again.

Catch of the Day Tee have nothing for us, again.

Tee Gazette has an update on the Boston Tee Party event being held in the summer.

I saw this t-shirt on Flickr months ago and it’s taken me until now to remember to post it.

Co-Tee TV Episode 88: Moustardche, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

Coty has a new episode of Co-Tee TV up, featuring Moustardache, Javaboi Industries, and Hot Dogs.

The selection process may have been unscientific, but it’s nice to see HYA at the top (the position may or may not mean anything) of this list of the “21 Most Important t-shirt blogs of 2011.”

Tee Hunter take a look at the A Bathing Ape x Star Wars collection.

Fuel Your Creativity have an article about starting a clothing line with no money. It does make it all seems a little easy in my eyes, but there are worse stepping off points.

Here’s another t-shirt from PalmerCash I bookmarked ages ago but never got around to posting about.

2sickbastards have got up to 50% off their art prints until January 13th.

Snapback hats are now in store at Glamour Kills.

Did you know that howies was part of Timberland? I say was because as of the start of this year they bought themselves out and are now an independent business again.

Terratag‘s up to 50% off sale has hit it’s final week, ends on Friday.


List of Tri-blend t-shirts

by Andy on July 16, 2011

tri-blend t-shirts

One of my favourite kinds of tees is a tri-blend; they’re soft, they’re stretchy, they look great with a simple print, and they’re just generally very wearable. It was because of that that I introduced the logo outline tri-blend to the HYA shop, I only want to stock things there that I personally really like, and I am very proud of how that t-shirt turned out. Tee Spotter put together a list of tri-blend tees back at the start of the year that I’ve only just unearthed from my bookmarks. Unfortunately that means that more than a few of the shirts are now sold out, but the list is still well worth looking at.


meaningless t-shirts

Ever see people walking down the street wearing t-shirts that say random crap like “Varsity 57 Team” that vaguely sound as if they could be a real thing, but you realise that they’re actually just terrible desings that exist solely for Dads and people that need something to wear in the gym? Yeah, me too, and apparently there’s a blog covering this stuff, and it’s funny. Check it out!


food blogs list

Continuing with my plans to own far more websites than one person possibly should, I’ve set up another list site for cool blogs, this time around I’m looking at food blogs. After launching last week, and it not doing well, I realised it was because I just don’t care about weight loss blogs, and I should care about the subjects I get involved with, not just do them because I might make some money out of it (on another note, if you don’t care, you probably won’t make money out of it). However, food, that is something I care about a lot, and something that really fascinates me, so it’s a natural fit for my growing network of list sites, because it’s something that I’d like to visit. And that’s why I made, because I like food, and I like blogs, oh, and I like food t-shirts.

There’s 20+ blogs on there at the moment, and they’re all good, blogs that I check out and read personally, but there are hundreds and hundreds of food blogs out there, so if you write one or read one, please add it and I’ll make sure the listing is activated quickly. Also, I would really appreciate any tweets, facebook posts and anything else you can do to help spread the word on this, I know that it might be getting a bit boring for you all with me releasing a new site every week, but hopefully I’m not asking too much of you guys, and as long as I’m dropping posts about tees, hoodies, and deals, you’ll put up with these non-clothing posts every so often, right?


top weight loss blogs

Following the success of and, I thought I might as well keep going with this new-site frenzy, and I’d try and break out of my usual niche of t-shirts and blogs with something I know very little about (though if yousaw me might think I should!); that subject is weight loss blogs. Thus, I bought and built, which aims to be the ultimate list of user ranked weight loss blogs on the internet. Since I sold out of small Hide Your Arms t-shirts before any other size, it would appear that hardcore HYA fans probably don’t need to lose much, if any, weight, but if you would like to check it out, rate some blogs, add some URLs if you know any cool weight loss blogs, and leave feedback that would be much appreciated. If I can create a network of sites like this that tick along nicely by themselves they will help me towards my goal of becoming a full-time blogger, and if I can mange that, it means an awful lot more t-shirts coming your way in the future.

Also, what sites would you like to see me producing in the future? I get the feeling that there might be quite a few sneakerheads in the audience, do you think that a sneaker site list would go down well?


the ultimate list of t-shirt blogs

Whilst I did say on Friday that I would be enjoying the weekend (and I did!), I also spent a decent part of it working (the parts when it was raining). Here is the fruits of my labour, Put simply, it’s a big list of t-shirt blogs. So what? You might ask, there are already lists of t-shirt blogs on the internet, and I’d know since my original t-shirt blog list was the basis for many of them.

It’s a fair point, why make a dedicated site about it when I could just write a blog post? Well, I like the idea of very focused sites that are made up of a handful of pages (three, in this case) that serve a purpose and do nothing else. Hide Your Arms has grown and changed immeasurably since day one, whereas will only ever do the same thing as it does today, list t-shirt blogs and allow you to rate them. Actually that’s a bit of a lie, in the future I intend to allow you to order the blogs according to Google PR, Alexa ranking, and Technorati ranking, but I’m splitting hairs (with myself!) over that issue. will be much more ‘alive’ than a blog post, bloggers can add their own blogs to the list, rather than e-mail me asking me to update a blog post (I can be pretty lazy on the updates), and I think that the rating system could be quite interesting too. Oh, and it has a totally cool URL, which is reason enough to build any website.

I’ve built this intending for it to be a good resource for the whole t-shirt community. Us bloggers will hopefully get more traffic out of it, people that buy t-shirts (which is pretty much everyone, everywhere) will be able to find new blogs which showcase different types of t-shirt, and people that sell t-shirts will be able to find bloggers to reach out to and hopefully get more exposure for their brand.

If you like the site, I would really appreciate it if you could give it a good start in life by sharing it in any way possible, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Facebook, your own blog (here are some embeddable badges for tee bloggers), anything. If you don’t like it, let me know why, because criticism is often more useful than praise.


point click apparel

POD (Print-On-Demand) companies have been around for a while, and they are a great idea, but it’s always hard to tell if what you put on the screen is going to look any good when it’s in your hands, so thankfully Point Click Apparel has arrived to make that choice easier. Site creator MJ (whose well known in tee-circles) has tested several of the major POD players, giving a good critique of each of them, and crucially she is testing them all with the same prints. She gets a regular print done, and a photo print (since all of them print using DTG, which is the easiest way to make a full colour print) and then tells us what she thinks of them. Here’s a list of who she’s tested so far:


It’s a really useful resource, I’ve always hoped someone would do something like this, I’d have done it but I’m far too lazy. So, if you’re using a POD for your printing needs, check it out, because there may well be a better option out there for you.


turtle t-shirt

I may not know too much about the printing/manufacturing side of the t-shirt industry, though I am learning throughout this HYA tee and upcoming artist series process, but one thing I have learned so far is that there is no point in me trying to do everything myself. I know what I’m good at (rambling on the internet) and I know what I’m not (most other things). Jon Kruse has written a great post about outsourcing and delegating your workload when trying to run a t-shirt business that says what I just said, but in a longer and more entertaining way that actually explains why you should delegate.

Check it out at How To Start A Clothing Comapny

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year of the t-shirt

I can’t help but feel that I am in the perfect positition to be the guy that runs Year Of The T-Shirt. Basically, he’s just going to wear a different shirt every day of the year, take a photo of him wearing it, and provide minimal commentary. In some respects he’s kind of like the I Wear Your Shirt guy, except he isn’t pimping the people who make the shirts at every opportunity, in fact, I think that a vast proportion of the tees are ones that he bought himself, though like most people he probably wouldn’t complain if you sent him a tee. The site is quite sparse, but in a pleasing way, which is probably why I’d ruin a project like this, because if I see a space I just have to fill it, and every so often I have to fill it with adverts, because otherwise I’d have to be doing some job I hate.

It’s a cool site and a nice idea, so check it out.


109 I love NY style t-shirts for you to love

by Andy on December 14, 2009


After the success and popularity of my previous list posts such at the 202 Star Wars t-shirts and robot lists (and of course the ridiculously meta list of t-shirt lists), I started saving up links of tees that fit into various categories, but there’s no point me just saving them up indefinitely, so it’s about time I started posting all these lists, most of them don’t quite breach the lofty barrier of more than 100 items in a list, but as they say, it’s not the size, it’s the amount of time Andy spent thinking up the metaphor.

As fasr as t-shirts go, few are more iconic than the design Milton Glaser created to help promote New York (the state, not just the city) back in the 70s. That design has gone on to be used in hundreds of different ways and become part of American pop culture, so it’s hardly surprising that the style has found it’s way onto more than a few t-shirts.

As ever with my list posts, THEY ARE NOT IN ANY RANKED ORDER, the numbers are merely there to keep track of the amount of tees in the list. I say this every time and no one seems to listen, it’s as if you skip the intro and move straight on to all the tees! Also, there are some affiliate linked shirts in there, so it’s possible I will earn money from people buying certain t-shirts on this list, but as I’ve listed just about as many as I could find, it’s hardly surprising that some of the companies have affiliate programmes. Some of the tees in the list are sold out already, and depending upon the success of this post some of them could become sold out in the future, but they could also be reprinted, so in many ways these tees are like Schroedinger’s cat before you click on the link. The list has been split into two pages to make things a little bit easier on my server, but please click through to the second page, because some of my favourites are on there and I think the list finishes pretty strongly, so they’re all worth checking out.

As ever, any exposure you can give to the list (stumble, tweet, delicious bookmark, blog post, digg, ill-considered full-back tattoo) will be greatly appreciated, and I’ll write up a thank you post with links back to everyone that helped in a couple of weeks. Now let’s go love some t-shirts!

I heart Something by The Tee Party – From $15.99

I heart Google by NerdyShirts – $19.97

I have never seen Star Wars by Reece Ward at RedBubble – $24.34

I Bike SF by Super7 – currently unavailable

I cannot remember much about the weekend by Regal Clothing – £17.50

New York Loves Me by Local Celebrity – $28

I heart TPM by The Printed Mind – $19.99

I heart LDN by Clothing For Culture – £25 (various colours available)

I heart New Year by ha-wear at Etsy – $20.99

I really just want to have sex with you by DeezTeez – $14.99

I Texas NY by Saltlick NYC – $58 (yeah, I know)

I Square Pixels by Bytelove – €22

I bomb NY by The Originators – $25 (I assume ‘bomb’ is a graffiti term?)

I Love Coffee by Kirksey Wells for Threadless – $12 (currently sold out)

I dyslexia heart by Busted Tees – $20

I Steel Pittsburgh by Peoples Cartel – $28

I heart my nerd by – $22.95 (available in many colours and as a hoodie)

I love Beatport by Beatport – $24

I love Apple Pi by Adam de la Mare at RedBubble – $25.94

I Used To Love Her by UNDRCRWN – $28 (currently sold out)

I Love To Cook by Pyknic Clothing – $26.98

I love toxic waste by Found Item Clothing – $21.95 (as seen in the film ‘Real Genius’)

I USB Geeks by Lola Camisetas – €11

I love zombies by Mike Friedrich for Scribtee – £15.40

I Uzi LA (I don’t know where to buy this but I’d like too)

I love love love polygamy by Busted Tees – $20

I Love Love by Blend Apparel – $29.99 (printed on a bamboo tee)

I Disco NY by fauxsure at Etsy – $23

I’m apparently not too happy with LA by Rogue Status at Karmaloop – $18

I love Electric Zombie by Electric Zombie – $10 (on it’s last printing and only available in large)

I rock out to Metal by Ex-Boyfriend – $24.99

I heart nerds at Zazzle – $32.60

I Love Pixels by zerotees at Skreened – $23.99

I F LA by Lipstick Prohpets – $26

holly madison 190909
Holly Madison loves Candy (and publicity) and I have no idea where to buy her top from.

I heart NY (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I heart LA (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I love shoes bags and boys by House of Mental at MoreTVicar – £22

I love Mushrooms by Tee and Toast – £20

I can Street Art by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I bike LA by Local Celebrity – $28

I Sample Favela Funk by PalmerCash – $22.97

I love New York Girls by Monsieur Steve – €19

I Love/Stake Buffy by ThinkGeek – $18.99

I love the Poker Room, no clue where you can buy this, I just like the photo.

I Love Lamp by snorgtees – $16.11 (currently on sale)

I Love Boxed Wine by NoiseBot – $22.95

I Bike Bike by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I Miss NY by Lipstick Prophets – $32

I bread clip bread clips (& I don’t get it?) bySport Coat Clothing – $13

Click here to visit the second page of this list, there’s some really great tees coming up, I promise!



It would be remiss of me not to mention that Micah of (formerly, or, I can’t remember) is also going to be making that risky transition from ‘person who tells you which tees are good’ to ‘person who hopes his tees are good’ with the tee you can see above. His shirt is kind of a logo tee, the three yellow bars can be found on the favicon of the site and yellow is prominent in the design, so it’s a logo tee, but it’s a subtle one.

Micah writes what I think is one of the best t-shirt blogs out there, I like almost every tee he posts, and I’m pretty sure I steal more tees from him than anyone else (for posting, I’m not making the trip to San Francsico every week to rob the man), so I really hope that his venture in the tee world goes well.

Much like my effort, the shirt will be ‘coming soon’, and I’ll let you guys know of any developments.


Who’s honouring me now? Aussie Edition

by Andy on September 22, 2009


Because flattery is awesome, here’s a point all about something great, Hide Your Arms! And by extension, me!

Australian fashion blog and store Fabulous Nobodies (or FABNOB for short) have crowned HYA as their top tee blog. I don’t like to put too much stock into these things, because if I actually got big-headed about these things instead of pretending to be big-headed about these things then I doubt people would enjoy reading this site as much as they do. This is probably a good point to say that there should be big things in this site’s future, I really am working on the redesign (really), and there is a designer working on the new logo, so hopefully the best t-shirt blog will also be the best looking. This won’t be happening immediately as I’m taking my annual trip to the South of France during October, but I do hope to keep the site running on at least a 50% schedule.


Fubiz lists 20 great t-shirt companies

by Andy on March 20, 2009


Fubiz may write in French, but the language of cool tees is universal. They’ve put together a list of 20 t-shirt companies they like, and funnily enough, I like pretty much all of them too. Most have been featured on HYA before, but they’ll probably serve as a good reminder for for indie tee veterans, and a source of much wallet-emptying merriment for the newbies.


Surprisingly, I’m not staying at the Ritz

by Andy on August 17, 2008


Hey guys, just so you didn’t think I’d gone MIA I thought I’d better tell you that I’m down in the land of M.I.A, London (or as we Northerners call it, ‘that London’), for a couple of days, so no posts until Tuesday. If there’s no posts by Wednesday, panic and form search parties, I must be found!

I have updated the blog list yet again (160 sites now), so instead of reading new stuff on here, why not read stuff from the latest three additions:

Tspotter – t-shirts worn by celebrities
TSHIRTBLOG.RU – A t-shirt blog, from Russia, obviously.
Life On A Shirt – The blog of Spreadshirt US supremo Jana Eggers


I liked the Olympics opening ceremony (colours! fireworks! dancing!), but there was one thing that really annoyed me. When they were making the speeches someone said something along the lines of “we’ve met all the aims and goals that the IOC gave us in hosting these games,” and I sat up in my chair a little bit since I’m pretty sure one of the conditions of them hosting the games was that they eased up on treating their own people like crap, yet they’ll just sweep that under the rug (and everyone else in the world will let them) and pretend that everything’s fine for a couple of weeks. With that little rant in mind, I’m really glad that Shirtspotting put together a post of tees that I wouldn’t dare wear in Beijing, so fair play to the woman above!

Read the post here.



*This post is all admin, but at least you got to look at a pretty picture*

I’ve done a little bit of cleaning up to the site which should make it a bit easier to navigate and hopefully make it attractive to new readers visiting the wonderful world of HYA for the first time.

  • The archives are no longer listed on the sidebar as they were becoming too long, and can now be found on their own dedicated archives page. This page actually has more info on it, like the amount of posts in each category and amount of posts per month, so I think moving the archives to their own page should make things a lot easier for those of you wanting to delve into HYAs past.
  • Each post now has ‘related posts’ listed underneath them. I wonder if the posts related to this article are also boring admin stuff?
  • You may have noticed that the ancient “Should I write about coats” poll has gone. This doesn’t mean I’m never going to run another poll again, it just means that I don’t see much need in leaving up the previous poll for almost a year when you guys can’t even vote on it.
  • I’ve installed a plugin that allows me to gather data on which articles are the most popular (fun!), so I can see what you like and what you don’t like. The top 10 articles (based upon the plugins algorithm) can be found on the bottom of the sidebar. That placement might change in the near future because I don’t like the way it looks. Predictably, the most popular articles are my list based posts, like the tee blog lists, and the robot tees list.
  • You can now subscribe to comments by e-mail. I noticed that on a lot of other blogs there was an option for people to check a box when they left a comment which meant they would be sent an e-mail if anyone else left a comment on that blog post, and I thought that was a great idea since I’m always forgetting to check back to pages I’ve left comments on, so hopefully you’ll find this option useful in keeping conversations going in comment threads.
  • If there’s anything that you like or don’t like about the changes, or if there’s some kind of functionality that you think this site desperately needs, please get in touch or leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

    *comments have been turned off on this post due to high levels of spam being targeted at it.

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    Some bloggy goings on

    by Andy on June 26, 2008


    [Picture unrelated to anything, I just think that Ames Rooms are cool]
  • T-shirt Island has changed its name to Cottonable, which doesn’t really change anything in terms of the blog, but it is a pretty cool name.
  • Shirtlog, who had their first birthday recently (huzzah!), held an interview with Filip from Allmightys recently, check it out here.
  • Subtraction, which is a very nicely designed blog, has posted a great description of Rumplo, in case you don’t know what it is yet.
  • Atticus (the brand founded by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, though Hoppus doesn’t have anything to do with it now) and Ebtm (a British clothing site) have launched a fashion blog that I imagine British emo and scene kids might like.
  • Continuing the music theme, Ian Watkins, who is the singer/frontman of the Lostprophets, a band who are big in the UK (I’ve seen ‘em twice), has moved on from designing the bands album covers and merch, and released his own line of t-shirts with the brand name of Made In Hell, which are actually pretty good, and to prove that he’s keeping it indie and not selling out to ‘the man’ the store is powered by Big Cartel. If you’re wondering how I’m shoehorning this piece of news into a post about blogs… ummm… here’s an interview he did with Punktastic.
  • You The Designer wrote up a great tutorial last year (and I just re-found it in my bookmarks) that they’ve called “The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts“, that’s a pretty lofty claim, but it is a pretty good guide to be fair to them.


    A whole load of t-shirt blogs

    Remember last year when I wrote an article called 65 t-shirt blogs, and I said that I didn’t think I would have found and written about all of them? Well, I was right, very right. I’ve managed to find 133 t-shirt blogs, and websites related to t-shirts that I think are of interest enough to be included in this list, and put together the second edition of the great big t-shirt blog list. The original 65 blogs are underneath the 71 latest editions and haven’t really been touched. With the new sites I’ve also included how frequently they’re updated so that you know whether you’re visiting a ghost ship of a blog before clicking through. Remember, this list isn’t in any kind of order, so if you write a tee blog and find yourself listed low down, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean anything, its just how I happened to write the list.

    Any blogs that I’ve missed off the list and been notified about at a later date are going to be added right at the bottom of the list, at the moment there are 27 additions.

    1. BLOKK
    Update Frequency: A couple of times a week – active
    Bio: Blokk is a Russian language blog, but they often let the pictures do the talking, so don’t let that language barrier stop you giving it a look.

    2. Crucial Headache [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Couple of times a month – currently MIA for 1 month
    Bio:This guy only writes about t-shirts he owns, usually vintage band ones, and whilst posts are relatively few and far between they are usually really long posts and quite a good read.

    3. Tee Blast [Dead]
    Update Frequency:N/A
    Bio: I’m sure this used to be a blog, but now just redirects to a parked domain page, it might pop back up in the future, who knows!

    4. T-Shirt Gumbo
    Update Frequency: About four times a month – active
    Bio: Not my particular cup of tea, but if you’re into ‘funny’ shirts then this could be the blog for you.

    5. Aaron’s T-Shirt Review
    Update Frequency: About 3 times a month – variable but active
    Bio: Almost all the links might be affiliate-based, but its still a pretty good read, and in a more traditional website format than a regular blog.

    6. Fat Seagull
    Update Frequency:Daily – active
    Bio: Very much an underrated blog from the UK, one of my favourites in the the t-shirt world, lots of great streetwear tees.

    7. threadspot
    Update Frequency: Sporadic, it probably averages out to 1 post a week – active
    Bio: Well written blog, with a lean towards funny tees.

    8. No Bleach [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Last updated July 2007 – Dead
    Bio: Whilst this site may not have been updated for a long time, there are 12 pages of archives to look over.

    9. T-Shirt Casserole
    Update Frequency: About 4/5 times a month – active
    Bio: Their description says “t-shirts from anywhere.” Anywhere, as long as its CafePress, apparently. This is pretty old in blog terms so expect a nice big archive.

    10. 辣椒网志
    Update Frequency: 4/5 times a month – active
    Bio: It’s all written in Chinese, so I can’t tell you if its a good read, but the author does pick good brands.
    Link (Google translated to English)

    11. You Design It – Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: Promotional blog for a custom printing company called You Design It.

    12. Thy Goodies [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Two a month, with frequent breaks, no posts for last two months, dead?
    Bio: Hard to describe, sometimes just a picture of a tee serves as a recommendation, sometimes its a long article about a category of clothing (retro, gothic, etc.), judge for yourself.

    13. Chewing Glass Tees [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Daily until going MIA two months ago
    Bio: Mostly funny tee recommendations, with good commentary.

    14. Threadless Watch [Dead]
    Update Frequency: It isn’t, MIA since November 2006- Dead
    Bio: This site used to provide decent coverage of Threadless, but has stopped updating without notice or explanation.

    15. My Daily T [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Not exactly daily, MIA since February – Dead
    Bio: Affiliate-based t-shirt recommendations (usually of tees for television shows) with little commentary.

    16. T
    Update Frequency: Due to it’s nature, its quite hard to tell, but no new tees have been added since January – probably active
    Bio: This is more of a t-shirt directory than a blog (though there is an RSS feed), and people vote for which tees they think are good.

    17. T-Shirt Advocate
    Update Frequency: Every few days, had a couple of weeks off, but I’d presume it will be back – active
    Bio: Slick looking blog with really quality posts and brands.

    18. Rumplo
    Update Frequency: Lots of tees every day – very active
    Bio: This isn’t a blog, but needs to be included in almost any t-shirt list. Rumplo is a place where people post cool tees and they get commented on and faved, its a young site but already popular so there are lots of tees to look at.

    19. Got Apparel Official Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon whether there is company news, 1 post a week generally
    Bio: Promotional blog for an apparel company, all posts are related to company developments, sales and promotions.

    20. DAPT Blog [Dead] [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Varies, MIA for 2 months
    Bio: Promotional blog for a company that is snappily named ‘Design and Print T-shirts’.

    21. T-Shirt Jihad Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: The company blog for T-Shirt Jihad, a company that recognise that the term ‘jihad’ doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with war and terrorism. The blog mostly covers political issues and is rarely self-promotional.

    22. GymTops
    Update Frequency: Every few days – active
    Bio: A slick looking blog all about clothing for, by, and about mixed martial artists.

    23. Chaunt
    Update Frequency: Irregular (and the blogger knows it!) – active
    Bio: It’s unfortunate that posting is irregular because the blogger is a damn good writer.

    24. TShirt Review
    Update Frequency: Every couple of days – active
    Bio: This well-written blog that uncovers brands that you don’t see much of in the t-blogosphere. One thing that makes me uneasy about them is that you can pay them to review your company.

    25. Blog T-shirt [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Irregular, MIA for a couple of months – possibly dead
    Bio: This blog, which I think is written by someone for whom English isn’t their first language, seems to be for a guy to show off his t-shirt designs (which are available through Spreadshirt), but he seems to have given up just a few weeks into the project.

    26. The T-shirt Review
    Update Frequency: Daily- active
    Bio: Well written and well designed, what’s not to like!

    27. Jay’s Van Tribe Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly
    Bio: Whilst this blog is mostly serves promotional purposes for a Spreadshirt-based t-shirt label, it does cover other ground away from their own brand.

    28. Thunderfrogs
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: In what might be one of the most bizarre pairings I’ve ever come across, Thuderfrogs blogs about t-shirts and horse racing. Now that is a niche!

    29. Shirts on Sale
    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: “Current updates on tshirt sales from printers like Uneetee, Shirt.Woot, Shirtaday & other graphic boutique teeshirt printers as well as the best t-shirt coupons.”

    30. Contrast Shop Blog [Corporate] [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Very irregular, MIA for 3 months – possibly dead
    Bio: Full Disclosure: I used to write this blog but quit a while back. Naturally, it’s well written, and serves as promotion for Contrast Shop, but did cover some other tee related chatter as well.

    31. Assault Apparel’s Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This blog serves as promotion for Assault Apparel, but the writer also makes a lot of effort to help others making their way in the tee business by writing tutorials for designers and providing other valuable information.

    Update Frequency: It was frequent until going MIA a month ago, though the write did explain that they were sorry for the absence and hope to be back soon.
    Bio: Well written blog that ticks all the boxes in my opinion, hopefully the writer will indeed be back soon.

    33. TV Teez [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Irregular, possibly dead, only 3 posts written
    Bio: I like the idea of a blog written about t-shirts that are about and from TV shows, but when you’ve written 3 posts in 3 months then things aren’t looking so good.

    34. Buy This T-shirt
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily – active
    Bio: Just pictures of good tees (excellent product picks), that’s how I like it.

    35. Indie Clothing Blog
    Update Frequency: Posts every few days until last month when they stopped without notice
    Bio: It may well be an uninspired name, but the design is great and it is well written with news, interviews and product picks from across the indie clothing spectrum.

    36. T-Shirt Rater
    Update Frequency: Regular posts every few days – active
    Bio: “The funny T-shirt blog”, so I guess you know what kind of designs you’re in for if you click through!

    37. T-shirt Guy’s T-shirt Blog
    Update Frequency: Regular, at least once a week – active
    Bio: Nice commentary, nice (non-arty) product picks.

    38. Black T-shirt |Blog
    Update Frequency: Almost daily – active
    Bio: When I found a blog called ‘Black T-shirt blog’ I figured that all the tees would be black. Wrong! They like all the colours of the rainbow, and they also seem to like text tees too.

    39. Talk About T-shirts [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Daily, then weekly, now MIA – presumably dead
    Bio: Only four posts, so clearly the author got tired of the subject rather quickly, and didn’t really know what direction to take the blog in (startup guide? designer resource? product picks?)

    40. Tee vs Tee
    Update Frequency: New tees frequently added
    Bio: This site presents you with two tees, you pick your favourite of the two, and then you repeat the process. The best performing tees get onto a leaderboard. *Only the leaderboard is available at the moment, I’m not sure if the interactive part of the site is going to come back.

    41. T*Fodder
    Update Frequency: Hard to tell, still probably active
    Bio: Another site which aims to rate and rank tees using user voting. Looks pretty slick, too.

    42. T-shirt Rank
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon users – active
    Bio: Another ranking site, this one uses a chart format, a tee gets voted for, it moves up the chart, voted down, and it moves down. It’s a pretty old school looking site with tees that I probably wouldn’t (they’re mostly ‘funny’ and offensive) wear.

    43. T-shirt Countdown Chart
    Update Frequency: Dependent upon users – active
    Bio: Pretty much exactly the same as T-shirt rank except a nicer looking site with better tees on its chart.

    44. FUSShop Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Almost daily – active
    Bio: FUSShop sell very cool clothes, books and prints from an impressive array of artists ans labels, and their blog is a pretty high-calibre affair too.

    45. Taddict
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: “T-shirt culture blog – t-shirt sales, coupon codes, news & reviews, and t-shirt artist spotlights.”

    46. Tee Burst
    Update Frequency: Hourly, based upon RSS feeds from news sources – active
    Bio: Full disclosure: I own Tee Burst. Tee Burst is a site that automatically grabs t-shirt related news, videos and pictures from a number of sources and then conveniantly displays them all in the same place.

    47. tshirt groove
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: More funny tee product picks for you to peruse.

    48. In TShirts
    Update Frequency: Daily until it stopped a couple of weeks ago
    Bio: Cafepress-loving t-shirt blog.

    49. Great Gear News
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days – active
    Bio: “New designs and products from independent artists and designers. HOT off the presses! Unique place to find new and unusual gifts for yourself or anyone in your life.” Another CafePress lover.

    50. Find A Tee
    Update Frequency: Hard to tell, no dates on posts – probably active
    Bio: “A growing directory of hand-picked t-shirt links.” Another CafePress lover

    51. 1001 Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language blog know a good tee when they find it, muy bueno!

    52. Color Overload
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days – active
    Bio: “Cool T Shirts, Cool Shoes, Cool Hats and Much More!” an excellent and well-written blog, although I’m not a huge fan of the front-page layout.

    53. Tee User
    Update Frequency: Who knows? – Possibly dead, possibly active
    Bio: This was and still is a t-shirt blog, but all the posts seem to have disappeared.

    54. Best Losers
    Update Frequency: Frequent, near daily – active
    Bio: This blog highlights all the great entries to the Shirt.Woot design competition that don’t get picked, and let’s you know if the artists make them available for sale at another website.

    55. Pop Culture Tees
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: The tees don’t seem to always be related to pop culture, but they are frequently related to awesome. The blog has a great design too.

    56. Banned T-shirts
    Update Frequency: Slightly more frequent than weekly – active
    Bio: “Banned and Controversial T-Shirts – News and updates on t-shirts that have been banned as well as user contributed stories on reactions to t-shirts they have worn in public.”

    57. T-shirt contests
    Update Frequency: Whenever they find a contest, weekly on average – active
    Bio: This blog is called ‘t-shirt contests’, do I really need to tell you what you’d find if you clicked through?

    58. T-shirt Guru
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts every day
    Bio: Product picks in a wide variety of styles with very little commentary.

    59. Fresh Dressed
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This German-language blog has good style, and talks about more than just t-shirts.

    60. Camisetas En Blog
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: A cool Spanish-language blog with some great product picks.

    61. Three Hundred and Sixty Five Shirts
    Update Frequency: Daily although that might change now that the project has reached its conclusion – active?
    Bio: The author of this blog wanted to wear a different t-shirt every day for an entire year, and raise money for alzheimer’s research in the process. A few days ago he reached day 365, good on him!

    62. Sinbotones
    Update Frequency: Posts every few days – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language blog covers t-shirt news and product picks. They really seem to like the work that comes out of design competitions.

    63. Compradiccion
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This Spanish-language shopping blog covers more than just tees, but the shirts they pick are pretty decent.

    64. ShirtFind
    Update Frequency: Multiple posts daily
    Bio: This young blog makes some great products picks, they could do with jazzing up their own design a bit though.

    65. Tee Feeds
    Update Frequency: Hourly – active
    Bio: Tee Feeds, which is based upon the same technology as Tee Burst, conveniently brings together the headlines from 25 top t-shirt blogs (HYA is one of them, thanks!).

    66. Defunkd: The vintage aficionado [Corporate-ish]
    Update Frequency: New posts every few days
    Bio: This blog only deals in vintage tees, not tees that look vintage, actual vintage tees. Defunkd also sell genuine vintage tees through an eBay store.

    67. Tee Zine
    Update Frequency: 10 posts in April, 1 in May, 1 in June – dying?
    Bio: This blog may look as if its going to die an early death, but its well written and has some great product picks.

    68. Indsday
    Update Frequency: Posts not date marked – probably active
    Bio: This resource site is all about helping out indie folks with their crafty endeavours.

    69. Dobizo
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: Dobizo will give you all the information you need to get your clothing line started.

    70. Wear Him Blog [Dead]
    Update Frequency: Weekly until December 2007 – dead… but may well rise again
    Bio: This t-shirt blog caters exclusively to Christian t-shirts.

    71. Your Ingredient
    Update Frequency: Daily, I think – active
    Bio: This clothing blog has a penchant for surf and skate style and covers more than just tees.

    That is the end of the newest additions to the list, the following 65 blogs are from the original list I wrote in November last year, but I have updated the information to keep it in line with the newest additions.

    72. Hide Your Arms – Strictly speaking, a hoodie site, but I love tees too much to ignore them. (

    73. Addicteed – Streetwear-style designs rule the roost here. (

    74. Fantastic Blognanza – Also a clothing line, but they rarely put their own stuff onto their blog. (

    75. Funky Duds – (

    76. Indie Threads – Also a social network. (

    77. Spreadshirt US – Blog from the mass-customisation company, Spreadshirt, with industry insights and tips for their shop owners. ( [Corporate]

    78. Spreadshirt UK – Similar topics to the US blog. ( [Corporate]

    79. T-shirts Around the Internet – A blog about t-shirts… around.. the Internet. (

    80. T-shirt Junkies – “A new T-shirt fix. Everyday” Last updated July 27th 2007.

    81.Tee Shirt Blog – French language blog, but we can all enjoy the pictures! (

    82. The Daily Tee – A tee every day, even on weekends. (

    83. Tjunction – A blog all about coupon codes, deals and bargains from online clothes stores. (

    84. Troundup – Great tee picks. (

    85. Preshrunk – Not updated as much as I’d like, but always great tee choices. (

    86. Tcritic – More popular than me, boo hoo hoo. (

    87. Teejunkie – Long abandoned sadly, but the archives still provide a wealth of information. (

    88. TEEES – Has been a bit quiet recently, but Nico has a great eye for designs. (

    89. iloveyourtshirt – They have a regular edited blog, and a user-submitted one of tee pictures with their purchase links. (

    90. shirt2 – Blog and store directory (

    91. shirtspotting – German language tee blog, good selections. (

    92. T-Shirt Island – Rangga’s thoughts on the tee industry, also covers tee news. (

    93. Tshirt Freak – Blog written by prolific tee designer, Olli Rudi. ((

    94. Shirt Snob – One for the ladies. (

    95. Death By Tshirt – Some excellent tee choices make this blog worth checking out. (

    96. Indigo Clothing Blog – Light-hearted corporate blog. ( [Corporate]

    97. Tee Galleree – Great tee picks, shame about the standard looking wordpress template. (

    98. Selekkt – Higher-end looking designs that aren’t necessarily at higher-end prices, they’ve got the eye for great designs. (

    99. Tee Lovers – Cool picks.

    100. The dog house – These guys know good design. (

    101. ThreadBanger – Telling you how to go DIY with your tees (and other garments) (

    102. ThreadChat – Last updated in June, mainly focused at marketing your t-shirt store. (

    103. communiteeuk – They always list the location of the brands they’re looking at, which is unusual. (

    104. compete – tee – tion – Taking niche-ness to the next level by only blogging about t-shirt design competitions. (

    105. loves threadless – So, guess what these guys write about? (

    106. HipHipUK – Sporadic industry thoughts, and tee picks from Adam.. (

    107. embassy of tees – A rather varied selection, in both style and quality. (

    108. militant geek – Tees for geeks, presumably picked by a geek. (

    109. shirtlog – offers the unusual option of shopping by colour. (

    110. so many shirts and only one body – A selection of shirts that beats the expectations laid down by the domain name. (

    111. t-shirt watch – According to Alexa, this might be the most popular tee blog. Good if you want to see various celebs wearing tees. (

    112. omg tees – Solid tee picks. (

    113. the t-shirt blog – Topical tees aren’t really my thing, but this blog seems to love them. (

    114. tshirt enterpreneur online – This site could help you get your line off the ground. (

    115. t-shirt alert – An Aussie-centric tee blog, bonza!

    116. T-shirt times – Not been updated for a while, seemed to get it’s stories from wire services. ( [Dead]

    117. A Better Tomorrow Blog – German-language blog about the ABT store. ( [Corporate]

    118. planeta t-shirts – Spanish-language tee blog. (

    119. Kyle tompkins T-Shirt Diary – Actually just a category from a personal blog, which makes it rather more readable in my opinion. (

    120. calamitee! – Currently AWOL, but I’m sure it exists. ( [Dead]

    121. she knows best – Lifestyle tips for guys, presumably from a woman? (

    122. shirtgods – Fairly geeky shirts. (

    123. t-shirt fiend – Solid selection of topical and funny tees. (

    124. t-shirt anarchy – Not available at the moment, but I’m pretty sure this is a tee blog. (

    125. tschitoushop – It’s all French, I have no idea what’s going on! (

    126. viste adecuadamente – Spanish-language, they know what they’re talking about. (

    127. we love tshirt – Very, very cool logo. (

    128. t shirt surgery – “the deconstruction & reconstruction of t-shirts” (

    129. T-shirt – Coupons… for t-shirt shops… duh. (

    130. Custom T-Shirt talk – Lots of industry chatter, which is more fun than it sounds. (

    131. Mr-TShirt Blog – A distinct lack of pitying of fools on this blog. (

    132. Everyday T-shirt – Seems to be a blog made up of designs by the blogger him/herself. (

    133. The Secret Life of Tees – This guy knows good tees, when he updates. (

    *Blogs Added Since the Original Post Date*
    134. Divine Blog [Corporate-ish]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This is the blog of Bill Pyle’s Divine Clothing Co. but he also talks about other t-shirt brands that he likes the look of.

    135. That Other Shirt Blog
    Update Frequency: Updated every couple of days – active
    Bio: This blog has more of an industry focus, usually looking at Print On Demand companies, especially Spreadshirt USA/EU.

    136. Scribtee Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: Scribtee is a t-shirt design competition, and this is its companion blog. Alongside self-promotion, they also interview designers and write about other tee sites that they like.

    137. ShirtCity Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: ShirtCity are a German print on demand company, and this is their blog. They seem to talk about ShirtCity related business and football, but its all in German so I could easily be wrong.

    138. ShirtCity USA Blog [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: ShirtCity also have an American presence, and they have a blog too. It’s mostly them showing off their tee of the week, but its pretty entertaining.

    139. T-Shirt Magazine
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: These guys take the magazine format seriously, the site is updated every Friday (and only on a Friday) with fresh content. That content ranges from tutorials and information for tee designers and producers, label profiles, and product picks on a variety of subjects.

    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This is technically a blog, but its also kind of a shop. The owner writes a post about a genuine vintage tee he owns or has been donated to him, he then sells it off at a fair price (usually $7), and gives $1 from each sale to charity.

    141. Emptees
    Update Frequency: N/A – very active
    Bio: Emptees is a community of t-shirt lovers and designers, these guys will tell you straight if your design sucks, and help you out if you have a question about the industry.

    142. I [heart] Tees
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This is a Facebook page does weekly giveaways, lists shops, blogs (not as many as this list though!), and also has galleries of t-shirts.

    143. WizeGuyzTees [Corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly – active
    Bio: This blog is a half for the WizeGuys tee brand, and half writing about other brands that the owner, Dutch Schultz, likes.

    144. Make Smile Happen [Corporate?]
    Update Frequency: Variable between daily and weekly – active
    Bio: I say ‘corporate?’ because Make Smile Happen is the same as No Star Clothing’s tagline, but I don’t know if there’s a real association between the two. T-shirts, art and music are covered on this blog.

    145. The T-shirt site
    Update Frequency: A new post every few days – active
    Bio: Lot’s of fun t-shirt picks with minimal comment on this site.

    146. Solo Pienso En Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Variable, pretty much daily – active
    Bio: This blog is in Spanish (as if the title didn’t tell you that already) and has lots of great picks from some impressive brands.

    147. Buy Tees
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio:“ is a brand new online fashion magazine featuring t-shirt reviews and news. Published by Paul Baines (a UK tee shirt designer and musician) and his partner Christina Odell (an avid fashion buyer and writer).

    The Buy Tees philosophy is to provide a forum for independent designers and screenprinters and their creative clothing designs, plus all the latest bargain offers, articles and advice, resources and links for buyers, t-shirt designers and tee lovers alike.”

    148. Crown Dozen
    Update Frequency: Near daily – active
    Bio: C12 don’t just cover clothes, they chat about music and art too, but they do have a lot of love for tees.

    149. T-Shirt Slayer
    Update Frequency: No date stamps on the front page, but I’m fairly sure its active
    Bio: This is less of a blog and more of a gallery of t-shirts and jackets worn by metal (music, not actual metal) fans.

    *July 13th Update:

    150. The District Blog [corporate]
    Update Frequency: Weekly at least, sometimes daily – active
    Bio: Technically, this is a corporate blog, since its by the people who run District Cotton, but in reality they hardly promote themselves on it at all. Posts are typically dedicated to industry issues, social issues, and other tees and brands that they like.

    151. Five Shirts a Week
    Update Frequency: Intended to be weekly, but misses that target every so often (with apologies though) – active
    Bio: This blog showcases five designs the author likes like (that are available from Spreadshirt) each week, with a few art related posts thrown in too.

    152. Tuesday Teez [corporate?]
    Update Frequency: A post every Tuesday – active
    Bio: This blog showcases new designs from a group of companies on a weekly basis, with a picture and short commentary.

    153. 1 T-Shirts World
    Update Frequency: More than a post a day – active
    Bio: The blogger, Cici Soul, has found 102 online stores that have been deemed awesome, and is doing write-ups on them. I’m not sure what happens after shop 102 though.

    154. Camisetas Brutales
    Update Frequency: Daily – active
    Bio: This blog is en Espanol, but usually writes about English-language stores, so even if you can’t understand what they’re talking about, you can enjoy the product and store recommendations.

    155. Blog De Camisetas
    Update Frequency: Pretty much weekly – active
    Bio: I’m making myself look a bit stupid here, but I can’t decide if its in Spanish or Porutguese, I would presume its in Portuguese since its a Brazilian blog, but then it looks Spanish to me, so I can’t tell. Anyway, the blogger seems to write about items that aren’t on any other blogs, so its all a bit different to the usual.

    156. Get Shirty
    Update Frequency: There are no date stamps, but I think its daily – active
    Bio: This blog was just started this month, but it has solid tee picks and a nice minimalist design, although unusually you have to click through to find the links to any of the tees.

    157. Streetness
    Update frequency: Hard to tell since this blog is very young, but it is active
    Bio: From what I can tell (the author e-mailed me before he even started the blog and it has only 3 posts at the time of writing) this blog is going to feature streetwear picks and news, as well as showcasing the authors latest purchases.

    *August 14th Update

    158. Tspotter
    Update Frequency: Daily, then weekly, then MIA from July 31st
    Bio: This blog focuses on celebrities wearing t-shirts (web traffic gold!), and where you can buy those shirts. The commentary is pretty funny too.

    Update Frequency: Daily
    Bio: Even the Russians are getting in on the tee blogging act, and whilst I have no idea what they’re talking about, I can thell that they’re picking some good brand and tees.

    160. Life On A Shirt
    Update Frequency:Varies, weekly to monthly (she’s a busy woman!)
    Bio: This is the blog of Spreadshirt US CEO Jana Eggers. It doesn’t get updated all that often, but it certainly is interesting stuff.


    Lists: 65 T-shirt Blogs

    by Andy on November 12, 2007



    I don’t think that anyone has yet managed to nail down just how many t-shirt blogs there are, and even though I try and keep tabs on these kinds of things I know I’ve missed some off. If you know of any that aren’t on this list please include them in the comments so that I can add them. There are no guarantee’s of quality in this list, some of the blogs do rely a bit too much on affiliate links in their tee picks for my liking, but give most of them are worth a look in my opinion.

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