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tardis prime transformers t-shirt

For those of you HYA readers that aren’t familiar with us we are GraphicLab. We’re a young brand, actually we just turned a year old this week! Based in San Diego, Ca. we specialize in limited edition geek-culture tees we print on 100% ring-spun cotton tees and carry mens sizes up to 3XL and ladies to size 2XL. We feature a design on our homepage for a week and then it’s retired. Occasionally, we bring back our most requested designs, like this week’s design, T.A.R.D.I.S. Prime.

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we’d like to extend a special promotional code to HYA readers good for this week’s design to thank you all for your support and interest in GraphicLab.

Use: SEENONHYA @ checkout for 10% off

Andy: Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that GraphicLab weren’t in the daily roundup today and this is why, I thought they deserved a bit more attention since it’s their birthday. Also, be sure to look out from them at Comic Con in San Diego this weekend.


blue colour chart t-shirt

I really like this shirt, I don’t think it actually has 50 different colours on it (50 screens for the design? It would cost hundreds!), but that doesn’t take anything away from it. Each block on the colour chart relates to a song which has ‘blue’ in the title, nice idea and great execution.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Origin68

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Rain Dance Tee by Geniuz Ink

Geniuz Ink Clothing has just come out with relief t-shirt that 100% of the profits will go to the American Red Cross to aide in the ongoing Colorado Wild Fire relief efforts.  Geniuz Ink hails from Denver, Colorado, so these wild fires are hitting close to home for owner, Julian Donaldson.  This shirt is appropriately titled “Rain Dance” and in the word’s of Geniuz Ink,

“This shirt is a commemorative piece done for all of the people affected by the fire. Being a Colorado native it has broken my heart to see my friends, and fellow Coloradans watch our state burn to ashes. Colorful Colorado will be colorful once again but until then we need all the help and blessings we can get.”

This is a pre-order t-shirt and will be available in the middle of July.  Every order comes with a sticker of the artwork.  The simplicity of the design and the impact of the shirt’s statement is very powerful, especially for those who are sadly getting hit by these wild fires.  So remember, you’re helping the American Red Cross and those involved by purchasing this item!

Cost = $20.00    Buy it at Geniuz Ink Clothing 


crazy go lucky t-shirts

You’ve gotta say, that is one epic burger in that promo pic, I would likely be bested by that bad boy, but I’d give it a damn good try. Both shirts had been up on pre-order for a while but are available now in both guys and girls fits for $20 now in the Crazy Go Lucky store.


funny blowfish t-shirt

I’m starting to think that Glennz can’t just be one person, surely no one person can crank out this many designs, I’m on to you ‘Glenn’!

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


nerd army t-shirt

Really liking the style of the latest shirt from Social Fabrik. As is often the case I haven’t actually heard of the designer, Hammo (aka Nick Hamilton), but now that I have I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for if he releases tees with SF and elsewhere in the future. Here’s a bit of background on the designer:

Hammo’s distinctive pieces, influenced by a childhood filled with superheroes & comic books, are recognisable by their bold lines and razor sharp attention to detail. They are often also characterized by evidence of his unhealthy obsession with cityscapes, robots and rubble.

Hammo works across a wide range of media including digital illustrations, painted canvasses & murals, many of which are be seen in various locations around Manchester & beyond, as well as his work for clients such as Playstation, K-Swiss and Diesel.

Pretty impressive!

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Socialfabrik


titanic t-shirts

Very cute Titanic tees from Belfast’s own Tee and Toast (in case you are unaware, the Titanic was built in Belfast). Available in child sizes for £14, or £20 for adults. Side note, I’m pretty sure that the mustache the little girl is holding up in top picture came from the Renegade Craft Fair in London last October, you’ve done well to hold onto it for this long Claire!


duck hunt t-shirt

It’s kind of amazing really that back when they released Duck Hunt you could actually point a controller at the TV screen and that would actually control the game with a pretty decent amount of accuracy. It seems fairly advanced technology (though I now know it’s fairly simple) considering the t-shirts design is a spot-on recreation of the quality of graphics that you could expect from the NES. T-shirt available from Super7 now for $30.


build bridges not walls t-shirt

I like the new ‘Build Bridges‘ design from Random Objects, it may be simple, restrained, and just a one-colour print, but it’s the kind of shirt that I really like to wear. Good to see Origami Pigeon make a return too, even if it’s just for a short time as when it sells out it won’t be making a return, and that bag looks pretty nifty too, though not the kind of thing that I’d buy.


“Intergalactic” by Line of Dance

by Amy_F on April 8, 2012

Line of Dance Intergalactic T-Shirt


I don’t know why but for some reason I really believe that if they removed their helmets it’d be Luke & Princess Leia.  I mean of course that would mean Darth Vader HAD to be their ballroom teacher, right?

For some reason I find the design kind of humorous and a bit nerdy.  Regardless, I own one in the turquoise and it’s become one of my go-to t-shirts that I wear weekly.  Line of Dance describes it as,

“For the ballroom dancing sci-fi geek in your life, we present: intergalactic!  Featuring two “space dancers” floating atop the cosmic dance floor.”

Cost = $16.50   Buy it at Line of Dance

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pac man x mario t-shirt design

Quite a nice little design this at RedBubble, perfect for all the 8-bit nostalgia fans.

Costiness=£16.68 Buy it at RedBubble


shark repellent t-shirt

Glennz makes a good point, if someone is going to create a shark repellent, I’m not going to be the first person to test it.

Costiness=$20.95 Buy it at Glennz


Zoo York and the Hairy King

by Mr Four Fingers on April 4, 2012

Zoo York Kong t-shirt

I don’t often write about the bigger brands, but I figured since I recently bought this t-shirt I might as we share it, well of course I will! For some reason I have always liked Zoo York, having never purchased any other their products, I can’t figure why. The name is cool and interesting, but it’s probably the attitude that I like. Yes it’s the old street wear ethos, which a lot of brands do, but I feel they are more ‘genuine’ than others, like Stussy.

The name is actually based on a subway tunnel built from 1971 to 1973 under the New York’s Central Park Zoo and soon became an area for up and coming graffiti artists. These guys have even branded cockroaches (no roaches were harmed or killed in this process).

The t-shirt itself is pretty standard, no special fit as this is a brand aimed at active wearers, not meant to be cared for like your special dress. I like the t-shirt because of the colour combo’s and it’s a fun design. The paint is laid on pretty thick, so feels kinda rubbery but as the nature of the design is textured, if it does crack after repeated washes, well, that just adds to the charm.

I bought this Zoo York Kong Zyong/Zoo Kong (what?) at TK MAXX for a pinch at £9.99. So if you are in Britain then pop into one of their stores and hunt for the bugger. You can also buy online at places like Ebay, well I found a large , pre-owned for $7. There is also a blue on white here for $12 and a green on white here for $26.65. These prices are all over the place.





chameleon t-shirt

Impressive work from laFraise as usual, two very wearable shirts that just about anyone would be happy to wear.


Great type tee from All or Nothing

by Andy on April 2, 2012

all or nothing t-shirt

All or Nothing got in touch to say howdy a few days back, so I checked them out and I’m pretty impressed by what I see from this UK brand. This fancy type tee caught my eye in particularly but they’ve got plenty of other interesting shirts in store too. Prices are good in UK terms as well.

Cositness= £11.99 Buy it at All of Nothing (also available on black)


cookie monster toilet t-shirt

Personally, I think that A Better Tomorrow should have called this ‘The Poopy Monster’, right? RIGHT?

Costiness=22€ Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


zombie power t-shirt

I really like the description for the zombie t-shirt at Goodie Two Sleeves:

The cool thing about the zombie movement is it feels unstoppable. It’s almost infectious how many people are really getting on board with the whole zombie thing… Oh, wait…


The giraffe/lion tee is cool too.


Bender from Futurama hits Dr. UEEE

by Andy on March 13, 2012

bender futurama t-shirt

I think that Dr. UEEE have changed Bender’s features significantly enough for me to have any copyright fears quashed, though I’m not a lawyer I’m just going with my gut. I’m surprised that more brands don’t do Futurama t-shirts since it’s such a popular show, but then I do wonder why there are so few Family Guy shirts out there too when that’s a show that has a lot of in-jokes and people love putting interpretations of in-jokes onto tees.

Costiness=€19 Buy it at Dr. UEEE


commander chuck t-shirt

When I saw this design I thought to myself “is that based on Rosie the riveter?” And yes, yes it is.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fat Dog Clothing


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